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“An armed veteran [what that’s got to do with it I have no idea] slipped through a side door of a federal building on Friday and shot a security guard in the head, killing him, before fatally shooting himself,” reports. Wait. How is that possible? The only place with “tougher” gun laws than New Jersey is New York City. The gunman was from The Garden State. The attack occurred in The City That Never Sleeps. In a federal building – a “gun free zone” no less. I guess it must have had something to do with lax gun laws in neighboring states. “The shooter, Kevin Downing . . .

 was a former federal employee at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, police Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller said. But it was unclear if Downing, of Fort Lee, New Jersey . . . had worked at the building where the shooting occurred, about a mile and a half from the World Trade Center.” Never mind all that fact stuff. Let’s just call it another example of workplace violence, head out for a drink and toast the poor victim’s family and friends, wondering how anyone could believe that gun control works.


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  1. Great… Now the antis are gonna scream that anyone who’s ever served in the military be prohibited from owning firearms…

    • They’ve been screaming that for awhile now–even as they intone out of the other side of their collective mouth, “only the police and military should have guns”. And, when it helps, using military experience as a proxy for gun-policy expertise (yes, I’m looking at you, former-Marine-trained-in-CQB Dem congressman Menendez). They are headed for yet another mind-splitting contradiction that is characteristic of leftist thinking.

      • “Only the police and military should have the right to have guns” the gunsense idiots say, except when the police and military shoot someone. Then they shouldn’t have them either. Hard to please those antigunners.

  2. It’s a mixed bag… Headshot on a Fed in a Federal building… All of the most restrictive gun-control a panty-wetting gun-hater could scream for already in place…

  3. This proves we can’t trust federal employees. Because we can’t trust them, we need to ban them from having guns!

    • Thank you! In all of this we tend to forget someone lost a father or a son, or a husband… We tend to focus on the guns and the laws (just like the antis) and forget about the people.

    • Why can’t people who want to off themselves, just off themselves and leave others alone? It must be devastating for the family of the security guard. I couldn’t imagine.

      • Because there has been at least 30+ years of incessant leftist indoctrination that everybody is a “special snowflake” and that all your problems are caused by other people (most likely rich white racist bigoted males). So when people of this new thinking want to check out of this existence they think it is proper to take some of their supposed oppressors with them.

        In contrast, an upbringing of uniquely American mix of Judeo-Christian values teaches people that their number one foe is their own choices. That;s why for the longest time that when people committed suicide it was a personal and solitary affair.

        In other words, the current mass-suicide exit routine can be described as …. progressive.

        • Well said
          “In other words, the current mass-suicide exit routine can be described as …. progressive.”

          Fear of eternity in hell, has been replaced with they deserved it, for making me feel bad, and the media will make me famous.

          Which equals greed before God, and that same selfishness is what breeds the cowardice of indifference towards their neighbors.

        • “Fear of eternity in hell, has been replaced with they deserved it, for making me feel bad, and the media will make me famous.”

          Yep, some people who do not believe in an “ultimate and everlasting judgement” do not care if they take out innocent people with themselves.

      • Even if this guy felt he needed to make a statement about how he was wronged by the agency, I somehow doubt that the middle-aged security guard had anything to do with his problems. Unless his problem was being held up in line.

  4. What I want to know is, does being a veteran actually have any bearing on this asshats actions? Or is it just because the media wanted to throw vets under the bus due to the actions of some scheisskopf?

    • No more bearing than the school he attended, the brand of shoes he wore or what he had for lunch. Not that MSM ever misses an opportunity to smear our Veterans.

      • Again, the lefty mind-bending at work. As long as you are in the military, you are among the only ones who can be trusted with guns (altho, in yet another examples of lefty schizo-think, as an individual you are probably a trigger-happy racist, or at best, a benighted tool of Halliburton imperialism). but as soon as you get out, you are either a domestic terrorist in the making or a ticking psychological time bomb.

  5. RIP.

    Looks like open carry didn’t have the deterrent effect it should have.

    What I’d like to have happen is for gun owners 1-30,457,423 not to be punished for the actions of gun owner 30,457,424.

  6. RIP. Always amazing to me is that NO matter what happens the anti’s solution is always more restrictions on guns. Even when it happens in a city that is basically a GFZ and in a building that is a GFZ. One bubble inside of another one and still this kind of thing happens. Makes me wonder when the politicians will pull their head out of their collective asses and start looking for the real problems instead of chasing the ever elusive, make believe world they are trying to create with more and more gun laws. Or is it just politics ? You decide. Many of the voters have already been duped and it seems they will continue down that path. The path that leads to less and less freedom as the government becomes their (imaginary) protectors.

