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“Gun owners make up half of the GOP. I would be surprised if there is not a correlation between that half and the half of Republicans who, in other polls, expressed the belief that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 9/11 attacks and that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. I would bet they are also many of the same folks who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim or a terrorist sympathizer or a socialist or Kenya-born or all of the above. They are likely the ones who think that liberal scientists have concocted the global-warming hoax and that the Justice Department and the United Nations are plotting to disarm Americans.” – David Horsey in While most Americans shun guns, the fearful keep buying more [via}

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  1. Really? How about all the liberals who thought 9/11 was an inside job? Are we going to blanket call you guys idiots for them? Not to mention quotes from different DEMOCRATS like DiFi who’ve said they would take them all of they could (60 minutes? 1994)?

    No, we’re all just OFWGs who who want to fight a Second American Civil War. Yep. (/sarc)

    • …right, and building seven just happened to fall in the same exact manner as as a controlled demo collapsing from the center outwards…from structural damage received to the outside of the building. that nevadin waterfront sure is looking nice

      • …nothing to see here move along… cars blocks away with burned and melted engine blocks but un-burnt upholstery…. move along…

      • …seriously? Every 9/11 conspiracy has been thoroughly and resoundingly debunked. There is no need to waste everyone’s time with this nonsense.

        • Don’t bother, dude. Some of the folks at this site KNOW it couldn’t be that steel loses structural integrity from burning jet fuel or that a smaller building can collapse after a shit ton of burning debris falls on it. They know that the people working in those buildings just happened to overlook the tons of explosives and miles of detwire being installed by dozens of demolitions experts in the weeks before 9/11.

        • Dumbass Rosie O’donnell on ‘the Vagina’ said that the temperature needed to ‘melt’ the metal beams was not achieved……not understanding that the metal was ‘compromised’ and that it lost 50% of its structural integrity. The planes impact knocked off the fire retardant coating from the beams, which bent as they were heated up and failed.

      • dont introduce common sense into the 9/11 question.

        youll be ostracized as a conspiracy theorist.

        I guarantee NO 9/11 Commission Report supporter has read “Crossing the Rubicon”.

        • “dont introduce common sense into the 9/11 question.”

          Right, because as soon as you introduce common sense to the question, it’s answered. Terrorist attack. The end.

        • and where did i say otherwise?

          The attack on pearl harbor was japanese too.

          was the United States government surprised that 9/11 was going to happen? not even remotely.

  2. My retort in the LATimes comment section:

    Picking and choosing self-reported polls (with all the demonizing of gun owners going on these days, a person gets a call asking if they own guns for a “survey” … yeah, right) is part of the problem here. Notably, LAT chooses the poll that allows them to publish a bigoted poli-cartoon. It’s OK, because this poll says only about 1/3 of the population nationally report as gun owners. In this survey. Which further reinforces the positive feedback loop, whereby a person who owns a gun reads this article, sees the Old Fat White Guy with tons o’ guns shrieking that Obama is a Turrrrrrrrist! and *they* get a phone call, in effect asking them if they’re “that guy”. Well … uh, no. Bye. *click*. BTW, Gallup’s own polling indicates the exact, precise, opposite trend – a 20 year high in reported household gun ownership nearing the 50% mark again. Maybe because they’re a well-known poll org people are more willing to answer “yes”. Maybe it’s just as skewed for the same reasons. Who knows. BTW, since it’s apparently OK to demonize, marginalize, charicature and strip rights away from people if they only make up 1/3 of the population, what % of the population do blacks constitute? Latinos? Is it OK to run segregation-era poli-cartoons demeaning them if they only represent 1/3 of the people?

  3. Yep, you are correct. There are no rifles or ammunition to be found on the shelves since the threat of civil disarmament became the new D.C. trend. Yet it’s just a majority of old fat white guys buying everything up.

    Keep believing that. Keeping pushing your agenda of control. You will eventually find out who are the gun owners in this country and who aren’t.

    (P.S. We that own firearms will be sure not to use them to protect you or your family either – you know – so your image of uber-liberal stays pure and untainted.)

  4. Cartoons like the one above really do illustrate how much the anti-gunners simply hate gun owners. It’s not about public safety or reducing violent crime. They hate us. they hate our culture. They hate how we cling to our civil rights. They slander us. They denigrate us. They threaten our lives. They hate us.

