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Justin Bieber (left) (courtesy

“In Canada, we don’t really have any guns and there’s no gun violence, so that really solves it. I mean, they think that it’s for protection and stuff, but it always ends up in some bozo’s hand.” – Justin Bieber in Justin Bieber Talks Gun Control, Feeling Lonely & Working With Kanye on Song With a ‘New York Vibe’ [via]

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  1. I definitely turn to Justin Bieber for deep thought on how to live my life. This is yet another example of his obvious brilliance. Or not.

  2. “. . . it always ends up in some bozo’s hand.” He is quite correct, you know. Nothing will stop “some bozo” from getting his hand on a gun.

    We have more than 1 gun per person in the US. Suppose we cut it to 1 gun for every 2 people; the bozo would have one. Cut it to 1 gun for every 10 people; the bozo would have one. 1 gun for every 100 people; only the bozos would have guns.

    That’s the way prohibition works. If you can’t control the demand then controlling the supply can only concentrate the limited supply to those most desperate to obtain it.

  3. “we don’t really have any microphones and there’s no concert violence, so that really solves it. I mean, they think that it’s for listening and stuff, but a microphone always ends up in some bozo’s hand.”

    The dumbass doesn’t realize that Canada although having stricter gun laws in some ways doesn’t have restrictions on certain things like SBR’s. Canada has less gun violence because it has less population, I don’t have stats but I’ll bet a few Labette Blues that their larger cities have similar violent crime rates as the US.

    • Murder rates are lower, muggings are about the same. Violence in small town America is lower though. Take for example Traverse City Michigan, 0 murders most years, and they have a large amount of guns. Again it’s the mental stability or culture of the people with the guns, not the guns.

      • they have a large amount of guns

        Spent a large portion of my life up there and in the surrounding areas….this may be a contender for understatement of the decade.

    • Canada has roughly 1/10th the population of the US(35 million), but they don’t have a huge influx of illegal immigrants crossing their borders every day- atleast I never hear about any mass exodus of people fleeing the US for Canada.

      If guns are the cause of all this death and mayhem, why do we still drive cars to work and not boats- you know, for the rivers of blood that are flowing through our streets because of guns. 300+ million guns and 300+ million people, 1/3 of which own the guns, surly we should have more than 30k deaths each year, if you’re including suicides, less than 10k if you’re not.

  4. OK, TTAG, that’s enough for today. No more quotes from Canadian morons, please. After all, who gives a damn what him or anyone like him things?! I’ll check back tomorrow to see if you’ve straightened up…

  5. Although it sounds cliche he can go back to Canada if it’s so great. I think a lot of people have been saying that for a long time now.

    I would have to think real hard about trusting the judgment of someone who sticks a ladies phone down their pants while on stage.

    • Or someone who points guns at others as seen above. Also he is very good at getting arrested, DUI’s, street racing $100,000 cars. Hmm maybe, me with my gun collection are more law a bidding and safer to be around than this little twerp ever will be.

    • Which is he obeying?

      No indicator of the gun is loaded or no, certainly not being handled as if loaded. Pointed at a person who is not a threat, and therefore no legitimate reason to destroy. Not looking the way it is pointed, no awareness of what is beyond the target. Finger on trigger prior to being ready to fire.

      I award him no points, mercy, etc.

  6. 97million Americans out of work in the Obumer economy, and we have to hand out guest worker visas to useless “entertainers”?


  7. I think Just Imbibing is right; we can learn a lot from Canada. So let’s round up all those nasty people who misuse firearms and send them north, where they will be taught the art of love and good music. It seems to be working for Mexico.

  8. Wow. Yeah okay, so there’s A: no gun violence in Canada, and B: no violence at all. Awesome. Maybe we SHOULD just turn the US into Canada. That would solve everything.

  9. It isn’t really true that Canada doesn’t have any guns. Canada has about one third the number of guns per capita that the US has, and about 29% of households own a gun.

  10. Is that Bozo in the photo breaking the gun safety rules one of those this Justin Beiber guy is talking about ? Or is that a Justin Beiber ? OK, I know who he is but just from some of the teeny boppers getting all crazy about him. I don’t see the attraction myself. And if he was dumb enough to pose for a photo by pointing a gun at two other people then he is a Bozo who should never have a gun. But then, he probably has Body Guards and doesn’t need one for himself anyway. So, his little rant and this article proves what ?

  11. The Beebs continues to be an embarrassment to Canada, the music industry, and humanity.

    People who are surprised: Zero.

  12. We have no guns, yet somehow gang members keep shooting each other (and innocent bystanders) over their little drug war. Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, wherever. Funnily enough, many of those guns are prohibited, as they are pistols with barrels under the legal length.

    Meanwhile, legal gun owners have a far lower rate of crime than the average citizen.

  13. Well, saw the headline in my mailbox, decided to look and see if the statement would be as idiotic as I figured it would be, and it was. Sometimes it’s no fun guessing right.

  14. Shh… Not so loud! If the dozen or so guns in my safe hear they don’t exist their feelings will be hurt.

    -Canadian gun owner
    (At least before the boating incident)

  15. And… “It” displays a *shocking* lack of understanding of how the US Constitution works. Example: Obama’s fixing of the gun laws 2008-present.

  16. I t.ake gun rights advice from Justin Bieber just like I take governmental fiscal Spending policy from the UK….

  17. Hey, can we get Miley Cyrus’s opinion on guns as well? Maybe you can use one of the numerous pictures out there with her trap open and her tongue hanging out.

  18. I’m sick of Canadians, with their beady little eyes and flapping heads, lecturing us on our form of government.

    If they don’t like the US, then they should get into their square-wheeled cars and drive back up to Canada.

  19. I’m usually against abortion-Beebs mom almost terminated this low IQ “entertainer”…retroactive anyone? BTW I have no problem with TTAG exposing this idiot-beats another black lives splatter thing…

  20. Announcing the new Justin Beiber School for Gun Safety. Requirements? Bring a loaded gun to class without a holster.

  21. I’d rather not even read his name let alone seeing a picture of him, ESPECIALLY here! The only thing I ever want to see or read would be over his self-inflicted demise.

  22. I wish yall would leave him alone…he is trying to make his life better and better his rep. Why can’t you idiots respect what he is doing and what he does. Because at the end of the day…yall make mistakes too..i dont think yall would want strangers raggin on you bout your mistakes

    • His “rep” doesn’t mean anything to us idiots. What counts is character. The only thing he can do to salvage that at this point is to disappear into obscurity and never ever publicly comment on anything whatsoever ever again.

    • If he’s trying to better himself and his rep, well, uh, he’s still getting it about as wrong as he possibly can.

      Leave him alone? If he doesn’t want a fight, he shouldn’t start one. Still being a douche, per usual for him…

  23. He’s like 20 years old (and really dumb)… give him a break and somebody please just take him to the range.

    A few good trips to the range, and he’ll start to rethink everything.

  24. In other news, someone somewhere asked Justin Beiber for his opinion on something that wasn’t crap pop music, and is instantly outed as a total idiot.

  25. There you go RF-80 comments for a throwaway post on the Biebs…and Elvis was essentially an idiot savant but no one seemed to care…I see some similar traits…

  26. Justin mind your business. America protects your southern border. When it comes to some Bozo, look in the mirror at a person that has never had a real job. American LAW says “shall not infringe”. Common sense and the right to protect yourself is a God given RIGHT. How many body guards do you have and what are they packing? No double standards you putz
    Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  27. I don’t know what you are all talking about. Mr. Bieber is 100% correct. Guns always end up in the hand of some bozo. Just look at that picture.

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