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“It’s long past time for the American people to wake up and realize that their so-called Second Amendment rights have gradually turned the National Rifle Association into a terrorist organization through its adamant refusal to repudiate gun violence using the legal technicality that it’s every American’s Second Amendment right to terrorize his (not often her) fellow citizens.” – Daniel Johnson at

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  1. I guess Mr. Johnson ( an appropriate name in this case) didn’t know about project Exile where the NRA supported 5 year minimums for felons. Or that the NRA was behind the NCIS background check from the beginning.
    I think he sucks his thumb curled up in a fetal position at night.

  2. mmmkay – so the NRA is a terrorist organization because the Texas State Rifle Association opposes a ban on pellet guns, which Mr. Johnson apparently endorses because when people use them in the commission of a crime they’re outgunned and that’s a tragedy.

  3. … and some people say that there is a Jewish plot (all 14 million) to take over and rule the whole world (all 7+ billion people). The salem news is just another wacky extremist publication.

    Wait a minute. Doesn’t his photo look like some cartoon character from years ago?

  4. How do such blithering idiots devoid of any morality, responsibility, or respect for a free society manage to get through the day in the real world?

  5. It appears that this man has helped gradually turn journalism into nothing more than a propagandist’s profession for refusing to repudiate the propagandist’s hyperbole and general assault on reality that necessarily precedes enslaving citizens on the legal technicality that the First Amendment protects his slander.

  6. Just another toad that wants to buy safety with freedom. Time for him to grow up, hoplophobia that severe is childlike.


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