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“A police officer in Inverness has been photographed carrying a firearm despite assurances that sidearms would only be deployed under special circumstances.” Ewww! We were told we wouldn’t have to see guns unless it was absolutely necessary! Yes, this is very clearly what happens to a disarmed populace. They become such fragile, easily offended flowers that the mere sight of a pistol – even one on the hip of a uniformed police officer – is simply too much for their delicate sensibilities to abide . . .

Police Scotland said the officer had breached new force policy.

A spokesman said he had been reminded of the strict criteria about the issue.

Thank God the brass jumped on this situation. Imagine the trauma that might otherwise have been suffered by unsuspecting locals subjected to such open displays of potential armed action.

…(T)he chief constable of Police Scotland, Sir Stephen House, stated last October that specialist armed police officers in Scotland would only be deployed to firearms incidents or where there was a threat to life.

We’re sure that members of Scotland’s criminal community are reeling at the prospect of the vast majority of Police Scotland’s duty cops patrolling the streets unarmed. Och aye the noo, how far the descendants of William Wallace have fallen.

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  1. I sure never thought of Scotts as pussies.

    Recent evidence seems to indicate otherwise.

    • Well, this Scotland-born man carries a 1911 and saw action in Iraq – there’s no running from any fight here and yes, I have no issue wearing a kilt (any man would be welcome to call it a skirt to my face).

      Joshing aside, the larger issue is that demonizing firearms in a population is hugely successful (as can be seen) – which is exactly why every attempt to do so here in the US should be fought tooth, claw and nail before we become like THEM.

  2. This adds to the phrase “when seconds count, the police are minutes away”. Now it would be ” when seconds count, the police are minutes away. Now if they need to be armed, they are hours away and a bunch of regulatory forms and probably have to go through a committee for permission away”.

  3. Yep. How far the mighty have fallen. I have Scottish ancestry as well as as German and French. But that is why I’m glad I’m an American. Non-hyphenated. I have nothing but pity for those enslaved in my varied ancestral countries.

    • I too live for the day, and hope it happens in my lifetime, there is no prefix preceding the word American.

      • It’s called evolution. Those that love themselves for who they are as a person and as a people, will survive.

        Those that have respect for themselves, for their culture, or for their for their country, will survive as a people and as a culture.

        Those that see that societies main purpose is to provide a safe place to protect the sanctity of the family in raising mature and responsible children, will keep rising as a civilization.

        Liberal/progressives teach the opposite of these values. Their self hatred, fear of freedom and of personal responsibility is cultural suicide. They and their beliefs and the societies they destroy will be remarked in the history books as another failed example of the collectivist insanity promulgated by the power hungry and those afraid of freedom.

        Of course, the mess that will be created in the death rattle of their cult like worship of the state will be challenging, but it will make those that rebuild from the ashes that much stronger in their life affirming actions and their commitment to freedom.

        You see, it’s all about evolution. And those that rebuild will be proud to call themselves Americans.

      • That’s the funny thing, growing up in Kansas, and now Texas, I’ve never considered myself anything but “American” growing up. I was aware of my ancestry, but I never defined myself by it. I’m just American.

  4. Hey, remember that the poor Scottish criminals are all victims. Their right to steal and rape is more important than the average citizen’s right to self-defense.

  5. The Limeys should ask the French how unarmed police and people work out when ISIS comes calling.

  6. ‘…specialist armed police officers in Scotland would only be deployed to firearms incidents or where there was a threat to life.’

    At least Barney Fife had the bullet with him. How long does it take to run back to the station and get a gun when people are being shot by a lunatic? The UK is lost.

    • And to think, our constitutional acknowledgement of the natural human right of self-defense came from our English roots. It was as English citizens standing up for and fighting for our English rights against our King George that led to the shot heard round the world and the birth of our American nation.

      Yep. How the mighty have fallen.

      • Yes, the US Bill of Rights was highly influenced by the English Bill of Rights that predated it by about 100 years and included a right to keep and bear arms. The UK had a constitution once. I’m not sure what happened to it.

        • It was more based on cultural tradition, not so much as a written document. At least from what I’ve read.

        • I think that was the one that guaranteed the right of protestants to bear arms “appropriate to their rank.” Kind of sums up the gun grabber attitude towards the RKBA in a nutshell.

