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“The overwhelming majority of blacks are slaughtered by other black hoodlums, the overwhelming majority of whom are involved in gangs and drugs — you know, that ‘victimless crime’ thing. Mr. Cosby is right about this tragedy. These black punks do use guns to solve their gang-related differences. None of them carry or use their guns legally. Americans with concealed carry permits are the good guys. Mr. Cosby, do the responsible thing and get a concealed carry permit. It just might save your life someday.” – Ted Nugent rebutting Bill Cosby’s views on firearms

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  1. Wow, so you guys do an article on this, but whenever I say things like that, other than bring up CPD crime stats, my comments are censored…

      • You have to take it a step further. A notable public figure is rebutting another notable public figure.

    • Its not just black punks either, black Chicago politicians directly threaten violence as well, from the SunTimes.

      “An influential alderman warned Metra’s executive director on Thursday that “people are going to get hurt” if the commuter rail agency fails to bolster minority participation on a $133 million South Side railroad bridge known as the “Englewood Flyover.””

      Or have the media obfuscate my race when it commits crimes. Everyone knew that Zimmerman was white & hispanic (same thing in some race stats) and Martin was black, even the Sun Times reported this. But when black flash mobs attack whites, the Sun Times (and all other papers) covers up the race of the attacking mob, and even admit they do so.

      RF, would you care to elaborate on your racial comments policy, and what exactly we are, or are not allowed to say? I know I sent you several emails about it that went unanswered.

    • matt,

      You’ve brought up a good point. I’ve also had some comments (nothing to do with racial issues) censored because they aren’t PC.

    • We aren’t really entitled at all to fairness when we are on another person’s turf.

    • Well gee, matt, you’re an admitted racist making racist statements, so what do you expect?

      All Nugent said was that there are bad black people killing other bad black people, which is true, and then encourages a good black person to get a gun. You, on the other hand, say that all black people are bad. Don’t tell me that you can’t see the difference. You’re a racist, but you’re not stupid.

      • The BULK of them are undesirable……stereotypes are an ‘earned’ label used to describe certain repeated patterns of behavior, usually bad behavior….the multitude of stereotypes regarding kneegrows are generally 100% true…..

      • So who are these “good” black people, Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? The strip mall reverends? The Cease Fire “community leaders” who used to run gangs?

        Would you care to speculate on the ratio of “good” blacks to “bad” blacks?

  2. There is a problem with Mr. Nugent’s rebuttal. I believe Mr. Cosby lives in New York city and we all know that no one gets concealed carry permits in New York city.

    • If you’re a well-connected, influential and highly visible person in NYC… you absolutely can get a CCW.

    • Hang on–Last I read, some years ago when I lived in NY, Cosby was one of the examples most often cited of famous people who HAD concealed carry permits in NYC.

  3. Cosby has a hard on for guns because of what happened to Ennis, like others touched by criminal use of firearms he blames the gun. Realistically Cosby should be against illegal immigration since the murderer was here from Eastern Europe illegally.

  4. There is an internal inconsistency in Ted’s position on drugs and guns. So, it’s the drugs that cause the bad behavior? But, it’s not the gun that causes the bad behavior?

    Actually, on both counts it’s a heart issue. And laws won’t do a damn thing. Actually, drug laws will increase the violence because it will make it very profitable to be in the drug business. It also gives the police an excuse to militarize.

    • People on drugs are not able to function properly, for whatever reason or whatever effect.
      Someone holding a gun doesn’t automatically turn into a different person with different behavior. At least most people don’t and those that do are making a choice to do so. There is no chemical from a gun that affects our actions.

      If you, like many around here, think legalization will cure drug related crime then think of this: How will addicts get money to pay for drugs? How much will legalized drugs cost (look at cigarettes for a clue) and once legalized will our government then “encourage” us not to use them like other legalized substances with high taxes and new rules about the use?

      Honestly, if people just got their shit together and swore off the intoxicants we would have a smaller market for drugs the next day.

      • People will pay for drugs the same way they pay for things like L i p i t o r. If all the morbidly obese fat fukcs here at TTAG got their shit together and swore off hamburgers we would have lower healthcare bills.

        You only seem to care about illegal drugs…

      • “People on drugs are not able to function properly”

        How many drugs have warning labels about not operating heavy machinery? I’m pretty sure that warning would also be applicable to firearms.

