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“I’d like point out that — no matter what mommy and daddy say – over 10,000 kids are shot each year in the United States and having a gun in the home makes you less, not more safe. Make sure you go ask your gun-toting mommy or daddy why they hate you and why they had you in the first place … besides ‘the condom broke.’” – TBogg, A primer for the children of gun nuts who’ll be lucky to see their tenth birthday [via]

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  1. I don’t ever want to hear “why can’t we have a reasonable common sense conversation in guns” ever again

    • Indeed.

      “Why can’t we have a reasonable conversation about guns?”

      “Because you continue to spew bigoted hatred against all gun owners.”

      • You do understand that a lot of these are “click bait?” You click, the site gets paid. No clickie, no paycheck. There’s nothing there you will agree with, nor will you change their minds.

      • Why can’t Israel just make peace with Gaza and Hamas? Like, what’s their problem with muslims? #domebullies


    • This is just a demonstration of why they can’t have guns. Unfortunately, they think everybody else is just like them. It’s a projection of their own personal problems.

    • Winner! Absolutely nailed it – notice how the BoggBrain fails to mention that of those “over 10,000 kids [that] are shot each year in the United States”, 98% are gangbanger “youths” (includes anyone up to 24 yrs old) who are shooting each other, and each others’ friends, families and neighbors, over drug disputes and “he dissed me…”.

  2. I’ve got to admit that I was amused by the Gashleycrumb Tinies redux at the end of TBoggs ignorant screed.

    • Why give this doosh any ink at all. If I were to guess, he lives in a may-issue state and he wasn’t issued. Hence the bitterness.

  3. If that kid in the picture were the son of a gun nut he wouldnt have a finger on the trigger. He would have been taught (real) gun safety.

    Also, 10k? Really? Are they counting the ”children” in their early 20’s again?

    • That’s certainly counting all the 14-19 year old gang bangers shooting each other in Chicago.

      More actual children are killed by swimming pools than by gun accidents.

    • I followed the links to the “study” that was cited. From those findings:

      “84 percent of these shootings involved teens aged 15 to 19, and two-thirds of those were related to assaults. While the study’s database does not provide specifics, Leventhal said it’s natural to assume that gang violence explains some of these gunshot injuries.”

      So basically, the majority of the 10,000 are gang-related teenagers, including adults (18-19).

    • One boy, 30 and a gun owner with a future gunowner in his house. Two girls married and in homes with multiple firearms. I guess they beat the odds too.

      • When one becomes the father of a daughter he is faced with many hard choices. AR or shotgun. Both, Any weapons you may also deem worth having out when the boy comes to date. My personal favorite is the sword, because the fear of a slow painful death by sword seems to strike more fear in the kids mind that the relative quick death of a shotgun blast. Also, make sure you mention that the value of an edged weapon increases when it has killed a person.

  4. Plenty of kids get into chemical cleaning supplies, daddy’s “candy” (aka pills), etc, etc, etc. source:

    Any loss of life due to negligence is tragic and not acceptable. That being said, we don’t live in Utopia.

    Parent’s are responsible for their children’s safety. Securing those items that are potentially dangerous and keeping an eye on your children until they are old enough to have some responsibility taught to them is the rational response. Not, ERMAGERD GUNS! or ERMAGERD DRANO!

  5. TBogg isn’t even a good liar, he should check with his own side before writing. According to a study done by MDA and Every Town for Gun Safety “Up to 100” children die a year in gun accidents. More kids die by being backed over by a car in the driveway or slipping in the bathtub than with guns. That 10,000 number is an inflated number including gang homicides of gang members under 18. Obviously, “common sense gun legislation” won’t affect that figure in any way. TBogg… what a pissant.

    • I’ve seen some statistics used by the anti-‘s that included “children” up to 24 years old.

      The bottom line is that when you don’t have statistics to support your argument, you just have to make them up.

        • You know, I just realized I was a “child” when became married the first time and had my first child. My daughter was 3 when I was 27 and I had been married for 4 years.

    • In his article, his link for the “10,000 kids shot” statement goes to a ThinkProgress site. That site links to the WebMD site, which stated:

      A review of hospital records found that firearms caused 7,391 hospitalizations among children younger than 20 during 2009, the most recent year for which records are available, said Dr. John Leventhal, lead study author.

      In case you didn’t catch that:

      children younger than 20

      So … there ya go. Inflate the stats by ignoring the legal definition of “child” and going with a definition more suited for propaganda (since in the medical world, older teenagers may still be considered “children” since their bodies are still maturing). Use whatever “facts” work best for you.

