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In this undated photo released by the United State District Court of Wisconsin, District Judge Rudolph T. Randa is seen. The federal judge halted a secret investigation Tuesday, May 6, 2014, into illegal coordination between conservative groups and Republican lawmakers’ recent recall campaigns. (AP Photo/Courtesy of U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin) ORG XMIT: CER102

“In giving probation with no jail time to a Milwaukee man charged with 55 counts of buying firearms with fake identification and dealing them without a license, a federal judge delivered a message: ‘People kill people,’ U.S. District Rudolph Randa said, echoing a common gun rights slogan. ‘Guns don’t kill people.'” from Judge repeats gun rights slogan during sentencing for illegal buys [at]

[h/t JP]

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  1. In what world does a judge give a man who bought and sold over 50 guns illegally, probation??
    Without knowing the details. I would not want this judge on the bench another day.

    • One where the term shall not be infringed is understood and followed. We need more judges like this

    • Jay,

      See my comment below: the circumstances of this case are incredibly disturbing. And I am not referring to the man who purchased the firearms … rather I am referring to his alleged “offense”.

    • [quote]Dontray Mills, 24, purchased a total of 27 firearms, mostly handguns, between December 2012 and April 2014 and pleaded guilty to one of the charges on April 22, 2014,[/quote]

      read the article.

    • Kinda confused here. If 2A is absolute, why would there be anything called “illegal” guns? Wasn’t the judge simply saying/doing what we all want….acting on the notion that guns are not the problem? That selling/buying guns without federal approval is not the problem? That no one should have to apply to the government to exercise a fundamental right?

    • We should not need permission from the government to buy or sell firearms. FFL’s, BG checks and 4473’s are all recent developments. We should go back to the time where you bought firearms at the hardware store or ordered them from the Sears catalog. Delivered to your house in the mail with no paperwork or government permission required.

      • I bought my S&W model 39-2 at Montgomery Wards in Manassas, VA in 1980. Those certainly were the days.

        • I have fond memories of Manassas Mall being a place worth going to. Wards’ closing was the beginning of the end.

    • There is no room in the jail for the offender because the jail is full of people who have committed violent crimes.

    • I said I didn’t know the full details here. If all this guy did was omit the proper address on the Fed form, big deal….
      Personally I don’t care who you sell your personal property to. That’s not my Gubbermints business what I do with MY property. So knowing what little I do know now.
      Good for this judge. Im sure the other guy isn’t exactly an innocent bystander nor a gun collector.

    • “Without knowing the details. I would not want this judge on the bench another day.”

      LOL. i.e, ‘don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up.’

      1. 55 counts – not weapons sold. 27 over the course of more than 2 years the article says.
      2. he plead guilty to 1 count (using incorrect address) and is prohibited from future firearms purchases.
      3. the judge seemed convinced that the defendant is gainfully employed, was genuinely remorseful, and ignorant of the consequences of his act.

      Would there be any useful purpose in harsher punishment? None that I see.

  2. WTF? This guy is the EXACT kind of person who is causing the gun violence in this country and he gets to walk because the judge fell for his crocodile tears? This judge fucked up hard!!

    • ‘This guy is the EXACT kind of person who is causing the gun violence in this country and he gets to walk because the judge fell for his crocodile tears?”

      This is the exact person that some of us carry guns for, and a slug and cemetery slip are the only way to be free from these criminal savages.

      If the guns bought are used in a violent crime the only person responsible is the trigger puller, and a dead or alive bounty should be posted for the killer. The ghettos would not rival Iraq and Afghanistan for violence, if the communities didn’t harbor and actively support the savage element.

      “This judge fucked up hard!!”

      The judge did not mess up, because the whole case was built upon fruit of the poisonous tree, like Uncommon stated below.
      Guns are meant to be bought by any American citizen, which leaves the animating contest of Liberty, which means hopefully a good guy is around to put down an evil man intent on harm.

    • No, he is not causing the gun violence – he is enabling it. There is a distinction. His buyers want the gun for a variety of reasons, including self-defense. You cannot assume that his buyers were all (if any) criminals – that is speculative – and in this case clearly wrong, as his offense was simply asked on a failure to amend the address on his license. So there.

