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“If a kid gets killed, people should not mourn America’s potentially changing relationship with the device that facilitated his death. That should not be the focus of this discussion. To do so just suggests a skewed set of values that puts an ever ephemeral principle over human dignity.” – Victoria Bekiempis, National Rifle Association Convention Attendees Talk Trayvon Martin; Bad Taste

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  1. The first two sentences translate to: “If a kid gets killed, don’t blame the gun, or the proliferation of guns (and gun culture).” That’s a statement I can get behind.

    I have no idea what the hell that third sentence is supposed to mean.

    • That’s because it was an anti gun piece. Thats the last sentences of the article.

      The rest of the article was her complaining about gun guys getting defensive about guns and DGU laws being blamed for the TM shooting. So with the quote she’s trying to tell gun guys not to focus on the guns or the gun laws and instead focus on the tragic loss of life. The irony (or, more accurately, hypocrisy) being that that’s exactly what every anti gunner does everytime a shooting gains any popularity. With the last sentence she’s unknowingly ripping every anti gunners cred to pieces.

      That was actually good for a pretty good laugh.

      • Thanks for the explanation I was a bit lost there, not because of the language, but rather I didn’t know the rest of her speech, article etc..

  2. Now there is a woman that doesn’t get out much, or interact with regular people. My guess is she spends most of her time in libraries.

  3. She wants the NRA’s conversation focused on the kid’s demise and not the potential effects on gun rights. Hey, it’s just the Village Voice — the go-to newspaper for leftist doggerel and advertisements for gay prostitutes.

  4. Yeah, the Village Voice screams “intelligent journalism” the way the Brady Campaign screams “rational logic.”

    I’m also pretty sure the “device that facilitated his death” was Zimmerman himself, unless the gun jumped up and fired itself, the way so many antis seem to think happens on a regular basis. As usual, Progressive filth diverting blame to inanimate objects.


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