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Ric Hubbard

See all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” portraits here.  Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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    • Hooray for division and exclusion on our side! Hooray for partisanship within the ranks! Hooray for ignorance!

      While it’s ridiculous to attribute a vote to someone based on 4 lines of information about them, you understand that there are more than two parties, and at least one of them would better serve this guy’s political beliefs than either Barry OR Mittens, right?

      Edit: Shame on me for leaving this part out: Thank you for your contribution Ric, and that is an enviable beard indeed.

      • The gentleman in the picture started it by defining himself immediately as the Progressives would like us too: whether he believes in gay marriage and abortion. How do 2 – 3% of the population, who are gay, manage to drive such a huge part of the social agenda. Absolutey amazing. And recognizing that gun ownership is the next big stigma to stick on society is recognizing the big picture strategy of the Progressives on gun grabbing. Gun owners are the next big meanies, like us anti-abortionists and anti-gay marriage people. Stop pigeonholing yourselves in the Progressive definitions.

        • They don’t “manage to drive social agenda”, whatever that phrase is designed to mean, they, in large, simply want the same rights and freedoms that we have. If you want to attribute that to some underlying progressive agenda go ahead, but you’re wrong.

        • Gay marriage is a huge plank in the Progressive platform Pete, just like an AWB. I’m not imagining anything. And the pictured gentleman is proving my point exactly: the need to define yourself in the second sentence of your introduction to the world as being for abortion and the third sentence as being for gay marriage is ridiculous. WTF is this country becoming? The Progressives are winning, big time. Divide on each issue, then conquer.

        • If there was a law providing that only gay people could get married, it would have saved me a lot of grief and a whole sh!tload of money.

        • Divide and conquer can work for gun people, too.

          The best possible result of all this anti-gun angst would be to free truly progressive ideas from the grip of the capital-p Progressives. They need to be reminded that they don’t own the hearts and minds of all people who have progressive ideas.

    • we went over this last time. social liberalism does not equal large government all the time. Actually, freedom of abortion and freedom of marriage are ‘less government’ policies.

      gun control aside, we have it really twisted in this country
      Democrats ‘typically’ favor : less govt for social freedoms
      : more govt for fiscal policy
      Republicans ‘typically favor’: less govt for fiscal policies
      : more govt for social restrictions
      It tends to blur policy and create problems.
      Don’t worry, the anarcho-capitalists are coming.

    • If we are going to have this awesome thread that TTAG is brilliantly facilitating so that we may exercise, publicize, and mass media-ize (yup, I said it) our 2ndA rights, then we must support all our rights. Without our right to free speech, to vote, or to keep and bear arms we are nothing. If we start in-fighting and busting each others balls then we are no better than the governing body that “I am a gun owner” is trying to communicate with. We 2ndA supporters must unify! Newsflash: there are pro 2A’s who are also democrats, voted for the President, and staunchly disagree with the anti 2A hullabaloo. So if you want to join the cause, then mount up. But if you want to take exception to a fellow supporter for their opinions on other social issues, save it for later. United we stand, or… You know the rest.

      Bravo Ric Hubbard. Bravo indeed, sir.

      • Sorry Weathertop, I just don’t shut up and move along with the herd just because I was told to do so, in the name of “unity”. This is why I respect the the Ron Paul voters. I wasn;t one of them, but I respect their position. I don’t berate them that they shouldn’t have voted otherwise.

        • I don’t think you should acquiesce or as you put it shut up. But I think there is a time and place for everything. This thread was about the diversity of gun owners and 2a supporters in America. Not only is tearing apart fellow supporters on the basis of non 2a issues bad form it is counterproductive to the goal of these photos.

    • Why do his statements paint him as an Obama supporter? I basically support all the things he does, and I am a libertarian. I would never vote for someone like Obama. Being socially liberal isn’t bad as long as you don’t want special benefits. Government shouldn’t be involved in marriage for anybody, and although I don’t like abortion(I feel it often gets used as birth control) I don’t feel it is the government’s place to step in. The only way this guy is an Obama supporter from what he mentioned is if he wants extra special benefits for same sex couples, or if he wants all abortions to be payed for by the government(tax dollars).

