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I spend a fair amount of time cruising YouTube on your behalf, looking for firearms-related video content. When I search “gun violence” I often come across school projects like this one. And hoo-boy, it’s a doozy.

“Guns are being issued like food stamps” Dania Mcdonald [sic] announces. And then shows a chart comparing American firearms-related homicides to those in Mexico, Columbia and Swaziland. Wait. Canada, Australia and the U.K. My bad.

Actually, her bad. This kind of anti-gun agitprop — “there are too many guns held by people legally and illegally” and guns should be restricted to “governmental workers” — belongs on The Trace not a schoolroom powerpoint presentation.

Needless to say, the Second Amendment doesn’t get a look in.

Ms. Mcdonald’s solution? Gun owners should sign a contract with the government promising not to use firearms except for self-defense. If it’s not used for self-defense, kill them! Seriously. That’s what she says.

I wonder what grade she got for this? If I’d presented something like that in my high school, I would have received an A. True story. I went to a Quaker School. And I was pro-gun control.

But I saw the light. So Ms. Mcdonald isn’t a lost cause. Is she?

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  1. Issued? Guns are being issued? Like obama phones? Why didn’t I get that memo?

    Young lady, the last time I was issued a weapon it came with some pretty serious strings attached.

    • Where can I get one or two of those Obama guns at? Can I sign my 4YO and dog up to get a couple extras?

      • They’re no longer ObamaGuns; They’re TrumpGuns. If you join the NRA, as soon as you send in your membership fee (that goes directly to the Gun Lobby and thus to Trump) they in turn send you three guns: A fully-semi-automatic .9mm handgun with high-capacity clip full of armor-piercing bullets, a fully-semi-automatic 30-calibre-clipazine .556-calibre assault rifle with high-capacity banana clips, a barrel shroud, and a thing in the back that goes up, and a semi-fully-automatic double-barreled .12-caliber shotgun with a folding stock and the requisite high-capacity magazine that holds cop-killing bullets as well.
        There is no background check, no proof of age or mental capacity, and a handy minority-and-schoolchildren hunting license is included.

  2. Nobody is ever a lost cause. A person may lose the opportunity to show they can change by virtue of their behavior, but change is always possible.

    The right circumstances can cause almost anything, however unthinkable, to happen.

    • “Nobody is ever a lost cause.”

      ~ Snip ~

      Katy, you are *far* more charitable than I.

      “The right circumstances can cause almost anything, however unthinkable, to happen.”

      In a few more years, you may re-assess your position on that. Cynicism is a dish slow-cooked over a proper Texas Mesquite smoke fire for decades…

        • That’s true.
          The merely possible still happens, just not quite as often.
          It’s very probable for a meteor to hit our atmosphere, and it happens a lot of times each day.
          It’s very possible for the earth to be struck by a fairly large asteroid, and it doesn’t happen very often. But when it does happen, it’s a hum-dinger.

        • Agreed but in the context of human nature I was thinking in terms of possibilty vs probability as the likelihood of George Soros flipping and becoming a hard-core Trump supporter or Billy Graham becoming an atheist.

          I’m betting against either scenario. ??

      • First off, cynicism ain’t a Texas thing, like bragging is;-) Katy is right, this is just a kid who has been indoctrinated in the public madrassas of progressivism. Right now, she is probably still just the victim. And people can indeed be deprogrammed. Remember those panel vans that they used to snatch people from cults back in the seventies? Sure, a psychological A-Team almost certainly won’t save this girl but that ain’t her fault, it is all of OUR faults for letting this happen.

  3. Not to be “that guy”, but why on earth is TTAG publishing a blurb fisking a fifth-grader’s (or whatever) school project? Does this add anything important to anyone’s life?

    • Because in ten or less years they sheep students will be voting you rights away! and you should know that now so maybe you can stop the little one from being issued that little red book !

    • My thoughts exactly. This looks like a kid giving an ill informed speech. While I and other readers here obviously disagree with her talking points I don’t support posting high school student speeches for ridicule.

      • The person who posted the speech for ridicule is Dania Mcdonald. She put it up on youtube for the world to see. The comments are open. She may regret that decision.

      • It’s called the real world and school tries to hide these biological adults from it. Much to the detriment of society.

      • Not subjecting HS students to ridicule? Are you kidding? That’s when you’re supposed to be crucified in an adult fashion for having insane and stupid statist ideas like this. This is when the “teacher” (and your fellow students) are to debate your assertion, in a fairly adult fashion. The person presenting is supposed to defend their ideas in a logical fashion, and be able to support their point with facts. If they can’t, they get a failing grade.

        The foolishness we see at Berkely and Mizzou are a direct result of not having intellectually developed HS students. Having Marxist/Communist fantasies is for 8th graders, by 11th or 12th, they should be well-informed enough to be thoroughly disabused of such nonsense. By the time they get to college, wearing a Che t-shirt should be reserved for the chuckle-heads getting degrees in underwater basket weaving, or as an ironic statement for a poli-sci hipster. You should have learned what an evil POS he was, just like Mao and Marx long before you got that HS diploma.

        • Well said.
          Too many think high school is merely for stuffing more info into minds; it really should be an environment where the students start to learn how to think about what they are being taught.

