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NRA Holds Its Annual Meeting In Nashville

“The reality is, gun control advocates are on the run. The NRA is winning. While Congress does nothing, a lot of states have been relaxing their laws, particularly those that allow people to carry a concealed weapon in public, even in K-12 schools in some cases. Maryland’s 2013 gun control law that included fingerprinting handgun purchasers and a ban on the sale of certain weapons and large magazines is more an aberration than a trend setter. Conventional wisdom among Democrats is that gun control is a losing issue on the national stage — and has been since Bill Clinton was in the White House.” – Baltimore Sun editorial, Guns and the ‘permanent darkness’

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  1. You can fool all[1] of the people some of the time (AWB) and some of the people all of the time (MDA supporters) …

    [1] or enough of a majority to get something through Congress.

  2. Our rights will eventually win over their feel good reactions.
    None nada zero of any of the newer proposed laws do a thing to stop a criminal from getting a gun.
    As soon as folks stop believing the bullshit spouted by the Libitards and see this.
    The more support we will see for our rights especially Nationally. Now if a politician wants to commit gun law suicide he/she can keep promoting lies over facts. The average American is actually pretty dumb about the lies told. I believe more will see the light and the bloody T shirt waving will disappear eventually.
    Its for the children after all.

    • I would argue in the other direction – the average American is smarter than you give them credit for. That they see through this BS, and that gun laws are liberalizing (in the good way) nationally is a sign of that.

      Be careful you don’t fall into the same pit of elitism the statists themselves do, knowing what’s best for all us other fools out here.

      • “Be careful you don’t fall into the same pit of elitism the statists themselves do, knowing what’s best for all us other fools out here.”

        HEAR, HEAR!

  3. FTA

    ” they are so completely divorced from reality of gun ownership in America, including the average of 32 murders, 140 assaults treated in emergency rooms, 51 suicides and 45 accidental deaths caused by guns each and every day in this country.”

    45 accidental deaths to 32 murders? Per DAY? No, that’s not right…

    • Good catch. 45 accidental deaths a day due to mishandling of firearms? Ha ha! There is between 500 and 600 accidental deaths involving firearms every YEAR in America.

    • There were a TOTAL of 11,680 firearms deaths in 2013 per CDC data. While that does average 32/day, that encompasses accidents, suicides, and homicides. So yeah, his numbers don’t match up.

      • I think you clicked something wrong at the cdc. There are roughly 30k people killed per year, about 10k murders and 20k suicides. Less than 1k accidents.

        No way 11k is all deaths with firearms.

        • Hey you two, links or it didn’t happen. We live in the information age, and we’re more and more tied to the internet, it’s bad to make claims without at least providing links – to the actual data, please, not just the CDC homepage.

        • Here is the CDC WISQARS (fatal injury) database. It’s really an amazing tool. The one I am linking is the national one but there are state databases, too.

          If you choose “all intents” (homicide, suicide, etc) and “firearms” and don’t put in any limits like age or sex you get 33,636 deaths in 2013. There’s no way to link to just the result, you have to run the query yourself.

        • Here’s the link, I’m not sure why the number is different than the other link posted. But it looks like my info is just for homicides.

  4. The more people in these gun control “utopias” see constitutional carry states’ crime go down, or at least not go up sloshing through bloody streets, they’ll come to realize the gun control lies are just that.

    • You’re using logic. If reason and data were at all relevant in the minds of the antis or their Bloombergian funders, they would have seen the light already.

      Instead, they blindly revert to their old standby: “But….GUNS!”

    • I don’t think the average Joe/Jane is at all conscious of statistics. What I DO think will happen – in the long run – is that:
      – Right-to-Carry States will grow fairly significant percentages of regular concealed-carriers;
      – Criminals in Right-to-Carry States will migrate to Won’t-Issue States.
      E.g., a migration will occur from Philadelphia PA to Trenton NJ. Crime, including armed crime, will grow markedly in the Won’t-Issue States. It will take a VERY long time before Joe/Jane will notice; but the MSM will publicize it. If it bleeds it leads.
      By the time this migration causes a significant rise in crime rates in the Won’t-Issue States the statistics in the Right-to-Carry States will have established a clear and indisputable downward trend; something visible from the charts. Joe/Jane will not need to understand John Lott’s multiple regression results to understand.
      With enough fresh blood in the streets of the Won’t-Issue States the voters who are not strident hoplophobes will begin to question their legislators’ decisions.
      This is going to be a long-run phenomena. It’s going to take 10 or 20 years for CC saturation to rise from 3% to 20% – i.e., high enough to drive a really significant emigration of criminals.