    • The good thing about this type of article is that every time a reasonable gun owner sees this sort of thing, another person who no longer relies on the MFM for news and opinion is born. Cartoons like this are the death throes of the old order. The number of people who live in the groupthink bubble of the LA Times gets smaller every day.

    • Anyone who is for civilian disarmament is just compensating for their seething racism and the fact that they beat their wives.

    • They hate us because we believe that property rights are sacrosanct in a free society; because we believe the most important property we own is ourselves. They hate us because we are not subservient.

      • Let’s say that stupid picture was correct. That guy isn’t doing anything that is against the law. They still don’t have a valid reason to ban his guns just because he doesn’t like Obama and he owns multiple firearms. It proves that they don’t care about saving lives. Nothing is worse than someone on our side trying to compromise with these people. When will we realize they hate us and nothing will change that until they completely repeal the second amendment.

        Why don’t they make a picture that shows the reality of the situation? Take that black guy, put some baggy clothes on him and a ski mask. They can also add in a little hispanic guy with 13’s tatted all over him. Those types of people are the real threat but you will never see liberals talk about it. BTW I am not white. My last name is Martinez.

    • Dont vote democrat EVER again. Not all democrats are anti-gun, but all anti-gunners are democrat.
      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  5. 2012 numbers
    No longer apply today.
    Lots of new owners.

    I always tell my kids. Never talk about your money, you romantic partners or your guns. If a pollster calls and asks if I have a gun in my house, he will get a polite “go to Hell”. How would you mark that one down?

    Realistically, I would say that every person who refuses to answer the question probably has a gun in the house, but is just being prudent. I wonder what that percentage would be?

  6. Hard to measure young people in phone surveys when many of us use our cellphones instead of landlines.

    “Bet”, “likely”, “surprised if”. Making assumptions not based on data. Redundant statement, but emphasizing the point.

    Also, trigger discipline. Bad ignorant comic artist, bad!

  7. So the UN doesn’t even hide the fact they want to restrict gun
    rights in the US via the Small Arms Treaty, Holder and Co.
    have said outloud that they are for disarmament and multiple
    high ranking members in the IPCC have been caught doctoring
    data and flat out making up numbers; but conservatives are
    paranoid? Well, I’m happy that we’ve been informed about
    who to trust regarding the news. Thank you, Comrade Horsey.

    • Yes, I thought everyone agreed the UN wants to disarm US citizens. I’m pretty sure a number of them have said that. I thought the idea was that they don’t deny it because they think it’s a good idea.
      Then when someone who disagrees with this disarmament brings it up, suddenly they act like he’s strange for believing it?

      Example in reverse:
      Pro: “Constitutional carry should be accepted throughout the US.”
      Anti: “They want concealed carry without a permit, EVERYWHERE!”
      Pro: “Those crazy antis think we want concealed carry without a permit everywhere.”

      By the way, nice extending stock on the revolver in the cartoon.

  8. David Horsey needs to come down from his ivory tower and spend a few hours visiting gun stores and gun ranges for some first-hand observations on the age, sex, and ethnic diversity of gun owners. Of course, if he did, his head would probably explode from his paradigms on gun owners crashing head-first into reality.

    • I went to a “first timers” course at a New Jersey range recently with about 40 other people interested in getting their first gun. At 50 years old, I was the oldest one there by at least a decade, and of the people there, only five of us were what you would call “white”.

      If these are the people buying guns these days, I would think that David Horsey is a little bit behind the times!

  9. Most young people avoid guns? That’s why there’s no violent crime or gang murders there in LA and none of the public mass murders of late were commited by young people?

    • He meant young WHITE people. It shows in the cartoon. The black fellow is the DEMOCRAT. The young person, white, as is the woman. Ergo sum, all black people are Democrats. See how this works?

  10. How did they know all gun owners are just OWFGs?

    In fact, how did they know no women actually own guns?

    These Democrats sure are smart.

  11. Young people avoid guns? Huh, that’s news to me. My ole college fraternity probably would’ve been classified as a standing army in a third world country.

    But even IF data shows gun ownership down among 18-29 year olds, so what? Employment is down, home ownership is down and spending is down among that demographic, as well. Does that mean Progressives want to ban that too? (Nevermind, don’t answer that…)

    Gun ownership among younger Americans is down for two reasons. The Obama economy, where most are struggling to just pay rent let alone fork over $500 for a new Glock. Secondly, in the search for work, I’m betting more and more young people are finding themselves drawn to urban areas, where tougher restrictions prevent a lot of potentially new gun owners from making their first purchase.

