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 Don Lemon (courtesy

“If our lawmakers, including the President, won’t step up and make significant changes in gun laws, in gun registration, background checks, mental health, if gun purchases continue to grow and flood the streets, it makes me wonder that by some of us not owning a gun, or at least embracing the idea of one, are we setting ourselves up to be victims in a movie theater, a school, a public building, most of all in our streets, in our own neighborhoods, and in our own homes. And armed with just our cellphones, our fists and our wits, are we setting ourselves up to be sitting ducks, defenseless in the face of a sane, or an insane person, armed to the teeth and bent on killing.” – Don Lemon, REALITY CHECK: Let’s Talk About Guns [via] [h/t Dirk Diggler]

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    • No, he said “gun purchases” were flooding the streets. Whatever that means.

      And am I the only one who read the implication that more gun laws = less criminals with guns? Why is it that supposedly rational people cannot seem to grasp such a simple concept as “The guy who’s going to murder people doesn’t really care about the law”.

      • But don’t you understand? People who get killed by other means (knives, fists, pressure cookers, etc.) don’t matter as much as those killed by guns because “guns” can (apparently) kill more people at a time and the people are somehow more dead… or deader… or deadest.

        I always find this to be the biggest logical fallacy in the grabbers narrative (and there are many of course), but when both sides start playing the “well if guns were banned” vs “well if there was an armed citizen there” arguments, the other side seems completely content (at the moment) on a smaller number of people dying as long as it’s not by a person with a gun. Yet, if you show data that suggests fatalities would significantly decrease if an armed citizen was there and they were to engage the shooter early on in the attack, it just doesn’t matter. Nope, let’s ban everything in order to achieve a similar result (maybe) because we have to “do something”. For the children.

        • Not even a smaller number of people dying, but a larger number of people dying. That whole thing about “well, a fist or a knife is less lethal than a gun?” Criminals understand the same thing. Which means the risk to them is *smaller*, so they’ll increase their activity.

  1. First LZ Granderson, then Ed Schultz, now Don Lemon. The realization that they aren’t going to win has actually made them research the truth and find out they were wrong. Kudos to them for admitting it. Now lets see if we can’t work together to ACTUALLY do something about all these gang bangers killing people in the inner city.

  2. This is like those videos where the skateboarder manages to wipe out, slam nuts and head, and then land their broken body on the still moving board and glide gently out of view.

  3. Holy sh!t! It’s almost as if an individual living in such a crazy and violent world would be advised to carry a firearm to protect himself.

  4. I can only hope and pray that the recent set of articles that have been coming out since the Navy Yard Shooting is America finally waking up and starting to realize that as was stated above “armed with just our cellphones, our fists and our wits, are we setting ourselves up to be sitting ducks” that the public in general and the Black Community specifically is FINALLY understanding that neither the government nor police can protect you.

    To underscore this, 13 were shot in Chicago last nigh although the media has been completely hush about it unlike the Naval Yard shooting.

    I feel a good vibe and rhythm building that the gun grabbers will not be able to stop.

    • I have to agree.

      As horrible as the Navy Yard tragedy was, I think there are three extremely helpful elements that are coming out of it.
      (1) The attacker was clearly mentally ill, a police agency was aware of it, and yet no one did anything to assist the attacker before he snapped … AGAIN, STILL. People are starting to see that our all powerful, all knowing, all benevolent government is no such thing.
      (2) The attacker used a generic pump action shotgun. In spite of the media’s attempt to call it a police shotgun or some such nonsense, most people know better. They know that families have owned shotguns for decades and that it is impossible to eliminate them.
      (3) The attacker promptly shot a guard and acquired the guard’s firearm/s. First of all, people are seeing that armed guards are easily overcome and “secured areas” are not secured at all. Second, an attacker can use the guard’s firearms to kill even more people.

      Finally, people are seeing that gun control is a miserable failure in locations like Chicago. It sounds like the masses have started to peek behind the curtain.

      • You forgot to mention that DC, which the NSY is in the heart of, has been the “poster boy” for gun control literally for generations.

  5. Sounds to me like the lights are starting to turn on for Mr. Lemon. I am seeing this trend in others as well. It is encouraging.

    • He said it was gun *purchases* flooding the streets.

      Not sure what that means… though I am imagining huge piles of Form 4473 all over the place.

  6. While it is “close” to the right attitude, is this really a way of thinking we want to support?

    After all, it is US, the law abiding gun owners that he’s in favor of tooling up against. They call the members of the AI trigger happy, I’d hate to see what happens when a scared sh*tless liberal that’s paranoid about EVERY gun owner being a lunatic starts carrying…..