  5. Freedom always wins in the end simply because it takes greater effort to restrict freedom than it does to be free.
    Every statist, theocrat and fair weather faux-libertarian would do well to remember this.

    Sit by the river long enough and your enemies body will eventually come floating by.

    • “Freedom always wins in the end simply because it takes greater effort to restrict freedom than it does to be free.”


      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      (Author disputed.)

  6. Of course the comments section is disabled on this guy’s piece. He fully well knows that he’d get taken to the cleaners in the comments section.

    The article is the same shopworn conventions the antis use, specifically the “for the children” trope. Because if you don’t support strict gun control, you support the killing of children.

    • Yep, some people on the left only believe in freedom of speech when they want to speak but have no problems suppressing speech when it is dissenting against their ideology. Even look at the recent Tim McGraw article posted by TTAG. if you go to his website and facebook page they have been more than happy to delete comment from fans who disagree with him.

    • There are comments, but you have to click on a very obscure little symbol to get to them. There are some good comments, plus some of the standard issue ooga-booga NRA type.

  7. Wow. Baltimore Sun has clearly gone off the tracks, as an objective news source.

    This is a hit-piece on the NRA, per standard Alinsky playbook. As many have pointed out, the factual errors are so glaring, its obvious there is is no editorial oversight. Yet, its presented in the News section, with no author.

    One might reasonably conclude that BS is just taking paid political propaganda as news content. Thats not a good sign, for fiscal sustainability…

    Another example of the disconnect at the Elite in progressive media, vs the citizens, its prospective customers.
    And another proof of the disconnect between hardline Democrat politicos in state offices, and the growing majority of state-wide citizens who ars pro-freedom rights.

    You can read more on that disconnect in re 2A rights at, for specifics.

    I smell desperation and fear, nation-wide among the Elite, especially at major metros, like Baltimore, yet another failing big city run by left dem-corruptocrats.

    Shooting the messenger, the NRA, is not news. Its not even smart propaganda, even as editorial opinion.
    Its just sad BS from the sad BS.

  8. They aren’t running, they are falling back to better cover to re-group.

    Pursue, or wait around for second waive, but do no pretend to be done.

    Only the dead have seen an end to the B.S. that liberals are slinging.

    IF you are from a blue state, you may be part of the problem. If you have a (D) after your name, are a liberal, or a rino, THE PROBLEM IS PART OF YOU, you are permanently damaged, and your mother owes us one abortion.

  9. And yet we can never let our guard down because they’re like rats, ready to sneak into the pantry and make off with our winter stores….

  10. States are relaxing their laws? I’d prefer to say they are increasing personal liberty and freedom.

  11. Another quote from the article:
    He [Wayne LaPierre] spoke of a “permanent darkness” like [Hillary Clinton] was Sauron from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and not a 67-year-old former U.S. Secretary of State and newly minted grandmother who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.

    Re: Chicago — even Sauron had to grow up somewhere.

    And before he became the ultimate threat to the freedom of Hobbits everywhere, Sauron served his time in the machine as, basically, Secretary of State for someone else just like him (bonus points to any LOTR nerds who can name Sauron’s old boss).

  12. Let’s not get complacent. The war over guns isn’t like the Second World War where the enemy signed a peace treaty and it was over. It’s more like fighting terrorists. They just keep crawling out of the woodwork.

    To my mind, the fight over guns is a secondary issue tied to a more fundamental dispute over the relationship between private citizens and society as represented by the government. It’s the difference between the libertarian view and the totalitarian view. The United States was founded on the former. Bloomberg represents the latter. Consider his ban on 32 ounce soft drink sales. He sincerely believes in forcing people to do what’s in their own best interests. Hillary Clinton is another. When gasoline prices were sky high a few years ago, she proposed reinstating the 55 mph national speed limit.

  13. “They” are not coming for our guns. Really? IMO, they are coming for everything we have — guns, homes, property of every kind, even our lives.

    Guns are stolen by agents of the state from law abiding citizens every day.

    Private property is stolen by the state from law abiding citizens every day. That little scam is called “asset foreiture.”

    Think they can’t take your home? Kelo v. City of New London says that the G can take your home and give it to anyone they choose.

    Think they can’t take your life? Walter Scott would disagree — if he was still alive to do so.

    Our government is a kleptocracy, a RICO conspiracy. And the Baltimore Sun is its mouthpiece.

  14. Satan takes many forms-traitors in their 60’s. Yep it’s better in Illinois too-under court order.

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