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Ruger SP101 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“So here are a few ideas for the candidates: Support a comprehensive national database to track gun ownership instead of one to track people who practice a specific religion. Outlaw assault weapons. Instead of closing our borders to refugees, close loopholes in the law allowing gun buyers to circumvent background checks. Stand up to the “radicals” who oppose the most common-sense gun safety reforms. While politicians fixate on rooting out terrorists around the globe, they ignore the more pressing threat to Americans: the firearms held by our own people.” – Firearms, not terrorism, pose biggest threat [via]

[h/t PKB]

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  1. The reason the threat has become so large is idiots like this that can’t see the problem right in front of their nose.

    • How about we reduce legal immigration as to ensure these people are not allowed in, instead of reducing our rights and freedoms in the aftermath of the crimes and attacks they commit?

      Remember it only takes 19 immigrants to destroy our rights as we saw in the aftermath of 9/11

  2. The hatred of their fellow law abiding citizens is palpable. Even in the face of Paris, which has all the things they want, a much deadlier attack took place. Yet, they rage against us because we are their real enemies. Civil war is coming because our progressives don’t want to and won’t coexist with us. There is no reconciling their hatred and rage to anything peaceful. Keep the power dry, magazines loaded, and ever vigilant.

    • I’m still holding out hope for a peaceful, legal divorce and creation of perhaps several new nations. There’s no need to resort to bloodshed to achieve the inevitable. The inevitable may be unimaginable, however, and many may refuse to accept it without force imposing it.

      • Many Americans would happily let the Progressives go their own way, but the Progs will never extend the same courtesy to Americans. It runs counter to their totalitarian ideology.

        • I don’t see how it can’t come to James’s conclusion especially when Obama and the left are.doing everything in their power to stack the deck against us. Obama is bending over backwards to defend Islam, even radical islam. Christians, NRA members, gun owners are being labeled as terrorists while true terrorists are being marginalized. And yes, some of our fellow Americans are that stupid to believe them. How can it not come to that?

      • Already been tried, see “American Civil War”. Now this makes sense:

        S: We are going to secede.
        N: You can’t secede, we won’t let you.
        S: Can so, watch us.
        N: We will kill you until you stop trying to leave!
        S: WTF?

        • The fact of the matter is that by their unwillingness to abide by, protect and defend the Constitution that established this Union, even those who have been elected to office by that very same Constitution, it is THEY who have seceded from us. THEY are the rebels, not us, and any “civil war” would be fought to take back the country, not secede from it.

      • No, we take every inch, this is our nation, not theirs, they did not found it, build it, or defend it.

  3. Gone are the days where the responsibility of individual actions are placed on the individual.

    All the people screaming to repeal the second amendment better realize that when that proves easy enough, the 4th, 5th, and the 1st might be “adjusted” too to be more in line with today.

  4. Words, like guns, are dangerous when negligently or criminally used.

    To that end, all journalists and writers should have stringent background checks, requiring the local law enforcement to sign off on their credentials. They should have to pass thorough grammatical testing and writing training, then registered with the federal government and be subject to no notice inspection of their notes and files.

  5. How do you guys even find this garbage? That website is so full of ads and stupid surveys, that I lost interest in the whole site two seconds after I clicked the link.

      • Which is part of the problem. Whoever wrote this anonymous editorial probably isn’t even from Iowa. He probably lives somewhere in northern Virgina.

  6. This must be one of those “idiots out walking around” I keep hearing about so much.

    Seriously though, Paris has all the measures he proposes and it didn’t stop them from getting what they did and doing what they did. Also, the people he mentioned passed these “magic” background checks that prevent pre-crime. Give me a break.

  7. So I guess that “bomb-making” setup, along with the “pipe bombs” found in the aftermath of the SB shooting, were just for making firecrackers that wouldn’t hurt anything.

  8. I always wonder… If I were ever in a gun-free zone when something like this happens, could I sue on the grounds that security was not provided for after I disarm because of their policy?

    • Only if you survive. Anyone can file suit, if they have “standing”, but winning that suit – not so much.

  9. Des Moines register is the same rag that ran Donald Kaul’s piece shortly after Newtown in which he eagerly stated his desire to see guns pulled from the cold dead hands of NRA members. After outrage he lamely stated that it was “satire”

  10. We have to understand the thinking of the progressive mind in order to most effectively fight them.
    The ideology is founded on the belief that the human animal is inherently good and that behavior is subject to and only to one’s environment.
    Introduce a gun into the human’s environment and that is the cause of the subject’s evil deeds.

    • Which would be an ideology founded on emotion, not science.

      Behavior, good or bad, simply serves a function, or purpose, for the organism.

      Thus, objects can only serve a purpose, or function, for the organism, or the behavior, by association.

    • I disagree with this.

