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 Alamo gun rights rally (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

After attending the open carry rally at the Alamo, I scanned the nets for accounts of the event. Most of the news stories were reasonably fair if editorially unbalanced. (Six hundred-plus pro-gun attendees and a dozen Moms Demanding Action across town and guess who gets “equal” time?) I found the real after-action action in the comments section underneath the articles.‘s Texas gun owners stage rally at the Alamo garnered well over a thousand comments. Scanning the battlefield in my flameproof trousers I found this dietribe [sic] by Zen609 particularly instructive . . .

My observation from life is that the people who feel so insecure and so threatened by the world that they can’t walk in public without carrying a gun are pussies.

I wouldn’t normally call someone out on this – it’s rude. But if we’re going to talk about the fearful and insecure – let’s get it straight: it’s people who are so insecure and frightened of other people that they need carry a firearm in broad daylight, especially in towns in middle America where there is no gang problem or high crime rate.

I’m not saying that being insecure and frightened makes someone inferior – I don’t even view people as superior/inferior, but don’t project your fear and insecurity onto others. The main argument from pro-gun in this issue is about “protection”, “danger”, “criminals”, “self-defense” – symbols of fear.

One of the counter-arguments from the other side is that they just don’t want Rambo-wannabee, Officer Doofy-types, scared of their own shadows and threatened by teenagers, walking into malls with guns. How is someone supposed to tell if a guy going into a mall or a McDonald’s carrying an AK or any other firearm is just a guy or is a guy that’s going to shoot the place up? Wait until he starts shooting?

Unless you’re carrying your firearm, preferably packed and unloaded, into a mall to sell it or have it repaired , there’s no reason to have it there. You’re not a crime fighter, and if you feel threatened by other men, maybe take a self-defense class or something if you’ve never learned to defend yourself without a gun.

And why do we need ‘citizen protectors’?

“Relax, ma’am, I’m just here to protect you, unlike your liberal boyfriend who’s cowering under the table.” They’re playing out a cop fantasy – they feel that they’re unimportant and seek respect from others, as well as authority over others.

And the “I’m gonna take out the shooter/robber/bad guy, and save the day with my gun” scenario – these people are just playing out a ridiculous Masculine Hero Fantasy that they’ve been inspired to by American action films and don’t understand that films and TV are not reality. The men who subscribe to these types of fantasies are insecure in their masculinity and physical ability and are easily threatened by other men (or teenaged boys).

They don’t understand that what they’re doing is easily recognizable by most or that they’re exposing their insecurity and ridiculous lack of awareness in a very public way. I feel bad for them, because they seem so earnest. They just don’t have enough awareness or self-awareness to be embarrassed.

This kind of delusion, this playing out of hero fantasies based on insecurity and low self-esteem can’t be used as a premise in a public policy debate. I never took these types seriously, but now it’s this little movement of these ridiculous guys. So, you have this stupid idea as a supporting premise in a real, serious, actual public policy debate.

It’s a bad idea to allow these guys to play out their cop fantasies in public. That’s really what the issue is – these guys want to play Cops or Cowboys in real life – they want to play at vigilantism – they’re role playing – and it’s so embarrassing – I cringe for them. But mostly, I think that what they really seek is the attention, respect, admiration, and social status they lack otherwise.

There are legitimate reasons for people to carry a firearm in public, but insecure men playing at Hero is not one of them.

And don’t bother with some crap about me being a “liberal” or whatever, I’m not anti-gun, I’m anti-dumbass.

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  1. It is amazing that dingbat journalist go around calling people pussies when they have no idea how many people are ccw around them. Furthermore, I hope the next time they get pulled over for a traffic stop, the clearly explain to the LEO that they are pussies and that it is o.k. to be afraid.

      • “And don’t bother with some crap about me being a “liberal” or whatever, I’m not anti-gun, I’m anti-dumbass.”

        Sounds like a member of evolve. Once again a massive douchebag who hasn’t had any firsthand experience with evil in the world misses the mark.

        It’s been MY expeirence that people calling other people pussies on the internet haven’t been in a real fight in their lives and are probably writing such comments from their mom’s basement. Grow up.

