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“You can have guns for hunting. You can have them to ward off Mexican drug lords or whoever is going to storm into your house. Keep them there, in a locked safe. And if we by chance ever need a well-regulated militia for a revolution or zombie apocalypse, by god, we’re going to be really happy you were born with a micro-penis.” – Matt Bors, Dear Gun Nuts [via] [h/t A-RA]

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  1. Another penis lover. What is it about grabbers and penii? Personally, I prefer the vag. I spent the first 9 months of my life trying to get out of one and then the rest of my life trying to get back in.

    • Hahahahahah
      Having taken your earlier advice to not have any drinking glasses of any kind in arms reach while reading TTAG, my keyboard and monitors are safe.
      Holw cow, that was funny!

      • And Bors manages to repeat every debunked “Phallacy.”

        He says Japan is less violent. Since Bors’ numbers all include suicide, Japan is in fact a much more violent society with 32% more intentional violent killing than the US — despite Japan being disarmed. S. Korea, with no civilian guns is also a 22% more violent society than the US by Bors’ logic.

        His other “facts” are also all just a collection of debunked claims.

        • When facts and the Constitution are not on the grabbers side you can be guaranteed they will resort to lies, distortion, pejoratives, and ridicule. This will never change. It’s like bullies that make up any reason to harm you (read impinge on your rights) no matter how ridiculous they might be.

      • I got no problem with gay people. EmfortyGasMask is a reguler commentor here and iis openly gay. But guess what. I’ve never seen him make a comment about penii. The only ones that bring up ole John Thomas are the anti’s. Guns and penii apparently give them the drizzles.

    • Man I keep wondering about us. I mean are we really that obsessed with a bigger manhood?
      Oh wait it isn’t us making the wisecracks. Good to know that is the only argument they can come up with.

    • Well, if women are encouraged to ward off rapists by peeing, crapping or bleeding on them…there should be a male amalgam, no?

      • I suppose a man could use a bodily fluid defense technique, but it would require a few minutes of preparation and the range would be pretty short for most people, adult film stars excepted. Not sure how you would regulate ammo capacity for those people, either.

        However, I think I would run if I saw someone ‘working the action’ at me.

    • I’ve used this line against the penis substitute joke in conversations to great effect:

      “I’ll freely admit that you are more of a man than I am if you can subdue a violent attacker with your penis.”

  2. Dear Matt Bors,

    Some of us are already happy you were born with a micro-brain. If you had a fully developed brain there’s no telling what havoc you could wreak on the world.

  3. If guns were phallic, no man would buy one with a two inch barrel. And no man would ever consider paying 200 bucks and getting finger printed to cut one shorter than 16 inches. EVER.

  4. What I really like about this article is how this guy is so ‘one of us!’ I mean, he tells us at least 5 times how not against guns he is while he uses every non-statistical argument (except some video game stat) to argue against guns… and perfectly, has comments disabled on his blog, so he won’t have to hear any facts, statistics or scientific evidence proving that he just dropped a giant load of bullshit on the internets and ran away.

    This guy would lose a gun debate with even a casually informed 11 year old.

    • His point about video games is actually pretty valid. Though people made a biiig deal about them following Columbine, there’s no real evidence that video games are causally linked to mass shootings or gun violence in general.

      The thing he doesn’t mention, though, is that the demographics of the U.S. account for most of the difference in our homicide rate. Look at the FBI’s UCR; it will enlighten you.

      The most likely gun homicide scenario in the U.S. is one black gang member killing another. Drug dealers bumping each other off is a (very) close second. Generally, though, this doesn’t serve the progressive narrative, so it’s not discussed much.

      • Actually his point about video games is utterly false.

        The so called country comparative country “research” into violence in games is bogus and anyone who has been to Japan can attest.

        Anyone familiar with Japanese game market can tell you the “volience” in games popular there dominated by abstract and sexual violence. The researchers count a half tentacle laden person hitting another as violent, or copping a feel as violence, on the same order as the most realistic possible fatal mass violence in call of duty. It is an utterly absurd comparison.

        Japanese video games have NOWHERE near the realistic depiction of violence as we see in the US. Sales of realistic first person shooters are also famously LOW in JAPAN. The trade press often discusses the hyper real FPS inability to crack that market Halo (shooting aliens): yes. COD: no

        I recall seeing Pelosi claim Japan has more pervasive violent video games, and as someone who lived in Japan for a couple of years about six years ago, was shocked at her ignorance. Don’t repeat it.

