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“I have spoken to many women and moms in these rural schools and I haven’t heard one say ‘Well, we need to arm our school secretaries. They want better internet access or more books. This is just one more way to get guns into our schools.” – Rep. Rhonda Fields in Colorado school weapons bill advances over objections it will cause gun violence [via]

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  1. Hopefully it DOES mean more “gun violence”, only now directed at the disaffected losers in our society who would try to use our schools as “target rich environments” to vent their hate on with our children and educational staff as their targets. It’s time those same disaffected losers became the targets, and see how they like it! If it becomes widespread enough, incidents of school shootings should go DOWN, since these depraved cowards only pick “soft” targets. Then, maybe they’ll just go off into a quiet corner and shoot themselves instead – and no great loss.

    • Hopefully it DOES mean more “gun violence”, only now directed at the disaffected losers in our society who would try to use our schools as “target rich environments” to vent their hate on with our children and educational staff as their targets.

      Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding !!!!! We have a winner!

      Rich K. wins the Intertubez today!

  2. It’s amazing how much some schools spend on security. A cadre of volunteer armed teachers might just lower the security costs, leaving more money for better internet and books. Of course I tend to think rationally and therefore unqualified to to even step foot in public school.

  3. Well, you haven’t heard parents say “Teach my third-grader about homosexuality” either.

    Yet your district is cool with that, so…

  4. This is best that our tax dollars can provide? These are the people entrusted to look out for our best interests?

    Zero tolerance, which equals zero justice; punished for standing up to bullies, legislated to be a homicidal maniacs empowerment zones; and indoctrinated to obey and not to think. These children might as well be pushed out naked and defenseless into a lions den. Their lives as well as their minds and spirits are at risk in these abominations. Any parent that would send their children to such mind, spirit and soul crushing obedience factories should be charged with child abuse.

    • But this is the only place the road to socialism goes. If one desires a society composed of helpless sheep ready for shearing, then one must teach mindless conformity to authority from an early age. Then, after a long indoctrination, the sheep will fight in STAY helpless. As we see everywhere with the professorial class.
      But not all. Some have escaped the conditioning. I have high hopes that enough have.

  5. I can’t rightly grasp the sort of mindset that would rather have only a hostile intruder armed, rather than both the intruder and school staff, because that’s one way fewer of getting guns into the school.

    • The reply from my district was that they didn’t want their officers to have to live with the chance that they shot the wrong person, because a teacher had a gun.

      My follow up about teachers living with knowing they did nothing to stop a killer received a reply that teachers barricade and lock doors, to prevent harm.

      They did not accept any more follow up questions.

  6. My wife is a middle school teacher.

    She has come right out and said if she could be trained and armed at school, she would definitely do it.

    There, my anecdote counters her anecdote.

    This is how progressives work, they find something to talk about feelings and draw out an dmotiobal response while conservatives stumble around with actual facts.

  7. > I have spoken to many women and moms

    Exactly when did having the capacity for childbirth start making one an expert in public policy?

    • Whenever you hear a Democrat say “I have spoken to many women and mom’s …” you know she hasn’t. Since when does a State Representative from Denver even make it up to Larimer Country to talk about policy on any subject let alone the Western slope or Southern Colorado?

      • Ding Ding! We have a winner. Rhonda Fields is expert at saying whatever the Denver Post wants to hear. She doesn’t talk to rural folk. They seek out their own representatives, not the Denver woman who got elected on her son’s bloody shirt.
        Not quite fair. Javad Marshall Fields did the right thing. He snitched on a murderer, and he and his fiancee were both then murdered to keep him from testifying. But Ms Fields would never have been elected to the HOA, much less the Legislature, without her son’s death, and she uses it constantly to advance her agenda. She’s barely on nodding terms with facts, in addition.

  8. “Violence” against WHOM? A wouldbe mass murderer?

    The FBI arresting violent White supremacists also causes “violence”.

    The fight to end slavery caused “violence”.