    • This is the nature of government. It didn’t start with ours and will exist as long as there are governments. IMHO, the American people have passed a tipping point sometime back where we won’t be free until we force it. We went from articles of confederation to a constitution. We’ve tried the constitution bit and it gave us a good run. It’s high time to give articles of confederation the same long run.

    • The voters aren’t duped. They’re complicit. The People have given up Liberty for trinkets and soothing words. There’s no reviving a people who have lost the zeal for freedom. They have lost their salt. The best solution is to come out of such land and make a nation from the remnant. This country will either fracture or continue into ever increasing tyranny.

    • Agree with Galtha58. We look at this situation and say “see … gun control doesn’t work…” The antis are blind and say “see if we had NJ and NY gun control everywhere we would have a utopia …” I just can’t understand why they can’t see that people with evil intentions WILL hurt, rob, rape, and kill other people regardless of their access to guns. Worse is why can’t the sheep on the fence of the gun debate see this logic?

  7. I can’t help but wonder what the shooter’s motive was. If he was hell bent on the whole mass murder thing, why did he stop at just one? Could this have been an act of revenge against the this guard?

    • That was my first thought as well. he clearly wasn’t looking for a killing spree, since he stopped after killing the armed resistance he would’ve faced. Sure there were probably other guards, but he wanted to die, so what difference does that make.

      My guess is, these two knew each other and had some sort of serious fight going between them, after all, why just kill this one specific guy then off himself.

      • We’ll see. My opinion is the perp was a coward and did not want to confront the sheetstorm that he knew was coming after his first shots. He killed the immediate threat to himself, and then he knew what was coming and didn’t want to face that. Many examples of other potential mass killers that off themselves at the first sign of resistance.

        He probably wanted to get to a specific area and he tried to avoid detection by slipping through a side door but he was discovered and knew that his oh-so-great plan was toast.

  8. This was an older shooter, so in addition to being a vet, was he married, have kids, in a relationship, deep in debt, an alcoholic, a drug user, blah blah blah.
    This was an attack on vets! By the news media. The guy was a vet 40 +\- years ago.

  9. Must every shooting be considered newsworthy?

    I realize that it is a symptom of the internet age, hyper-connectedness, and the 24-hour (progressive) news cycle; but it perpetuates the falsehood that such incidents are on the rise, when in reality they are in long-term and fairly steep decline.

    The sensationalizing of run-of-the-mill incidents is wearisome. (I’m referring to news in general, not TTAG.) Some day, I’d like to do a study of earlier decades, and see what the national headlines/news stories were on the day of/following various shooting incidents.

    • It’s also a symptom of “newshounds” with an agenda. Any “hook” they can possibly use to make a shooting “national news” will be employed. Why else are so many folks convinced we are in the middle of a shooting epidemic?

  10. I need a little clarification on gun laws . I was on a web site that provides instruction, for a fee, in how to obtain a Utah out of state CCW license. On the site it showed all the states that reciprocate with Utah. Right in the middle of the Country, where illinois is, it is blacked out. When I referenced the key it said “Right Denied”. If keeping and bearing arms is a right, and these rights come from our creator, who can deny anyone a right? What other rights will Illinois deny in the future. I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here, sorry if this is off topic.

  11. Was a Veteran, this sentiment produced by this writer / news caster shows Bias and prejudice against all vets everywhere, they should be charged with slander, and indicted, this castigation only helps whip up support for Gun Control as all Veterans are being portrayed as being evil people, this Writer is a coward, never served and is lower than Whale sh*t and is probably a flunky of an anti gun movement group, read those articles with a grain of salt and write nasty gram too their bosses

  12. Guy committed suicide. Sick person ambushes guard in gun-free zone. This would be a more accurate caption. Yes, the anti’s make direct comparison of ill people to healthy people and assert the healthy are the problem.

  13. This has to be some kind of joke, a fallacy. There are no guns allowed in “gun free” areas I refuse to accept this dribble…(sic)

  14. The media is pushing the idea that he is a Veteran so that automatically makes him a conservative. The truth is that the shoot is a true blue Sanders and Warren, die hard Democrat who went and killed a black man. Funny how the media leaves that detail out.

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