      • Right now, the situation is: (violence from drug users) + (violence from drug trade) = (total drug related violence). Legalization makes the second term go away. To believe it’s not worth it, you have to believe that the first term will increase by an amount equal to the current value of the second term. There’s no reason to think that it will and there are a lot of things we can do to prevent that.

        The experience with alcohol was making it illegal created the second term, and making it legal again removed it. There was probably an uptick in the first term, but it was overwhelmed by the overall drop created by the disappearance of the second term.

      • Legalizing drugs wouldn’t stop drug addicts from committing crimes, but I would argue that the vast majority of crimes committed by them are nonviolent thefts. What legalizing drugs would do is absolutely minimize the profit for the most violent criminals since the Nazi’s, the Mexican drug cartels.

        • smoking a joint is a victimless crime. its criminalization is the major reason why there is a prominence in gang and cartel activity bleeding into the united states.

        • If drug use was legalized, the user could come out into the open… and get the kind of treatment he truly needs to correct his addiction. Also some of the problems with drug users would go away, if they were able to purchase their drugs openly, and from a reputable drug seller.
          The price of the drugs would probably go down, alleviating some of the need for criminal activities to pay for them.

      • “Honestly, if people just got their shit together and swore off the intoxicants we would have a smaller market for drugs the next day.”

        not gonna work. the nancy regan touted the “just say no” fallacy. There is nothing wrong with marijuana, which is not a intoxicant.

  5. i think this is a excellent idea, for not only mr cosby, but others AA’s as well. i live in a state where this is made nearly impossible, but i can hope.

  6. Nug is right…and how stating those general facts isn’t PC is beyond me. Facts are facts.

    • That’s what political correctness is all about – using peer pressure to censor the speaking of inconvenient facts. It’s not about truth. It’s about promoting a certain type of political bias.

  7. If Matt was right Chicago and Washington Dc be two safest city in USA becuase have strickest gun laws in the land. How ever there not Chicago has worst crime rate in decades Wachington Dc crime rate high ever been. New York have owen issue gang on gang crime that Mayer Mike Bloomberg been to bussy be Mayer againts guns fix. Simple fact is those states issue concle care permits are far much safer live than citys of New York Las Angles Chicago Wachington Dc that make hard to impossible get one. Issue is matter race have gun when you need gun hard stop some who got gun you only have words stop them if they are about use there gun shoot with.

    • +1 agreed Richard, you could even expand the DC issue past the borders for the district to where i live, prince Georges county Maryland, the second biggest county in our small state. we border DC, and the vast majority of my county has substantial crime and gang issues. however, we are a shall issue state, so the regular law abiding individual. from state government’s perspective, we should have no crime, yet we have in my county, the highest rates of both gang membership and presence combined with overzealous swat teams (this means you pg sheriff dept).

    • huh? when did I ever support Chicago’s gun laws?

      You are wrong about the crime rate in Chicago, the murder rate is less than half of what it was in the 1990s. 927 homicides in 1991 vs 440 in 2011. Me and several other people speculated on the cause, in the end the most plausible theory was the CAPS program, which was community oriented policing.

  8. That nice number from 2011 but sent January 2012 homicides doubled the number recorded during the same month last year in Chicago.Chicago recorded 40 homicides as of mid-day Monday, up 53.8 percent from the 26 murders logged in January 2011, according to the Fox Chicago. I say Chicago make up low homicides numbers it had in 2011. Those fact coming from Huff Post Chicago. Those number keep rise Matt sent than.

    • I really have no idea what you could possibly be saying. Are you a ESL? Could you try reading your statement next time before you post it?

      • I tried reading both your posts again and still couldnt figure them out, this is a perfect example:

        “New York have owen issue gang on gang crime that Mayer Mike Bloomberg been to bussy be Mayer againts guns fix.”

        • New York City has its own gang-on-gang crime, that Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been too busy being a Mayor Against Illegal Guns to fix.

          Matt, try harder. You can do this.

  9. Ted Nugent still is the Motor City MADMAN. He enjoys shocking people to make a point.

    I’m glad he is a member of the board for the NRA, because I think we need someone like him once in awhile. We need someone to tell us the truths that we don’t really want to hear. Ted does that in the most non-PC way possible, and we are shocked when he does it. Our shock forces us to discuss what he said for awhile, and ultimately we come to the conclusion that he was right all along, and that we should feel the same way about it as he does.