        As far a US shootings, you are correct it is gang members. the great majority of gun shootings and gun murder are criminals shooting criminals.

        BUT when it comes to the mass events, the fact is high levels of video gaming with realist first person shooters is overrepresented n the demographic of mas shooters.

        It is not merely columbine, it is Aurora, Newton, Stockholm and ALL of them.

        It is a logical fallacy to attribute these mass shootings solely to video gaming, but it is also a complete fallacy to discount it as a obvious and common factor

        Same goes for Autisms/Asperger’s. Sufferers of autism/Asperger’s as very overrepresented in mass shooters’ demographic.
        Autism sufferers advocates rightly note these person are more likely to be victims –but it is a stone cold fact they are many times more likely the general public to be mass shooters as well.

        I have a 21 year old son. He is very well adjusted, responsible, empathetic, and a good kid. It is a fact that in his mid teens when he was into FPS and COD that when ending a several hour session of game play his level of aggression, short temperedness etc was elevated.

        Any look at the mass shooters will tell us that –in combination with other factors (mental health issues) — hyper realistic video game play IS in fact a risk factor. Denying it is denying reality.

        • Chris, I’m skeptical that such gameplay is indeed a risk factor – is there any evidence to support that it is a contributing cause, rather than simply being a symptom of such behavior? Correlation vs. causation and all…

          Likewise, regarding your son and his mood/temper after playing COD or other FPS game, I’m doubtful that the FPS genre itself is a cause for aggressive behavior – I’ve seen such results from people playing MMOs, RTSes, and other types. I think such behavior is pretty common to any game that has a heavy competitive aspect to it, not just games that happen to have guns and a first-person interface.

        • I play World of Warcraft. There have been times (not many, but some) when I had to get up and walk away from the computer. Sometimes because of the game, sometimes because of the players.

          NB: I don’t PvP except when absolutely required to. People who play WoW for PvP are much more volatile in general, I’ve found.

        • There’s not enough unbiased research into the effects of videogames to have a qualified opinion, but my personal feeling is that they do nothing to people who don’t want to hurt others in the first place. This is the vast majority of the population. However, someone who is already wired funny and has the capacity to kill without remorse, may be influenced by them.

          Some soldiers can take the lives of enemy combatants without any negative psychological effects, but most need training. Not just on how to shoot the gun, but to normalize the idea of shooting at another person. Rates of aimed fire at the enemy went through the roof after switching from bullseye targets to pop-up silhouettes.

        • HaveBlue, Video games are an established risk factor in the well-known mass gun killers. . Risk factor does not mean causality is proved, it means correlation is there, with it being causal, not casual or partially causal. But when risk factors are present in almost all cases, as they are with mass firearms homicides, they are established risk factors.

          We do know there is a causality in reduced “proactive executive control” (impulse control). That is a harm to one of the key cognitive processes that controls violence. Combined with the documented in creased aggression in FPS players you have a significant part of the established risk factor of video FPS and mass gun homicide perpetrators.

          So causality is there to some degree. The fact it doesn’t affect everyone doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Smoking doesn’t give everyone lung cancer. That other risk factors may need to be there, eg mental illness, especially empathy degradation, impulse control etc., and yes access to firearms, need to be there as well doesn’t mean it isn’t part of the aggregate factors.

          And again the work attempting to distance video game play with acting out of violence among some users on very thin ice. If you notice they use metrics for measuring game violence that are not serious mainly due to our society describing anything and everything as “violent.” that how you get Japanese games being descried as violent when no depicted humans are killed.

          Mot imprtanly the studies including Japan and “violent” gaming are voemletely abusrud. Frs tperson shooters, are not popular in Japan, and the metric for “violence” in Japnese game sincldues counting sexual harrasment within the games as violence.

        • Regarding violent video games, possible base rate issues here. It seems like most kids these days grow up playing Halo and COD. If most people play, there is a good chance those who eventually snap and do something crazy will have played. It might be almost like saying most spree shooters wear shoes.

          @ Matt: I used to play WoW. No longer. Clean and sober for 2 years and counting 🙂 I’ve never tried crack, but I can’t imagine that it could be much more addictive.