        • Yup you can tell that poster lives in a world where no one ever gets hurt ‘mugged ‘raped or anyhting like that because if they ever took a step out of their moms basement they would see a violent world where bad things happen to good people.As for the pussy comment he probably has never had any anyway so he shouldnt talk about things he knows nothing about.Anyone who relies on the police to keep them and their loved ones safe today is a blind fool with their head up their ass .The police cant be everywhere at once and admit they arrive 90 percent of the time after the crime is over .

    • A tip from a mental health pro: listen for the words following “but” uf you want to understanx the speaker. Behold The underlying Truth = BUT.

      Now reread Zens 2nd and 3rd paragraph…

      projection iz a key trait for progressives who know whats best for all of ghe rest of the world…

  2. We already knew the liberal tendency to project their insecurities and fears onto us. It usually boils down to assigning us all the reasons they themselves don’t think they should be trusted with firearms.

    This guy’s commentary isn’t anything new.

    • Yup, all that sturm und drang about tiny dicks and insecurity, and what’s the first scenario that comes into his head? “…unlike your liberal boyfriend who’s cowering under the table”. Everyone worries about how they’ll react under stress, but most well-adjusted people don’t get angry at someone else over it.

  3. These uneducated and unsupported generalizations about an entire group of people supporting and exercising a fundamental right as old as civilization itself are childish.

    This is a fancy form of ad hominem. It’s name calling. They’re attacking us, and not the validity of our argument. He’s just calling us pussies, saying we have psychological problems and insecurities.

    It’s insane that this can be construed as a rational argument.

  4. This is written by someone who has never been personally exposed for any length of time to someone who owned and carried a gun. There’s so much rank ignorance in this that it’s not worth my time to try and fight it, unless I was personally acquainted with the guy. Words on paper will never, repeat never, change his mind. He’s (clearly) heard all the arguments, and dismissed them as nonsense, so until he has personal, real-world experience to counter his assumptions, he will remain the way he is, secure in his sneering ignorance.

    • If you could take every member of MDA out to the range for a day with some .22s and AR’s, I guarantee you that they’d lose 75% of their members.

      • I completely agree. Interface in person is how you change minds of these people. Words on paper will have no effect (often because they won’t even be read).

        • Shots on paper change minds and make big smiles. Its convincing then Anti-gunner to go to the range that’s the hard part.

      • I’d rather drop all the anti-gun loudmouths into Harlem, Detroit, or Oakland late at night. Let’s see how quickly their opinion of gun ownership changes.

  5. That sure is a lot of projection. I didn’t know psychics actually existed!

    As for his anti-dumbass comment… All he has to look at is dgu stats and then he will see who the dumbass is.

  6. Flameproof trousers? You’re a better man than I Gunga Din. I would have used a full nomex suit!

  7. What? No small penis reference? Or “I support the 2A , but…” qualifier? He managed to schlep every other cliche into his missive. He even remembered at the end to be “not anti-gun”.

  8. I thought the same years ago as a young man, felt I could handle myself reasonably enough, but now that I’m zeroing in on 60, I know I am no match for those who would do me harm, if they wanted to start something with me, they would, be the one’s finishing it. This guy must be in his prime to boast about being masculine. Sure, had my brushes with being chased and beaten in South Central LA years ago. Reginald Denny resonates with me. Clearly being able to present a firearm, when confronted, helps assure I will not be on the receiving end of such a beating as Mr. Denny without inflicting some major hurt on the predators.

    • Tim you bring up a great point here. There is certainly some truth to the testosterone laden young male mentality, although it is hard to tell whether the author thinks he can take down a gun wielding thug bare fists style or is simply a ‘beta’ type who cannot fathom taking responsibility for his own safety.

      Personally, I am technically in my physical prime and at 5’8 and 215lbs I look the part. What really set me on the path to concealed carry was the introduction of a significant other into the picture. I might stake my own life despite the odds, but never hers. Now we are working on her permit.

      • Probably a ‘beta’. I am young and in great shape. Yet I know that I can’t stop a bullet. I also understand that younger/older and/or physically weaker people use guns as equalizers. It amazes me that liberals, who spout equality, hate the greatest equalizer.

        • But in their world, we _are_ all equal, regardless of physical infirmity. Equally dependent on the state to protect us from each other and from ourselves.

