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Some of the 470,000 guns collected nationally in Australia's buyback program courtesy

Australia is the land of ‘roos, shrimp on the barbie, and absolute gun control. Except when it isn’t. Although “Victoria already has the toughest firearm control regime in Australia, and most of the world,” the Melbourne Herald Sun and Gun Control Australia are shocked to find out that there are still gun owners in Oz who own hundreds of guns. It turns out that gun ownership isn’t as forbidden there as some there think. You have to file an application for approval to buy one, and “give a genuine reason” you need the firearm.  Some of the reasons given include hunting, farming and sport shooting, although it’s hard to figure where the cannon one person owns fits into those categories. I asked a friend who lives in Victoria if he owns any guns or knows anyone who does. He replied, “No I don’t own any guns. I have only fired a gun twice, at the range, while in the US. Australia is a gun-free country. Machetes and samurai swords are more popular weapons of crime.” Meanwhile, back in the good ol’ US of A . . .

Colorado Senate President John Morse hearts Michael Bloomberg and loves him some MAIG money even more. He’s hoping Hizzoner’s money can keep him from being recalled. “Morse openly declares his fervent hope that Bloomberg rides to the rescue with some more cold hard cash for his recall defense campaign…Any Bloomberg bucks would be in addition to the at least $20,000 Morse’s recall defense campaign has already taken from Bloomberg-backed America Votes.”

New York State is serious about protecting their police. Yesterday, the State Senate passed a bill that’s now on its way to the State Assembly making it felony to “harass, annoy, threaten or alarm” an on-duty police officer by subjecting them to any physical contact. The law carries with it a maximum four-year sentence.

And Alabama is serious about protecting their police…dogs. Governor Robert Bently signed a bill on Wednesday that criminalizes “harassing or interfering with the duties of the animal or the handler, and assaulting, injuring, killing or attempting to kill the dogs and other animals … used in law enforcement.” Charges range from a class A misdemeanor to a class C felony.

Detroit police officer Joseph Weekley is on trial for felony involuntary manslaughter and careless discharge of a firearm causing the death of 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones during a raid on the house where she was sleeping.  Weekley’s attorney, Steve Fishman, said the girl “died in a tragic accident” even though the bullet came from his client’s gun.  “Accident” or not, we must think of the children.

Portland, Oregon is paying a $2.3 million settlement to resolve a federal lawsuit over their own police shooting. In June 2011, Portland officer Dan Reister shot William Kyle Monroe with his beanbag shotgun after he “mistakenly loaded live buckshot rounds” into his weapon.  The shots “fractured Monroe’s pelvis and punctured his bladder, abdomen and colon. The fourth shot, fired from less than 15 feet away, left a ‘softball-size hole in his left leg’ and severed the sciatic nerve.”  Two years later, Reister remains on administrative leave and has faced no disciplinary actions. However, he has been indicted on third- and fourth-degree assault and negligent wounding, “but whether that charge can stick is a matter pending before the Oregon Court of Appeals.” Anyone giving odds on how that’ll turn out?

It looks like they’re considering a “large capacity ammunition magazines prohibition” in Pennsylvania.  House Bill 1479 “Amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, providing for large capacity ammunition magazine permit and for large capacity ammunition magazines prohibition; authorizing the Attorney General to issue permits; and imposing penalties” has been sent to the Judiciary Committee.  Unless I totally overlooked it, nowhere does it define “large capacity ammunition magazine.” You can download a copy of the bill here if you want to take a look at it yourself.

Despite the MSM’s and the military’s reluctance to label the actions of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at Fort Hood, TX in 2011, as a terrorist attack, he all but admitted as much in court.  The NY Times reports that Hasan has released his court-appointed attorneys and will represent himself.  Then he asked for a three-month delay in his trial so he can change his defense to “defense of others.”  When asked who he was defending he replied, “The leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Taliban,”  and specifically named Mullah Muhammad Omar, the founder of the Islamic insurgent group.  Basically he’s claiming he was protecting Taliban leaders by killing Fort Hood military personnel deploying to Afghanistan.  If nothing else that would be treason for aiding and abetting the enemy.  Hopefully they’ll find him guilty of that and a lot more.

