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In Lexington, Kentucky, the police department has given an award to Zara Adil, a young woman who disarmed one of two armed robbers, shot him, sent the other robber fleeing, and then fought the wounded robber for the cash register.   It was all recorded on video.   The police caught the suspects, and believe that they were responsible for more than a dozen robberies.  It doesn’t take many violent criminals to create a lot of crime.  Armed citizens are often the ones who stop these crime sprees.


“Getting an award for bravery… I wasn’t expecting it because I don’t feel like I did anything out of the ordinary,” said Adil.

However, Lexington Police said there was nothing ordinary about Adil’s actions. Back in February her family store, the Tobacco Zone, was robbed.

“Robbery went down, we had a fight over the gun and I took the register and the gun from him,” said Adil.

It sounds simple, however surveillance video shows Adil defeat two men who were armed with a gun. After they threatened her and another employee, she didn’t hesitate when she saw a chance to take their weapon.


Most people realize that it’s bad strategy to count on a stupid criminal to set down his gun where the victim can grab it. It’s much better for citizens to have their own weapons that they are familiar with, and know that they work.

It doesn’t take much math to realize that a few armed citizens can have a large impact in reducing crime.    I have been expecting rewards for citizen crime stoppers for a good while.  The Internet makes fund-raising easy.  Many have suggested such rewards as a supply of ammunition, a better gun, or free range time.    That makes perfect sense when you consider that armed citizens and police are natural allies and compliment each other.

Police can’t be everywhere. They are terrible at stopping crime when it is happening. Armed citizens are where the crime is happening. But they have to make a living, and cannot devote the hours necessary to solve crimes, track down criminals that flee, and put them through the rigorous process of a criminal justice system that is designed to protect the innocent. A good police force can do that much better, and serve as a quick reaction force, so that an armed citizen can call 911 and know that time is on her side. All she has to do is hold out until the reinforcements arrive.

The violent crime rate has been dropping while firearm sales are soaring, concealed carry permits are at an all-time high, and castle doctrine laws are swinging the pendulum back in favor of the law abiding citizen.

Independence day marchers celebrate the second amendment in Colorado

Maybe cities and states will start rewarding citizens who fight back on a regular basis. Detroit and Milwaukee would be good places to start. Chief Craig and Sheriff Clarke would be perfect authorities to hand out “armed citizen” awards. Bill of Rights day, December 15, would be a good day to celebrate armed citizens with a parade of them down main street. There would be many who would participate.

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  1. >During Tuesday night’s ceremony at the Lexington Convention Center, 21-year old Zara Adil was welcomed to the stage with applause from our local heroes

    The boot-licking never ends.

    • Disband all police, make official all citzens are responsible for their own well being. Watch crime rate fall to zero, we can all pat each other on the back and call our selves heros.

        • It is only a strawman if you believe I am disagreeing with you. Most police should be referred to as crime historians. Documenting an occurrence, 90% of the job, does not make anyone a hero.

      • Because ALL police do their job poorly. Just like how ALL gun owners kill little kids.

        Association fallacy hurr durr.

        Now show us on the doll where the mean cop touched you.

        • The mean cop raped the Constitution, I saw him do it. True story.

          Sadly, American cops do their jobs all too well. Their job being the dispensation of violence for the politician masters.

        • They do their job well. Their job is to force the will of politicians and bureaucrats on us. That’s why they’re called “law enforcement officers.”

        • If the so-called good cops actually were good cops, they’d turn in the bad cops, not cover up for them.

          No one will ever convince me that when bad cops take bribes, frame perps, beat people up far beyond what is necessary to control them, and in every other way act like thugs, that the so-called good cops have never noticed it and are as surprised as they want the rest of us to believe.

          Good cops who do not report thuggish behavior from bad cops are as bad as the bad cops.

    • I’m confused as to why you posted this, not because of the nature of the post since the message never changes, but that your chosen text was posted by the outlet who originated the story, not TTAG. There are 0 comments on the linked page, why not post there? No facebook?

      • Of course. And they’re actually for defensive purposes and not to intimidate others and demonstrate power, as one police chief said. 🙂

    • I think you’ve misunderstood that part of the story. While it was the police department conferring the award, the “local heroes” applauding didn’t refer to police officers in attendance in general as being heroes, just for being officers.

      It’s referring to the group of actual heroes on the stage, some police officers and some community members, who were also being presented with awards that evening for outanding heroism; including some who saved lives.

    • How dare police officers honor a brave citizen?! All police are terrible all the time, especially when they are thanking people. We must get together to eliminate the police brutality inherent in all public recognition and awards given by police.


      • How can cops honor someone for defending themselves when the role of cops is to violate people in the exact same way, but with the force of government behind them? It’s like Bill Clinton handing out awards for integrity. What a riot.

        • I think they should distribute heroic dog awards to homeowners whose dog stopped the actions of criminality.

        • I agree. Unfortunately, reality is quite different.

          Government dogs, whose job is to manufacture probable cause out of thin air by responding to cues from their handlers, receive awards and ceremonies with all the grotesque pageantry typical of public parasitism. Homeowners’ dogs, whose job is to protect their human friends, are massacred by cops.


  2. It must be incredibly galling to the bad guys to get pwned by a girl. They’re gonna get a lot of sh1t in prison — if they ever serve a day of real time.

  3. Good for her…I remember this from a week or two ago. Glad she’s OK.

  4. Police in Kantuckee honoring a woman of color – possibly even a Muslim – for armed self-defense. This doesn’t fit the narrative and, therefore, clearly didn’t happen. /sarc/

    • Kentucky gets slammed with a lot propaganda by the PC crowd. By and large it just does not match up with the BS painted by the liberals.

      • Liberal b/s never matches the real world. They don’t support gun civil rights.

  5. Someone needs to buy that lady a gun, ammo and some training and range time. Next time she needs to have her own weapon instead of relying on a stupid bad guy to lay his gun down. Hope there are not repercussions from the bad guy’s buddies in the neighborhood for her sake.

  6. Sometimes criminals like this bear an unloaded gun. I saw a video of a security camera recording where a guy tried to rob a fast food restaurant with a semi-auto with the slide locked back! A store employee beat him up.

    • Yet these are the guys that antis tell us we have no chance against, why even try? They’re largely experts in finding and consuming drugs, have never once fired a gun legally, and are dumb as a post. But a law abiding citizen who trains with his EDC every week, during free time when he is not earning a living for his family, has no chance. There are some dopes in the world.

  7. Lets implement the riddick Rule – You keep what you kill.

    She took the robbers gun she gets to keep it or at least she does after the trail and its no longer evedence.

  8. Very brave young woman! With that said if I were her dad I’d probably have had a heart attack watching this video. She really should consider getting her concealed carry permit, that could have leveraged the situation in her favor, without the hand to hand confrontation.

  9. Good for her. Agree with others she should get to keep the robber’s gun. If it’s worth keeping, that is.

    I can’t imagine actually showing up to that event however.

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