    • You and I are in the same group. I know full well that in an altercation with a young, virile teenager or twenty-something, I really don’t stand a chance mano-a-mano. And if the punk has a bat or a knife, fuggedaboutdit. As the famous movie line goes, “A man has to know his limitations.” And simply because I have physical limitations does not mean that I have a small dick or that I’m paranoid–it means I am rational.

    • I’m beginning the decline from my prime (30) but am still VERY physically imposing in a “used to play college athletics” sort of way. I’m not physically intimidated by juice heads in MMA gear. That said, after Aurora my wife said “what can we do?” I had no answer. We can’t hide under rocks, you can’t move further out into the country to avoid evil. We all have the capacity for evil. The simple answer to her question is return fire. Acknowledge evil exists in the world and be prepared for it. Acknowledging evil exists is not based on “fear”, it’s based on human nature and reality.

    • I’m not old by any stretch but 2 heavy combat deployments means my knees back ankles and head ain’t what it used to be. I came to grips with the realization I wasn’t 10ft tall and bullet proof after my first deployment. Since then been open carrying.

    • Same.

      The fact documented by this article stands for nothing more than the proposition that if we open carry, people like Zen609 will dislike us.

    • Yes, it’s like we don’t have enough trolls so we have to copy and paste them from other sites.

  9. Wait, WHAT? He’s suggesting taking a self defense class (using the body as a weapon) is OK, while at the same time lambasting those who choose to carry a weapon outright, while both more or less accomplish the same end goal? Good grief.

  10. Its always fun when you run into these types. They call you a pussy and say you have no reason to carry a gun then say well I am ex military infantry type. Their brains explode with conflict. They want to hate me but they want to thank me then realize I used to be one that they felt needed a gun and now they feel i dont but somehow I was fine prior and now I shouldn’t carry…. poof logic loop and they walk away.

  11. Eh… they’re carrying guns out like that as a political demonstration, not because they’re fearful of criminals. The merits of such a technique as a political demonstration would be an appropriate subject of debate, but not so much whether or not the people demonstrating have insecurity issues.

    In this case it seems like it was an organized and well-attended demonstration where the group had some unified notion of decorum and etiquette, which whether it should be necessary or not, adds greatly to a sense of legitimacy in the eye of the public and therefore helps the cause rather than hurting it.


  12. Yikes, the hate is so palpable of the anti gun people, it’s shocking they haven’t lashed out like the FRC guy wanted to before he was stopped by an alert security guard.

    Also, what evidence does he present of citizens being vigilantes or wannabe cops/heroes? I keep up with most news, and I am only aware of one incident were a gun was drawn by a third party intervening. It happened to be a guy who witnessed a man beating his girlfriend as he was driving home from his third shift job. He asked what was going on, the abuser started to come at him, then he drew in his own self defense. Not exactly roaming the streets looking for trouble.

  13. So this is the problem in America right now. We have never been more divided. Also its not an option to be “in the middle” you have to be one of the other. Perfect example is our two party system.

    I am pro-gun for sure. Lifetime member of the NRA, former military, from a long military family, love to hunt all kinds of stuff, love to shoot for the fun of it, I carry legally, etc…etc…etc.

    That said some of what this guy is saying makes sense to me. Take the AK-47 at the mall example. Is that person there to make a statement about his gun rights, or to make the news at 5pm with some crazy actions.

    Also I know some “people of the gun” that fit this role of “hero complex”. They justify the crazy amount of time and expense they pour into guns by coming up with “crazy what if’s”. They carry multiple guns at a time concealed. These types usually are big into “prepping” to the point of obsession. Just search prepping on youtube and you will get a good long list of what I would call “nuts”.

    His comments clearly did not even begin to address owning guns as a deterrent to a tyrannical government. I guess he skipped history class in favor of home economics?

    We desperately need common sense and some middle ground.

    The crazy left and right need to be ignored.

    Mothers against….whatever need to STFU. People of the gun against sensible laws need to STFU.

    The 2nd amendment is a right…and that is why its in the BILL OF RIGHTS and if it is taken away then the United States of America should not exist any more. Same as if the 1st amendment was taken away.

    I think people of the gun should step forward and do the right thing first. Taking an AR into starbucks is about the dumbest thing I can think of. I carry concealed for a reason. Every time one of these “people of the gun” carry an AR into Starbuck or wall mart, or downtown/small town USA and the general public freaks out and the cops are called… GIVES the ant-gun crowd more power to create more stupid laws, that impact law abiding gun owners.

