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 Maura Perazzi with MX200/3 at IWA & OutdoorClassics 2013 (courtesy

“Daniele Perazzi, president of the Italian Perazzi Shotguns firm, was taken into custody yesterday by Adams County Deputies along with several prototype shotguns.” reports, apparently unaware that that particular Mr. Perazzi died last year. Perhaps Mauro Perazzi [above] is the gentlemen in question. Anyway, “The executive was picked up in the parking lot of the Denver Merchandise Mart, hosting the high-end Colorado Gun Collectors show this weekend, after a taxi driver, likely reacting to a suspicious activity reporting outreach program conducted by law enforcement, told authorities he thought he could be transporting an armed ‘foreign speaking’ terror suspect.” To say Perazzi was not pleased would be like saying Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga girl was a bit of a babe (until botox and airbags) . . .

Perazzi was released a short time later and his prototype shotguns were returned to him, but reports have emerged that he was ordered by law enforcement to leave the state by nightfall, and sources tell Gun Rights Examiner he has gone one step further and left the country. He is expected to be returning soon with an eye toward filing legal action.

Get out of town by sundown? I doubt it. But how much do you want to bet that gun grabbers think it’s OK to profile gun manufacturers’ execs?

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  1. Perazzi would have had a better time in Florida. Guess he now knows Colorado is no longer friendly to people of the gun.


      from Perazzi S.p.A.

      With reference to press reports concerning Daniele Perazzi’s alleged unlawful arrest for terrorism last Saturday in Denver (Colorado), we state that the incident is devoid of any foundation and the news is completely fabricated.
      Daniele Perazzi (founder of Perazzi SpA) died last year, and his son Mauro was not in the United States last Saturday.
      The Perazzis are not involved in any wrongdoing in any way, shape or form and, to our best knowledge, are not under investigation or scrutiny nor are targets of criminal proceedings.
      The Perazzi Company, contrarily to what has been reported, is very familiar with the US legislation on weapons due to its extensive presence in the American market.
      Perazzi is considering to take legal action to protect the brand and the Company’s reputation in the USA.

      Perazzi SpA

  2. I have decided from this point forward, that the Rocky Mountain State shall be referred to as Kolorado (since it has been largely influenced by Kalifornian transplants).

    • Колорадо is the phonetic equivalent, while Красный цвет means the same as the Spanish “Colorado” – whence the name.

      добро пожаловать.

      • Russ, you seem to have a grasp of the “red” language…….? Incidentally what is its pronunciation?

        • Колорадо=Colorado
          Красный цвет = krasniy tsevt/ color red
          добро пожаловать=dobro pojalovat/ good wishes.
          Thats as close as I can get typing on a phone.

        • Колорадо, Colorado
          Красный цвет, krasniy tsevt, color red
          добро пожаловать, dobro pojalovat good wishes.
          Thats as close as I can get typing on a phone.

        • Sorry about the multi post. The pop up told me the posting failed. Hit post a few times, same message. Lo and behold here they are. Bug in system?

        • JaxD: re: multiple posts

          The mobile posting interface does that upwards of 50% of the time. It’s (in my experience) almost literally never true. I used to refresh just to make sure every time I got that. Now I don’t even bother. I’ve seen that message literally hundreds of times, and I think it’s been accurate once.

        • Wouldn’t it be time for the Wolverines to pop up in Kolorado? Or have they too been Kalifornia-nized?

        • The Spanish named it “color red – colorado,” for the soil.

          That’s why I gave the Cyrillic for “Colorado” first.

          That second was more of a joke.

        • @borkfk: Not in the sticks, they haven’t. That’s still the Wild West.

          That Denver is very citified, Californicated AND the state Capitol doesn’t help. Outside the Denver-Boulder metropolitan axis, Colorado isn’t anti-gun.

        • Unfortunately most people have no clue as to what they are talking about, much like what is going on here. Denver, and Boulder counties are the only two liberal counties in Colorado, and go figure, the only anti gun sections of the state. Another unfortunate thing is that those two parts of Colorado are the parts that hold most of the people that vote… The rest of the state is completely pro 2A, and a lot of the other counties have put up legislation against the new laws saying simply that they will not enforce all of the new crap going on. Sheriffs in Colorado have also started a law suit against the state. So, before you go off on your Komifornia crap, get your story straight.