    • Do you think their heads would explode if they learned that the birthplace of the American firearms industry was in Connecticut and Massachusetts?

  6. Wow. Wow. How do you even respond to that sort of comment?

    And frequent TTaG commenter Paul McCain thinks open carriers will impede our efforts to peacefully restore our rights? What Paul fails to realize is that gun grabbers are hysterical — in the real clinical sense. No matter what we do or how we conduct ourselves, hysterical gun grabbers will hate us and interpret us as evil incarnate.

    If all we had to do to satisfy gun grabbers was hide our firearms from view, then gun grabbers would welcome concealed carry with open arms. Last time I checked, that wasn’t the case in Hawaii, California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

    • Guys like the one highlighted here are on the end and will never be convinced, no matter how reasonable a pro-gun person might be. But he and those who agree with him are on the end… the vast majority of people in the US are somewhere between his position and that of the most libertarian on the issue of guns. And those are the ones we need to pull just a bit towards gun rights here and there.

      I don’t think that screed won him any converts just like I don’t think open carrying at the airport wins any converts. It’s all preaching to the choir, at best.

    • I can’t speak for Paul, but my concern with OC is not the hard-cores like TBogg or whatever – it’s the folks in the mushy middle who might have a bad reaction. The folks who can be won over.

      • Well Anon; it isn’t the ones in the mushy middle we have to worry about, because they mostly don’t vote. Why do we now have shall issue in over forty states; constitutional carry in five states. Because a small group of passionate people got out to vote.

        Why did the gun grabbers in congress not get a national gun bill passed after Sandy Hook?; because gun people, me included; melted the phone lines, text and E-mails to those same congress critters showing them what would happen at the next election if they did.

        It really isn’t about the people in the mushy middle you are worried about, it is really about your own fears about OC’ing, in my opinion. You are projecting your own insecurities about being the one in a crowd to be the only one with a gun in the open.

        Once I started to OC; I saw my own fears about the reaction of those around me to be unfounded, there was no “panic” ; the people around me either didn’t notice, ignored it, or just saw a guy carrying a gun in a non-threatening manner and just went on thier way.

        If you can OC in your area, do so. I bet you will find the same reaction.

  7. 10,000 “kids” you claim? Now I wonder where TBogg got that number from. Also, what’s the definition of “kid” ? I have a high suspicion gang members 18 and under are included……

    • All the homicides in America barely add up to 10k in a year. I think he must be including all the children massacred in the third world by death squads.

    • FYI, the “kid” definition includes folks under 20.

      The commentary links to an article that links to a WebMD page that describes a study that defined “children” as “under 20.” Which isn’t entirely inappropriate if you’re talking about some aspects of medicine (since older teenagers’ bodies are still maturing) but is kind of misleading if you’re talking about firearms.

  8. “TBogg, A primer for the children of gun nuts who’ll be lucky to see their tenth birthday” beats the hell out of all the “progressive” children who barely make it past embryo because they would have ruined mommy’s social life and adoption wasn’t on the table because how dare you call 9 months of discomfort and weight gain a reasonable compromise.

    • The statistics for yearly abortions are 1.2 million in the USA. 43 million world wide. It looks like a child has the greatest chance of not even seeing the light of day let alone the miniscule chance of accidently getting shot if they actually survive the womb; (which is 70 per year per the stats from a post further down.)

      Once people come back to some level of sanity; people will look back on this time of the mass slaughter of the unborn as one of the most savage, brutal and blood thirsty times in recorded history.

    • I have noiced Paul; that you almost never use your mad skills of ad-hominem attacks on anti-gunners, bad cops, or abusive government; but when you do attack an anti-gunner; you attack them with a reference to gunowners actions you don’t like.

      What’s up with that\? Do you feel any outrage at anyone other than OC activists?

      • Quite often, this type of obsessive-compulsive behaviour has some link to a past trauma. In many case histories, the sufferer’s mother may have been frightened by a chipotle during pregnancy. It is also possible that the victim as a young child was once left behind in the men’s room of an interstate Chipotle’s for literally HOURS until his parents remembered and came back for him. Some parents actually use chipotles as a punitive aid in early toilet training, which can leave a lasting negative impression on the child well into adulthood, making normal adult relationships with chilis difficult. Many a child is not only deathly afraid of clowns, but even more so of people wearing Chipotle costumes, or even the mere sight of a chipotle as well. The reasons are obvious, and although most children eventually outgrow this fear as they reach puberty, some do not, and carry it on into maturity, much to their crippling debilitation. The Chipotle idee-fixe is well-known to clinical pychologists worldwide as a rare but life-alterating and, if left untreated, ultimately devastating scourge.