    • People of the gun against sensible laws need to STFU.

      And what sensible laws are the people of the gun against?

    • I have to say I agree with Larry. Open carry in most cases seems to be a perfect way to sabotage our cause. RF noted the fear in a person he met at the rally the other day, there are rightly or wrongly a lot of people that feel that way, sure we should talk to them, should we purposely antagonize them? I think the writer makes a lot of good points. If I was in the mall and some one approached me , and he was openly armed , I would be very apprehensive, and would leave as soon as possible. Yet I meet armed people out in the woods and it feels different. And be honest, don’t you know people that fit that writers negative views? I know I do. I will now borrow those fireproof clothes.

      • We fear meeting an armed person in the mall, yet take no bother of an armed person in the woods, because we expect the person has a “good reason” to have a gun (hunting, bear country, meeting the cast of Deliverance, whatever) when in the woods, and no good reason for a gun in the mall. But there is no “good reason” clause in the 2A. Please understand, I’m not mocking or attacking your way of thinking, I too would take extra notice of someone open carrying a gun, especially a rifle, in a “civilized” setting. But in reality, we’re more likely to be attacked by a person, or persons, in the mall than attacked by a bear in the woods, and a lot more likely to be attacked by a mugger or petty criminal than a spree killer.

  14. Quote :There are legitimate reasons for people to carry a firearm in public, but insecure men playing at Hero is not one of them.

    And don’t bother with some crap about me being a “liberal” or whatever, I’m not anti-gun, I’m anti-dumbass. UnQuote

    Of course he does not expound on the “Legitimate” reasons to carry a concealed weapon, Perhaps if he was ever threaten in a situation that required a fresh change of under wear he would under stand. The second line brings to mind the Classic Shakespearean line. “Methinks the lady doth protest too much,” I’ll leave the gender alone, to justify his ignorant rant.

  15. Googling Zen609 results in a Flickr page filled with videogame screencaps. So, either this guy has a staggering lack of self-awareness or is just trolling.

  16. Just a few thoughts:

    “You’re not a crime fighter, and if you feel threatened by other men, maybe take a self-defense class or something if you’ve never learned to defend yourself without a gun.”

    1. I have no intention of fighting any crime not directed at myself or my family.
    2. I’m quite capable of defending myself in hand to hand situations. I sincerely doubt whoever wrote this is. I rarely feel threatened by other men (I’m thinking that the author does, and is projecting it onto the POTG). The gun is carried so I can meet force with equal force should the need ever arise. I hope it does not.

    “Relax, ma’am, I’m just here to protect you, unlike your liberal boyfriend who’s cowering under the table.” They’re playing out a cop fantasy – they feel that they’re unimportant and seek respect from others, as well as authority over others.”

    1. LOL, at least he knows the proper place for limp wristed liberal men (under the table).
    2. I harbor no such cop fantasy, I would rather be a janitor at an elementary school than a LEO.
    3. I’m more important than the author. I work in a difficult field and am highly respected by my peers. I doubt the same can be said about the author.
    4. Authority over others is not something that I would pine for. I already have authority as a Program Manager for a team of 20 people, most of whom are smarter than I am, definitely smarter than this moron. Being in a position of authority is a righteous PITA. Next…

    “There are legitimate reasons for people to carry a firearm in public, but insecure men playing at Hero is not one of them.”

    1. Yep, there are many reasons for someone to carry a firearm, and none of them are any business of anyone except the person choosing to exercise their constitutionally enshrined right…you know the one that our founding fathers thought was so important that they mentioned it second only to freedom of speech, religion, press and assembly?
    2. Of all the people I know who carry, not one is insecure or has a hero complex.

    …so…yeah, this guy needs need to go drink a big hot steaming cup of STFU, or go hide under a table. Whatever.

  17. If I could respond to Zen I would simply say “cool story, bro” and ignore him forever. You don’t like it? Move to the UK.

  18. The writer has never been in a confrontation with a person bent on violence or other criminal acts. He thinks that he will either talk himself out of a situation or “knock the guy out” if it comes to that. Naive prick.

    • I knew a guy in Nashville who used to say just that: “I can talk any guy outta that”. The guy was 6’6″, but wheelchair-bound because he didn’t take care of his health. Cigarettes.