        • Well, if I was being honest, I went cold turkey (and canceled my sub) about 3 months ago. With the exception of one four month period in 2010 (when I stopped but didn’t cancel my sub), it’s the first time I haven’t played since January 3, 2006.

          And it keeps calling me. I’m perpetually about 10 minutes away from resubbing.

        • Videogames are linked to such violence, but not a cause of such violence. Participating in such activities only makes sense. Is anyone really surprised someone with extremely violent fantasies and delusions of grandeur is attracted to an extremely violent and grandiose role in a videogame? Run the numbers, though, and you see videogames do not cause any behavior.

        • Ben, Fred,
          FPS raise aggression levels. that established. Hard core gaming also reduce impulse control. the is also established.

          When it comes to the science the fact that lots of persons play and only a few commit the crimes does not exclude causality. Nor does the fact that other factors need to be present also exclude causality.

          heavy FPS is a risk factor. It is very very likely causal to some degree, in combination with a bunch of other things, some of which would obviously be much larger factors

          Let me be clear. I don’t blame video game makers. I don’t blame players. I don’t advocate any controls on hteir creation, marketing sale or use. I don’t think it is a primary cause.

          I do think it is contributor to some degree when other factors are present

          And the claim that comparative studies of countries shows no correlation is false. The cited example of Japan is bogus. FPS games, especially realistic ones (vs abstract like Halo), have very low penetration in Japan.

  5. Right Mr. Bors … because the millions of women who carry firearms are compensating for their small penis size. What a complete jackass.

    I have never in my entire life seen an armed citizen in public who, for the sole reason that they wanted to “feel safe”, was pointing their firearm at a cashier with an enraged look on their face. This guy needs psychiatric help. And I am not giving up my rights to comfort hysterical people like Mr. Bors who have totally lost touch with reality.

    • I was once assured by a Freudian psychologist (college profressor and undergrad student diddler) that my clitoris was a micro-penis, but that I shouldn’t feel too badly about it.

      So I guess my firearms compensate for the terrible handicap of unlimited orgasms.

      Still, a pretty good deal I’d say. I get thanatos AND eros, and never must endure the experience of a blow to the nuts.

      I won’t even approach what Jeff said above–and so very rightly.

  6. Yes, conceal carry or open carry have never deterred anything except all the mass shootings have happened in gun free zones.

  7. “But the scenarios you are preparing for aren’t going to happen. You aren’t going to save the day by shooting a terrorist in the grocery store.”

    Well, maybe not a terrorist, but Ms. Cordova was lucky there was someone carrying in a Walmart the day her ex-husband decided to attack her with a large knife at work:

    And the shoppers at this grocery store were lucky there was a good guy with a gun to stop a lunatic on a stabbing spree:

  8. CC’ers have in fact deterred a great many things. They can’t help with mass shootings though since those only occur in defense free zones.



    Sorry for the caps, i just hate that talking point more than anything.

    • They are leftists. It’s what they do. It’s not like Alinsky is their A game and they switch tactics if it doesn’t work. They don’t have a B game.

  10. Dear Mr. Bors,
    You can have pens and paper in case you need to draw yourself out of a sticky situation. You can keep them locked up in a safe just in case Hitler is resurrected from the dead and we need you to lampoon him. You can use your computer as a paperweight locked up in your house. We’ll call you if we need your obviously limited talents. And about the ‘penis’ bit, really? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that call….

  11. By the cartoon’s logic would he want to do away with all police and laws since they don’t seem to stop all or even a lot of crime? Funny thing that logic.

  12. Mr. Bors is coming up with a nice new spin. Notice how concealed carry laws were supposed to stop all mass (?) shootings. That open carry was supposed to stop “the crazies”. But both mass shootings and crazy people still exist, so let’s make the completely illogical leap and say that pro gun rights people want to be able to threaten people with guns all the time. No one has ever suggested that, or thinks that’s an idea to entertain at all. But it’s an attempt to counter the “they want to take our guns away” argument used against the anti rights faction. See San Antonio?, Mr. Bors might ask, they want everyone to walk around with an assault rifle! He doesn’t realize that rights are about choice, not want. Don’t care to walk down the street with an AR on your back? Neither do I. But I don’t want to be arrested if I choose to.

    Unfortunately, the anti rights people have made noises for decades about civilian disarmament, and this past year has shown that they are still lie just under the surface of every progressive. No, Mr. Bors, it is not our side that has the irrational fears and desires.