    Fearing “violence” more than victimization and savage exploitation exhibits a slave mentality.

    • Look at the amount of “gun violence” that was absolutely, unequivocally necessary to end Imperial Japanese and Nazi atrocities in World War II.

      • The far left has managed to transform the genocidal WWII era Japanese into “victims”. It can’t be long before they do the same to the Germans.

        • In “The Rape of Nanking” the evil Japanese soldiers mass rape of chinese civilians. And “Factories of Death” the medical experiments performed on POWs and civilians.
          Just like the Germans did.
          Anyone can find these two books on Amazon.
          The minds of a lot of people only white European jews were victims in World War 2.

        • Any time someone gets preachy with me about how we shouldn’t have dropped the bombs, I just calmly explain how many soldiers on both sides died at Midway, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. If we would have taken Japan island-by-island with ground troops, over a million people would have died. Sure, we erased 200,000 people in the blink of an eye, but firebombing Tokyo killed 90,000 people no less brutally. And while those kinds of mass casualties can’t be written off lightly, no one has come back with a convincing argument that killing 200,000 people from a country that attacked us was not justifiable compared to killing 500,000 of theirs and 500,000 of our own (if we split the death toll) in prolonged combat. Even after reading collections of eyewitness accounts from Hiroshima, which were gruesome and sad, I remain convinced that dropping the bombs was the right thing to do. Revisionist history only works if no one has the courage to counter it with facts.

  9. Rural Colorado must be radically different from rural Ohio. I know several mothers who would be glad to have armed staff in the local school. But then, the local school is also worthless. Quite a few parents send their kids to schools in other nearby towns or home school their kids for various reasons. We pulled my kids out and are home schooling them mostly because of the school’s inability to properly handle bullying. They let the bully off with a “we don’t do that”, while the kids who stood up to them get suspended and/or criminal charges pressed on them.

    • If she talked to anyone she talked to people from Denver or the Eastern burbs.

      While her district (29) stretches into the Eastern plains the vast majority of her constituents live in Northern Aurora, Northern Denver or Centennial, none of which are known to be bastions of conservatism or logical thought.

      Keep in mind Aurora has insane gun laws on the books. As far as I can tell from having lived there for four years they don’t enforce those laws but they do have them.

        • I couldn’t find much other than this:

          Sec. 94-143. – Unlawful display by dealers. (don’t you dare let your handguns be visible from outside your building)

          Sec. 94-148. – Affirmative defense for peace officers. (what’s illegal for everybody else becomes legal if you have LEO credentials)

          Sec. 94-149. – Unlawful sale and possession of restricted ammunition. (um, what’s “restricted ammunition”?)

        • In Aurora, technically speaking, carrying a gun in your car is illegal unless it’s cased and unloaded with ammo in a separate container. Under the wording of the law your CCW permit doesn’t mean squat either.

          Aurora also has an AWB that basically covers all semi-auto center fire rifles that are fed from a detachable mag yet the Gander Mountain sells AR’s, SCAR’s, the occasional FAL and a bunch of others.

          Open carry in Aurora is a legal grey area. The cops will fuck with you about it and they will fuck with you HARD. There are ordinances against it but I’ve never heard of anyone actually being arrested for just OC.

          In all these cases state law has supremacy and the city doesn’t really want to get sued, so the laws are unenforced and generally ignored. Generally ignored until the cops can use them as a reason to screw with you. They’ll use these sort of violations as a reason to look for other things they can screw you for.

          APD is about as unprofessional as you can find for a police force. People call them “racists” but in reality they’re equal opportunity rights violators. If they can’t use a city ordinance or law to screw with you they’ll just make one up. Ask me how I know.

        • A side note:

          While the city seems to prefer to avoid litigation I wouldn’t test their little dictates in court. People tried that with Denver and Denver won. (To be fair, Denver’s laws are far, far more asinine.)