    • Let me try to educate you since you don’t know what your talking about… Denver, and Boulder, are the only anti gun places in Colorado. You should read more before you run your mouth. The “entitled” liberals that are in those two parts just happen to vote more than any other parts of the state. Hickenlooper just opened up the door even more to slanted voting with the new laws that he signed into law recently. The major part of Colorado, is fighting the small part that unfortunately has more of the voting pull because people with the “entitled” attitude have to have their nose in everything. In the case of voting, that just happens to give them the upper hand. What Colorado needs is for more of the pro 2A community to get involved in the voting. Till they start getting into the fight, there is nothing that they can do. By no means though is the whole state anti 2A.

      • It sounds like the problem in Colorado is that the metrosexual, feminized, pencil necked, decadent Kalifornicated urban wastrels are more politically active and effective than the rural natives. That’s a real shame. As a 3rd gen. Kalifornian I can understand that, except that you REAL Rocky Mountain Staters need to GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW. Let this be a sober warning! DON’T BE LIKE KRAZYFORNIA AND WAIT UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE. WE ARE A LOST CAUSE. DON’T BECOME ANOTHER ONE COLORADO!

      • Unfortunately, Denver and Boulder are not the small part of Colorado where it counts for elections: population and money. The Denver metro area is about 2.5 million people. The entire state is 5 million. The margins for state offices are now razor thin which is why Colorado is one of the few legitimate swing states left. When you get a handful of distrcits where the conservative vote was split by multiple Tea Party/ GOP candidates, you hand a victory to a Democrat with 35% of the vote. That’s how they gained the trifecta. 2014 can’t come fast enough…

  3. Wow. As if “terrorists” would choose shotguns, irrespective of the advice of DBJ.

    That hack pusher sounds like a graduate of a modern high school, all right.

    Just – wow.

      • They are fine machines, I’ll grant you. Not saying otherwise.

        Just that they’re not really the sort of thing most terrorists tend to use.

        • Ahh, I’m in the right company….
          Course I’m the idiot who humps around the snake river canyon chasing chukar.
          I took a really nasty spill trying to protect my O/U.
          I now have a used beretta to sacrifice.

  4. I’m just waiting to get Swatted one of these days when I walk through the house with one of my rifles to go work on it or clean it. Just imagine how that would turn out in a slave state like I currently live in.

  5. The recent Boston attack will be capitalized on by the anti 2nd Amendment crowd, with sanctimonious propaganda to turn anyone in who is “suspicious.”

    This all comes from the current regimes communist playbook, taking us forward to circa 1970 Bulgaria.

  6. To give some background on Perazzi and their guns:

    Many of the current and recent past US Olympic Team shotgun competitors use Perazzi shotguns. They’re not a low-end gun. They’re up there with Krieghoff and other high-end European sporting and competition guns. Many other competitors at the highest levels of shotgun competitions are shooting Perazzi guns:

    In short, someone from Perazzi will be in Colorado again soon to support the US Olympic shooting team. They’re not coming through Colorado just to make idle chit-chat at a gun show. Their many other customers are well-heeled people who can afford shotguns that run $10K to $40K.

    The Denver PD has just bought themselves a heap of embarrassment, starting with the fact that their cops and other employees probably are such low-rent morons that they don’t know who or what a Perazzi shotgun is. If cops actually knew one-tenth as much about guns as they think they know, they’d have recognized the name immediately.

    But, when departments started buying arms for their employees, the employees could get through in their jobs with little to no knowledge about guns whatsoever. Now, most cops now wouldn’t know a S&W revolver from a Saturday Night Special… or that there are, in fact, many shotguns that are worth more than their cars.

    • Well, I’d love to have a Perrazi or a Krieghof, but I’ve never seen one while working. I wonder what predicated the arrest – or are police actually getting that stupid with “so and so may have a gun” calls.

      • Not sure if they have where you live, but in the NY metro area they have these “see something, say something ” commercials on all the time. Many a person with a long black umbrella have been busted because of the ultra stupid or ultra fearful or the guy who thinks he can get his 15min of fame by reporting something.

        It has created thousands of false reports and many people being detained or arrested, but have solved zero crimes.

        • I live in NYC. My old man is a bagpiper. He was once practicing in the park when he found himself surrounded by police officers with weapons drawn. Someone apparently saw him putting his pipes together and called the cops saying someone in the park was assembling a sniper rifle.

      • Where GDR-style snitches meet the incompetence of the public sector, you get stupidity squared.