      He was voice talent who was the spoken intro to Sgt. Barry Sadler’s “Ballad of the Green Berets”.

      He’s dead now.

  19. My life is changed. He won me over. I shall sell my guns to pay for self defense classes so I can learn to slap bullets from the air or catch them in my teeth, because my hands are just as good as a slug from a .45! Who is delusional?

  20. The commentator is clearly clueless. Most people who carry a gun don’t want to have to use it, but the fact of the matter is; it’s better to have it and not need it than to wish you had it and need it to save your life or someone else’s. And yes, guns DO save lives when they’re in the right hands. Carrying a gun and/or being a gun person makes me no more or less insecure than the average person or someone who prefers large breed dogs in their home (Bullmastiff, Doberman, etc.). So I’m wondering…this individual either lives under a rock and chooses to look at life through rose colored glasses using the, “it always happens to someone else” mentality, or thinks they’re Chuck Norris and could easily disarm an armed aggressor and protect themselves, loved ones or innocent bystanders with their bare hands. I’ll just say….yeah doubtful.

  21. So then, by logical association:

    Fire extinguishers are for pussies that want to play fireman?

    CPR training is for pussies that want to play EMT?

    Having two German Shepard in my house is because I have K9 cop fantasies? (I don’t own them for that reason but it sure doesn’t hurt)

    Etc, etc

    There is a thing called self sufficiency, and it seems to be in short supply in today’s society.

    What ever happened to Live and let Live. We’re not making you own a gun; only defending our right too. For whatever reason.

    • I love Fark (and I’ve been a TotalFarker for 10+ years), but that’s one big thing I dislike over there. Although, if you pay attention, even over there the gun discussions have been at once more polarized and swinging slowly (very slowly) to our side, if those two things can be believed to be happening simultaneously.

  22. don’t you just love it when the pathetic internet geniuses have people “all figured out”? I will never be a hero, especially when it comes to preserving the DNA of people like this moron. karma trumps all.

  23. I always find the idea of “unarmed” self defense to be really comical. I’m a second degree black belt with eleven years of martial arts training and MMA experience. I’m still very much in my prime, and I’m in damn fine shape.

    The very last thing I want is to be in a street fight. A month long self defense course isn’t going to give you anything more than a false sense of confidence or an understanding of exactly how little you know. Even with my decade of training, the idea of squaring off with some bigger, stronger, meaner guy who isn’t concerned about breaking the law or getting hurt scares the ever loving shit out of me. I don’t want an equalizing tool, I want a force multiplier, like a gun, that will allow me to do the most damage first.

    Whenever somebody suggests hand-to-hand fighting instead of firearms as self defense, they’ve exposed themselves as morons.

    • In fact, what does every serious self-defense class tell you to do first against an armed opponent? RUN. All that Krav Maga disarming stuff looks effective on YouTube because the assailant is a cooperative partner with an inert weapon, but in a real confrontation with a real chance of serious injury or death, they tend to not work so well. Don’t get me wrong: Krav Maga is pretty sweet, but there’s a damn good reason the IDF still issues firearms and knives to its soldiers.

      Any martial artist who knows what he’s talking about will tell you that you should only try to disarm an attacker if you A: don’t have a weapon, B: can’t flee the scene, and C: are about to die if you don’t do something. And even then, there’s a good chance it will end with your last thought going “Well, at least I did all I could” as you bleed out in an alley. Shit, man; even Bruce Lee recommended just using a gun to protect yourself.

    • You hit it on the head. RF spoke to it recently in an article. In my years of playing rugby, size didn’t equate for much in the face of willing to be ruthless.

  24. Dude, go call the guy in Nairobi who went into the mall to find his brother a p***y. Dare ya.

    I don’t want to be a hero, except maybe once in a while on my XBox. I sure as hell am in no hurry to get in any gun fights. I just want to blow off a few rounds once in a while with friends for fun, work on my marksmanship as a hobby and not be a useless tw*t if lightning ever does strike and I find myself in a bad place & able to help.

    • This idiot would just explain that example away as “He lives in Nairobi, and it’s a more violent society over there. We here in the more developed world have no need of such brutish concepts as armed self-defense or protection from our own government. We’ve advanced beyond that. Now hand me another white wine spritzer.”