        • That was the goal back in the ’80s – finish teaching you the basics of how to think, how to analyze critically, dissect speech, logical fallacies, that kind of stuff. Guess that’s all gone, replaced with ‘common bore’ or some such.

    • Yes, because as someone with two daughters in grade school, its illustrative of the environment they are in.

      My girls both shoot. Guns are normalized in our home. But other areas they are vulnerable. After Trump won, my daughter came home saying that a lot of the teachers were angry and crabby that day at school and they made no bones about letting the kids know that the world was going to be turned upside down with Trump as President.

  4. ‘beep’ good little robot please have a seat, you have a A now ‘beep’ goes the STATE teacher bot

  5. I watched it for about 30 seconds and decided it was a waste of my time. I also couldn’t stand her stepping back and forth.

  6. “Ms. Mcdonald’s solution? Gun owners should sign a contract with the government promising not to use firearms except for self-defense. If it’s not used for self-defense, kill them! Seriously. That’s what she says.”

    in a manner of speaking, dont we kind of already have this? that bowl haircutted little nazi in south carolina shot several people with a gun, a jury of his peers decided it was murder (hence, not self defense), and a judge sentenced him to die.


  7. Well, u have to take into consideration, her perspective of guns. Im sure she is from detroit, new orleans, chicago or some other inner city. Guns arnt really used in positive ways there. All kids see is murder, robberies, etc in the hood. So, not surprising to see why she feels that way about guns. Sad.

    • Not only are guns primarily not used in positive ways in the city, but the Democratic governments there try their damnedest to demonize guns that should be allowed to be used for self defense by the plebs, while letting the gangs run wild. There are no legal gun stores or shooting ranges in most big cities, and the city governments are constantly trying to expand their tentacles through the suburbs and farther out.

  8. Poor kid is about to get a serious thrashing in the youtube comments. I hope she has a thick skin.

  9. I was issued my gun….after I issued the guy some money.

    I issued guns to my kids when I took them to the range.

  10. My son, who’s 8 and a half, knows that any serious offense means no guns. Any serious criminal record will deny you the privilege (in my part of the world).

    He understands there are consequences to actions and something that may feel like fun for a few minutes can affect you for the rest of your life.

    • “[your son] understands there are consequences to actions and something that may feel like fun for a few minutes can affect you for the rest of your life.”

      In other words your son is NOT a Progressive.

  11. There already is a contract for illegal activity. It’s called the law, we all sign it when we become U.S citizens. It’s a social contract, one agreed to by everyone and enforced by publically elected officials and their agents. But that’s the point of having the Second Amendment, when the .Gov isn’t there, you have to defend yourself and those you who depend on you. Plus in that “only for self-defense” what about hunting, sport shooting, collecting, fun? This seems very narrow minded and one sided.

    • She probably thinks “nonlethal” self defense rounds and “shooting to wound” are a thing, too, and wants to ban the most common “self-defense” weapons, like salt waffles, handguns of any flavor, and hollowpoint ammunition.

  12. Shouldn’t she be suspended under a zero tolerance policy for having the image of a gun on school premises and suggesting that someone be killed?

  13. She has yet to disable comments, so perhaps some of you might want to give her a few pointers about ‘The Truth About Guns”! Perhaps she will read them aloud in class, but I’m not betting on it.

  14. “I was pro-gun control. But I saw the light. So Ms. Mcdonald isn’t a lost cause. Is she?”

    She’s a lost cause. You saw the light because you’re smart enough to overcome your upbringing. She isn’t and won’t.

  15. There’s a lovely opportunity to judo the anti’s here, net: Well everything you want is in place already … let’s talk about republican self-government. (The indoctrination supervisors aren’t about that, but a clever kid could work a line or two in. Yes, I was that kid.)

    The wise-guy short form goes: “That sounds like exactly what we have, so what’s tbe suggestion, here.”

    – When you get a gun, you are responsible for what you do with it. Check.

    – As a citizen, you have a kind of contract with all the other citizens – the “government” – covering what you can do, and how “we” will ensure people abide by that covenant. Check.

    – The declaration of independence expressed the “why” & “for what” pretty well. The U S constitution is mostly an operating manual saying “how.” Common law, legislation, and case law fill in the details. Check.

    – Under the law, people who misuse guns to murder … and who murder with other tools … indeed are “killed” – “executed” is the term – for doing that.

    It seems the McDonalds special menu policies are in place. Maybe they could be implemented better, so let’s talk about that.

  16. She’ll grow up.unarmed and be fodder for criminals. They’ll skip my kid and go after an easier mark.

  17. She probably got an A for this, many here have correctly stated public schools are not in the business of education, but statist indoctrination. Unfortunately the private and parochial schools are in the same indoctrination business.

  18. I think this video is an example of what kids are being taught today in schools and from the media. Some commenters are wondering what the value of this article is, talking about a young students school project and what not. I think there is a lot of value. It is showing what are youth are learning and thinking about guns.
    As gun owners, we have a responsibility to educate and teach our youth about guns and how they aren’t just bad like they are often depicted as. And I guess it’s not just the youth. We need to educate other adults. So many people are misinformed these days and it’s going to lead to may problems in the future.

  19. I hope that these gun control laws will be effective as many people forget the real purpose of guns usage. It is great that such projects are promoted in schools. I have written the paper on the same subject with the help of site where I discovered more facts and investigations on the protocols and procedures for obtaining gun licenses.

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