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NBC News is reporting that the NRA won’t work to block Chuck Schumer’s universal background check bill so long as record keeping isn’t part of the deal. One problem — it’s just not true. Misreporting by NBC on a gun control issue? Say it ain’t so! To bring a little clarity to the matter, the NRA just released the following statement . . .

This statement is completely untrue.  The NRA opposes criminalizing private firearms transfers between law-abiding individuals, and therefore opposes an expansion of the background check system.

The NRA supports meaningful efforts to address the problems of violent crime and mass violence in America, through swift and certain prosecution of violent criminals; securing our schools; and fixing our broken mental health system.

And that’s the truth about that.

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  1. Also note that any bill that does pass into law will then be loaded & “clarified” by Executive Order to encompass even more draconian rules of its implementation. We MUST squash all of these Federal 2A infringing bills.

  2. I have never heard barak(I sure hate them guns) obummer or buckshot biden once mention ending criminal safe zones. Something must be done…on our side. Hell with em, Randy

    • Thank you Randy-for some time I have been searching for a moniker befitting the VP in his quest to disarm America. “BUCKSHOT BIDEN” is right on target for me…………….

  3. Hey Randy!! Better get that phrase copyrighted!! Could be some good money there printing “Buckshot Biden” T Shirts and Hats!!

  4. Can’t the NRA just release a blanket statement saying, “if schumer, Feinstein, or any of their ilk propose any firearm related laws, we oppose it.”

  5. About every week, I read of NRA doing a societal good or something pretty cool. This week I learned that NRA supports grants for archery in the schools program. They have over 100 schools in 31 states with 4th thru 12 grade taking part. Also, can’t wait for the April 13th NRA sponsored NASCAR race!


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