      • Evan is right; TangledThorns is wrong.

        Actually, it’s more than that. TT, do you realize that your knee-jerk conclusion, based on two whole sentences — less than 15 words — is what this whole exercise is about? It’s the entire point. You read 15 words, and ruled this guy out as an ally. Others who do the same thing do it much more obnoxiously than you, but you’re still wrong. You go from assuming he voted for Obama to saying that if he did he should have his guns confiscated? Wow. Just wow.

        You asked, “Am I wrong?” Yes. You are, and I don’t think you’re only wrong about this.

    • Really????, I mean really????? who cares the fact is the man supports gun ownership and the second amendment, I could care less who he voted for or whether his other political beliefs align with mine at this point! All I care about is that he is on my side of the 2A question.

      Thank You Ric for your support!

    • Sounds like any kind of decent small-L libertarian to me.

      His views are that of “stay out of my business and I’ll stay out of yours”. If people could manage to do this with guns, gays, and girl-parts the world would be a much better place.


    • I believe that would be grammar, not spelling. Speaking of which, it should be:

      “Can we get him to send another pic in with the spelling corrected?”

  1. Very good Ric Hubbard , also nice use of adding the words to the pic instead of holding a sheet if paper. I am betting the graphic designer in you did that.

    • LOL, I was thinking the same thing. I have a good friend who works as a graphic designer, and he’s especially picky about type faces / text. You can imagine how much he ranted about Cameron’s AVATAR when it came out, with it’s crappy Papyrus font…

      I do like it when people hold a sign, either typed or handwritten. Makes it seem a bit more personal.

      Thank you Mr. Hubbard for speaking out.

  2. Some here are upset that I call out Obama supporters? Well, if you’re a gun owner that voted for Obama then you should have your guns confiscated as obviously you don’t give a damn about your rights. What, not having to pay a $10 copay for birth control pills is more important than the 2A?? I’m tired of carrying water for those that don’t take their 2A right seriously!

    • Firstly, Ric didn’t say anything about Obama, you’re just being contentious and making a staw-man of him. I didn’t vote for Romney, but I didn’t vote for Obama either.

      Secondly, I don’t blame women, gays or minorities that didn’t want to vote for Romney. The GOP is seriously out of touch with these groups on many fronts, and if you hold your rights to choose, marry or have a leader you feel is more representative or understanding of your demographic, along with your right to arms I don’t blame you. I don’t think voting for Obama is a logical decision either, but that also brings me to my final point:

      Romney gives exactly no f*cks about the 2nd amendment. Obama is on one side, so he had to be on the other. In the wake of Sandy Hook he’d be spouting the same BS about compromise and common sense, and we might even be more likely to see some kind of ban because the Pubs in the house would be more inclined to work with him. And don’t take my word for it, just go read up on the permanent photocopy of the federal AWB currently in place in MA. Wanna know who pushed for and signed it?

      • Yeah, lots of Paul and Johnson voters wasted their votes by not voting for Romney. Did you know Romney was also endorsed by the NRA?!? If you’re a NRA member you would known this already. Congrats on your so called individuality while the rest of us live in reality.

        • Well, since Romney didn’t win, wasn’t your vote wasted too?

          I certainly know who the NRA endorsed, but I fail to see how voting for the (slightly) lesser of two evils makes me, or the guy above, or anyone else the enemy. I also didn’t say anything about individuality, and your straw man yapping doesn’t bring you any closer to reality than the evil liberal infiltrator you’ve invented.

        • Where does it say that he voted for Obama? I’m a libertarian myself and I support the same things Ric does, and no, I did not vote for Obama or any other Democrat in my local elections. Stop being so prejudicial TT and realize that people who support some of the things you do, may very well have different views on other things (and yet we all probably voted for the same guy). Shocking, I know.

        • Nobody wasted their votes by voting third party. You’re bad at math. If you shifted every single third party vote (every single one, not just Johnson (Paul wasn’t in the general election)) to Romney, it would not have changed a single state result, and Romney still would have lost.

