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Tibby's' rifle (courtesy

No wonder Dr. Dehner only has eyes for Captain Kirk’s laser rifle; that thing’s worth a fortune. When the prop from the second pilot (never seen in the series) goes under the figurative hammer next month, Julien’s Auctions reckons it’ll fetch between $40k and $60k. That said, there are doubts about the legality of the sale in California—given that the rifle has an adjustable stock (a military feature) and the laser doesn’t conform to U.S. FDA/CDRH’s regulation 21 CFR 1040.10. Click here to read the deets on the futuristic firearm.

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  1. I happened to watch this episode recently on Hulu. Towards the end when the ex-friend Kirk was fighting made a grave for Kirk, there was an error on the gravestone. Instead of James T. Kirk it read James R. Kirk. (I think it was an “R”, it definitely wasn’t a “T”.) That’s why Kirk was mad, his name was misspelled.

    • I recently watched that one too, but I didn’t notice the error. Rumor had it that the villain from that episode, Gary Mitchell, was going to be the villain in the new Trek film. I don’t think that is actually the case though.

    • One of my favorite episodes. That has to be the best prop in the history of the Star Trek franchise. I bet it will go for close to 100k.

  2. If George Zimmerman had a phaser set on stun, he’d be a free man today but I really have to wonder what’s wrong with someone who would pay $40-60K for a fake, imaginary rifle…

    • They make 22,417 gun control laws 85% of which do nothing to the bad guys in a fake, imaginary attempt to reduce violence committed by the bad guys by persecuting the law abiding and you seriously make that statement or hasn’t my caffeine dosage this morning kicked in my sarcasm det

    • There’s nothing wrong with people, it’s just a fake, imaginary PHASER that’s dripping with awesomeness!!

    • Free, when he had stunned a living breathing liberal god? I don’t think so. He violated travon (I never saw that baggie before) martins rights by following him, then he questioned his magnificence. When will the predudice end, I demand a plan, Randy

    • When I was younger (much younger) I had a major crush on Sally. Although possibly the worst actress in history, I found her to be quite seductive. Hell I would run away with her even now ! It would have to be maybe fast walking away with her….

  3. Argh, “laser rifle” .. are you using lands and grooves to spin the photons for better accuracy?

  4. Note that unlike most other phasers that appear in the many iterations of Star Trek, this one has sights. Typically, Star Fleet personnel shoot from the hip or use a duelist stance.

  5. Does it have a milspec rail? Forward grip? Flip-up sights? Optics?

    No? Sheesh, ya don’t get much for your 40-60 tons of quadrotriticale.

  6. Wouldn’t it have to be a functioning firearm for any of Kali’s laws to apply….or am I missing a joke here?

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