  3. Whoa! I read the source article. The reason the Feds charged the “suspect”: he didn’t live at the address on his identification! (Thus he allegedly “lied” on his form ATF form 4473 when he wrote that his address matched the address on his identification.)

    So, if you move and the address on your driver’s license doesn’t match, you better not try to purchase a firearm that requires filling out an ATF form 4473!!!

    Wow. Just, wow. What if you don’t have an address? What if you live in a recreational vehicle and simply camp all around the country? What if you are homeless?

  4. Playing “Devil’s Advocate” here, what if Mr. Convict was Straw Purchasing for felons convicted of non-violent crimes, who had served their time, now forced to live in shady neighborhoods, and needed the guns for personal protection? Or what if he runs a Women’s Shelter and sells them to battered women for their protection… um, and he’s prohibited for some dumb reason but “Has a heart of gold” or something? In other words there might… MIGHT have been extenuating circumstances.

    [Edit] I see there WERE extenuating circumstances mooting my entire post… but I’m still not going to delete it.

    • “Playing “Devil’s Advocate” here, what if Mr. Convict was Straw Purchasing for felons convicted of non-violent crimes, who had served their time, now forced to live in shady neighborhoods, and needed the guns for personal protection”

      Timmy you are not playing devils advocate with your statement. What you are pretending to be is an American citizen who understands the Constitution, who is recognizing that citizens have rights, not government permission over our rights.

  5. So about a year ago we had a white cop buy a gun for his uncle and get time for being a straw purchaser. Here we have a non-Caucasian, based on his name, buy a bunch of guns with the intention of selling it o others and he gets off because he has an aspiring rap career and knows he did something wrong? The era of the “great Uniter” continues…

    • I don’t think you can point out that double standard, because white people are supposed to just forfeit their futures, and nation out of white guilt.

      Blacks are actively and destructively championing separate but equal, and why can’t whites?

      I have to pretend that Jesus is Black every time I turn on the news, so that I don’t get disgusted in my darker skinned brothers regression towards civility. That regression is overwhelmingly backed up by crime statistics and white flight.

      • He certainly was not blond and blue eyed. . . . . but let’s not bring religion into this

  6. The issue is intent. Was he planing some nefarious crime? Did he commit some heinous act? Or did he fail to fill every square correctly? We currently live in a country where petty rules created by a myriad of bureaucracies have become our masters, and what were once considered peace officers are now law enforcement professionals who enforce the will of these agencies, many of them armed as if preparing for war (even the Department of Education has a SWAT team). Consider this, before the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act, nothing this man did would have constituted a federal crime. In fact, he could have ordered these firearms through the mail. Today we live in a world where one risks being charged with a hate crime or fired from your job for practicing your faith.

  7. Holy shit, people have spent decades in Club Fed for “conspiring” to do that without actually doing any of it!

  8. …what am I even looking at? It looks like Dick Nixon wearing Jimmy Carter’s face like a mask!

  9. Wonder how many future gun cases Judge Randa will hear? Can US Attorneys judge shop as easily as DAs?

  10. Huh? So his only “crime” was the wrong address?(READ the article)…wow I lived in a motel during a tough time. My only “address” was a PO box for awhile-glad I didn’t try buy a gun then-we need more judges like this one.

  11. Weird… what I take away is that we will continue to not enforce gun laws already on the books and so instead will pass even more stupid ones to make up for it.

  12. Lol. Selling guns kills people. But selling knives does not. Selling anything but guns does not kill people. Only selling guns kills people.

  13. Absolutely ridiculous. He got his firearms rights stolen from him because he didn’t update his drivers license and used his prior address?

    WTF. This is why we hate gun control and their supporters. Use whatever technicality possible for a conviction and a reduction of the people’s rights.

    • Agreed, not having current dmv update is a ridiculous reason for getting in trouble. But obviously the reason they went after him is they figured him a straw purchaser and that was all they had to stick.

  14. This guy was buying guns illegally and received probation, yet a guy in Arkansas was convicted of “legally” open carrying and got jail time?


    Must have not really been illegal gun sales.

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