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“I ran for office to invest in our classrooms and to work on policies that protect the health and safety of our community. Since taking office in January, I’ve had the opportunity to work and vote on numerous bills that will improve the lives of all Oregonians. I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished since the start of the session. Unfortunately, a fringe group has started a recall effort against me over my support of a bill that will close the background checks loophole for private gun sales . . .

“I believe that this bill will save lives by ensuring that this gaping loophole isn’t used to put guns into the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and people with severe mental illness. I fully support the 2nd Amendment, and I believe that this is a common sense policy that will make our community safer while still protecting the rights of gun owners.” – Oregon Rep. Susan McLain in Gun advocates hit three Oregon lawmakers with recall petitions — warn more could be coming (at


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  1. “a fringe group has started a recall effort against me over my support of a bill that will close the background checks loophole for private gun sales . . .”

    Actions have consequences.

      • I guess the results will tell us whether it is a “fringe” group or not. I’m actually kind of interested to see.

      • Damn them voters, messing up her plans.

        IMO, if you want to reduce crimes, reduce crime. Don’t make more laws that create more criminals because the right piece of paper was not filled out.

        Take you rapers, killers and home invaders start thinning the ranks. The rest will drop in time, cause if the guy doing the home invasion who kills someone for cash to buy drugs dies as a result of his poor life choices, then fine. And the Dealers on the corners will have to pickup the slack when thier steady users die off, hell, he might have to get a 9-5 job even!

    • She is what Laura Ingraham calls a “but monkey”. “I support the 2nd Amendment but I don’t like anyone actually exercising it.” I support smaller government but too many people “need” more involvement.” and so forth.

  2. I want to give this a try.

    I FULLY support gun control, AND I believe removing gun laws while never adding to them is a common sense policy that will make the community safer while still protecting the rights of gun grabbers.

    Nope still doesn’t work although my lie sounds preferable to hers.

      • No doubt about that. What stood out was the attempt to be a 2A And’r while attempting to defend more 2A infringements. In addition even if she admitted that she doesn’t fully support the 2A everything she wrote after -and- remains false. When I admit I don’t support gun control everything I wrote after -and- in my version remains true.

  3. As can be expected from the likes of this so-called representative, she uses the “common sense” catch phrase to try to justify her agenda…

  4. What a lying sack of excrement. This is another crunchy liberal who claims that they support the Bill of Rights while dismembering it. I lived in Oregon for well over 30 years before moving to Arizona. I have seen Oregon go from being an independent minded people to what I recognize as the Northern province of California. It is despicable what these progressives have done to what used to be a free state. In Oregon’s tri-county area today, you either conform to this leftist ideology, hide your beliefs, or your life becomes a miserable wreck. In areas like Portland, if you dare oppose the progressives publically, you will be confronted, and although it is rare today, these confrontations have become physical. I fear it will get worse. I just wish these modern-hippy nutcases would just get in their Prius, drive home, perhaps smoke their “medical” marijuana, and stop telling We The People, those who want to live life as free men and women, how to live. Next post, I will tell you how I really feel. 🙂

    • It’s happening in Austin, too. A local politician decided it would be a great idea to ban traditional pit BBQ’s. The smoke from the pits increased their carbon footprint to such an extent that it made them unsustainable, don’t you know . . .

      • I had to look that up. Insane. We have a bunch of wannabe New Jersyans running a city in Texas. They gonna ban cowboy boots and flannel shirts next?

      • At which point Franklin’s BBQ said they would close, prompting a near riot of protest in city hall. You don’t screw with yuppies’ casual dining (esp. when it was rich bitches in the hills above raising the issue)

      • Mark my words. With all the Californians fleeing the droughts and New Englanders fleeing the cold, Texas will turn blue in the next five years. And when it does, forget ever electing another Republican president.

  5. I live in clackamas county fairly close to portland and has it gone to shit recently… HELL YES these fucking mindnumbed hippys are trying to tell me how to live. Plus a repersenitve just stated that she cant function without fucking mental pills and by my understanding is no pills she cant even walk.