  25. “I wouldn’t normally call someone out on this – it’s rude.”
    Translation: “I’m commenting on this thread because I don’t have the stones to say any of this to these evil gun nuts’ faces in the real world .”

  26. Does anyone here really advocate open carry? If so then I’d love to hear your arguments for that choice.

    I think it takes more guts to open carry, personally. My thinking is that I don’t want the crazed shooter or criminal to know I have a gun. I’m playing defense. And the bad guy knows the snap count!

    BTW, not all liberals are anti-2A.

  27. I don’t necessarily disagree with him, I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Carrying around rifles and open carry handguns in populated locations does nothing other than alienate the people around you. Heck even in the old west they stopped the open carry of firearms pretty fast when a town started to develop.

    In rural areas its a bit different, that’s fine, like you see people in Alaska carrying big cannons on their hips for bear etc.

    IMHO concealed carry is how you should carry in a city, open carry should be left to the woods. Also all these demonstrations do is cost the firearms movement political capital; if were trying to persuade mainstream multiple issue voters to come over to our side carrying around an AK at a public park is a poor way of doing it.

    • I tend to agree that what is appropriate in one circumstance is not appropriate in another. It one thing to carry rifles and shotguns while hunting, or at a rally (political speech) but having an AR slung over your shoulder in an urban mall just to go shopping? Far better to have a pistol, and better still to have it concealed. Call it situationally appropriate dress. You don’t wear a tux to go hunting, and you don’t wear camo with an AR over your shoulder to go to the opera. Once upon a time, a man carried his weapons openly to show he was no threat–today it is just the opposite. Don’t scare the sheep.

      Now if the SHTF, all bets are off. Carry whatever you want however you want. But that scenario hasn’t happened yet, except in localized areas of natural disasters.

  28. So basically to sum up this guys comment, he is scared of guns, and anyone not “man” enough to be scared of guns as well is a “pussy” and “inferior” since they take it upon themselves to take self defense into their own hands. Between this guy and the previous “micro penis” guy the liberal base seems to be both obsessed with their lack of penis size, and worried about being manly enough. I present to you the product of progressive femenization of males.

  29. By their logic, sign waving demonstrations are a result of fear in not being able to carry big pieces of cardboard with lettering on it? Throw in a few demeaning sexual references and it fits.

    I have no idea where the guns and sexual prowess/equipment connection comes in to play. I would figure that those who refuse to take responsibility for their full security have been gelded or lack the proper sized equipment, not the other way around.

    Ever see a bull or a cow stomp a coyote into mush? Animals know despite being in a domesticated situation they still have responsibility for their “family”. You take the family connection away and all you have is a steer. Steers just run the other way while the little calves are eaten or the slow steer is taken down.

  30. “My observation from life is that the people who feel so insecure and so threatened by the world that they can’t walk in public without carrying a gun are pussies.”

    so – ZenTwit is saying that all uniformed policemen and policewomen are pussies? Just askin’ ….

  31. I do agree with one thing zem says. How do you tell in the guy with the AR/AK is walking into the mall with good or bad intentions. And with the hysteria drummed up by MAIG, MDA and the anti gun press is it reasonable for average person on the street to feel fear or alarm at the openly armed person heading into the mall?

    Remember, we are fighting a battle of numbers. Enough votes and the 2a can go away. There’s a proceedure in place to add and remove amendments from the BOR.

    • I totally agree, but wasn’t the guy who wrote it referring to people who carry a firearm in general and not just the open carry crowd? Not that it really matters I guess. Open carry demonstrations are something I would personally avoid anyways. Carrying openly is moot point for anyone who lives in the Sunshine State.

      • FloridaCarry is one of the (very) few organizations who get my money. Because dammit, I want the option.

        • It sure as hell would be more comfortable to carry OWB in the summer. (They get my money too)

  32. No matter how big you are, chances are there’s someone bigger.
    No matter how strong you are, chances are there’s someone stronger.
    No matter how good you are, chances are there’s someone better.

    When you meet the guy who checks all three boxes in a dark alley, be glad you have your gun.

  33. :My observation from life is that the people who feel so insecure and so threatened by the world that they can’t walk in public without carrying a gun are pussies.”

    I think reading this showed me, who feels insecure and threatened.

