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“They don’t even come close to our standards here in Ohio. Under this (proposed) automatic reciprocity (law), we automatically have to accept that Indiana permit just because they accept Ohio’s. Now the people in Indiana get to decide who gets to carry a gun in the state of Ohio. We don’t want untrained people in our bars and strip clubs engaging in firefights in crowded rooms without any type of training.” Ohio Fraternal Order of Police director of government affairs, Mike Weinman [via]        (h/t Skippy Sanchez)

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  1. What a moron. More like Mike Weinman, Ohio Fraternal Order of Morons, director of government idiocracy. This guy has quite the imagination and seems to hold Ohio pretty high. Nothing against Ohio, but come on, it’s just Ohio. I don’t see how Indiana is “dragging” it down.

  2. So as part of a CCW in Ohio the police train candidates for firefights in crowded bars and strip clubs. Do they get to draw their weapon from the lapdance position? I think Ohio is looking like a fun place to get a permit from.

  3. Fun Fact of the Day: Ohio bars and strip clubs are full of highly trained individuals who regularly participate in firefights. This local tradition is currently being optioned for a screenplay in Hollywood under the working title “Firefight Club.”

  4. We don’t want untrained people in our bars and strip clubs engaging in firefights in crowded rooms without any type of training.”

    Because training makes that kind of thing so much safer!

  5. Now, untrained firefights in grocery stores and gas stations is totally fine…sort of a save haven of firefight training until you’re good enough for the big leagues.

  6. Dunno why but after I read this the words Crossbreed Supertuck just popped up in my head. I think I’m very overtired.

  7. Sadly, Ohio state level politicians care more about the opinion of the Highway Patrol than they do the opinion of their constituents. Due to crying from the police and a few senators, automatic reciprocity was stripped from the reciprocity bill and the crying of the Highway Patrol got them to add a limitation to the transportation of loaded magazines. According to the HP, if people can now have loaded magazines in their cars, well they’ll just kill cops left and right (of course, they ignore the fact that A) a law abiding person won’t kill a cop and B) someone intent on killing a cop isn’t going to care about the laws regarding transporting firearms), so the gun and the mags must be in separate compartments. This means that those nifty cases most companies give you that have a cutout to hold the pistol and the magazines cannot be used if the magazines are loaded.

    It seriously pisses me off that 1,500 State Revenue Agents are allowed to dictate the laws for 12 million people.

  8. Let’s walk the cat backwards to see where this started. Hmm… the root of the problem seems to be that we’ve allowed individual states (and sometimes cities and towns) to decide who gets to exercise their constitutional rights. Where would we be if we allowed the same to happen to the First Amendment?

  9. The feeling is mutual, Mr. LEO. I hope that when you come to Iowa you leave your gun in Ohio. I don’t want to get grazed by any wayward rounds.

  10. Strip club themed live fire house?… If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to file an intellectual property patent.

  11. As a well-trained strip-club and bar person, I have mixed feelings about Weinman’s position.

    Though the untrained amateurs are often a source of amusement to workers and proper patrons alike, their antics can also become annoying to those of us who can handle our liquor.

    Regardless, I have yet to see a study showing Ohio’s clubs being any better than Indiana’s.

    • Me too!! I would bet it came around because the whiners were in a strip club and when the lap dancers realized the “Big Gun” they were dancing on was just a gun, and the biggest thing there, they all got thrown out and now they are mad!!

  12. Glad to see that they are worried about where the welfare money is going. I guess if I was an Ohio taxpayer I could commend them for that much. Id hate to throw out a few grand of my taxes so someone can bust in to The Gold Club with a heater and lay waste to my investments.

  13. Even without the instant reciprocity HB495 still kicks butt (and the automatic reciprocity is being brought up next year) because of the simple fact it cut out over 1000 words in the Ohio revised code, allows you to carry loaded magazines for rifles and shotguns in your car if they are not in the same compartment with the gun, like if you had the gun in a case the magazines couldn’t be in the case, and because of this:

    “A person who is carrying a valid concealed handgun license may have one or more magazines or speed loaders containing ammunition anywhere in a vehicle without further restriction, as long as no ammunition is in a firearm, other than a handgun, in the vehicle other than as permitted under any provision of this chapter.”

    CHL holders don’t have to have their rifles and shotguns cased up, with the magazines in another compartment.

    BCF and OFCC are already getting ideas for legislation next year. There are talks of rifles for hunting, and getting rid of the stupid maximum 30 round magazine limit. And getting rid of the notification factor after Officer Harless threatened to kill a guy for having a CHL.

    I think the reason why the automatic reciprocity didn’t pass was because when it was talked about, a lot of the senators were surprised that some Ohioans have out-of-state permits because it was either cheaper, carried more states with its reciprocity, or because of some minor charge or arrest record got them banned from having an Ohio CHL but not another states. Also money plays a big part of it. If they are carrying with another states permit, it means Ohio didn’t get that 67 dollars.

    Also, it was suppose to be voted on in the committee on the 11th, but was pushed to the 12th, it was voted out of committee to the senate on the 12th, passed the senate on the 12th, and passed the house on the 13th. I really doubt that many states could get a pro gun law through their legislation in 3 days.

    • I think the first thing voters need to demand next session is a law preventing any law enforcement or school employee from having any input on laws other than providing a purely fact based testimony. The OSHP, FOP, and University heads have far too much control over our lives because of their baseless paranoia.

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