In Olympia, Washington, drug dealer Christopher Self is on trial for “for two counts of attempted first-degree murder.”  The thing is, he only fired one shot.  The shot hit a member of the SWAT in the arm, leading to one charge.  But he’s also been charged with attempted murder of a second SWAT member “due to the alleged proximity” to the first when the shot was fired.  It sounds like this gives new meaning to the term “double jeopardy.”

In another shooting, ten people were injured at a shooting club near Elburn, Illinois, when a member, thinking he had put a snap cap in his shotgun’s barrel actually loaded a live round.  He pointed the gun at the floor and pulled the trigger.  The ricocheting pellets hit ten people, none of whom were seriously injured.  Police aren’t pressing charges but suggested the “club may want to take a look at its policies regarding snap caps.”  Oh, and have some remedial training on how to handle firearms while they’re at it.

From Maryland comes a story of Patrick Stapleton who is charged with second-degree assault and reckless endangerment after he shot his friend in the ass with a .40 caliber handgun, saying he thought it was a BB gun.  The victim was asleep in a bedroom when Stapleton grabbed the gun and fired one round.  The injuries weren’t life-threatening, but their friendship is definetly on life support.

And finally, Attorney General Eric Holder says he has no plans to step down in spite of increased calls for his resignation.  He told NBC News (via Yahoo! News) “There’s some things that I want to do, some things I want to get done that I’ve discussed with the president, and once I have finished that I’ll sit down with him and we’ll determine when it’s time to make a transition to a new attorney general.”  He also said that he “wants to continue the Justice Department’s efforts in civil rights before he leaves.” Yeah, I guess there are still a few he hasn’t already stomped on and ground under his jack-booted heel.

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    • I’m going to sew myself a Robin Hood-esque costume and plunder every one of these firearm collection spots, then give them to the suffering gun owners of America. I shall call myself Throbbin’ Wood, in acknowledgement of how all disenfranchised gun owners will feel upon seeing the stack of AK’s, SKS’s and such that I bring them.

  1. I live in PA and gave the the magazine restriction a proper read through. Mags limited to 15rds-pistol/rifle, or 5rds-shotgun. I can only hope that we remain the last bastion of sanity in the NE atleast for a little while longer.

  2. “Yesterday, the State Senate passed a bill that’s now on its way to the State Assembly making it felony to “harass, annoy, threaten or alarm” an on-duty police officer by subjecting them to any physical contact. ”

    So, hopefully it is still Ok to put your thumbs in your ears and wiggle your fingers in a teasing way while saying, “Nah, nah, you can’t get me!” and then finishing by blowing them a raspberry and saying “I’m not touching you!”

    • So let me get this straight. You can’t “harass, annoy, threaten or alarm” an on-duty police officer but they can stop-and-frisk you…………….

      They are way out of balance there.

      • Its NY, since when has there been balance? The entire government would be a dictatorship if it was possible. Between CA and NY, it is a contest of who is more invasive and controlling.

    • I had to laugh at that one. The San Diego Zoo has always had signs with that same wording about the animals. I should send a bunch to the NYPD.

    • Whooooooa don’t sell us short just yet, things like this are always introduced by reps from philly. They are mad that state preemption stops them from their wildest gun banning wet dreams

  3. Personally, I hope Eric “D1ck” Holder does not resign. Keeping Holder makes it easier to fight Obama’s anti-American agenda because nobody trusts Holder, which is finally rubbing off on Obama. So, I want that lying snake to remain joined to his master until they both brighten the Washington scene by leaving it.

    • That’s one way to look at it.

      Another is that Holder is a lightning rod, absorbing the criticism that should rightly go to his boss. His credibility is so shot, that it doesn’t matter what you throw at him. He’s literally covered in anti-scandal armor made out of other scandals.

    • hmm. I have to think on this. You might be right, keeping Holder around to remind people might be good.