        If professional help is sought before the phobia is too deeply embedded and has caused permanent disability, there is hope for the Chipotle-fixation sufferer. If not, they are doomed to a life of prattling on and on about chipotles, Chipotle’s, and the completely imaginary Ninjas that the sufferer claims to inhabit them. It’s a sad, sad fate, as one can well imagine.

  9. Statistics are wonderful things. These statistics will include any person they class as a child. Maybe up to but not including the age of 18. This then will include all the young gang bangers, it will include any killed by the police in the line of duty, and accidental deaths including hunting related activities as well. I wonder hown many “children” are killed in vehicle accidents, how many killed in sporting activities, how many killed from drugs. Statistics. We can scrape them into any shape we want to support “the cause”.

    Bottom line, be responsible for your firearms. Secure them away from your children. Then teach your children respect for people and for firearms. Teach them how to use firearms safely. That is responsible “gun nut” parenting.


  10. First: “child” means 14 or younger.

    Second: yearly stats lag a bit, but in 2010, the actual number of children killed by guns in 2010 was not 10,000, but rather 369.


    More specifically, in 2011:

    Homicide, firearm, ages 1-14: 210
    Accidental injury (death), firearm, ages 1-14: 70


    Without even reading the article linked in the OP, I’m quite positive that the 10,000 fabrication comes from including a) suicides, and b) persons older than 14.

    • And quite possibly not even guns, but a gun was somewhere nearby when something ELSE happened…at least, I would not put that past them.

      • If you look at the CDC survey where they came up with the 1 in 5 women in college are sexually assaulted, I would not put it past them either.

        However, the 369 is accurate as it comes from police reports/hospital reports.

        The CDC also says that 800 bicyclists are killed every year and an estimated 515,000 emergency department visits due to bicycle-related injuries. Of those 800 bicyclists, most are not from being hit by car but literally from hitting a tree or something else. So, if 800 people can die while riding a bike, 369 from guns does not surprise me.

        You will never have zero accidental deaths, however this is an area that gun rights groups should pump. I do not the issue with having a large gun safety campaign. IMHO, it would be great PR.

    • Child means different things in different contexts. Legally, a “child” is under 18.

      In the world of medicine, pediatricians sometimes treat older teenagers because their bodies, in some ways, are still developing.

      But of course, in this case, the anti-gunners used the line about 10,000 deaths – which includes “children” under the age of 20 – to further their propaganda. (The anti-gun commentary links to an article that links to a WebMD page that reports on a survey that defined “children” as “under 20.”)

      • Child means different things in different contexts. Legally, a “child” is under 18.

        Actually: no.

        Legally, anyone under 18 is a minor. A child is anyone 14 and under (or under 14) – I believe it does vary by state somewhat.

  11. My takeaway from that petulant excretion is that TBogg has some serious mommy and daddy issues, along with a little projection problem.

    Being hated “because the condom broke” is as good an explanation for his attitude as any, no?

  12. Hmmm; I was given a .22lr pump action rifle at 11 years old that I kept in my closet that I could take out and shoot without asking my parents permission. I was also driving a big wheel tractor 5 miles down the road and back hauling bins of apples to the cider factory.

    I was given adult level reponsibilities as an everyday expectation; the other “children” I played and worked with also were given this level of responsibility by thier parents and we all had guns we would take out and shoot without asking our parents permission.

    “Children” today are to often now expected to stay children and never really grow up. Viola! So we have the Nanny State to do it for all the “adults”.

    And what I see in these “adults” is the same mentality of immature children; wishful thinking, irrational fears and decisions made on emotion and not logic.

    • I was in the same boat, but a little different, mine was a .410 870, and I learned to drive a skid loader and unload pallets of sod off of a trailer. I never had to ask permission to shoot, but was nice enough to let everyone know. I never thought about it in the way you stated it. Interesting.

  13. There is a meme on their side that 100k people of all ages are shot every year, and the only reason homicide is down is that doctors have gotten so good at treating gun shot wounds. Still wouldn’t justify calling Trayvon a child, though.

  14. I was shooting by age 11 and owned my own gun by age 13, I never shot anyone, and I’m still alive, so training and teaching must have done something right.

  15. Anti-gun bigots continue to be bigots. It’s gotten to the point where if I don’t see bigotry in an anti-gun rant, I’m pleasantly surprised.

    Edited to add:

    I hadn’t finished reading the “commentary” and then saw this bit:

    When you get back, you can read your ABC’s below or –if you live in Kansas — wait till an out-of-state uncle or aunt stops by to check on your welfare and get them to read it with you.


