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Kris Koenig is the mastermind behind the upcoming documentary titled Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire. The project started as a look into the gun control debate raging in California, but as the debate heated up nationwide this past winter they broadened their scope to include the national debate as well. The project has been funded entirely through the website Kickstarter (initial fundingsecond push), where individuals pledge their own money to support a cause they believe in, and the finished product is nearing release. Kris has released a trailer that has been approved by the MPAA for use in movie theaters (see it above). The film will be shown in a limited number of theaters starting on June 20th (list coming shortly), with an “on demand” style release system planned thereafter. And to be honest, it looks like it’s a pretty darn well made product.

Oh, and the narrator? Ice-T.

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  1. Looking forward to it. Too bad they can’t put in a last mnute edit given last week’s revelations and having Piers state he now understands…

    • And how long do you expect before Piers goes back on that statement, and continues his crusade of idiocy?

      I’ll put $50 on 4 weeks or less.

  2. Excellent! I’m glad that I supported this product – and I’m looking forward to my T Shirt and DVD.

  3. It’s goin’ down, man –
    The girl got a gun, best run
    Because she’s quick to flip an empty off the clip…
    — Ice T, “Big gun”

    Damned good choices, here. May it Make a Mark.

  4. The Iceman will do us proud. As a middle aged black man I applaud what the young sister from Watts said. Hopefully our Black leaders can break away from the left leaning politicians and protect our own. I am hoping for a day when all people of the middle and lower classes realize we have been fighting each othe forever, and the fat cats roll to the back. Taking away our guns, telling who we can marry, telling what God we should worship…….all a violation of our civil rights. MLK, RFK died fighting for those rights. As 2 A supporters we can make congress and the senate accountable again. I want human rights. Anything less kills us all. Oldest trick in the book…….get the lower classes to fight amongst themselves. So I will meet my, Irish,Italian, Red, Brown brothers and sisters. I will speak to the fellas with the crimson neck………we are not so different. The USA was founded by us. Blacks, whites, browns, yellows and of course reds. It was not founded on high society gun grabbing politicians on either side. United we stand. Next rally get me there……I will get more brothers. It is nation time. God Bless America?

    • Good luck, Leon. I’m sure you’ll remind those you speak to that gun control started during Jim Crow as a way to disarm freed slaves. After Sam Colt made all men equal, the old-time legislators decided to take the guns from the blacks as a demonstration of power over them, and also to reinforce the idea that newly-freed blacks were less than their white counterparts. Well before there was any such thing as “separate but equal”, freed slaves and freemen were told, by force of “gun control”, to sit down, shut up, and accept their station. Everyone involved is dead, and the country is a different place today, but gun control lives on, as does the point those nasty bastards illustrated so well – the difference between citizen and subject is having the right and ability to defend yourself, your property, and your loved ones, or being deprived that natural right. THAT is a human right worth defending and expanding for all.

    • God Bless you sir. People from all walks of life are beginning to see what’s been in front of our faces all along. We’re not so different after all. It’s been divide and conquer and we’ve been so divided we conquered ourselves. Let us stand together, present a united front, and work toward a common goal that will benefit all of us. And who knows where we can go from there?

    • Leon, you are correct. Left leaning voters don’t get that the radicalists have a set of rules they follow and the first and foremost is to take the most disenfranchised group of people and get them to fight their fight for them. The current administration cares nothing about saving lives or equality, they just knew who the easiest group to pursuade was. We must take our Country back from the politicians and their cronies and make America great again! Good luck!

    • @ Leon
      “Oldest trick in the book…….get the lower classes to fight amongst themselves.”

      Absolutely on the money! And all those uninformed grabber followers don’t even recognise they’re being used.

      Even this administration’s assaults on First Amendment protections of the press aren’t enough to break through the fog. It’s all about control and power; the best way to grab it is while the masses are distracted with threats that directly impact them and put them in disarray.

      Thanks for that!

  5. So far all you have seen is this trailer. You really trust this film to be constructive? Many trailers look good, but the actual film was C-RAP! Remember they show the best parts in the trailer to suck you in.

    • Have you followed their kickstarter project and blog? Or, are you just answering without any information?

  6. I can’t wait to see it. The assault on the Constitution of the United States has to end.

  7. Hopefully this sends a loud wake up call to the people who think “Obama doesn’t want to take your guns away”

    • Are there any people remaining who are so stupid that they actually believe that the Gungrabber in Chief doesn’t want to take away all the guns?

  8. I gave Kris K. a $100 bucks in each of the two Kickstarter pushes. I am proud to have been a supporter – this needed to be made.

  9. Looks like a good product, hope it gets play on some PBS stations… could see this in line with a “Frontline”-like presentation

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