      No, The NYT blasted Obama and Feinswine today, for defending the NSA, so i dont think Holder is deflecting criticism from Obama. Every time he defends Holder he makes it look like he support these programs. If he fired Holder he could distance himself.

  4. The PA Bill is sponsored by the HofR dhimmirats, mostly from that sewer known as Philthadelphia area. The R’s have the majority by a good margin, so not sure how far this will go. Not sure it will even get out of the judiciary committee.

    I guess the good news is that my dhimmirat cousin who is a PA HofR rep, is not a sponsor of this bill.

    • These things are always introduced and always go nowhere. I just hope the repubs can energize their base in 2014, save Corbett’s ass and strength the republican majority. Then maybe we can get a real vote on constitutional carry, I’m tired of it being ignored after pass committee

    • This isn’t the only anti 2A bill that’s been floated in PA recently (and it’s not the most onerous). And it won’t be the last. By all means, call up your rep and state senator. Do it ASAP, do it often. But I seriously doubt this is going to pass. And if it does, I’d be surprized if the governor signs. This is just more Philly crap. Kathleen Kane is deeply involved in this I’m sure, trying to pay back Bloomberg for all the money he pumped into her campaign.

      Suck me Kathy, and fvck you Mikey,

      Signed, all of PA except for Philly.

      • There are many gun owner in Philly who don’t support this crap, me being one of them! And Kathy can kiss my brass!

  5. I live in PA and they ALWAYS introduce mag bans, universial background check, assualt weapons and and the rest of that kind of crap but it never goes pass commitee. We have a republican majority and many of the democrats we have a very very pro gun, and if you track the origin of these bills 90% of them come out of Philly, so there’s your problem. All and all this is nothing new and this has no chance of passing in the current legislative cycle, BUT who knows what will happen during the next election. Our Republican governor is looking like he will lose and the democratic contenders would make bloomberg blush when it comes to their fanaticism for gun banning, then the only thing that stands in the way of this crap passing is the republican majority, which is always 1 election away from being history.

    Just for the record, PA is very safe for gun freedoms. For now…


      This is how this cancer has spread wherever the “progressive” agenda has gained traction. And if we don’t stop it, sooner or later that will be everywhere!

      The Dems incrementally push their statist progressive agenda which non gun, non involved or motivated sheeple voters view as modern, attractive social progress. These sheeple want to be part of the popular trend, not realizing the true socialist, freedom endangering truth about Democrat progressivism. Because on the surface the “modern” progressive trend appears attractive to sheeple voters, more and more Democrat politicians are voted into the statehouses. Beholden to their party bosses, they introduce and support legislation that becomes ever more likely to pass as the Dems gain more legislative and executive seats. As soon as the balance of power tips in the Dems favor, the downward slide to slave state status becomes virtually unstoppable.

      States like CA, NY, and MA are the models for how this works. The elite Democrat progressives gain a strong foothold and use their union and media resources to portray themselves as attractive modern alternatives to stogy conservatives. They have huge MSM support, gain voter support and overcome Republican resistance to push their statist agenda. Once the momentum starts, it’s almost impossible to stop, particularly with demographic mobility and growth of urban areas in turn increasing the number of dependent Democrat supporters.

      That’s why I (and other slave state posters here) keep saying that pro gunners can’t simply keep packing up and moving to 2A friendly environments; sooner or later this fraudulent anti gun “common sense” crap is going to spread to wherever you go.

      Shoot, in CA the grabbers don’t even try to hide behind their subterfuge of “common sense gun control” any more; their confiscatory intent is clear; the very nature of proposed legislation leaves little doubt about the ultimate purpose of the proposals; to eventually take all guns out of circulation amongst the law abiding. So we either comply with laws and regulations and eventually give up our firearms as they become off roster or otherwise outlawed, or try to fly under the radar as involuntary (or voluntary, depending on your point of view) law breakers.

      Stand and fight for your freedom. Not one step back! It may be only a delaying action, but running away is also no more than a delaying action. This cancer will eventually reach you in some form, wherever you are.