    “They don’t understand that what they’re doing is easily recognizable by most or that they’re exposing their insecurity and ridiculous lack of awareness in a very public way. I feel bad for them, because they seem so earnest. They just don’t have enough awareness or self-awareness to be embarrassed.”

    I think someone needs to look in the mirror to see who is walking around in condition white.

  34. I’ll carry a gun to stay alive. Call me insecure, I don’t mind. My life is worth more than this guy’s opinion.

  35. Wow these people are f*cking sad…

    What is it with the cop fantasy thing going around? Nobody calls women who dress slutty Marilyn Monroe wanna-bees. Nobody pushes the idea that all whiney tree huggers have some gardening fantasy. These people completely miss the point. Hell, im sure a lot of the rally members are/were cops and or current/former military. “Thanks for serving our country, but your d*ck is small because you own a rifle assh*ole.”

    Interestingly enough, they claim we have a tough guy/girl fantasy, yet they have no issue with the fantasy of someone coming to save them when hugging the criminal doesn’t work.

    On a lighter note, nice FAL.

    • “Nobody pushes the idea that all whiney tree huggers have some gardening fantasy.”

      I’d guess you’ve never been to Humboldt County, California, where the tree huggers have horticulture degrees and grow high end weed out in the woods.

      • “People with guns have this pathetic power fantasy of magically stopping the bad guys… Why not just use karate on them?”

        It’s already retarded enough when these two sentiments aren’t coming out of the same mouth, wouldn’t you say?

  36. Part of me salutes the open carry demonstrators for fully evoking their constitutional rights, but as many have pointed out, open carry puts you at a huge disadvantage when SHTF. The only time you will see me with a rifle slung over my shoulder is while hunting. I understand it in the context of a protest, but never as an EDC strategy save the aforementioned wilderness scenarios.

    The other negative is it gets the hoplophobes all riled up and running their mouths. I think a concealed carry demonstration would be interesting. Yes I’m carrying a gun, and if I didn’t have this honking sign you’d have no idea. This should put things in perspective that guns are a part of our culture and your friends, co workers, dentist etc. might be armed without you ever knowing it. This is America, get used to it or leave.

    • I think in a SHTF situation, the people without guns slung over their shoulders (or carried at the ready) will be in the minority.

      • Agreed, my usage of the SHTF term I’m sure brought up notions of large scale law and disorder/ zombie apocalypse. Since the prepper mentality hasn’t stuck me, I meant that as a need for your run of the mill DGU (one or two armed bad guys)

        • Well, that counts as SHTF, it can be an individual level ‘that sure wasn’t a normal Monday’ sort of thing. However it does tend to invoke ideas of widespread issues.

  37. It’s funny he says we should take a self defense class. I have taken krav maga classes for almost a year and if there is anything I learned from that class it’s that if I ever get into a hand to hand fight I’d really like to have a gun. Yes there is a lot of crap I can do with my hands and knees to get away alive but none of it is carries the same guarantee that a pistol would.

    To put it another way the second you get punched in the nose and your eyes start to water every notion and idea you had about all of the slick moves you were going to do to survive goes out the window, shit has a habit of going pear shaped quickly.

    • Over many years I’ve investigated boxing, Krav, and jiujitsue (the latter has some use). The problem is that I’m nearing 40, have a bad back, a questionable knee, a painful shoulder, my cardio sucks and I’m 5’8 and 140. Should I also get younger, reverse my injuries, grow, and continue to study until I can fight off a guy with a gun with my bare hands? Heck, I’ll learn to walk on water too!

      I’ll bet, not knowing him, that with the little I’ve learned here and there, and coupled to a strong will, I can take him in an empty hand fight, and for all I know he’s an athletic monster. The attitude tells me more than seeing him. If I have to I’ll fight you to the death, yours or mine. I’d just rather it be yours, thus I carry.

  38. one i carry because i can
    two i like to have it assessable so i can just draw after setting up targets
    three you wouldn’t be saying pussy in a bad situation

  39. Yes, I want everyone around me to respect me because I have a gun, that’s why no one around me knows I have a gun on me.

    As already brought up, the projection is off the charts with this one.

    I wonder what he would do if he started to talk to someone that was carrying concealed and let him know midway through the conversation.

  40. “…carry a firearm in broad daylight, especially in towns in middle America where there is no gang problem or high crime rate.”

    Might be some correlation.