  7. U.S. police carry everyday and their hit to shots fired ratio is terrible, unless it’s dog or innocent bystanders. I can’t imagine what it would be like in Scotland.

    • So maybe we should implement a rule that only specially trained officers are allowed to carry guns, no?

      • Only specialized officers, but not patrolmen, who pass rigorous training and qualification standards… and their guns must be civilian legal in their jurisdiction… in case they fall into the hands of criminals.

  8. Sad. There was a time when a Highland Scot wasn’t considered properly dressed without a brace of pistols, a dirk and a sword…

    • Hmm. It might be an evolutionary thing. Maybe there is a re- wakening to our second amendment rights because those wanting freedom came to this country leaving those wanting to be taken care of by their “betters” stayed behind.

      So Scotland became the domicile of the dependent and the servile because those desiring freedom came here. This would include other countries from around the world.

      So despite the best efforts of the statists to condition the masses to being dependent on the government, the desire for freedom keeps rising, hence, our continuing expansion of our gun rights. Maybe freedom will out without major chaos, It would be nice if that was the case.

      • You may be on to something. Around the early 19th century, entire villages were forcibly settled overseas, particularly to the American colonies. Along with them went a lot of the independent spirit that had made Scotland such a “problem” for the English crown. And most of these Scots settled in the American south…where their descendants are now a “problem” for the Democrat party.

    • Hundreds.

      It was the dreaded .9mm so it definitely had the 100 round assault clip magazine that could be emptied in just a few seconds along with the barrel shroud shoulder thingy that goes up. Did I miss any?

  9. I’ll bet he’s allowed to carry a flask everywhere tho. Never know when you’re going to need a wee dram.

  10. I read a story a few years ago where a Scottish officer lost his can of pepper spray and it MADE THE NEWS. They even said it was a dangerous weapon and it was illegal to own. This was for PEPPER SPRAY!

  11. As I’ve mentioned before, it was a Scottish philosopher/politician who coined the term “well regulated militia” and argued for an absence of a state monopoly on armed force.

    See: Alexander Fletcher, Discourse on Government with Relation to Militias:

    The course of human history is always the same. When you offer a people welfare and a means to have 40%+ of the population lay about, doing nothing, the future of that society and government is always the same. It is better for the future of liberty that layabouts and wastrels always be faced with the prospect of starvation and death than to provide a safety net for those who will convince themselves (and others) that they are not able to be productive.

  12. They don’t take their weapons home with them. They draw them from the station armory…Therefore it is highly likely this guy is a “special”.

  13. Hey, if I lived in a place where it was forbidden for me to carry a firearm, I’d expect to see the same rules for the police as well. No guns for me, no guns for the cops either.

  14. Took me awhile to bother reading this. I’m used to reading how lame the British Isles are…and I watched “An American Werewolf in London” last night. Hadn’t seen it in a long time and it struck me that ALL the cops(bobbies) were totally unarmed. They had to call for dudes with rifles to kill the beast. And in the meantime bunches of cops and folks were getting chewed up. I bet the Jihadis don’t get spooked by the sight of a gun…

  15. I wonder to what point those dozens of thousands of British tourists that come to Prague every year get offended by seeing that every cop is armed, not to mention knowing that there are tens of thousands of legal CCers in the city alone.

  16. “They may take our lives, and our freedom, and make us wet our panties too.”

    Just doesn’t have the same ring.

  17. I’m old enough to remember cops in every Euro airports carried automatic weapons. No one died of shock and horror. What happened?

  18. Scotland’s unofficial “national anthem” has a verse that serves as a warning to the English:

    “Those days are past now,
    And in the past
    they must remain,
    But we can still rise now,
    And be the nation again,
    That stood against him,
    Proud Edward’s Army,
    And sent him homeward,
    To think again.”

    “We can still rise now”? How, exactly, now that you’re so docile the sight of a holstered firearm sends you into fits of panic? Now that it’s illegal to own a knife other than a kitchen knife? You’ve sold out your heritage and your independence and now cling to the skirt of the government for your safety. You’ll never “rise now” because your betters in London won’t allow it – and you allowed it to get this way.

  19. Old Scottish toast:

    “Here’s to us, who’s like us? Damn few, and they’re all dead.”

    Unfortunately, the Scots of the Border Wars and the two World Wars are apparently gone.

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