      Money and action; keep up the fight.

  6. I have been to Australia twice in the last year for a total of 17 days. In those 17 days there were at least 5 shooting incidents. A drive-by, a biker bar that got shot up, some guy along the highway shooting at cars, the list goes on. But they will all tell you their gun control is the reason that there haven’t been any mass shootings.

    Australia isn’t any more “gun-free” than it is “free”. No thanks.

    • I’ve been trying to tell you guys that WE can own guns but the restrictions keep getting tighter with all the requirements we have to follow.

      And the problem is that the anti-gun groups have disproportionate influence on the regulations, despite often not actually knowing what the regulations actually are. Add to that one of the anti-groups is so secretive that even the the police of FOUR states and the Federal Police couldn’t contact them to invite them to a conference on proposed changes to the firearms regulations. Ironically, most journalists seem to have them on speed-dial for their latest sound bite.

      It is said that secretive group once numbered several thousand members but is now 3 people in different states and was only originally founded to defraud followers of their membership fees. For a group with high ideals, they don’t have a website, email address, or even a Wikipedia reference.

      Also the Australian Greens Party are extremely anti-gun, which is something the European Green Party don’t seem to understand why, and the local Greens Legislative Council (NSW upper house) member David Shoebridge has enough power to dictate daily operational matters to the NSW Police Firearms Registry. And the NSW Police Commissioner is also extremely anti-gun with public statements that all but openly accuse Law Abiding Firearm Owners (LAFOs) of aiding and abetting the criminal use of firearms.

      (Insert Watermelon jokes about the Greens here. It is well known that many extreme left people joined the Greens to present a socialist agenda in a wrapping of environmentalism.)

      And the anti-gun groups have been very upset that there has been a focus on the firearms being used by criminals are illegally imported. Their mantra is that criminals are supplied by thefts from LAFOs, despite their stance not being supported by published crime statistics. The discovery and closure of a group that had illegally imported over 200 Glock pistols raised the uncomfortable questions of how many other groups are doing this and how many guns have been imported.

      Attacks from the anti-gun groups and their media lackeys is at least a weekly event, with the emphasis that no guns equals no crime. But even most the people are starting to get jaded over the issue and wonder why so much effort is expended for so little gain.

  7. At the very end of the PA high capacity magazine ban bill it defines a high capacity magazine as any feeding device holding more than 15 rounds, or more than 5 rounds for a shotgun.

    Violation would be a second degree misdemeanor punishable by 6 months in jail and a $300 fine.

    How about they scrap this futile attempt at “trickle-down law enforcement” and cut to the chase: Prohibit the courts from plea bargaining away the weapons charge when they pick a scumbag up for a real crime, like they seem to love to do, and put the criminals in jail.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice to have all Lend-Lease firearms returned to the US and given to the Civilian Marksmanship Program? I’d sure love to have a BAR.

        • I would imagine there are few ways to burn through $30 worth of .30-06 in seconds than shooting a BAR. Like the Thompson, it’s just one of those classic, nearly perfect designs. The historical connection to WWII just boosts the desirability. The guns are national treasures.

  8. When asked who he was defending he replied, “The leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Taliban,”

    I know I come down on people for playing fast and loose with the constitutional definition of the word “treason”, but this – openly claiming to be fighting on behalf of a foreign power with whom we are at war – is an admission of treason.

  9. Notice how Fort Hood is never mentioned in the MSM when they enumerate Aurora, Sandy Hook, and other bloody shirt rants?

    The MSM tell us it is wrong to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few crazies.
    The MSM tell us that we must judge all gun owners by the acts of a few crazies.

    Howzzat work again?

    • Mr. Retro,

      EVERYONE knows Ft. Hood was nothing more than a case of Islamophobic reaction to a simple case of work place violence. Why else would the USA pay Mr. Nidal Hasan over 200,00.00 in pay since the incident? By his own words, he was only protecting the Religion of Peace. And besides,what difference does it make? It happened a long time ago. Let’s just move forward!!! 🙂 Realistically, there were only 13 of our (Unarmed) men and women in uniform killed and 30 more wounded. Just move along, there’s no there here.