  10. Matt perfect example of those drink Obama Kool-Aid facts that are more fiction than realty. Matt trouble with those FBI numbers is they where from last year do not reflect what happing now this year in New York Chicago Las Angels or Wachington Dc . Matt useing old FBI facts debate your case is like Obama blame ever thing on Bush is it so old let go. If you read what I writen you have missed that was just talk about Chiscago. Mike Bloomberg been little more worry about people drink soda in his city instead fighting crime there. Mike should be clear enough read can not read than not lose any sleep over matter.

    • Jesus christ, type out your response in MS Word and do a grammar check before you post it. This post is barely legible. I mean really WTF is this “Mike should be clear enough read can not read than not lose any sleep over matter.”

      The numbers I posted were for a period of 20 years. You mentioned a single month. Try using a larger sample size and see if your theory holds true.

      1990: 851
      1991: 927
      1992: 943
      1993: 931
      1994: 929
      1995: 827
      1996: 789
      1997: 759
      1998: 704
      1999: 641
      2000: 628
      2001: 666
      2002: 647
      2003: 598
      2004: 448
      2005: 449
      2006: 467
      2007: 442
      2008: 510
      2009: 458
      2010: 449
      2011: 440

      • Matt:

        CAPS has very little to do with reduction in the murder rate. It’s all about demographics and a victor in the cocaine wars.

        In the 1980’s thru the mid 1990’s thee was a struggle for control of an illegal substance (let’s not argue what we would like but what is) and as always this leads to violence. By the mid 1990s control issues and territories were settled. The war was over and the body count declined. This is a nationwide phenomenon.

        We also have an aging population. Older societies are less violent. Even in the ghetto once you get past a certain age you are less likely to engage in criminal behavior. Bad actors are either dead, in jail or have reformed. These factors all work to lower the death toll. In Chicago’s case you can add a decline population to the mix as well.

  11. Ted Nugent got have balls size greatfruit deal with all ant left wing ant gun nuts he has puts up with.

    • lol, so youre a e-Lawyer now? Presenting your case the e-Court? Just wondering but what is your country of origin, Nigeria?

      That is because 2012 isnt over…

      • Richard screws up a sentence occasionally, because obviously english is a second language for him, and he is still learning how to speak and write in english. I am sure he is working very hard to learn english, but it takes time to learn such a complicated language.

        Matt obviously has never ‘been in Richard’s shoes’, because if he had, he would be more understanding and less likely to criticize. I have been in Richard’s shoes. In fact I moved to Nicaragua in February, and I am struggling to learn Spanish as fast as I can. You should hear my spanish; It is much worse than Richard’s english.

        Please Matt, give Richard a break. Also please try a little harder to figure out what he is trying to say. You can do it, if you will try.

        • Richard, is your primary language spanish or italian? I am asking because, your sentence structure seems to follow the grammar rules from one of those languages.

        • Is it too much to ask for him to copy/paste his post in to MS Word, and do a grammar check?

          If you read all of our posts, I was busting his balls for making a comment based off a single month of crime stats for Chicago, while ignoring 20 years worth of crime stats. And for claiming that I supported Chicago’s gun laws. I seriously doubt that this guy is a ESL, chances are he is just translating this page and posting with babel fish.

          Just wondering, but if your spanish isnt that great, do you go around to spanish language website, make factually incorrect claims, and then try to argue with people?

          Would you care to translate “Mike should be clear enough read can not read than not lose any sleep over matter.” for me if it is so easy?

        • Sorry Matt. I can’t make much sense out of that sentence. I think part of what he means is that you shouldn’t lose much sleep over the matter, if you can’t understand what he is trying to say.

          Sometimes I just can’t communicate what I want to say in spanish and when I say it in english the listener can’t understand english well enough to understand me either. Oh well, I guess we’ll talk just about something else. Sometimes I’m happy when I can understand about half of what the other person is saying. We still have decent conversations though, and I often learn something I didn’t know from that conversation.

  12. Yea Matt this year in 2012 number people get killed buy gun risen higher in Chicago than number of US soldiers getting killed in Afghanistan this year in battle. So Matt acroding to numbers safer be live in Afghanistan than Chicago. I could care less about death rate 1990 to 2011 becuase means nothing with fact right now in 2012 Chicago have six gun relate homicides or more ever day in 2012 this year alone. As for my bad english well that from California public schools High school Matt where got my ged from . California one those state like Chicago got silly ant gun law have litte effect on there crime rate there. Matt bet know history of vietnam war US was won ever battle numbers there yet end up lose war there.

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