  16. Yikes…for once I’m happy mobile didn’t work. The few moments of drivel were enough. The poor rev gets lambasted even when he agrees with you guys.
    Cobb has one up his a##.

  17. It’s kind of bizarre how people immediately try to prove him wrong by pointing out number of deaths when he wrote number of children “shot”. There are a lot of shootings in this country that don’t result in death, about 60,000 a year

  18. Dig through several levels and you find the study. Read some and you find

    “About 84 percent of these shootings involved teens aged 15 to 19, and two-thirds of those were related to assaults. While the study’s database does not provide specifics, Leventhal said it’s natural to assume that gang violence explains some of these gunshot injuries.”

    So a 19 year old gangsta, shot in a drive by, is a “kid” no matter that the title creates the impression that these are age 10 or less.

  19. I’m pretty sure this particular liar (whose parents probably told him they had him because the condom broke) is counting anyone who has (or had) parents as a “child.” I mean, Charlie Sheen is the “child” of Martin Sheen, right? That’s how Tbogg must be defining “children.” Or – he’s not using any actual definition at all, and is just pulling numbers out of his @ss because he knows there are legions of The Stupid that will believe his lies simply because they read them on the Internet.

    As we have discussed here at TTAG before, we gun owners are the last “class” of people that it is socially acceptable to hate & demean publicly. As is the norm with haters, they will lie & exaggerate in an attempt to get others to hate alongside them. At times it feels like these types are winning, but I suspect we are winning. But we need to keep fighting, and fighting hard, if we are to keep our 2nd amendment rights. Let’s donate to the gun rights organizations of our choice, write our elected officials, write to companies that advertise on anti-gun forms of media & tell them we won’t use their products, and let’s set an example of good public behavior until we beat the haters down. Of course, there will always be haters of every type, but we cannot let them win. Let’s call Tbogg & his ilk out as bigots & and liars every chance we get.

  20. Aren’t 5 gallon buckets 3x deadlier statistically to young children? They are required to put the picture of small child with red cross through it….

  21. I would enjoy seeing one of these hand-wringing “children are being murdered by guns” types call a 19-year-old veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan a “child” to his face.

  22. People like TBogg making statements like this can only be somewhat relevant if we react in the way he intended. Note what he says, file it away for use when the anti’s try to make hay with something someone on our side says, otherwise ignore the cretin.

    That being said, his going around us, speaking directly to our kids, telling them we don’t love them is reprehensible. He is on a par with child molesters, he’s just doing it mentally….

    • The only “kids” reading his ravings are the kinds the antis use to pad their “horror story” statistics–the twenty-something kind. And I guess the typical arrested-mental-development liberal kind.

  23. Yes it is true. We “gun nuts” are secretly engaging in our own eugenics program. The goal is to breed a race of Jerry Miculek types. Reaction times of “The Flash”. Bugger hooks that look like some claw from a pre-historic beast. Eyesight like that of our national symbol, the Bald Eagle. Once this race has been unleashed on the planet no one in an IDPA match will be safe. No steel challenge will go unchallenged. And yes, the Bianchi cup will OURS !!!! muahaha !!!

  24. Typical, everyday agitprop. Most of these shot “children” he refers to haven’t been real children since they joined a criminal gang to commit felonies, and they sure aren’t using a legally acquired handgun from a relative, because their father is more than likely a felon himself.

    • I guess Bill Maher mentioned this on his show last Friday. Several liberal websites have picked up the anti-My Parents Open Carry mantra, and the author tells me sales are up! Hahaha…

  25. Come on did anyone really expecr that a person calling themselves “Tbogg” and writing a so-called primer for a website named would check his sources and make sure his facts were correct?

  26. TBogg, like all Gun-grabbers and most liberals, is all emotion, plus pathologically fact and logic immune. Rational argument should be saved for those who are rational.

  27. TBogg, guys, that says it all. I clicked one article of his one time. Never again, it’s a complete waste, he makes Shannon look reasonable. I don’t think even the “moms” and their ilk pay attention to him.

  28. This kind of propaganda double speak reminds me of the green movements propaganda, which has its minions brainwashed on over population and carbon footprints. Many of these green disciples will stress population control without outright saying it, implying the greenest thing a person can do is to drop dead. Of course theyre not volunteering, they want other people to.

  29. I take articles from ‘the raw story’ about as seriously as those from ‘the onion’. Only tbe onion is slightly more amusing.

  30. I love how 606 accidental deaths from firearms (that’s not even just children, that’s all accidents for all people) has morphed into 10,000.
    Idiots will be idiotic, I guess.