      Allah Akbar, ya all!

  10. “You have to file an application for approval to buy one, and give a genuine reason you NEED the firearm. ”


    Rights are not based on ‘need’. The Bill of Rights is not a Bill of ‘Needs’.

    A slave can all of his ‘needs’ met for the lifetime he spends in captivity. A prisoner can have all of his ‘needs’ met for the duration of his sentence. (A free cellphone from the government is NOT a need!) ‘Needs’ alone are not sufficient to insure our happiness, or even our “Pursuit of Happiness”. We MUST make room for ‘wants’.

    Don’t let the gun-grabbers redefine our core values. It’s not just the 2nd Amendment that is at risk anymore.

  11. I’d love to see some millionaire *cough Nugent* respond to the buybacks with a firearms grants project, fund the purchase of guns & ammo for some who have no guns combined with the lack of a spare (now close to) thousand dollars it takes to secure a reliable piece, some ammo and accessories. The anti-2Aer’s would freak out royally if a few hundred poor people suddenly got free Glocks and bullets. I can almost hear the hypocrisy hitting the fan . . .

  12. I was reading that George Washington had over 50 firearms and several swords, Poor man must be turning over in his grave! The Marxist are not coming, they are here , under your bed,on TV,in schools teaching your kids, in the news media , and then We have RED HOLLYWOOD,and Wash.D.C. and last RED U.N. , THINK these people HATE America , And LIBERTY and guns in the hands of we the people…They are AT WAR ON YOU>>>>>>.

    • Makes me laugh about how vilified McCarthy was. And if you think he was full ‘o poo, read The Venona Papers. Below is a clip of a book review of “A Closer Look Under The Bed” by Ted Morgan, from the fall of 2004 by the Claremont Institue (If you want the whole review Link

      “The Venona papers, together with these archives (declassified documents from the USSR, KGB), made it absolutely clear that the American Communist Party was from its beginning the willing agent of Soviet intelligence, obedient to its orders, financed by its contributions, and serving not only as a propaganda organ for Soviet policies but as a generous source for the recruitment of agents who would thereupon influence American policy and gladly commit espionage as well. It is now plain that by 1945 every important branch of the American government, from the White House itself to the State Department, the Defense Department, the Justice Department, the Treasury Department, the Office of Strategic Services (predecessor to the CIA), and the Office of War Information, to name only a few, was infested with Communists busily doing the work of the Soviet Union.

      Moreover, it is obvious that a penetration so complete would have been impossible if the Communists had not been able to depend on the blindness or indifference of many of the far larger number of ordinary liberals who dominated the Roosevelt Administration. As early as the late 1930s, even known Communists in government were often regarded by their colleagues as merely “liberals in a hurry.” (Sound familiar? Today it’s “We can’t wait!”) And during the war, of course, they could be excused as simply enthusiasts for America’s doughty ally, “good old Joe (Stalin).”

      Happy reading.

  13. I’d like to point out that, unless I am grossly uninformed, the 2nd was biased on Pa’s Constitution. The words of the Pa Constitution are not “shall not be infringed” but rather “shall not be QUESTIONED”

    Note to Mr. Farago:

    Where do I start to to check out free states? I know Texas is good, but I hear Kentucky is up there too.

  14. Regarding:
    “In Olympia, Washington, drug dealer Christopher Self is on trial for “for two counts of attempted first-degree murder.” The thing is, he only fired one shot. The shot hit a member of the SWAT in the arm, leading to one charge. But he’s also been charged with attempted murder of a second SWAT member “due to the alleged proximity” to the first when the shot was fired. It sounds like this gives new meaning to the term “double jeopardy.””

    No one ever mentions that the raid happened in the wee hours of the morning when the man was sleeping. Or that the man only has one led… or that he immediately surrendered and threw the gun away from himself… 🙁 I understand getting convicted for multiple controlled buys…. but attempted murder??? really? How about defending his life and property?


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