          Closest state won by Obama: Florida
          Margin of victory: 74309
          Total third party votes: 72976
          Difference: 1333
          Obama still wins

          Next closest state won by Obama: Ohio
          Margin of victory: 166214
          Total 3P votes: 91794
          Difference: 74420
          Obama still wins

          The numbers just get bigger from there.
          Easy to read source: Wikipedia
          Harder to read source that Wp chart is based on:

    • I have not tried to hide the fact that I voted for obama, he seemed to have left out the gun grabbing part in the stump speaches. Your anger at me is justified, maybe we can move on though? The dems have shown their true colors & can kiss this OFWG’s ass from now on, Randy

    • Go get em Tangled Thorns. The truth butthurts the Obama voters around here. They vote for the control freak over some bull$hit like “Mitt wasn;t for Marriage Equality” and then whine when the little boy King moves in on their rights. Elections have consequences, and we are living the consequences.

      • Your ability to ignore every valid point made that doesn’t conform to your views astounds me. The gentleman in the picture above hasn’t announced who he voted for, and only one or two people posting here have said they voted for Barry. Your dissmissiveness of anyone that disagrees with you, or of gays rights (after all, they don’t need to get married, do they?) just tells me that you are on the wrong side of history. I truly hope you don’t take gun rights with you.

      • Thanks for the support, Joke & Dagger. It’s obvious protecting the 2A is down to a minority now. The rest should just turn in their guns for free birth control pills.

    • “Well, if you’re a gun owner that voted for Obama then you should have your guns confiscated as obviously you don’t give a damn about your rights.”

      That’s got to be one of the most idiotic statements I’ve read lately – and that is saying quite a bit.

      My rights are *exactly* why I voted for Obama. Explain to me how my right to marry and be recognized as legitamite is supposed to take a backseat to my right to keep and bear arms. And don’t say it’s the RKBA that protects that right, because the politicians that are pro-2A tend to be anti-LGBTQ, in my experience.

      If I’ had suspected what Obama would do, I wouldn’t have voted for him. But Romney saw to it that I wouldn’t be voting for him in any case.

      • I understand your priorities and your logic, but I wish you’d sent a message by voting for a third party rather than a politician that only recently decided it’s alright to be gay.

        Not an attack or a criticism, just a thought. 🙂

        • It was my first presidential – I’m afraid I got a bit caught up in the race between republican and democrat.

          Next election, as they say, all options are on the table.

        • Castle: some hard won, friendly advice: marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Beware.

        • @Castle, what you wrote is very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You prioritized when you voted for Obama, and if you had to do it over again you would not vote the same way. Let that be a lesson to all politicians — you won’t be fooled again.

        • See Castle, J&D failed at marriage, being the jolly, easy going, fun to be around guy that he is, and now he just wants to save gays the trouble of making the same mistake. Just like the anti’s want to save us from our guns!

      • “If I’ had suspected what Obama would do, I wouldn’t have voted for him. But Romney saw to it that I wouldn’t be voting for him in any case.”

        Your ignorance infuriates me! How could you not suspect what Obama would do, do you not pay attention to his rhetoric? In his last debate with Romney he said he supported a AWB!!

        • Cut him some slack. Mr. Full-Time Gun Blogger here didn’t see this coming either. In fact, I claimed gun rights had become the third rail in American politics.

        • Calm down. Count to 3.

          Kay? Now what I am supposed to be watching there? I heard Obama sound like he was about to go anti-gun, but either the video or Romney cut him off. Romney went into a F&F rant, claimed that his AWB was the product of pro & anti collaboration…

          For your information, I didn’t watch all the debates. I had finals, no TV, and internet that doesn’t like to stream video. I relied on whatever information I could get, and that information indicated that Obama had higher priorities than guns. Times changed.

        • Don’t sweat in Castle. You’re braver than I am for telling everyone who you voted for the first time around. You’re good people as far as I’m concerned.

    • What we need are less people voting for Obama. Absolutely amazing. You vote for the little dictator and then complain as he moves in on your rights. Talk about low-information voters with zero vision. You guys need to spend at least one week listening to Rush Limbaugh and have a hole in your skull opened to expose your brain to the obvious.