  6. In other words:

    “Unfortunately, the constituents whom I represent have told me they don’t approve of my actions, and they don’t realize that I’m smarter and better than them and they should just do what they’re told…”

    • Excellent translation. I hope it is indeed her constituents as a whole and not, as she claims, a vocal “fringe”.

      • Well, if it truly is a fringe group she has nothing to fear. Politicians like and rely on perception. Let’s see how she likes a dose of reality.

  7. Funny how the phrase “‘common sense’ policy that will make our community safer while still protecting the rights of gun owners” raises flags of warning and sets off alarm bells. Hope the recall on this person succeeds and she never holds Public Office again. Guess that makes me a sympathizer with a “fringe group” which is probably more like a “major group”, namely, law-abiding Gun Owners.

    • I would boil it down a bit and say , if you see “I support the Second Amendment” and “common sense” in the same sentence, you know it is a hopeless grabber. I’m thinking they are about to overplay that “common sense” meme tho. A couple more successful recalls of such “common sense” politicos and maybe it will go the way of “family values”.

      • Yeah, I can go with that. Personally, I think “family values” was deliberately abandoned by the Progressives because it contradicted other memes they want to foist upon us to advance their secularist agendas. Ozzie and Harriet* ain’t what they want Americans to be anymore,so “family values” had to go. The “common sense” meme is playing itself out as Americans begin to equate its use as a prelude to the announcement of more Progressive-inspired Government Tyranny. “Blah…Blah…, but I support the Second Amendment…” is the kiss of Judas, and none of them can go emulate Judas’ Fate soon enough to suit me.

        *BTW Ozzie Nelson revealed he was a lifelong atheist in his autobiography, published shortly before his death, and we still don’t know what Ozzie TV Dad did for a living, yet fourteen seasons The Nelsons were “America’s Favorite Family”. Must have been doing something right.

  8. typical Democratic party line. democratic party is now so treasonous and seditious with their anti-American Constitutional stand they should be outlawed really Sad just look at the Heads of the Government now we have a president that thinks he is a King, and Senators that think they are the ruling Elite! and want too give our country too Illegals!

  9. How many guns have been sold to the 3 types of people she mentions in her article ? How many of those have been used to harm anyone? The statistics seem to show that this “gaping loophole” is not the cause of any of those three types of people actually obtaining guns. A similar measure recently passed in my state, WA. Now the authorities are trying to figure out how to pay for the manpower to enforce it. Or if some of the provisions are even enforceable at all. Another example of an initiative that will cause more problems than is solves. The liberals in the Seattle area push this kind of law on the rest of WA and we have to deal with the consequences when it passes.

  10. Actually lady, you are funded and backed by the fringe group known as EveryTown and you probably have Bloomer’s bitch tattooed on your butt.

  11. Is anyone else getting fed up of hearing the phrases “common sense gun control”, “close the gunshow loophole”, “keep guns out of the hands of felons, mentally ill, and domestic abusers”, and “I fully support the Second Amendment”?
    1) It is not common sense, unless you are seeking to apply a chill effect to the exercising of a right
    2) It is not a loophole, the same way that driving 30 in a 30 zone is not a loophole to avoid a ticket
    3) These classes of people are legally prohibited at a Federal level from owning firearms

  12. Why don’t we have background checks for people who want to buy smack, meth, coke, pot, etc? I mean, if it’s such a good idea.

  13. Susan McLain represents Oregon District 29, which covers Cornelius, Forest Grove, and parts of Hillsboro. That’s almost rural enough for there to be enough level-headed voters there to make the recall work.

    Fortunately, Oregon also has a constitutional provision for Referendum: if We the People don’t like a law that was passed by the legislature, a petition can be circulated to place its repeal on the next general election ballot. There has been no mention yet of any group circulating such a petition.

    • Uh, from what I’ve read elsewhere, if there is “emergency” language included in such legislation in Oregon, the voters cannot overturn it with an initiative. Someone more familiar with Oregon state laws should comment on this.