        • Oh, and it’s also illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits unless you are on a shooting range or… you guessed it, a police officer. Any other discharge, for any reason, is technically illegal.

        • Sec. 94-141. – Definitions.Restricted ammunition means any caliber projectile which is coated or treated with Teflon or similar type synthetic chemical compound. This definition includes projectiles commonly known as the KTW bullets.

          The mythical “Cop Killer Bullet” of the ’70s.

    • I live in rural Colorado, and she either lied completely about talking to us or she specifically sought out the handful of anti gun city transplants we have.

  10. They haven’t figured out how to keep some teachers from having sex with students. How many times does this happen and the offender gets hired at another school.
    Why isn’t this addressed?

  11. Apparently, Rep Fields-of-Dreams knows of books & internet kids can use after they’ve been shot by whack jobs.

    (If teachers are whack jobs who will shoot kids, you have a hiring problem. If not, arming them can only make kids safer from the actual whack jobs. Maybe this is the tblhing with teachers’ unions, ed bureaucrats, and their patron / client politicians … they know they are whack jobs, so think everybody else is too.)

  12. This is the same useless Rep who sponsored the magazine limit bill here in Colorado in 2013. It seems that her district likes her even though she would disarm them all give a chance. Unfortunately, I don’t get to vote against her as I’m in a different district.

  13. I have also spoken to many women and moms that have found this lady unfit to lead. They want her out. Since many women and moms have said this, it must be true.

  14. “Democrats blasted the measure as largely unnecessary while encouraging unqualified school employees to train for a potential Columbine-like attack.”

    Good ol’ DP never fails to amuse. (Take that however you want.)

    So… how exactly is one unqualified for training? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the point of training to become qualified and the test at the end to prove that one is qualified?

    I suppose we could require that all applicants have already passed the Q course but it’s not like that wouldn’t wash out 99.99% of cops and Sheriff’s deputies too.

  15. The thing they keep missing…. no one is asking anyone to ‘start’ carrying a firearm, we are going to allow those who already ‘have’ firearms to carry them on campus. The cost to the school should be pretty close to zero because the teachers and staff already have the firearm, have already gone through whatever permit process your state requires, and have already spent the personal time and money to acquire and train with the firearm.

    • It’s worse than that. Here in Colorado, someone with a valid permit to carry who is employed (or retained by contract) by a school district as a “school security officer” can already carry on campus, in buildings, etc. (CRS 18-12-214(3)(b)). No extra “training” required, beyond any that may have been necessary to obtain the carry permit in the first place.

      In Colorado, that “training” is a one-day handgun safety class. But, since the current statute doesn’t say it has to be a COLORADO carry permit (it can be one from any state recognized by Colorado), the training requirements can currently vary.

      So, a school district can already allow any employee they wish to carry on campus. All they have to do is add “and school security officer” to their job description.

      Yes, the current bill (SB 5) would remove the [largely irrelevant] “school security officer” requirement. But it would also require completion of “a school employee handgun safety course provided by a county sheriff”, where the curriculum of that course has been approved by the local board of education.

      No, Rep. Fields, this isn’t “just one more way to get guns into our schools”. It’s about allowing school districts to get sheriff-provided training for those who can ALREADY carry.

  16. I fully support those that wish to be firearm free. Especially in schools. Better to have a potential massacre than have anyone armed and ready to defend the kids. It’s just another way to get firearms into schools after all.

    • I blame the NRA. You just KNOW they’re the ones behind this. They’ve been giving guns to children for decades!!!

  17. Well, of COURSE we don’t want school staff and teachers to carry guns at school! After all, teachers beat and stab students when they get mad already, and the hospitals are full of maimed and crippled children!

  18. Well, of course you don’t want the teachers to have guns. That would just be oppressive to the kids with guns and give the teachers an unfair advantage over them, right? Right?…

  19. what a sexist C U Next Tuesday. she ONLY asks women? wtf is that bullshit? its freaking amazing how sexist most women are and don’t even realize it.


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