      • I’m guess we’ll have far fewer people voting for Obama in the next election, so no worries there.

        Also, I think I’ll go ahead and ignore your advice on Rush “I support drug laws for everyone but me” Limbaugh, if it’s all the same to you.

        • I know. It’s just that lots of people that aren’t perfect and aren’t Rush face severe jail time for non-violent imperfections that Rush himself is guilty of. In my eyes that makes him as bad as DiFi.

        • The thing is, you’d need to do it, as J&D said, for an entire week. Don’t give up. See, the people who listen to him all the time (I’m not one of them) and who mostly agree with him have learned to differentiate between his over-the-top bloviating and the more serious material. Someone listening to him for the first time might tune in just in time to hear one of his really wild pronouncements and get immediately turned off.

          I assume it works the same way when our side listens to their side’s people. As an example, if you ever watched Piers Morgan prior to the recent heavy-rotation gun stuff, you’d know that he’s not wrong about everything. He’s a smart man, and he has some rational opinions. Sadly, that all goes sideways when guns enter the picture. But the point is that a pro-gun person who only found out about him in the past 6 weeks would never know the rest, because they’d turn it off as soon as he went on an anti-gun rant, just like a left-leaning person would do with Rush.

        • In addition to Rush, I also suggest that you “social” lefties read the Drudge Report and ZeroHedge regularly for your education and betterment.

        • Ha. If they helped shape your views I’ll just go ahead and avoid them like the plague. Me likey free thinky.

        • Sorry Blinky, but my Christian upbringing and personal beliefs don’t compute to non “free-thinking”. Another liberal code word for labeling folks that don’t believe in abortion and gay marriage as extremists. You’ve bought in, big time, to the indoctrination. Listen to Rush for a week, what could it hurt?

        • Dude, I’ve heard Rush. I don’t need some fat doped out pontificating douchebag breathing heavily in my ear to reach political opinions. I can reach my own conclusions based on multiple sources of information and a keen sense for bullshit developed over many years of coming to the conclusion that people who identify themselves as staunchly liberal or staunchly conservative tend to be morons.

      • Maybe I need to expand on my post. I know people who have guns, vote conservative, but given the chance they would support a ban on “assault rifles” and 30 round magazines. They could be skeet shooters, or deer hunters, or just own grandfather’s old shotgun. I agree with efforts to convince these people to support the 2a and do my part, but face facts, a lot of them refuse to recognize how those bans would affect them. Human nature being what it is, people tend to worry about their own interests first.

        We’ve had success in defining the 2a as a individual right, we are starting to relate that right with the others. I think we finally have the right atmosphere for that and it is one of the smartest directions we can take.

        As much as I applaud this effort to show that gun owners are regular people and not some nut jobs. I wish more of the pictures included text expressing support for the 2a as am unalienable individual right that shall not be infringed.

        • +1

          Being a gun owner and being a 2A advocate are two different things. A few pictures have had people express that they’re the latter, I do wish more would.

        • That’s actually a good point. I’m not picking on anyone who has posted their photo already, but yeah, there’s a bit of a difference between “I’m a gun owner” and “I understand/appreciate/support the 2A.” As we’ve clearly seen lately (not just from the photos, but from the rhetoric), there are many, many people who own guns, but have no concept of the 2A or what it actually means… to them, to me, to this country.

      • You don’t need to listen to Rush to be pro-2A. Listening to Obama is more than enough to make you pro-2A. Jeezus, didn’t any of Obama’s voters here listen to him or do they get all their news from Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update?

        • I dunno man, do you get all your news from Alex Jones and… nevermind. You already told me above. If you only think what the talking heads (one either side) tell you to think then you aren’t really thinking. You’re just repeating.

  3. Hi Ric, good to see you here, your rights views are the same as mine. I was against gay marriage, then I figured why shouldn’t they experience the joy of paying alimony too? Randy

      • Why would anyone want to get married anyway, gay or straight? I don’t think I know any happily married couples. Are they married, yes. Happy? Not so much.

