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Gun rights protesters in Albany, NY (courtesy

“I don’t trust the government to do the right thing anymore.” – Retired factory worker James R. Colloca quoted in Hundreds of protesters call to repeal tough New York gun law [via]

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    • Huh? I wrongly surmised that President Obama wouldn’t touch gun control during his second term. Then Newtown.

      But pro-Obama? No. Not ever. Never.

        • It’s similar, but means you spent more effort at your mistake than in regular “screwing up”.

          I kid.

          But seriously, Mr Farago has admitted previously, and since continued to own the history, that he was wrong in his conclusions. That’s more than some are able to do.

      • Rob, I love the site and everything, but lets not whitewash things. You posted a whole string of articles that were VERY pro-Obama and tried to convince gun owners that voting for Obama was in their best interest.

  1. The founders of this country warned us and created The Bill of Rights. Same as it ever was, you should never trust government. Many of those who we place in power for long periods of time eventually believe they can get away with anything. They believe they know better and want to be your parents.

    On the first day of my first year in my university the dean made a speech. He told us if we learn nothing, we should remember to question everyone and everything and take very little at face value. Something I have always done.

    If all the scandals going back to fast & furious has not changed peoples minds, nothing will.

  2. I work for the government, and I don’t trust the government. The Feds have me the most concerned, particularly with the DHS, IRS, etc. I guess I just don’t feel that every email and text I send needs to be compiled into a massive database which is payed for at taxpayer expense.

  3. Trust has to be earned. A lot of Americans never had any reason to trust the government–Native Americans, blacks, etc.–and women were treated as second class for too long. The American ideal is a government that is worthy of our trust, but that requires us to choose better leaders and watch them more closely.

    • The whole American idea is that government at any level cannot be trusted. That is why it was given very limited powers and no rights. It worked until 1861, when the tyrant Lincoln (Sic Semper Tyrannus) destroyed These United States and replaced them with The United States. It has been down hill since with very few bright spots, no bright spots since the 1920’s.

      • “Don’t trust the government, EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!” is also why we pay the highest health care costs in the world for the worst service, have a rapidly collapsing infrastructure, a degenerating middle class and a plummeting quality of life.

        Working out quite well, we’re on our way from state subsidized super power to 3rd world free market Utopia for the rich in less than a century.

        Good job paranoids/Randroids!

        • The worst service???? Health care is excellent in America. You just have to pay for it.

          Also, America doing great overall economically until its government starting flexing its muscles. The regulatory burden alone is enough to sink any business unless the inspectors ignore violations.

        • It must be nice living in a delusional fantasy world.

          If your goal is to become a polluted crap hole like China or Brazil then sure, demolish regulatory agencies. You’ll make the 1% happy, because they won’t have to pay for it, and you’ll make conservatives happy, even though they will pay for it. In money, health and the lives of their families.

        • The problem with the Federal Gov’t is that it is horribly wasteful, inefficient and bloated. It is simply too big and bureaucratic to get the most bang for the buck. I am not for a “no government” ideal, but rather a swifter, leaner and more efficient government.

          As for the MBS crisis of the past decade which precipitated the global financial crisis, that was largely caused by government intrusion into the lending process. You can thank Bill Clinton and Barney Frank.

          I am fine with regulation–we need some rules and boundaries. But again, the current regulatory environment is horribly corrupt and does very little to protect the citizens and public goods it was implemented to protect.

          The Obama administration is as full of crony capitalism and corruption as any in memory. Obama is not for the little man, Obama is bought and paid for by the guys in the shadows. His tax policies target the working wealthy–lawyers, doctors, small business owners and CEO’s, low level executives–but they do nothing to target the uber wealthy (Soros!).

          The masses have been duped into thinking Obama is a peace-loving stoner who would drive a prius and fight “the Man,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Simply look at his connections to Monsanto.

      • I date the unofficial end of the republic to Dec. 23rd 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, and the Sixteenth Amendment to The Constitution adopted the same year. That provided the fix that has allowed The Money Power to steadily trample liberty and slowly enslave the population by confiscating the fruits of their labor and issuing it back to them as debt ever since. Until you understand this, you understand nothing.

  4. I was self employed for fifteen years as a handy man and repairing major appliances. I picked up extra work as an Independant contractor repairing warranteed appliances for an appliance sales company along with five other repairman; this appliance company had been doing this for years; then the government decides in all it’s wisdom that we aren’t Independant contractors that pay our own taxes but actually employees of the company and that the owner needed to pay employee payroll taxes; the company went out of business 6 months later putting out of work almost 15 people total.

    I was lucky because of my own business, the other people were unemployed; that is government, intrusive, controlling and it chokes the life out of those wanting to make their lives more productive.

    Reagan said made a statement about government; ” it will tax and regulate a business it until it no longer produces, then it will subsidize it as a “public service” until there’s is nothing left”or something like that.

    • Like most people I can only comment on what I’ve actually seen and experienced. I hired into a federal agency when Carter was POTUS. My first xmas there was a real eye opener. On Gov. time we had open bars and truly wild office parties. Alcohol, weed and lot’s of hanky panky while we were in Gov. buildings and still on the clock. This went on at all major holiday’s and sometimes just for sh!ts and giggles.

      Then Reagan got the job. And it stopped. Cold. All parties involving any of these shaningans had to be done on our own time and off premises.

      The difference in the rank and file Gov. was night and day between Carters time and Reagans.

  5. I remember now; the essence of government according to President Reagan;

    “If it moves, tax it; when it slows down, regulate it; when it stops moving, subsidize it.”

  6. Context fellas, context. This is a gun site, right.
    That kind of a question here to the AI, is a “don’t get me started” can of worms.

  7. Even the Founders didn’t trust the very government they created. They understood the potential for harm that government posed. That’s why there’s a Bill of Rights.


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