    I may have a group of friends that doesn’t match the national demographics, but it is pretty diverse in terms of political views and many liberals I know own guns. Even the scary black kind with detachable magazines. But then there is that one guy who sh!ts his pants everytime he hears us planning a range day. Yeah, we have fun with that.

    • “Employment is down, home ownership is down and spending is down among that demographic, as well.”

      Socialist utopia is make for Glorious Motherland, comrade!

  12. I wonder what Fateofdestinee and Colion Noir think of this cartoon? I take issue with acquaintances who do have some “interesting” political and conspiracy-related ideas. I have armed my household against the criminal element. No delusion, no prepper fantasy, no conspiracy, people ARE willing to kill to get your stuff. That is why I am armed.

    • It’s not racism. It’s probability. Simple fact is that the overwhelming majority of blacks vote Democrat.

      Racism would be treating them differently because they are black. Accepting simple facts that happen to be true is not racist.

  13. Liberal/progressives hate,fear and loath themselves; they fear personal freedom and taking responsibility for thir lives; so they turn that hatred outward towards the people that represents everything they are not.

    In the end, these people will consume themselves in thier self-hatred, just like all hive minds like Hitler, Stalin and Mao, and the cultures they created.

    It will be messy and chaotic but in the end, ” free people will almost always win the battle against an army of slaves” ( I’m paraphrasing a quote).

  14. I’m 37 – I guess I’m not a young person any longer. Then again, I have disposable income to actually buy the firearms I’ve wanted for a while.

    I’ve recently registered Libertarian – so while do avoid guns, there appear to be less of them now than 6 months ago. My anecdotal experience shows that the moderates are being pushed away by the gun issue.

    Democrats – good luck in the mid-terms. The moderates that got Obama elected are leaving you – and you are to stupid to notice.

      • Likely very true. But with all the hordes of dependents on their government goodie bag and gravy train, they won’t need our votes anymore. They just need us for our tax money to bribe their voting base.

    • “The author doesn’t even acknowledge the explosion in new gun owners in the last few months.”

      It’s a little much to expect folks to undermine their own beliefs and mindset, isn’t it? I mean, what’s a silly person to do THEN?

    • My gun club sponsors a trap league for the area high schools in the tri-county area. Get kids exposed early and build pro 2A voters.

  15. There are two registered democrats in our offices. One is a multiple gun owner. One is not.

    So, 50% of Democrats are gun owners. See, I can offer support for my craptastic views too.

    t’s funny how the democrats just assume that all gun owners are republicans. I know a few democrats who are very unhappy with what the liberals are spouting about gun owners.

  16. He’s about 20 years too early. If current demographic trends hold,that cartoon might actually come true.The categories of voters increasing in population are the same groups most likely to vote Democrat.

  17. Isn’t it obvious that the left is coalescing around anti-guns in all of its manifestations? Doesn’t it feel like a Whack-a-Mole game? Each morning a new lefty pops up and has to be smacked down.

    A legal product-guns-which has been accepted as a tool since the founding of this nation, is having to fight for its legitimacy each day. From confiscatory bills introduced in State Legislatures to elementary schools where it has now been accepted as deviant behavior when a 6 year old masticates his pizza slice into what may or may not be some Rorschach test image of an assault rifle, lefties are joining together in a bum rush attempt to overwhelm gun owners by the momentum of their accumulated attempts to restrict fire arms and they are joined by the naive “low-information” citizen who falls for their pleadings to “save” the children and never gives a thought to what rights they are willing to give away so carelessly.

    I despair.

    And “They” have the benefit of being opposed by law abiding citizens, who, for the most part, have always in the past been the pro-law enforcement, pro-government silent majority.

    • Even in Maryland 70+ percent of the folks polled are against a ban on handguns, and the same holds nationally. Why? Because everyone knows what a “handgun” is, even those who’ve never seen one up close.

      On the other hand, it seems safe to assume that many non gun owners don’t know that an “assault rifle”, as touted by the pro gun control crowd, is just like any other semi-auto rifle. Nor do they really know how many rounds are needed in the handguns that they otherwise support. So, yes, it’s a low-public-understanding wedge issue that the antis have found and are trying to exploit to the hilt. So, we try to educate everyone we can and fight. Things looked bleak enough 25 years ago, and yet we are still here.