      If true, then these twits have backed the voters into a corner, and the recall process is the only way to respond.

  14. Why would anybody be worried about a recall effort from a fringe group? The fringe can’t recall anybody. Could it be that they’re not the fringe, But a large block of the voting public, even a majority?

  15. Oregan Citizens needs to get its 2A collective together. Forget what caliber, or what armament platform you have and grab the IOC (implement of change).

    Grab the pen and vote this person and any other that infringes on the people’s right to keep & bare arms.

  16. It comes as no surprise that McLain is a retired Oregon public school teacher and long-time union member. As she said, she ran for office to make sure there’s more money ‘for schools,’ i.e. enough taxpayer money to pay her pension. Why is it that teachers are so afraid of guns? GFZ is the simple answer.

  17. Yeah. It was a “fringe group” that recalled two Colorado legislators and forced a third to resign. Maybe the same “fringe group” that keeps re-electing a pro-gun rights Sheriff in deeply blue Milwaukee County. The “fringe group” that prevented similar legislation from coming to a vote in the Democrat-controlled US Senate in 2013.

    Good luck with that recall campaign, Rep. McLain.

  18. “Unfortunately, a fringe group has started a recall effort against me over my support of a bill that will close the background checks loophole for private gun sales . . .”

    It’s not a loophole. Not regulating private sales was intentional. Dealers were originally in place for interstate commerce. Then they were in place for NIC’s background checks, and now somehow – it’s a “loophole.” Regardless, last generation’s freedom-hating statists also purposely did not pursue the legislation to restrict it – as they knew the next generation’s freedom-hating statists would be there to refer to it as a “loophole” that needs to be closed.

    “I believe that this bill will save lives by ensuring that this gaping loophole isn’t used to put guns into the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and people with severe mental illness. I fully support the 2nd Amendment, and I believe that this is a common sense policy that will make our community safer while still protecting the rights of gun owners.”

    Hello all! I support the second amendment and that is why I am recommending this law be passed that restricts the second amendment!

    No surprise here. Lets hassle the process of gun ownership, violate people’s rights of privacy, rain forms, fees, taxes, and bureaucratic red tape nonsense on gun owners because we might save a few lives – maybe. AND! forcing this on millions of people who don’t want it – is worth it. We need to be shifting accountability from criminals and people who do harm… to gun owners – who are selling guns! How dare they sell those guns!

  19. “Fringe group.” These anti-gun twits keep using that term. I don’t think it means what they think it means.

    If you actually have cause to be worried about being recalled by a group of people over one particular issue, then by mathematical definition, they’re not a “fringe” group. They’re not oddities, they’re a statistical mode in the voting population.

    Edit: I just looked at the above-named legislator’s CV. She was a teacher. So, yes, she was actually required to be ignorant of mathematics.

  20. Lady, the fact that you chose to use the word “fringe” tells me everything I need to know about you.

    It was already illegal to sell to prohibited parties, so all the universal background check does is inconvience transactions between two legal persons. And make the statement that the govt portends to know my aquintences better than I do.

  21. Gun grabber:
    We must implement universal background checks because evil people could purchase firearms and use them to take away the life, liberty, or property of good, peaceable people.

    2nd Amendment supporter:
    We must NOT implement universal background checks because evil government politicians could define arbitrary requirements and use them to take away the firearms of good, peaceable people.

    Better yet, let’s stop making laws to prevent what could go wrong and simply hold people accountable when they harm someone!!!!!

  22. “I believe that this bill will save lives by ensuring that this gaping loophole isn’t used to put guns into the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and people with severe mental illness.”


    I didn’t think so.

  23. THAT photo is the archetype of the granola-brained, patchouli stinking, vapid uber liberal West Coast commie-twat.

  24. Ever notice how when a judgement(like a law) doesn’t work to your favor, it’s called a “loophole?” That word carries the overt implication that some law is being violated,…..even when it isn’t. This is how dishonest people with dishonest agendas, corrupt our language and try to use it against us.


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