        • Now we are getting to the bottom line on marriage. Why the hell would gays want to marry? Can’t they see the miserable examples the straights have set for them? I am a great example of the ridiclousness of marrying. Why ruin a good thing with marriage. I certainly have no problem with a person being gay. I’m just sick of it being thrown in my face by the Progressives.

        • Because you don’t get to make that decision for other people just because you had a crappy go of it. I’m a home owner, a father and am in what I hope will be a lifelong relationship. We aren’t married simply because she hasn’t whined enough and seeing all my friends and family in the same place on the same day sounds like the 7th circle of hell to me. I’m sure it will eventually happen.

          Just because something isn’t important to you doesn’t make it unimportant to other people. Once we accept that more people will accept us. I know that from experience.

        • Blinky, you keep saying that I want to tell other people what to do. Just because I don’t personally believe in gay marriage and abortion on a spiritual level doesn’t mean I want to pass or repeal laws in order to ban or not allow either. Huge difference. I have not advocated publicly for or against either issue. The last thing I have is some sort of desire to control other people’s behavior.

          And my advice on marriage is simply that: advice.

    • This is exactly my point. Guys like the Gov and I are demonized as bad guys by the left for not giving in to baby killing. The left then makes everyone define up front whether they believe in baby killing. That way, we can be demonized, divided and now conquered. I don’t choose to define the second and third sentences of my introduction to the world as to whether I believe in gay marriage and baby killing. Ridiculous and effeminate. We are playing the Progressives game and nobody is better for it. The previous generations who built this great country of ours have got to be weeping over what a bunch of pansies are controlling things.

      • What I find funny is how the left calls the right “anti-science” when the whole abortion issue hinges on science that they refuse to acknowledge. Justice Blackmun wrote right in the majority decision of Roe vs Wade that if the “humanity of the fetus could be established” it would void their decision. Well. What exactly is that thing if it’s not human? It ain’t a possum.

      • You nailed it with the liberals’ plan with ‘divide and conquer.’ Many here who voted for Obama fell for it by taking their 2A rights for granted and having them replaced with free birth control pills.

      • J&D, I think part of the reasoning behind the whole”I am a Gun Owner” postings was to show the across the board diversity of gun owners. The anti’s portray us as a bunch of out of touch OFWG’s.

        These pictures and posts put the lie to them. For that reason I welcome all that post here. I did not vote for barry, I voted for Mitt. After the election I switched to Independent.

        I am a happily married OFWG with grandkids and a loving wife. I do not oppose gay marriege and could care less what my neighbers are doing in the privacy of their own homes.

        Abortion creeps me out. But a lot of things creep me out. I don’t support passing laws based on what creeps me out.

        • I appreciate the support for the second amendment regardless of where it comes from. But pro-abortion advocates should be aware that half the population considers it murder. And the other half is completely incapable of explaining how a human fetus is not human.

          I for one refuse to condone murder for the sake of avoiding confrontation. Those who post up their non-second amendment opinions should either deal with being flamed a bit in the comments section of keep those opinions to themselves.

        • As usual, good points, jwm. I agree, just because I do not agree with abortion and gay marriage on a spiritual level, that doesn’t mean I am out advocating against either or telling people what to do. I don’t.

        • “Abortion creeps me out. But a lot of things creep me out. I don’t support passing laws based on what creeps me out.”

          Is that too long for a tshirt? Because I kinda want that on a tshirt.

    • Ok, so that’s the only contentious issue for you? Why have you been whining about gay marriage this whole time then?

      And for the record, his opinion on abortion doesn’t hurt yours. If you want your voice heard, go post a picture. I can’t wait to make fun of it.

      • See Ralph’s point below. Again, WTF does the pictured gentleman’s opinion on gay marriage and abortion have to do with anything? Why do people feel the need to introduce themselves to the world with an immediate statement on their stance on those two issues. How do these two issues possibly influence so many people so freaking much. A woman I can almost see. But a man? Seriously. This country truly is well on it’s way to a Leftist Utopia. More men like Ralph, less men who feel the world needs to know their position on gay marriage.

