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“I cannot understand the people who are against some form of gun control. They should be the first to welcome a message on making it more difficult to get a gun. Many of them seem to propose more guns being available to everybody. Why? Are they interested in making more money for the gun manufacturers? Are they politicians who just want to oppose the president in anything he endorses? It’s incomprehensible to me.” – Kirk Douglas, America’s Cowboy Days Are Over [via]

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  1. Hey Kirk, if you actually believe “America’s cowboy days are over”, try living for a few months in East LA, South Philly or Detroit and see if that influences your opinion. Then, try ringing some steel with the Single Action Shooting Society. Ignorance can be cured but stupidity is permanent and should not be shared.

  2. All those movies where he wields a gun, channels the great American spirit, and portrays the underdog fighting against the powers that be are all minimized by his ludicrous Hollywood kowtowing to the liberal thought police.

    Cast a Giant Shadow has particular irony considering it was the infusion of guns from the West that let Israel successfully defeat larger numbers of Arabs.

    Such vile hypocrisy is why no one should EVER put Hollywood elites on a pedestal and give their blatherings special approbation. And yes, this applies to Reagan.

    • Most of Israel’s arms were left over from the British or sent by the Soviets. The first fighter flown by the IAF was the BF109 also shipped over by Uncle Joe. The United States sent its blessings while the commies send arms. The US didn’t become Israel’s arms supplier until after the 1967 war.

        • We didn’t merely provide logistical support. We lowered our stock of ordinance in our European stockpiles to the point at which defending Europe against the Soviets would have been problematic.

        • Had the nation of Israel not chosen to live right in the middle of a region that hates Jews and wants to kill them, the nation of Israel wouldn’t be spending every day in a state of war.

        • Yes and no. Most of the fighting was over before American resupply efforts caught up with the losses in equipment that the Isrealis suffered in the Yom Kippor war. And the Russians were pulling out all the stops to make good on equipment and munitions lost to Egypt and Syria at the same time.

          With the US and Russian distracted by the Mid East Western Europe was probably as safe as it would get during the cold war.

      • Its true Israel used a hodgepodge of small arms up to and after 1967, including French MAS, FN boltguns, LOTS of Thompson submachineguns, and even leftover Wehrmacht Mausers from WW2. I guess my point was the IMPORTANCE of small arms, not so much where they were sourced, in Israels battles. Just like the Minutemen used firearms sourced from overseas in the Revolutionary War.

        Kirk Douglas should consider the importance of small arms in the maintenance of liberty instead of the need to confiscate them in the name of tyranny.

      • I understand that the Israelis had to pay cash for everything they were able to obtain after WWII. Often piles of junk and a mishmash of every type. That they purchased everything they could find in Europe from any crooked dealer willing to sell (surprise that some might be commie pinkos).

        • Their first two tanks were M4s demilled and ready for scrapping. The Israelis managed to get them working but they had no operable main armament. An agent in Austria found a cache of old (WW1 era) mountain howitzers that were in reasonable condition and had them sent over. After some hasty adaption, two operable M4s were available.

        • The Isrealis tried to steal 4 tanks out of a british army depot right as the limeys were pulling out. My understanding is the Isrealis got 2 of the tanks but because of a lack of know how they damaged the other 2 and were unable to get them.

          And it’s my understanding that in 47 the most prevalent rifle the Isrealis had was the Mauser 98. Mostly ww2 Nazi surplus. That’s irony.

    • Apparently KD hadn’t eaten enough uh, you know, to bring on a fatal illness. Too much of anything is unhealthy.

    • Yes, but now he makes Liberace biopics on cable. He just wanted everyone to know that he rumors of his demise had been greatly exaggerated, and that “Hey, I’ve got a pic on HBO soon!”

      Or maybe “The American President” is coming out on blu-ray?

      • You do realize that Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas, although related, are two different people, right?