      • I think in many ways we were in worse shape 25 years ago. Since then the number of Gun owners has gone up and more and more FUDS understand that the anti gunners never give up and keep coming back for more.


    • The “Whack-a-Mole” analogy is tremendously apt. Thanks – I’ll start using it. But not here. I’d get called out in a heartbeat.

  18. So now we are throwing out random speculation and bigotry and calling it an opinion?

    OK then I’ll assert that everyone who is anti-gun is a narcissistic sociopath!

    Narcissistic because they cannot understand that other people might have needs and feeling that are different form theirs.

    Sociopathic because they want to use the guns of the Government to initiate force against people who are posing no threat to anyone. They want to use guns to violently seize guns from peaceful people.

  19. “…and that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.”

    They did find old stockpiles of mustard gas. It was in the cables wikileaks released. It wasn’t enough to be a threat to anyone but his own people but it was still there.

    “I would bet they are also many of the same folks who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim or a terrorist sympathizer or a socialist or Kenya-born or all of the above.”

    Ignoring the poor grammar, he is none of the above. If anything he is pretty close to a Stalinist.

  20. Actually this article is very encouraging. They know they are losing. Badly.

    Feinstein and many of the dem gun-grabbers have been forced to backpedal furiously on their proposed initiatives. Schakowski and Feinstein have been forced into the “commie closet” and now they are trotting out Machine Gun Mark Kelly and Shotgun Joe to push their agenda. Machine Gun Kelly has been exposed for the flaming hypocrite he is and they are having to backpedal/spin the hell out of this one. They have tried to marginalize the NRA at every turn yet membership has never been higher. The recent fustercluck in CO with rep salazar over call boxes, safe zones, and rape whistles, etc. My fave was peeing on your attacker with use of ballpoint pens as a close second.

    The fight is far from over but as long as we remain united and willing to fight we will win.

  21. I’m only 20, and already a self described gun guy. Lots of my friends and acquaintances are as well. It’s surprising how many people my age like guns…or maybe it’s just because I’m in KY? Either way, the comic is off.

    • I belong to an outdoor range that is most like the OFWG stereotype. Skeet club combat shooting for years etc. Roughly 25% youth 25% women in the mix last 4 times. Higher at the indoor range i go to and weekend waits for a lane can be an hour+.

  22. “I would be surprised if there is not a correlation between that half and the half of Republicans who, in other polls, expressed the belief that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 9/11 attacks and that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.”

    **Presumptive, insulting, illogical, stereotyping. Go f*ck yourself

    “I would bet they are also many of the same folks who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim or a terrorist sympathizer or a socialist or Kenya-born or all of the above.”

    **Nice to see you’re a betting man. I suppose it is terribly fun to boil down groups of people who have the audacity to have a dissenting opinion into sub-human stereotypes. I can’t POSSIBLY think of other examples throughout history where selected groups are dehumanized, registered, collected and exterminated. Thanks for being a useful moron who is helping the statist aristocracy accomplish the first step.

    “They are likely the ones who think that liberal scientists have concocted the global-warming hoax and that the Justice Department and the United Nations are plotting to disarm Americans.”


    I would say that your failing, POS news rag has lost even more credibility but you can’t spend what you don’t have. Unless you’re an enormous leviathan government, that is.

    Mr. Horsey it is sad to think that if you were raped to death by your namesake that the world would be a better place. Yet, here we are.

  23. Here is the funny thing about polls-Each and Every one of them is ENGINEERED to provide the pre-desired results. When has a group who reaches conclusions that contradict their mindset ever made those results public?

  24. Calling him Nobama and the like does turn off new or would be gun owners.
    I just feel it’s sad that owning a gun is sometimes seen as a political statement.
    I was recently told on a Gawker thread ,about some Gay men who were attacked, that gay men won’t carry pistols as it hurts them politically.
    Can’t vote if you’re dead…well in Chicago, but otherwise

    • heh. The LA Slimes lost its creds as a news organization long ago. Horsey is showing just another example of the willful malicious propagandizing that is required to join the cool kids clique. Remember the “bitter clinger” quote in front of the wealthy SF libs private party? Use their own Alinsky tactics. Make fun of them. Keep up the good work TTAG.

  25. “While most Americans shun guns, the fearful keep buying more”

    Mr. Horsey’s talking about the Department of Homeland Security, right?

  26. We (Gunners) lost the debate as soon as we agreed to hear the other side. We shouldn’t even be having a discussion on Gun Control (aka Civilian Disarmament) to begin with!

