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“I don’t know what in the world Indiana could have to do with (Chicago’s) inability to deal with their criminal activity.” – Indiana State Senator Jim Tomes in Is Indiana to balme for Chicago’s gun violence problem? [via]

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  1. Damn straight. The rest of Illinois wants Chicago kicked out of the state just so that we don’t have to put up with their bull.

  2. Scapegoating never goes out of style.
    Humans really haven’t changed much in the last few centuries. Sure, the toys are plentiful and we live longer but we’re just as superstitious, fearful, greedy and selfish as ever. Well, most of us are. the few who aren’t are just tired and depressed.

  3. We’re loaded with guns here in downstate Illinois, there are no war zones down here. I wonder what the difference could be between us and Chicago? (That’s a rhetorical question by the way, I know exactly what all the differences are)

    • Yes indeed. Its a whole different word south of route 16. In the smallish town that I went to school in has had exactly 1 murder in my 46 years. I keep offering to buys lanterns and cows for shitcago.

      • Nobody really needs an auto-feeding cow with more than 4 teats and a tail thingy that goes up. Especially a black one, they’re scary….think of the children.

      • Few Chicagoans even know that the town’s name is a French mistransliteration of the Menomini Indian phrase “Sikaakwa” which literally means “striped skunk.”

        And these days the ”striped skunk” is named Rahm Israel ”Dead Fish” Emanuel; the Democrat mayor who has perpetuated the ‘stink’ of the Democrat Party’s anti-gun agenda to disarm the law-abiding; aided and abetted by Chicago PD’s Superintendent Garry Francis McCarthy; as it’s too dangerous for them to go after the actual violent criminals.

        Meanwhile, Chicago’s homicides are up by 19% and overall shooting incidents are up 21%: and that just for the first 1/2 of this year:

  4. I the best course of action is to fall back and nuke Chiraq from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure the cancer doesn’t spread. Sort of like radical radiation therapy

  5. Gun crime stats needs to be broken out in terms of race. OMG that’s not politically correct. But if you want accurate statistics… or at least break down the data in terms of whether or not a weapon was fired, say, out of a window of a moving car, held sideways…

    • From everything that I have read over the years we already know that most of the violence comes from minority communities, mostly blacks. But I don’t think the reason is because they are black. We need to find out what the reason is and find a way to get the people in these communities on the right paths. Government handouts are not the answer. That is pretty clear because those have been going on for generations and the problem is not fixed. Good education, jobs, pride in their communities and themselves are some of the answers. Prohibiting law abiding citizens in these inner city areas are obviously not the solution. Those types of laws are political theater to get politicians elected. It is amazing that the voters still fall for that tactic.

      • Whoops! My post should say “Not allowing law abiding citizens access to firearms to protect themselves is not the answer”. Sometimes this system drives me crazy. Too late to edit but another post to correct gives me the error message that says “Slow down. You are posting too fast”. GRRRRR.

    • We need to put a tall wall around Chiraq, with minefields and concertina wire. It can become the US Federal penal colony.

      • That assumes accuracy.

        Oh wait, we’re talking about Chicago, not NYC. How good a shot, on average, are Chi-land police, anybody know off-hand?

        • I live nearby. The po-leece are pretty good at shooting black “suspects” in the back. “He had a gun”-or a cellphone. I wish I was kidding…BTW some guns DO come from Indiana. Stolen/straw purchase/smuggled. Indiana also has tons of legal gun owners,lifetime carry without training,open carry and NO daily bloodbaths(except Gary-dominated by democrats). I wish I could move across the border…

    • Maybe it’s time for John Carpenter to make another sequel to ‘Escape From New York’, called “Escape From Chicago”; wherein ex-Special Forces protagonist S.D. Bob ‘Snake’ Plissken has to escape from the walled-in city after planting a tactical neutron weapon half-way between 121 N. LaSalle Street and 3510 South Michigan Avenue.

      Only film it as a documentary…. 😉

    • Good news is that the state is not bailing them out. It’s rather hilarious. They just had to hike taxes by more than a half billion dollars.

      • They waste money enacting laws that violate constitutional rights why should the State Bail them out when they are sued and lose

    • “[I]f you take all the guns off the street you still will have a crime problem, whereas if you take the criminals off the street you cannot have a gun problem.”

      Jeff Cooper

  6. I have heard many people blame America for the problems of Mexico. Perhaps the city government of Chicago is copying the federal government by using nearby gun stores from the border state of Indiana buying guns and giving them to drug gangs just like the federal government allowed guns to be sold to drug gangs in Mexico.
    The American government likes chaos in Mexico. And the city government of Chicago likes chaos in certain dark skinned neighborhoods.

    I’m just thinking out loud.

  7. Just remember Chi-raq is Democrat owned and operated, and has been since the days of O’Leary’s cow. The “slave” masters want to keep it just as it is so they can blame EVERYONE but THEMSELVES.

  8. It’s more a question of unwillingness than inability to deal with Chicago’s violent criminals. Both revolving door justice and refusal to “snitch” are to blame. I understand that many applications for concealed carry permits come from bad neighborhoods in Chicago. I think the judicial system would get more cooperation if they better supported witnesses. Help them find an inexpensive reliable firearm, provide a CCW training class at no charge, and rush their permit application through the approval process.

  9. In the USA Today article, Chicago claims that “nearly 60% of illegal guns recovered in the city from 2009 to 2013 were first sold in states with more lax gun laws.” Well. If you place enough qualifiers on the data, you can usually come up with the statistic you want; but does that accurately reflect the situation? I doubt it, especially when it’s a self-serving report out of CPD scapegoating others.

    If we just keep it simple and look at 2014 crime guns recovered in Illinois and traced, we get a simple picture of what’s going on.

    54% of traced crime guns originated in……Illinois. That’s about the opposite of what CPD claims.

    Chicago P.D. also claims you can just “hop across the border” to states with so-called lax gun laws. Hmmm…..except those five Illinois-bordering states (Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, and Wisconsin) combined account for only 26.6% of Ilinois-traced crime guns. So that seems to be another lie, or shall we say statistical prestidigitation?

    Moreover, it’s already illegal under federal law to buy a handgun out of state, unless it’s legally transferred to you by a federal firearms licensee in your own state. That FFL in your state, in this case Illinois, also must abide by Illinois state law. So you see? Other states’ “lax” laws don’t even come into play.

    Chicago’s gungrabbing is a failure for disarming victims and doing nothing about criminals.

  10. Not to mention the conveniently overlooked fact that federal law ALREADY requires background checks on guns moving from one state to another, such as from Indiana to Illinois.

  11. If Indiana’s “lax gun laws” are the cause of Chicago’s violent crime, why doesn’t Indiana have an even higher violent crime rate? Why doesn’t Indianapolis have an even higher violent crime rate than Chicago?

    • That’s what I came to say. A picture-perfect example of how logic and rational thinking, and gun-control ideology are complete and total strangers.

  12. Chicago’s crime problem is the direct result of poor governance and a poorly educated electorate. Indiana has nothing to do with it.

    Then again, Indiana has its own problems, unless we are to believe that Indianapolis and Gary are garden spots.

  13. Hey, I live under Illinois’ gun laws downstate in Edwardsville and we don’t have the crime problems as they do in Chicago. Well, at least not outside of East St. Louis.

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