    • NO SHIT! Maybe that’s why he spoke up out of the blue lo these many years! Maybe HE, like us, thought he was long dead…

      Under such circumstances, I could forgive anything he said..:

  3. A bad day to say
    “You can trust the government,
    So give up your guns”.

    They spy on us all…
    They unleash the IRS…
    And we should trust them?

    • I recall back in 1975 when Kirk Douglas called for more gun control and was finally taken to task by a fellow actor for his hypocrisy in appearing in so many shoot-em-ups. He protested,

      “You don’t understand! This is all make-believe!” (guns in movies)
      “No, Kirk, this is all about make-money!!”

      Oh well, we should all live so long. Mazel tov, Kirk.

    • Back in the 90s when the Hollywood fires burned down his house Sean Penn was featured and photographed for an article showing him defending his property from looters by living in a camper and carrying an UZI full auto smg.

      Its OK if they protect their property with guns, just not you.

    • Precisely so! Just another hollywood douchebag to put on the list of other douchebag koolaid drinkers I do not give money to. Ive also started a list of movies I want to pirate and watch for free that “co-incedentally” has some of these same turds on it.

  4. The purpose of any Federal Law should be to ensure equal protection.

    I dont understand liberals who are upset about the whole NSA thing. those are just background checks!

  5. Why does anyone even CARE what an actor (has been) has to say…….YAWN…….wake me when someone of import and/or influence makes a statement.

  6. Very dishonest framing, as usual. We already HAVE “some form of gun control”. We’ve got gun control in spades. We have the National Firearm Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the 1993 Brady Bill. We’re not being asked to accept “some form of gun control” – we’re being asked to accept the principle that the government may enact arbitrary and capricious limits on constitutional rights with no evidence of public benefit.

    • @ DaveL:

      “…the principle that the government may enact arbitrary and capricious limits on constitutional rights…” is something liberal progressive Democrats and their lefty media coconspirators are totally ok with…until it is applied to them, as evidenced by the recent DOJ incursion into and abrogation of journalists 1st Amendment protections.

      These left wing bigots just don’t seem able to grasp the concept that as 2nd Amendment rights are breached, they’re protections are next.

      Heck, it’s already been happening for over a decade.

  7. This only goes to show the lameness of their arguments.

    No facts, no understanding of civil liberties.

    Only dogmatic & segregated opinion.

  8. That whole Douglas family has had quite a busy month. First, Catherine Zeta-Jones reveals she’s bi-polar, then Michael thinks he got cancer from cunnilingus (not from being a lifelong smoker), and now crazy Grandpa is out there spewing drivel. I think I see a reality show in the not-so-distant future.

      • lol and an amateur gynocologist… I gues this is what happenes when you live to long in a gated community… you loose touch with reality.
        I bet you they are the kind of people saying that having a lot of money does not make one happy…. and having a healthy account in the mean time…

  9. One more ignorant Hollywood type who has no clue of the requirements already in place to get a permit and a gun and who does not understand that criminals do not care about the law. What is funny is that in the movies the criminals are always skirting the law but somehow they do not understand that the same happens in the real world.

  10. Hey Kirk, you know who’s cowboy days are almost over? Yours. And for those of us left in a world of violence and crime, let us choose not to be victims.

  11. America’s “cowboy” days definitely are not over. Men in the “wild west” habitually carried arms to protect themselves against predators -four and two-legged- because if some ill chance befell, help from fellow men was often hours away, so one had to be able to take care of oneself.

    Nowadays, help isn’t hours away, it’s minutes away (and possibly hours in some neighborhoods/cities/regions.) But when you need help in seconds, minutes are just as useless as hours, and no criminal ever backed down from his enterprise when he was asked to please hold off on his intentions for a quarter of an hour until the police arrived in order to make the contest a fair one.

    These people live in a comfortable nanny-state cocoon where they never have to face realiy because, being wealthy, they always have police, bodyguards, surveillance technology, and basically a whole city, even country, at their beck and call. When your most dire problem is deciding which homosexual fashion designer to patronize this week, and nothing truly bad has happened to you in a long time, it gives you the impression, if you are unwise, that nothing bad ever *could* happen.

