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R we gonna c another bloody day?
We’re tired of cryin’ & people dyin’
Let’s all take the guns away
Absence of war—U and Me
Maybe we can finally say
Enuff is enuff it’s time 4 love

Prince releases Freddy Gray protest song ‘Baltimore’ [via, lyrics at]

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    • We’ve always known which side would fire the first shot. We just don’t know which first shot it will be.

    • yeah but actually it was around from the moment the first person struck another for what the other had

  1. Talented musician?
    Been absent so long needs to stay relevant by writing this song?
    Total freakin Derp?
    I liked when he was just sang about women and red corvettes.
    The “Artist” formerly known as “Prince”, formerly known as the “Artist”, now known as “Prince”
    I’m confused over this clown.

  2. Prince who? You would think that people who hide in guarded compounds surrounded by an army of armed bodyguards would get out occasionally and learn something about the realities of the world the rest of humanity lives in.

    • ah yes the bastardizing of Robin Hood.

      he stole the tax collectors, the Royalty AKA the Government! the rest were taxed till they were poor. Rob8n and other Were rich! the king taxed them so much they could not pay and lost their land to the state.

      he stole from the Greedy government that were living high on the hog, over paying their knights/soldiers n lords to keep them happy. only businesses that survived were their allies and would report on evrryone else.

      taking from those that earn is a CRIME! Soon it will end! one way or another. we standup or die like sheeple.

      • “I often wonder how many people ever got a paycheck that was signed by a poor person.”

        Every current Federal employee…

        • Only the functionary that signs THEIR checks tends to be very well paid also…

  3. ‘Does anybody hear us pray?
    4 Michael Brown or Freddie Gray…
    …Let’s all take the guns away’

    That’s pretty funny when you think about it. If Michael Brown hadn’t tried to ‘take away’ Officer Wilson’s gun he’d be alive today and in no need of our prayers.

  4. Ah look, a lyrical version of the communist manifesto. I’d say we need to remind this particular scumbag what we do to commies.

  5. Sorry, little fella, but as a matter of principle I don’t allow anyone who made the 1989 Batman movie’s soundtrack lecture me on how to live.

  6. Hmm, how can I make money off of the horrible circumstances that recently occured? write a song about It obviously, while ignoring facts and logic. It’ll be a hit.

  7. Didn’t even bother clicking the links.. I guess he’s hard at work composing a song for Officer Brian Moore too….
    Probably not..

  8. Songs like this glorify the concept of a violence free world where everyone is happy. And, it seems, in this song the key to all of this is to take our guns away. A violence free world is a worthy goal. Unfortunately, one that will never happen. And taking the guns away will not do it. As someone else said before “You don’t need a gun to do violence to someone else but they may need a gun to protect themselves from your violent act”. Violence is as old as the Earth. Before mankind there were dinosaurs and they definitely performed violent acts on one another. T-Rex is an excellent example. Raptors another one. Neither of those needed guns.

  9. Let’s all take the guns away
    Absence of war—U and Me
    So we are proposing disarming all government agents world wide?

  10. Let me see if I understand this correctly:

    The riots were over the police state (in their eyes) oppressing and killing the people.

    So the police state should come and take away the peoples ability to defend themselves?

    That is some Mensa level cognition there…

    Wow! Just… Wow…

  11. He just doesn’t understand.

    Let’s close the fire department because we don’t want anymore fires. Oh and the hospitals because we don’t want anyone to be sick anymore.

  12. Shirts and Blouses! Seriously though, its prince, a quickly forgotten artist who is definitely trying to stay relevant.

  13. When all the guns are rounded up from the greater unwashed, there will still be guns in the hands of the State and ‘Authorized Security Personnel’ who the rich can hire to protect them from the greater unwashed.
    Anytime the ruling elite advocates the disarming of the peons/serfs, I get a little interested.

  14. When the culture’s icons and heroes are doper thugs and small-time multiple-offender drug dealers, I think the culture has some profound problems.

  15. I really like prince’s music – he is a creative genius. But maybe he could right a song about personal responsibility for one’s actions and impulse control and moral compass and not expecting others to pay for the maintenance of one’s kids and family, the world over – now that would be a good song.

  16. Christ commanded us to love one another. If you don’t believe in God, perhaps the Golden Rule is your guide. Maybe you believe we should leave things better than we found them. Prince calling for peace is 100% positive, and I take no issue with that or those who follow any path of peace. However, I arm myself against those who heed no call to peace and I pray I need only pull the trigger to train or compete.

    • “If you don’t believe in God, perhaps the Golden Rule is your guide.”


      He who has the gold makes the rules…

  17. Ummm Freddie Grey wasn’t even murdered with a gun. He was murdered by excessive force and negligence.

  18. How bout this.

    “… Additional gun controls are needed

    I’m not against gun ownership or Second Amendment rights. But constitutional rights come with responsibility.

    The 20 children in Connecticut and many thousands of innocent gun victims had rights, too. The main objective of gun control laws should be — as much as possible — to keep guns from those who will misuse them.

    In addition to expanding background checks to include private gun sales, which the Legislature recently approved, I suggest the following:

    Require all gun households to secure their guns and ammunition in a gun safe, except one for protection. If an unsecured or stolen gun is used in a crime, the owner should be charged as an accessory to the crime.

    Require all guns to be registered nationally by owner, make, model, serial number, etc. (that wouldn’t restrict gun ownership).

    Destroy all guns without serial numbers unless they’re valuable collectors’ items.

    Require all gun owners to be certified in proper gun handling (the National Rifle Association should take an active part in the certification process).

    Define limits on the types of guns available for general gun ownership (the original intent of the Second Amendment wasn’t to arm citizens with machine guns, artillery or even semi-automatic weapons).

    Mobility’s as important as guns are for defense, and we register our vehicles with our government. It’s time to require some responsibility along with our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

    John Bigelow…”

    It’s the third down in the link.

    Apparently the 2A is for hunting, revolvers and muzzleloader’s.

    • None of which would have stopped most of the current crop of mass killers. Most of them bought their guns legally and what’s his name killed his mom to get the guns.

      “But we would be doing something” (wise nod based on ignorance, wishful thinking and delusion)

  19. Bombs R flyin’, people R dyin’
    Children R crying, politicians R lyin’ too
    Cancer is killin’, Texaco’s spillin’
    The whole world’s gone 2 hell, but how R U?

    I’m super! Thanks for asking!

  20. His lyrics remind me of a 14yo girl’s note in study hall. It is only missing the “Do you like me? Check yes or no”.

    • Although it’s nowhere near as funny when a horny little jackass like Prince reads his in front of the whole class.

  21. What a brilliant song.

    Decrying government violence and saying that the solution is the government forcefully robbing people through tyrannical decree.

    Don’t you get it? It’s a parody of leftist stupidity. It’s mocking it by saying no one could possibly be this stupid.

    Isn’t it? Isn’t it?


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