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Donald Trump got the only gun control question in last night’s presidential debate. Luckily for Trump, before the gun-free zones softball arrived his way, Senator Ted Cruz bitch-slapped the moderators for their immoderate, not-to-say demeaning and insulting tone and questions. If Ted hadn’t ripped CNBC a new one, The Donald may have taken it on the chin for his anti-GFZ remarks – given that many of his hotels prohibit firearms. As it was . . .

the questioner told Trump his peeps had called The Donald’s properties and discovered guns were banned. He quickly asked The Donald if he’d consider changing that policy (immediately after the remarks above). To which Trump replied, “I would consider it.”

How magnanimous! A genuine gotcha swept under the proverbial rug. I wonder if there’ll be any follow-up.

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  1. I would like to see a candidate stand up and proclaim that if elected he/she would push though National Reciprocity and outlaw all gun free zones; including places of public accommodation.

  2. This will be the last we see of this until the end when Hillary tries to pull the rug out from under his NRA backing during the final election. You heard it here first folks.

    • I doubt that your prediction will come true, but only because I’m virtually certain that Trump won’t be a candidate in the general election. Once he drops to third or fourth or fifth in the polls (a time that is fast approaching), he’ll bail out and go look for another way to get the attention that his ego craves.

      And once he drops out, watch to see if he revokes the gun bans at his properties. That’s how you’ll know if he really has had a “come to Jesus” moment regarding the 2A, or if he’s just spewing bullshit so that he doesn’t alienate Republican voters.

  3. Last night Trump said gun free zones provide “target practice for the sickos”. While I don’t trust him and would prefer someone else as president, he is saying the right things.

  4. I think Trump will say anything he feels will help him in the polls regardless of how he really feels. If you look over Trump’s history, many of his current positions and actions contradict what he has said and done in the past.

    • If you listened too him last night answer that question, you’d have no doubt that despite what comes out of his mouth he has no intention of letting the plebes arm themselves in his casinos.

      • JR, it was actually *way* better than that.

        When he spouted off that list, he remembered *every one* of those questions, and then listed them back in the EXACT ORDER the moderators asked candidates.

        He must have the verbal version of a photographic memory.

        *That*, TTAG readers, is one awesome talent to have while debating. Be it Hillary or Vladamir Putin.

        I like Ben Carson. I like Carly Fiorina. Rubio is OK.

        At this point, I like Cruz more.

  5. I don’t trust high office new converts to the pro-2A position. This is a core value and you should have discovered it decades ago, not five minutes before the debate. Nevertheless, new converts are welcome. However, they’re on probation.

    I need to see years of taking proactive stands to expand firearms freedom first. Just voting the right way or saying the right things is not enough.

  6. The Donald is only a legitimate alternative because anyone is a better alternative than the actual likely alternative, Shrillary. Even if we are forced to vote for him by default, NEVER trust him. Never.

  7. I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle the so-called “moderators”. No- I don’t trust the guy who had 4 business bankruptcies. A gun for me but SOL if you don’t have “connections”. Whatever-TED CRUZ for president…and I really don’t understand how W’s little brother can brain fart so badly.

  8. I was surprised that gun control wasn’t talked a bout more. I would have liked to hear Cruz’s and Carson’s comments.

  9. “I’d consider it.” from an allegedly pro-gun candidate? It’s not that tough, Donald, given that you OWN the properties. Your damn name is on the building!

    It would take a single phone call to pull those CPZ signs. In a day. I could carry down in your Chicago building this weekend if your position on guns had truly “evolved.”

    Lying liar, busy lying.

    • It’s not that tough, Donald, given that you OWN the properties. Your damn name is on the building!

      It’s not always the case that Trump owns the properties with his name on them. Trump actually co-brands other people’s properties in which he has no ownership stake. The Trump brand is quite valuable as a synonym for luxury.

      Also, when he parachuted out of Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009, he was granted some stock in exchange for the company’s continued use of his brand but he had to resign his board position and has no control of the business.

      Just because someone’s name is on a property does not mean that he owns it. If it did, George Washington would own a lot of bridges, highways and buildings.

  10. Guess I have to be the one to pour water on everyone’s fire.

    What does the 2A and gun control (government banning guns) have to do with private property (not government and thus relevant to the 2A)?

    Disagree all you want, cry and scream and moan, but if a person doesn’t want you having guns on HIS property, tough shit. Deal with it. I thought you people were for freedom?

    Until The Don talks about government restrictions, this conversation is pointless.

    • THIS person wants to be president. AND this is a gun blog-so it matters to everyone not a troll…

    • Nobody’s arguing that he doesn’t have a right in his properties to do establish GFZs.

      The point is that a few weeks ago he was decrying GFZs as a problem, all the while maintaining them on properties he owns. (Yes, I realize not every building with his name on it…..)

      He also had the right to support the AWB when he did. And the right to not be forthright when questioned about it.

      The point isn’t what he has the right to say or right to do on private property. The point is that he’s just emitting sounds to make a certain swath of the electorate go “yay”.

      He wants to win and he’ll say whatever it takes. And when it comes down to it, if he does win, he’ll do whatever he wants at the time. The problem is that it’ll likely have no connection to what he’s saying now.

      Trump would switch parties and platforms 5 minutes after inauguration if it netted him a win.

      The other candidates, such as Cruz and Rubio and even Carson have a history of a certain set of tendencies that go beyond “I’m a winner, I’m gonna be too yooooj “.

      Unfortunately they aren’t as bread and circuses as Trump so they’re behind. Which bothers me. They’d gain if they’d just speak up.

  11. I could just as easily say I’d consider changing my name to siris the penis face, but doesn’t mean it would ever have a chance to become reality..
    Our boss will consider giving us a $4 raise.. But who is going to take out a loan expecting to actually get a $4 raise?
    Say I’d sponcer a bill that revokes NFA… And I’ll consider voting for you..

  12. The candidates didn’t like what they allowed to happen to Ron Paul in the 08/12 debates. The GOP should of spoke up sooner at the bias the moderators show.

  13. I’ll just say this; if Trump wins the whitehouse, he will DEFINITELY want to win re-election, his huge ego will insist on it. That means at least 4 years where we can pretty much get him to do anything, if it polls well with the right demographic, aaaaand gun rights are polling real well with GOP voters, right now. It is possible to believe both A: Trump is lip serving the 2nd AND B: he will do more than that once in office to continue gaining tea party support through the next election. One can compliment the other, if we make it.

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