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Via comes this bit of uncharacteristic candor from a Chicago machine drone, Alderman Ariel Reboyras, regarding a city council proposal to hit anyone carrying a gun within 500 feet of a school or park with a $3,000 fine:

The bad guy’s going to do what the bad guy does — fines mean nothing to them. But if nothing else, it steps up the fines, and if we should happen to catch someone, they’ll pay another fee. That’s all. It just adds more money to the revenue.

And isn’t adding “more money to the revenue” really what it’s all about?

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  1. I hope that proposal doesn’t include fining gun owners who live near a Chicago school or park who are carrying their guns (in cases or whatever) to their cars on the way to the range or hunt. Probably not though one never knows with Chicago politicians the progressive land from whence OB slithered forth.

    The revenue demands for those elites who want a huge socialist-fascist police-nanny state will never cease until the peasant sheeple rebel.

  2. So if we draw 500 ft circles around parks, schools and whatever else they tack on it means you really can’t transport a firearm without it costing a lot. I thought this was addressed years ago with the gun safety zone debacle?
    I don’t live there, won’t move near and wouldn’t really want to visit.

  3. That makes as much sense as “we want to keep guns off the streets, therefore you can’t have a gun in your house!” or “we’ve already outlawed firearms, so you don’t need one in your house to protect yourself!” You know your politics are bad when the rest of the state wants secede from Chicago.

  4. “The bad guy’s going to do what the bad guy does — fines mean nothing to them”
    insert “guns” where “fines” is in this selected quotation, it epitomizes the anti’s argument.

  5. Meh…

    If this were important to enough people in Chicaco, they could force the politicians to change.

    The problem is, that many cities in Chicago are such a hole, BS gun legislation is the furthest thing from the mind of a resident.

    Or worse, the area is such a hole, you’d willingly give up ALL of your rights, if you thought it meant you could walk outside to pick up your mail with out getting assaulted and raped.

    And politicians are cashing in on that fact.

    • I grew up in the Chicago northern suburbs of Skokie and Morton Grove. They were among the first in America to ban handguns back in the late 1970s. The area was socially conservative and yet politically progressive. The good part of growing up there was that there were lots of great restaurants serving delicious pizza and ribs. Beyond the food, the only exciting thing for pre-driving teens to do there was hang-out at one of the shopping malls. I hate shopping malls.

  6. It is as though the politicians don’t care. I mean that’s the death of a city more than any lack of freedom or rights. If the parties guiding it could care less that it runs itself into the ground.


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