        • Dude, you are the one that is making a huge deal of it, not him. If you don’t agree with him, say it, bust don’t chastise and dismiss his beliefs and attribute them to a singular political ethos.

      • I take it your question is directed at J&D as I haven’t said a lick about gay marriage on this site, ever. If you must know I don’t approve of the gay lifestyle but I acknowledge that it’s none of my damn business. There is a huge difference between gay marriage and abortion, in that when two gay people get married nobody dies.

        • It was indeed directed at Joke, and while I disagree with you on abortion I have a lot more sympathy for pro-lifers since I share their views on the act, just not the method of prevention. If every pro-life group in the country got together and began running a prevention and adoption program they would stop a whole hell of a lot more abortions than an outright ban would.


        • Nothing wrong with doing both. Finding adoptive parents is not difficult for newborn babies, although if the market was flooded with 800,000 newly allowed to live former would be abortion victims every year that could change.

          While I would agree that banning abortion will not put an end to all abortions that logic doesn’t prevent us from banning murder, rape, burglary, pot, etc.

        • I should probably hold my tongue (fingers?), but rape, burglary and murder are all acts of force that hurt people. Marijuana is a plant that politicians have arbitrarily decided is bad, thus turning millions of voluntary users into criminals. I don’t use it, but I also don’t see a lot of difference in the rational of controlling guns or controlling weed.

          Again, my spare change.

  4. Ric Hubbard, thanks for sharing. Allow me to do the same.

    I’m a right-wing kook. I’m a registered Independent who has voted for a Democrat or two and will never do so again. Ever.

    I despise big government. It’s an abomination that hard-working Americans give more money to the G than they get to keep for themselves. Figure it out — we work for the government, not the other way around. WTF?

    I think it’s nobody’s business what a person does with his or her own body. I think that what happens inside a woman’s womb should be of no more importance to government than what happens inside a woman’s descending colon. Or a man’s.

    I think gay people are total idiots for wanting to get married, but what the hell, let ’em if that’s what they want. There’s no skin off my nose, or anyone else’s. And the federal government should have nothing to say about it one way or the other.

    Speaking of my nose, I held it and voted for Romney, not because I thought he was great or even good, but because he was much better that the Imposter in Chief who’s pulling the strings now.

    As a retired attorney, I’m so law-abiding that I won’t even double park or let a meter run overtime, but my state or nation is bound and determined to turn me into a felon. So be it.

  5. I’m not getting into bed with a bunch of lefties who re-elected Obama and his ilk, regardless of whether they own guns, or not. These are the voters who got us into this mess. Screw ’em. Elections have consequences, and maybe the lefties need to learn this. If these people didn’t learn after 4 years of these clowns, we deserve whatever happens.

  6. Wow, I had no idea that a few beliefs meant to show, by the way, that just because I have beliefs that are not necessarily held by the “typical” gun owner, what ever that is, would start such a debate.

    First off, this reply is meant with good nature, not an angry response. Everyone is allowed their opinions weather if be political or personal.

    I voted for Gary Johnson and I have been a Libertarian for 10 years.

    I support a WOMAN’s right to choose, I don’t support abortion. I would rather see a woman choose life, but since I believe in the maximum amount personal liberty possible and making law based on logic, not religion or emotion, I support choice.

    I said that I support anyone’s right to marry. Who are the rest of us to decide who can enter into what, in the eyes of the law, is a legal contract? I think that the freedom of religion in our Constitution grants each church and religion the right to decide if it will bless the contract in a religious ceremony or not, but the separation of church and state prevents the government from deciding what a marriage is based on religious beliefs. And that is the only reason to prevent gays from marrying.

    TangledThorns, I am sorry if my beliefs offend you, but isn’t it reassuring to know that on the question of the Second Amendment, you have allies from every walk of life?

    Anyway, I’m not upset by any of this, but this site is about guns and the impending gun control bills should be our focus.


      Sorry Gov. but we’ve had an awful lot abortion-related comments recently. I think the point’s been made MANY times and I don’t want TTAG to get lost in this digression.


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