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“[Cook County Board President Toni] Preckwinkle, who proposed the handgun tax, earlier this week abandoned an additional proposed tax of 5 cents a bullet because the tax in some cases would have exceeded the price of ammunition.” – Chicago’s Cook County OKs gun tax to defray costs of violence, Reuters

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  1. Stupid people…..stupid tax!!!
    The truly good folks in Chicago need to move out and let the thugs have it. Maybe the Rahminator can take Prickwinkle and together the Caped Duo can clean up the town all by their super selves!!!

  2. Money flows to where its more efficient- in this case out of cook county. The administration costs of the law will far exceed the revenue the remaining tax will bring.

    One thing is certain, Democrats never let the math get in the way of a feel good law.

  3. Given my exceedingly low expectations of the Cook County legislature, I’m actually surprised they caught their mistake.

  4. It’s the same negotiating tactic used all the time: ask for way more than you ever expect to get, then “compromise” by agreeing to only half/some of what you asked for. Gives the impression that you’re reasonable. Of course, if what you’re asking for is ALL a bunch of crap, you still end up with half a turd. Still stinks as bad.

  5. I don’t kinow that the typical high ranking Democrat particularly hates guns but it is an issue that they can get some traction on and further their ideal of bigger government hence more power. That is why you hear so many far fetched claims. They don’t care if they are true but just care if bigger government can be justified by it. This is true of every avenue of their thinking whether it be guns or global warming which is now climate change because the global warming idea didn’t work. In 1980 the Times ran a front page spread about industry causing global cooling.Believe me, if the rank and file individual in southern Illinois could make Chicago dissapear, they would but people in an urban atmosphere have a tendancy to be followers and they don’t even know what they are following. Listen to O’Reilly’s Watter’s world, or Leno’s JayWalking and it is clear how uninformed big city dwellers are particularly about guns. Even O’Reilly himself has no clue.

  6. people in an urban atmosphere have a tendancy to be followers and they don’t even know what they are following.

    People have a tendency to be followers and they don’t even know what they are following. Fixed.

    • In today’s U.S. many people take a paraphrased path…”the path of least responsibility”. This allows them to rationalize all sorts of weak-minded things, including being “followers [that] don’t even know what they are following”.

  7. Like the “benevolent” emperor who allows you to keep your pinky after chopping off all your other fingers, raping your wife, and killing your livestock.

  8. Just a great analogy Silver. 5 cent tax on ammo = raping, killing and maiming. At this point, Chicago and all other similar locales have created their own self-elected paradise’s and I don’t give a flying crap what goes on inside their borders.


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