      I have long stated that their ideology is fueled by the belief that humans are inherently bad and cannot be trusted to make good decisions (their definition of “good decision,” of course).

      Thus the need for top down, centralized “control” by the “Betters.”

      • ^This. Combined with a simultaneous, passionate belief in their own righteousness and infallibility.

      • That would be fascism. They are the elitist that want to control the masses.
        The fascists need the people to comply in order to achieve authoritarian control.
        What I was describing is the fundamental belief held by those who would allow the elitists to rule over them.
        It is a Conservative belief that man, without proper nurturing, has more propensity to do evil. That’s why the church and family weigh highly in Conservative values.

      • Actually you’re both half right (and thus both half wrong).

        They don’t think we are good, they don’t think we are inherently bad. Rather, they think we are perfectible if only they can control our upbringing and our environment. (This is why they love to control the media and education, it’s to mold people.)

    • You give liberals too much credit. Their philosophy is not based on the notion that people are good but that people are stupid and need their elites (the liberals) to make most of their decisions for them.

        • Not just control but control over every minute detail of your life. They want to tell you how much salt you can have and how much soda you can drink. Imagine the apoplexy at the thought of you walking around with a loaded gun!

        • All of you are talking about leaders of the progressive masses. And you are all correct. But that does not describe the Liberal mindset that wants to be coddled. That wants no responsibility. That lays blame on the NRA for the death of Trayvon Martin. That blames the gun for all of America’s woes.
          It’s not her fault for getting pregnant so allow her the choice to abort.
          It’s not the black man’s fault that prisons have a 75% black population.
          No CEO should make 10 times more than the lowest paid person at a business.
          Does any of that sound familiar?
          The progressives believe that everyone is good and deserving of anything anyone else has.
          We can’t fight the elites because the progressive masses will replace them with other leaders who blame everyone and everything besides themselves. You are good. Guns are bad. You are good. Cops are bad. You are good here is your participation trophy even though you lost every game.
          Illegal immigrants are good.
          Syrian refugees are good.
          Teen moms are good.
          Absent fathers are good.
          Muslims are good. (the few bad ones are only that way because of Zionist occupiers).
          This is at the heart of the ideology Conservatives face and we need to know this before we can attempt to change minds of the masses.

        • Yea, as long as there’s free stuff involved (i.e. taxpayer funded stuff) you’ll always find useful idiots willing to help.

  11. Yeeeeah… except violent crime is AT A 40 YEAR LOW and DROPPING while gun ownership is at an ALL-TIME HIGH and RISING.

    You do the math.
    Sources: FBI Crime statistics, Justice Dept NICS records.

  12. 1. comprehensive national database to track gun ownership
    2. Outlaw assault weapons
    3. close loopholes
    4. common-sense gun safety reforms

    They must be on to something, they’ve checked off on all the Democrats talking points. So much fail in one paragraph.

    • I’ve always wondered how they intend on accomplishing number 1. New York and Connecticut tried to get people to register “assault weapons” and had abysmal compliance rates. So now they propose the creation of a database to register every gun, and every gun owner? Simply saying “Poof – we have a database!” isn’t going to make it happen. They’ll have to get everyone, everywhere to voluntarily submit to it. What do you suppose the likelihood of that happening is?

      • “They’ll have to get everyone, everywhere to voluntarily submit to it. What do you suppose the likelihood of that happening is?”

        They will wait for an atrocity.

        They will pass legislation, take full advantage of the crisis like Connecticut did.

        They will hang around gun ranges, use traffic stops, search homes with a warrant granted by an anonymous tip with a snitch reward, etc. to find non-compliance.

        They will *allow* you to plead guilty with no jail time and probation, and seize your weapons.

        They will pick the low-hanging fruit. They will play the long game.

  13. So here are a few ideas for the Des Moines Register. Learn what the law actually says before spouting off your fool mouth about it. Nobody is impressed with someone who wraps themselves in a cloak of ignorance before making proclamations.

  14. It says something about a ‘news’ agency that is so blind it can’t see a mere 300 miles to the east. Iowa has a relatively high rate of gun ownership and carry permits and consistently ranks in the lowest 5 for homicide rate. 300 miles east of Des Moines is a gun grabbers paradise where guns are strictly verboten called Chicago where ‘gun violence’ is rampant. And the Register’s editorial staff has no idea. That or it’s not a news agency but a disseminator of agitprop.

    • Well, it’s all those Iowans with guns going to Chicago…or something.

      We had someone here on this very site a few days ago CLAIMING to be a ‘gun owner’ saying “California is doing what they can, but how can their gun laws be effective when CA is surrounded by states with less strict gun control.”

      It’s part of the narrative: when a gun control paradise fails, it’s not the fault of (or even correlated with) the gun control. It *IS* the fault of (or correlated with) the gun laws of places 300 miles, or even more, away.

      Makes perfect sense, right?