    It’s like having a discussion to make Jews wear pieces of flair again or to take away Women’s Right to Vote or to enslave Blacks again.

    Once you agree to hear the other side’s stance on an issue involving UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, you lose!

  27. Why is anybody buying into this? The message is obviously aimed at driving a wedge into our ranks. “Us cool guys and gals don’t go for this stuff, we vote for Obama, shun guns and do as we’re told”. We’re not like them!

    What’s it matter if we’re Old Fat White Guys, Young Scrawny Nerds, Slightly Chubby Middle-Aged Housewives or whatever, we’re all on the same side and let’s keep our Eyes on the Prize! Thank You.

  28. I dont know a single person who isnt snatching up all the guns and ammo they can get. Even my intollerable uber-democrat (not liberal) friend who BELIEVES we need gun control is out buying AR parts and stockpiling. People who have never owned guns, even people i know who are blind(literally cannot see, yes i know the irony) are snatching up stuff.

    I do not get these polls, EVERY SINGLE PERSON i know regardless of race, faith, political views or even income is buying up what weaponry and emergency supplies they can.

    The fact is that this country is on the fastest downward slide of my lifetime and everybody with a 1/4 brain sees it coming and is preparing.

    These poles are just to keep the room-temp IQ’s believing the talking point of “guns are unpopular in the united states”.

    When it comes down to business, everybody is arming to the teeth!!!! they are going to try to start as much division as they can!

  29. Behind the Propagandistic Steryotypical Sterotyping there is a Whole Bunch of Truth in that image, but of course The Rest Of The Story is deeply concealed

  30. Strange NICS and other checks shows more Americans but more guns then ever now. WHy buy into this lie Robert that only a very few americans buy guns now??????

  31. “belief that Saddam Hussein s… and that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq”

    Um.. they were. Yes, they were 15 years old and not well-maintained at all, but you bet your sweet ass there were and can easily find the sources on places such as CNN and MSNBC

  32. If someone called me and asked if I had guns in the house, my answer would be NO because I don’t who the heck you are. Even if you identified yourself, all I know is who you claim to be. Even if you said you were a LEO, I would say NO because the call is unsecured (cordless phone at my end, who knows what at your end). Either call me on my mobile (secured encrypted digital to the nearest tower) or arrange a time for a meeting.

    So the statistics could be distorted because homeowners will not admit to owning firearms because we don’t know how the information will be stored and used (or misused and abused).

  33. “Gun owners make up half of the GOP.”

    Irrelevant to the discussion.

    “I would be surprised if there is not a correlation between that half and the half of Republicans who, in other polls, expressed the belief that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 9/11 attacks and that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.”

    Saddam Hussein WAS NOT responsible for 9/11 attacks and NO weapons of mass destruction were found.

    Do you want to know who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks?

    “I would bet they are also many of the same folks who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim or a terrorist sympathizer or a socialist or Kenya-born or all of the above.”

    There are many in the gun community I agree, although

    I have refuted this countless times and its the BS that defies the laws of life and death.

    “They are likely the ones who think that liberal scientists have concocted the global-warming hoax and that the Justice Department and the United Nations are plotting to disarm Americans.”

    Global Warming/Climate Change is REAL

    and this is one of the reasons why climate change is under “scrutiny”

    and UN disarmament?

    Another one that has been refuted.

    Keep assuming a majority of gun owners are ignorant dolts and Bush-era republicans. Us enlightened gun owners will keep laughing, all the while clutching our books about evolution and our flat dark earth AR15s (notice how thats plural, which means we own more than one)

  34. Even progressive-leaning NPR basically said that the numbers are difficult to assess, especially since gun ownership is something that is self-reporting. What is obvious though, is most gun owners own gun NOT to hunt, but to protect themselves and/or families:

    “BLOCK: I wonder if there would people who might not want to tell people they have a gun in the home, might be reluctant to divulge that information.

    DIMOCK: I think it’s a possibility. I mean, there are stereotypes associated with gun ownership and there’s also a privacy issue. There may be some people who don’t want to talk about it.

    BLOCK: Or if you have any concerns that your guns might be confiscated, maybe that would be one question you wouldn’t want to answer.

    DIMOCK: That’s true.”

    Too bad more news organizations haven’t picked up on TTAG’s “I Am a Gun Owner” series. I think this blog did a fantastic job proving that gun owners are more than just a bunch of cranky old white dudes.


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