  7. My uncle is in charge of security at that show this weekend in denver. I will ask him tomorrow if he heard about it.

  8. You can’t blame the cab driver, at least his heart was in the right place. The police department though needs more training or better yet more competent people to train.

      • I think that’s a little harsh. I don’t know if I would’ve told the cops that a terrorist is about to shoot up the place but I probably would’ve made sure someone knew about it.

        If I’m a cab driver and a foreign dude gets out of my car and pulls a bunch of rifle bags out of the trunk, considering the recent terror attacks and spree shootings, I’m probably going to tell someone.

        Granted, I probably would’ve called the management of the mall/expo center before I called the cops but still.

        • OK, wait a sec.
          You’re a cab driver and a foreign dude gets out of your cab.
          So, that’s YOU who got out of the cab?
          And a guy gets a bag of rifles out of your cab, because you’ve dropped him off at a GUN SHOW, and you call the po-po?

          Not a fan of the “see something say something”, rat-out-your-neighbor, brownshirt mentality.

  9. Hysteria oh so well spent. God forbid we have a big whig from a foreign country driving around with prototype competition shotguns few can afford without sponsorship. And here I thought it was all about so-called “illegal guns”.

    Apparently this “outreach” program has fostered a stereotype against anyone with a foreign accent with guns even though it’s right outside a high-end gun show. How lovely.

    I mourn for Colorado but this goes to show that anyone hosting anything gun related only needs to go a bit south and a bit west to Arizona where that kind of reactionary crap doesn’t happen.

  10. A guy with an accent with a case, bacpack, duffle bag etc. Man, I live in the bay area. That describes about 75% of the people I see every day. I could keep a couple of SWAT teams busy for the next 10 years.

  11. I held a Perazzo in a gun shop once and that was closed I ever came to having one. It was definitely a beautiful gun. Just all kinds of inlay and checking and color case harderning. One of those guns you can only truly appreciate when you touch it and personally for me the fit was perfect. You felt like you could hold it all day in firing position.

    • And that’s what you’re paying for.

      When Olympic medals and trap competitions worth 10’s the thousands of bucks in prize money are won or lost on the loss of a single clay out of hundreds of clays busted in a row, you need a gun that you can “hold it all day in the firing position.” Because that’s basically what you’re doing.

  12. a taxi driver . . .told authorities he thought he could be transporting an armed ‘foreign speaking’ terror suspect.

    I don’t know about Denver, but in New York “armed foreign speaking terror suspect” describes most taxi drivers.

  13. The Russians and Chinese COMMIES are going to love living in COMMIERADO, The peoples republic of COMMIEFORNIA, COMMIENECTICUT, slimy NJ, hell hole known as NY, MARYland (home of girly COMMIES), and the newest member of the COMMIE family rhode island (should really be rogues island because of all the corruption). I don’t consider HI a state and maybe those COMMIES will be consumed by a volcano.

  14. I hope he does sue for millions and wins. I bet he will have a friendly jury pool. I am moving to Arizona soon, and I have planned the trip to travel through Utah instead of Colorado. I refuse to travel through Colorado ever again.

  15. The update at the bottom of the article states that it was the Denver PD that took him in. That Adams county Sheriff Dept. knew nothing about it. Seeing how the county is one of the 54 Sheriffs that is part of the challenge against the new state gun laws. I’m sure he is just going to let Denver PD own this one 100%.

  16. I hate how our culture has become so busy body. I wont/dont call.the cops over fireworks , street racing etc. Only ever called the cops on someone once because he was passed out drunk in my Condo lobby. People should mind their own business.

  17. People who would like to see the aftermath of this type of “snitch society” that the Obama adherents fantasize about should invest a few bucks and see the German movie “Leben der Anderen” (Translation: “The Lives of Others”) about what happened after the communists fell in East Germany. Suddenly, the country found out from the Stasi files who had been spies in their midst for the government.

    Net:net about one third of the population was enlisted by the government to spy on their families, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc.

  18. This story is a hoax.

    Perazzi USA has inform us that the Perazzi family ONLY travels to the US for the Shot Show and the Grand American.

    This was also confirmed today by Ray Stafford who was at that gun show in Denver. Ray reitterated the above info and even stated that there isn’t even a grandson old enough to even travel alone to the US let alone be responsible for any shotgun.

    Ray Stafford is a long time Perazzi dealer.


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