      • Yet they never come up with a reason the homicide rates are so low in Iowa or Indiana.

        • Because they sold all their “bad” guns to straw men from Chicago and only kept their “good” FUDD guns. Duh.

  15. I think anyone who says that “assault weapons” should be banned should have to specifically define what they mean by “assault weapon”. That would either a) cut out 90% of such rants or b) expose just how stupid and unworkable or meaningless such a ban would be.

    • You’d get a lot of answers like assault weapons are guns that spray hundreds of bullets a minute.

      • Yes, that’s what I expect. That or a lot of incomprehensible generalized wubba-wubba-wubba about “military weapons”, “large capacity”, “rapid-fire” blah blah blah, (which is why I say “specific”). But it gives someone the opportunity to note that the full-auto guns that they are describing are already heavily regulated and have been since the 30s.

    • That assumes the average person had the knowledge needed to call BS.

      I’ve been at a BBQ with various military members, from various backgrounds, from boots on the ground infantry to engineer, and I eventually had to bow out of the gun conversation because the nonsense being thrown around was giving me headache. From .45acp will blow a softball size hole all the way to 5.56 cannot go out past 300 meter, like it hits an invisible brick wall at 300 meters then falls from the sky.

      Even the people who “know”, some times don’t.

    • The Truth About Guns ran an article a few years back (look it up) that linked to another article that asked a bunch of random people to describe what an assault weapon was. It was filled with so much fail and ignorance that I wanted to facepalm to the point of my hand going through the back of my skull.

  16. So when much less than 10000 or so guns are used for evil of hundreds of millions of guns that is a huge problem? Not people who literally want to kill you for one brad of fanaticism or another?

    The mind boggles.

    • How about this – The Lib/Prog anti-2A types are quick to proclaim “You can’t tarnish every Muslim with the deeds of the few radicals who commit terrorist acts!” or “You can’t blame all African Americans for the crimes of the few criminals and gang-bangers!” or “You can’t paint ALL illegal immigrants from Mexico as criminals just because that’s where most of the drugs come from!”

      BUT…”Some people do evil things with guns, so all of you who own guns are EVIL!”

  17. Can someone please give me the contact information so I can start getting the emails from TTAG again? Stopped getting them about a week ago and not sure why? Darned if I can find a good email address on here to send a request to start them again. Thanks.

    • Having the same problem for the past ten days. Have tried updating Word Press profile with no change resulting and cannot find anything further to try. Really frustrating! Word Press sucks and you cannot even close your account with those SOB’s!

  18. The wheels have come off the nut bus. The libs are now in full blown hysteria over private gun ownership, but refuse to see the writing on the outhouse wall about terrorism.

  19. There are STILL dead tree “news” papers around? I haven’t bought one in years(and I’m old). BTW most of these BS laws/rules are in place in Illinois(FOID,no private sales w/o a “background check”-even from my brother) and everything you can envision). And Chicago is far from the worst place around(but lots of “gun-free” zones). All you guys spouting nonsense need to get up to speed.

  20. If I’ve misunderstood please let me know.
    I found your arrangement quite witty.
    In your rewrite of the politician’s goals did you mean a database of people of a “certain religion”?
    Historically our homegrown terrorists have been white Americans and assumed Christians.
    Would you accept a database of people with those characteristics?
    Recognizing a threat while ignoring another isn’t good situational awareness.

  21. Let’s compare some cases…

    So, >>300,000,000 or so legally owned firearms in the US were involved in exactly no harm to anyone over the last day, week, fortnight or month.

    A few legally owned firearms were involved in harming someone over any of those periods, when some person used them to do harm: murder, suicide, accidental discharge, when some person engaged in murder, suicide, accidental death or similar. Almost as if *people* have agency, while firearms sit there doing nothing on their own.

    Meanwhile, a few *people* intent on killing a bunch of other people to make a political, were successful this last week, using firearms … also pipe bombs … while simultaneously proclaiming their political point on Facebook. Terrorists, one might call them.

    I would be delighted if the editors of the DesMoins Register would propose something to keep guns, pipe bombs, and whatever else out of the hands of people intent on killing as many others as they can, to make a political point.

    I’ll wait.

    • Well, I’m not a huge fan of “self defense” among competing drug distribution networks, as an example of legitimate gun use for personal protection.

      However, while our editorial-writing friends are making pronouncements, maybe they could explain how their scheme would benefit the folks who were subject to a home invasion and would-be burglary. Something tells me, 3 guys burst in, they might be willing and able to do harm without having a firearm themselves. In the event, hiding while they take whatever they want turned out to be not such an effective strategy in this case – they came after this guy after he hid in a closet.

      While I’m still not a fan of gun distributor intramurals as examples of good DGUs, have we decided that drug-dealing (not proven in this case), or possession is punishable by summary execution … beating to death in your own closet?

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