  41. “And why do we need ‘citizen protectors’?”

    Oh… to protect citizens from killer cops, just for starters.

  42. oh my god, somebody take the nipple out of this guy’s mouth because if he keeps talking out his arse, he’s gonna hurt himself.
    Carrying a gun isn’t about insecurity. It’s about preparation and awareness. Do I feel the need to carry a firearm in my hometown? No, but i also know what areas to avoid. If i go to an unfamiliar city, i would like to have the option of a gun. The point remains that if i didn’t snooze during gun classes, if i didn’t just pop a couple shots a month just say I practiced, then if something does happen, the odds of me surviving goes up. and even if i am the most insecure man on earth (Don’t ask the ex girlfriends) training gives me the confidence i need to ignore the gun till it is needed.

  43. Personally, I don’t give a flying you-know-what as to what they think.

    And here’s how I view most (not all) anti gunners: Self righteous douchebags who see something they disagree with and even though it doesn’t hurt anyone they feel the need to get involved.

  44. Quote – My observation from life is that the people who feel so insecure and so threatened by the world that they can’t walk in public without carrying a gun are pussies.

    Yeah, I agree except I’d add deadbolt locks, fire extinguishers, safety glasses, and seat belts. What a bunch of pussies indeed.

    • Up this! A real man just runs around willy nilly ignoring all danger to himself and others until happenstance takes him or his family out. How many fires have you been in? See, you only need a fire extinguisher if you’re paranoid and basically a sissy. A really logical POV there.

      Thanks Russell for pointing out that a firearm is sometimes safety equipment!

    • Dang. I had this all ready to go and Russell beat me to it.

      My observation from life is that the people who feel so insecure and so threatened by the world that they can’t drive in public without a setbealt are pussies.

      I wouldn’t normally call someone out on this – it’s rude. But if we’re going to talk about the fearful and insecure – let’s get it straight: it’s people who are so insecure and frightened of other people that they fasten their seatbelt in broad daylight, especially in towns in middle America where there is no traffic problem or high accident rate.

  45. I own a gun because, when my neighbor was beating the sh*t out of his girlfriend, the cops told me to call back in 15 minutes if it got any worse.

    I carry concealed because one night, three “youths” started harrassing my wife at the ATM while I was waiting in the car (thank God they left when I got out of the vehicle).

    I’m not in particularly good shape. I’m short. I’m skinny. I don’t know how to fight (I’ve never been in one in my life). But I’m a damn good shot. Enough said.

  46. Not that it’s in any way appropriate or constructive but I wonder what this douche bag would do if we took to taking off our guns and just punching his lights out at every opportunity?

    Of course he’s not actually talking to us, he’s talking past us hoping to convince some fence sitter or something. . .or maybe it’s just verbal masturbation and he’s trying to convince himself that his inability or unwillingness to defend himself and his loved ones is somehow noble.

    The aggressive wording suggests a personal shortcoming that he’s trying to conceal from himself. Perhaps that is his hoplophobia and it makes him feel inadequate, perhaps it’s lack of knowledge and since he can’t use a gun those of us who can scare all hell out of him, perhaps it’s because he’s not a member of the club and the exclusion is getting to him. Perhaps it’s that he realizes that his fears and inadequacies really do make him less of a man and he just can’t bear that and so must try to tear us down.

    I’d like to help him, I really would but I’m so busy and of course he didn’t leave any contact information.

    Isn’t there a rule on the internet that when you compare your opponent to Hitler you automatically lose? I think the small endowment theme works the same way. Once you go there no one is paying attention anymore.

  47. Lets test it out. We’ll go to south Detroit and walk about for 24 hours.
    His can take his judo, I’ll take my glock. The result: one dead “real man”, one live pussy.
    I am what I eat..

  48. I’m really tired of the “pussy” comments. These guys think they’re “hard” or something, for trying to pigeonhole someone who is willing to defend their own life, with a gun if necessary. But these same guys wouldn’t do jack shit if a “teen” was beating and raping a woman on the bus, or someone was robbing the McDonalds they work in. They’d probably walk around with their cell phones out recording, and muttering “world star….world star!”

  49. So I’m a pussy for taking all the skills I’ve learned in Afghanistan and applying it to the civilian world to assist in the safety and security of my loved ones and those around me? Yeah fuck you bro

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