  31. My mom taught me how to shoot when I was 5. I taught my oldest son who is 12, when he was 8. I love my kids and my kids know that guns are not toys and practice gun safety at all times when handling a gun. These anti gunners are stupid!

  32. “A primer for reading articles mocking gun owners on the innertubz”

    1. What is the source…Raw Story, hmm never heard of them…quick scan the tabs, Ed Schultz…okay…
    About, buried at the very bottom…what? Afraid to admit your brand…”a progressive blah blah blah…cover stories not told elsewhere…”

    2. Who is author? tbogg. hmmm clever, anonymous name. for a freshman writer at U Wisconsin student paper, maybe,…
    Google…okay. Still anonymous, kicked off firedoglake after six years…must not have been suffiviently nuts I guess, even at firedoglake the same ows rap gets old. I’ll link, since hes gone, so you get a taste of the stale moonbattery…

    3. After sorting thru the tyoical self stroking snark and lazy superficial superiority, in this new …offering,
    we find a link to one independent fact…oh.
    Wait, its actually not a new fact, you know, like news or anything,
    its actually a ripoff of a a thinkprogress article. the hive mind of all true believing progressives, but I digress. In high school, they called this plagiarism, tbogg.

    And, its also, old, a simplified and further slanted ripoff bt thinkprogress of the already discredited NYT propandizing of CDC numbers, 10,000 dead kids by guns lie, already parsed here; (h/t Nick see Firearms Facts tabs above)

    Oh well. The beauty of the innertubz is theres room for everyone, even at the lower end of the fact-and-reality challenged, extremely shallow end of the gene pool. Raw…story…indeed. Rotten .. moldy…boring…

  33. Raw Story is the worst of the worst Leftist scum rags in all of Leftist journalism.

    They exemplify perfectly the position of most of our contemporary citizens involved in Progressiveness. If you want to know what Progressives are really thinking, read Raw Story regularly.

  34. THANK YOU RF!! As an OFWG I have heard this kind of crap from anit-gunners for generations.
    gun control is not something you can debate like zoning rules. Anti-gunners are often normal in many respects but filled with a completely irrational HATE and loathing of anyone on our side.

    the comments like the earlier post by some radio guy who wanted to get an OC’r shot by police just isn’t and isolated incedent.

    having spent time in RI, Im sure you have met your share of them.

  35. “Gun Nuts Hate Their Children”

    Wow, that would really make me hate it if I became a gun nut, how about you guys?… Well, I don’t have any kids, so I guess it doesn’t really matter – derrrrrrrr!


  36. All I could glean from RS, TP and WebMD–before my brain caught fire–was that the this Twhoever (a really mean guy) wrote a hit piece using the same tired lies to prop up his colleague’s nasty article from a few days ago that uses someone else’s propoganda from another article based on a skewed, re-booted study that compiled its skewed data from a previous study in which the (artfully) skewed data was based on skewed statistics from 2009.

    What is WRONG with these anti-gun people? What a collosal lack of journalistic integrity and don’t get me started on the comments section. Seriously, I think I’m getting high blood pressure.

    Two decent men from Michigan wrote a wonderful book about a NORMAL parents who open carry; a book that parents and their kids can read together and learn from. How dare they.

    @Chip Bennett: Thanks for doing some digging. You rock.

  37. TBogg sounds like a “Reasonable and Sensible” gun control advocate to me. You can really have a “dialogue” with this type of guy.

  38. What is funny…is that there are plenty of families with long histories in police, security, hunting, military and other firearm intensive lifestyles…With gun nuts in them. Yet there is no genocidal mortality rate of their children. Are they all protected from the super powers of firearms to consume your young before they can ride big roller coasters?

    Or…is there no logic at all left on the planet?

  39. First and foremost what a stupid thing to say about parents who have children that own weapons, you know how many kids get killed each year ridding their bikes, or walking across the street. I really hope you never find yourself in a situation where your life would depend on whether or not you had a gun to defend yourself with. I think I am going to un-subscribe how about you do some figures on how many kids this Government has killed in their bullshit lie war they sent our kids to die in Iraq for weapons of mass destruction. Then go ban the government because my weapon is to defend against that type of government. Get your head out of your aSs I understand these libs are doing a great job on turning Young Americans like yourself into pussies and get back on the what is really the issue here, because the government doesn’t give a shit about how many people get killed accidentally by guns, or how many kids get shot each year which you failed to mention why? where they in gangs. robing liquor stores or what? Keep it real guy get your shit straight.

  40. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing… the fact that he needed help writing that garbage or that his helper has a master’s degree in criminal justice. And between the two of them they couldn’t write something even remotely entertaining for anyone older than 10.


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