  13. Oh, Matt, you seem to think that people own guns because they are insecure, paranoid, and want to feel safe. Actually, we aren’t afraid of very much. You see we don’t have to be afraid anymore because we have taken responsibility for our own safety. We don’t have anything to prove. Only those who are afraid have to posture for others, deflecting their slings and arrows through humor, perhaps?

    You see, Matt, being responsible for your own safety isn’t about the size of ones genitals, but the depth of ones manhood. I know you probably confuse the two as in your world the more manly is also the more endowed. We sort of take a different approach – in our world the more manly (or womanly) or simply adult approach is to bear ultimate responsibility for our personal, family, and community safety ourselves.

    We do not arm ourselves and train in order to feel safe. We do so to be safe. I would say I am sorry you can’t understand that, but then you’d just make another graceless joke and we’d just have to sigh and turn away thinking “children…”

    • You and me both.

      They’d have a little more credibility if they would just come out and say “I think the 2A does not belong there, I think guns have no place in civilian hands, but I understand that these things are important to you guys, so let’s try to work something out.”

      Why should we (the pro-gun people) be expected to “be reasonable” and “compromise” when they won’t even be honest with us from the get-go? If you were an investor considering a big business deal with someone, and the lied to your face the first time you met, would you go through with that deal and actually expect a good result? You’d be a moron to do that.

      Of course, this is a moot point because the “national conversation on guns” was settled when the founders wrote “shall not be infringed.”

  14. I get the same crap when I’m driving around in my car. I own a nice car. But the eco-weenies in their holier-than-thou Priuses have to make rude comments like “Oh, so sorry about your tiny thingie!” Maybe I’m not compensating for something. Maybe I just like to have a nice car. No, that can’t be it. The liberal mind can’t allow for such a simple reason for having such a horrible, wasteful thing. He must have a tiny penis, that has to be it. He’s insecure and shallow so this is how he makes up for it. Same thing with the gun. Granted, a lot fewer people know I have a firearm but I hear the same comments directed at gun owners. “You only have that thing because you have a small penis.” What about all the women who have guns? I guess they have them because they don’t have a penis at all! (..well, some of them do..I don’t think I’ll ever un-see that).

    I don’t know if it’s projection or what but it’s old and I’m tired of it.

    • Welcome to progressive la-la-land where debating consists at trying to ridicule the other, usually at an obscene volume, with made up “facts” and “statistics” and the listening is done with fingers in ears while shouting “LA LA LA LA LA”.

    • I once heard a good joke about Prius drivers. Something to the effect of:

      A guy pulls into a parking lot in his lifted 4×4 diesel pickup truck next to a Prius that also just parked. The two men start walking into a store. The smug Prius driver confronts the guy with the pickup, telling him “your gas guzzling monster truck is killing our earth. I get 40 MPG in my Prius. What do you get??” The guy driving the truck turns around and says nonchalantly “laid.”

      • My sister’s Nissan diesel 4×4 gets exactly the same mileage as my Mazda econobox – 38.9 Imperial miles per gallon. Diesels can get great economy.

        • My wife drives a Jetta TDI, that thing gets like 50 mpg. Beats the sh*t out of a Prius. My Zx9r and lawn mower are the only things that take gasoline in my house.

  15. Why does it always come back to d1ck measuring and the eternal peeing contest? Does your manhood make it necessary to suggest the shortcomings of others? I really fail to see why he chose to refer to a micro-phallus but who knows.

    Id like to meet Mrs Bors and give her a nice mushroom stamp with what he will not longer refer to as a micro-penis.

  16. Yes, the Freudian symbolism surrounding guns is obvious.

    Men who fear and hate guns as evil things they reject with contempt are fearful of their own masculinity, and reject that masculinity as something dangerous which they are afraid they cannot control or use with skill.
    They feel shame in being male, and incompetent in a masculine role, so they symbolically express their suppressed desire to be eunuchs, if they cannot be female.

    They often recite the mantra “Guns have only one purpose – to kill”, but they know that is no more true than saying their penis has only one purpose. Aside from the fact it is part of the two-purpose male uro-genital system, it can be used as an instrument of pleasure in love-making, or a tool of defilement and hatred in rape.
    They attempt to deny the fact of that duality, and consider only the perverted “evil” view of the gun/phallic symbol, enhancing the guilt and shame they associate with their masculine nature. It is that masculine nature they fear and hate, and want to purge by becoming a symbolic eunuch.