    • Banks and convenience stores all have cameras, and are still robbed in broad daylight regardless.

  12. “The Wild West is over” meme is actually farcical. The old West was not a model of violence, but of small towns, empty spaces, a cinematographic mind-scape for story-telling set in uncrowded ranches and towns unmarred by gray concrete towers. Mexican cartel violence, in quantity and brutality of methods, makes the old west look like a peaceful old folks home. The big violence of the old west era was taking place in the east, the Civil War. I would dare Douglas to walk down Lansdowne Ave in West Philly with me at night, sans gun. Or Diamond Street in North Philly. Or….. Tombstone had noting on Philadelphia’s large non-central neighborhoods, but Philly’s merely a warmup for Camden, Detroit, and South Chicago. The old west was for pacificsts hoping to avoid the immigrant ghettos of the 19th century east coast.

  13. Why would we want to have more legal guns out there? Maybe to spread the shooting sports we like to engage in, perhaps to be able to talk about guns without instantly being labeled a crazy, or maybe just because it gives our neighbors some kind of fighting chance against criminals instead of making our neighborhood an easy target for repeat break-ins. Guns don’t fix everything and don’t mean you’re safe for just owning one, but they give people a chance and can’t be replaced in the situations they are used.

    The more comments I see from random actors the more I wonder who’s paying them. It’s either that or the same stupid trains of thought are easy to come to and that’s why the flawed logic is so popular.

    • If they’d quit poking their sheltered, privileged asses into the real world and telling us how to live, think and vote, we’d be happy to ignore them so they could just enjoy their magical, segregated land of comically huge mansions, wild cocaine parties and disease-free hookers.

  14. that’s right, Kirk. Taking a page out of the playbook of the black liberals… we wanna make gun manufacturers RICH! That will SOOOOOO make all of our lives bettter. You nailed it big guy.

  15. With the acknowlagement by the current Regime that they have accesss to all information about US Citizens to include SCOTUS, Congress, all state goverments
    it is clear that the Republic has been usurpted through treasonous malfeasance. Billions of e-mails and other electronic data but the Ft Hood shooting was not stopped, the boston bombing was allowed to proceed. DHS owns 2700 armored vech. and buys a billion rounds of hollow point ammo “For Training”.
    Training for what?
    It is time to see the writing on the wall for what it is; America is now an occupied country, the entire nation is now a “Labor Camp” the only free PPL inside the camp are the increasing numbers of illegals who will used to herd the sheeple into their pens.

  16. He comments about the “Wild West” as though it were ancient history.
    My grandmother was born in 1897, around the last days of that Wild West.
    That’s just 2 generations ago that many Americans were “open-carrying”
    a six-shooter for everyday protection. Think John Wayne in The Shootist.
    As a tick of the historical clock, that’s practically yesterday when set against the span of man’s trek through time. That’s including the time we spent on this continent. Who in their right mind would expect that we could have evolved to a society of peace, love, and understanding in such a short time, much less in a country that was carved out of the wilderness, largely by the power of the gun? That’s not just unreasonable, it’s completely unrealistic.

    Kirk Douglas is 96. If he wants to engage in wishful thinking, it’s his right.
    It’s both sad, and telling, that a place like the Huffy post is behind this.
    Exploiting the old and disabled to support their own statist liberal agenda.
    Remember how Michael Moore did the same thing to Charlton Heston?

  17. I really hate it when anti-gunners assume that pro-2A people are only “interested in making more money for the gun manufacturers” and literally cannot even begin to think that we have the ability to think for ourselves.

    It’s pretty easy to not see why we support the Second Amendment when they don’t believe there is any good reason to.

  18. Right. C’mon Kirk, time you and your dimple get back to the home. The nice nurse has your supper hanging right next to your bed.


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