    • “The representation of the penis as a weapon, cutting knife, dagger etc., is familiar to us from the anxiety dreams of abstinent women in particular and also lies at the root of numerous phobias in neurotic people.”

      – Sigmund Freud

  17. According to my gour year old this retard can’t draw (I’m paraphrasing). Really!?!? The penis thing again my girlfriend is really sensitive about her small penis that’s why she has a 12 gauge in the closet. Thanks Matt Bors now we gotta go back to the shrink.

  18. Matt Bors, who seems to equate gun ownership only with micro-penis status, must be the epitome of masculinity in order to feel confident leveling such claims. By his logic, he must have a gigantic penis and stone-chiseled jaw, having no need or want for firearms due to his sheer Herculean constitution.

    Then again, maybe not.

    I am interested in hearing his opinion on how all female shooters suffer from acute penis-envy syndrome. Maybe I should buy my wife a strap-on for Christmas, it will save on ammo costs.

    • He looks like he could use some sun. Must be all those long hours spent indoors thinking up such clever & original ways to insult those he disagrees with, along with the poorly drawn cartoons to drive home the point.

    • Idk if you wanna do that Jeff for two reasons 1. She sleeps in the same bed as you
      2. She knows when you sleep.
      You catch her at the wrong time and she may just use that strap on for its intended purpose on you.

  19. “Mass Shooting Prevented by Hundreds of Armed Citizens at Historic Alamo Monument”

    There, fixed it for you Mr. Bors. As he can’t prove it didn’t happen, then I submit that it did.

  20. Is this guy, Bors on the level ? Or is this some kind of “false flag” ?

    “Bors” sounds like a tag name for “bores”, like the character “Scrotum, the wrinkled old family retainer”.

  21. The sad thing is that I’m sure Mr. Bors thinks he did a stellar job of skewering “the gun nuts.” He probably poured himself a congratulatory glass of zinfandel right after he hit Send on this dreck.

  22. Guy’s a jackass and don’t forget AN IDIOT! Go be a Stupid F..k ,what do we care like it or not it’s a right! Too FN bad for you dumbass. So don’t have a gun, since you’re not against them then let me exercise my first amendment rights SHUT UP and go about your don’t need a gun,you don’t need a fire extinguisher ,you certainly don’t need Life insurance,or health insurance and God forbid auto insurance nah.home owners ?are you kidding?
    Nah nothing’s going to happen to you,Michael Bloomberg jr.,there is no crime ,there are no victims,murder happens somewhere else,there’s no gang,carjacking goin on,comon,what’s the matter with you?,
    So since you don’t NEED them turn em in we need ‘common sense ‘ here.Now the concentration camps are over there we just need you to take a shower before we get started,and tell us about your buddies who have guns?

  23. Nah you don’t need guns,you don’t need food you don’t even need insurance ,what for? Nothin’s going to happen.Now the concentration camp is over there and we need you to take a shower before we get started!

  24. My question is, if concealed carry has never stopped a mass shooting, give me ONE example of a mass shooting where a CCW holder was there and did not stop it.

    • Yes! Someone made the proper conclusion. It wouldn’t be a mass shooting if the guy was shot prior to completing his atrocities. It also wouldn’t be newsworthy.

      • Well, it depends on how many shots he did get off. Those that know about such things classify anything with 4 or more casualties as a “mass shooting.” Not sure why they cut it off at four. Three is just negligible?

  25. Matt, according to my wife I’m pretty well endowed (she has no complaints) so I guess you’ll have to come up with a better excuse for my love of firearms and the right to free speech. I have yet to figure out why anti-gun types always make the accusation of small penis = large gun. Maybe it’s time you came out of the closet and admit you’re really small, insecure, selfish, and have a god complex that you know better than everyone else what is good and right (or left in your case). I suspect you have very small hands and a very small penis to match and probably an equally small IQ and to make up for such things you must scream loudly about something you are deaf on facts just want to lead the march too feel important: Oh and you’re probably not going to get laid in this lifetime by a human.

  26. I want to know why he will be so happy should there be a mass riot, drug lord war, etc. I’m not going out of my way to protect his butt! How about any of you folks? Anyone here want to go over to Mr. Bors’ house in the event of a riot and protect him from looters? And I sure would like to see the expression on his face when he dials 911 and the police tell him they ain’t coming because they are all bunkerd down in their fortified HQ.

  27. To be fair, the 5,000 round magazine stilts was funny…

    As for the inferrence that carry of any type has not prevented mass shootings, mass shootings occur where people are disarmed. So of course it wouldn’t work, it isn’t allowed to work.

    • “To be fair, the 5,000 round magazine stilts was funny…”

      Matt V2099 has his 600 round Glock magazine…

  28. Dear Matt Bors,
    I have a camera, a ruler, and $50 to bet you. Ill even include a favorite gun in the photo for your enjoyment. If you would care to take this bet, you can reach me at: [email protected].

  29. I think the gun grabbers who are obsessed with penis size should just go ahead and come out of the closet. Why would you get so interested in the size of male appendages unless you are gay.

  30. I don’t know why libturds like Mutt Bores are so concerned about the size of another man’s penis. Maybe they own Extenze or that pecker pump contraption that’s guaranteed to turn the average Joe into a sexual tyrannosaurus. If so, I wish that Bores would stop spamming me, because while I appreciate his fascination, I simply do not want a 9″ penis.

    And furthermore, Mr. Bores, I do not care that my pecker is smaller than your boyfriends’. We will get along just fine if you continue to enjoy theirs while keeping your hands and mind off of mine.

  31. All form of carry deter mass shootings, except where its not allowed. This and the fact that women own guns too seem to have flown right the hell by him.

  32. Larry Correia already fisked the (expletive deleted) out of Matt Bors for all those fallacies. Correia is a New York TImes Best Selling Author *and* a firearms expert, whereas this guy is a hack trying to get a name for himself.

    This stuff is hilarious:

    • If you haven’t read his Monster Hunter series, it’s quality brain candy. Not much literary value, but very fun if you are a gun person.

      • You have to wonder what something like “literary value” is if you consider a book worth reading, but without it. 😛

  33. While that cartoon ignores that all mass shooting occurred in gun free zones. This is when I stopped reading:

    “Despite having almost one gun for every man, woman, and child in the nation, peak safety has yet to be reached.”

    Except the nation has never been safer. Violent crime is at an all-time low.

    Although I’m tempted to say the antis reached peak retard with that sentence. Their idiocy seems an inexhaustible resource. So it most likely got dumber from there. Although I’ll never know for sure. As I was scared if I finished reading it I wouldn’t be able to tie my shoes.

  34. WTF is wrong with people? First of all, he has the shoulder rig showing the grip held firmly by the armpit, LOL. Dumb arse.

    Secondly, my guess is this guy needs a popsicle stick and electrical tape to get “hard”…thus the source of his misguided, blind hatred/anger towards all gun owners (and the focus on my johnson).

    What a tool.

  35. Someone I knew recently received a written threat. It was a threat alright, but it stated “This is not a threat, it’s a warning”. I view all these “I’m not against guns, but…” stories the same way. “But I said I’m in favor of guns and support everybody’s second amendment right to a bolt action 22 for target practice in a safe at the gun club”

  36. Ya know why CCW hasn’t stopped mass killings? Because most Americans just sit around and say “What are the odds?” If every American walked around with something as simple as pepper spray, crime would decrease.

    Now…what was it that your were saying that was bad about most Americans who put their ego away when the gun comes out being armed against a real threat?

  37. He says that if the NRA had its way, we would be a nation where you can just go into a Wal-Mart and buy an AR-15. I hate to break it to him, but we already are a nation where you can go into a Wal-Mart and buy an AR-15. He also uses that nonsense term “assault weapon.”

  38. “We can have guns for hunting. We can have them to ward off Mexican drug lords or whoever is going to storm into our house. But we must keep them there, in a locked safe. And if we by chance ever need do defend our children at school from raving lunatics, by god, we’re going to get all the blame for doing nothing by the very animals that tell us we can’t carry there.” – Alex H, Dear Dumb Ass

  39. Its the libtard (democrat) way. Use emotion, sex jokes, and the race card. I want them dead. Big Gov shall save us all….in the name of the children.

  40. Interesting that he equates revolution and zombie apocalypse. One of these is likely, the other is fiction. He seems to think they’re both fiction.

    Someone needs to brush up on their history. Armed revolution is not fiction. In fact, if he wants examples just look at the last few years, there are more than enough.


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