    • Being “scared” and “sh*tless” they will never carry. Even during the frontier days of this country not everyone carried. What we can hope for is that they understand that is alright to be surrounded by the good guys with guns because it protects them too.

      All we really want is for people to understand that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is not a threat but can actually be a threat deterrent. Not everyone has to carry but you cannot make stupid laws to stop people from carrying and at the end we are all safer.

      The realization we want the gun grabbers to understand is no piece of paper with some words is going to stop the next crazy shooter from shooting up a mall, school or Navy yard. Words are meaningless to someone hell bent on causing harm (See Chicago last night). While many liberals take some kind of peace and safety from some words on a piece of paper, reality is bullets can pass through that paper like a hot knife through butter. So even a stack of laws is meaningless.

      They focus so much on the emotional high ground they loose site of the real problem and thus the real problems are never address and we continue to have the same issues.

      All the article is trying to say is that people need to wake up to the reality and stop living in some utopian fantasy.

      • I’m pretty sure that I could armor myself with just the paper from the Federal budget, or The Affordable Healthcare Act. Of course, they weigh so much that I couldn’t move.

  7. Even if, all guns became banned, it would take some 10+ generations for all of the guns in THIS country to sort of dry up, and………. shockingly, that’s an impossible reality, the criminals would still keep them (until they were caught/killed) and the weapons would still flow for criminals from Mexico and other countries. So in the meantime (the 10 generations worth), it would be lambs to the slaughter for the rest of the law abiding citizens.

    This utopian dream gun grabbers seem to have of a gun free society, is just that, a dream, and a wild one at that. It’s beyond me that they cannot see the light.

  8. Don Lemon has impressed me with his reasoning on multiple occasions. He had Granderson on his show about a month ago talking about the root cause of violence, especially among minorities, and the discussion was very frank and (gasp!) actually talked about why young people in the city (and even in suburbia and rural areas, the rates are actually similar) tend toward violence. They made it a point that the tool used is not nearly as relevant as the acts themselves and the picture of the generation that they paint.

    I was stuck watching this in an airport during a layover and was pleasantly surprised. Lemon has actually caught some flack for being “too tough” on the issue of high rates of blacks in prison, committing crime, etc. He’s a good egg, if not cooked the exact way we like.

    • On my way into work this AM, I went under an overpass as a train passed overhead. A series of auto racks which set me to thinking.

      We used to ship cars in the 60s and 70’s on open racks, the enclosed racks, then enclosed racks with tighter meshing, and no enclosed racks with almost totally solid sides.


      To cut down on vandalism of course. The vandalism which kept escalating and launched and arms race of sort to protect the materials being ship.

      Some places, like Chicago, try to limit the damage by controlling the purchase of spray paint (familiar meme?).

      The real question is why is this complete lack of concern or respect for property coming from?

      That’s the real problem.

      Mapping this to guns is pretty simple, pretty direct, and pretty parallel IMO.

      There’s a root issue that needs to be addressed and it ain’t gonna get fixed by restricting my legal rights.

      • +1

        I liken gun control, spray paint control, knife control, etc. to a workaround, instead of actual problem solving. I’m cursed by an engineering degree and a decent amount of problem-solving training, including the Toyota Production System. This system focuses the majority of its effort on problem identification, something that is sorely lacking in the halls of government.

  9. Because the people are unwilling to give up their right to bear arms,
    AND there are more firearms than people in the US,
    AND the black market has proven to be incredibly efficient in supplying illegal goods (which would include getting firearms to felons, which is itself a felony),
    AND the police are unable to guarantee the safety of the citizenry,
    ” by some of us not owning a gun, or at least embracing the idea of one, are we setting ourselves up to be victims in a movie theater, a school, a public building, most of all in our streets, in our own neighborhoods, and in our own homes. And armed with just our cellphones, our fists and our wits, are we setting ourselves up to be sitting ducks, defenseless in the face of a sane, or an insane person, armed to the teeth and bent on killing”.

  10. Their wits! That’s a good one. Although I’d have very little more confidence in a liberal’s fists than his so called wits. Best to just stick with the cell phone. Record your untimely death so the cops don’t have to work so hard figuring out what happened.

  11. I would suggest following the links to blackamericaweb, specifically, to read the interview w TOm Joyner, who is one of obama’s chief ass kissers. Very interesting that they are starting to pay attention.

    The other suggestion would be we need to start painting those opposed to concealed carry, esp in urban areas, as racists. We need to tie them to the KKK and the history of gun control as a means of suppressing newly freed slaves and then new migrants to the cities in the early 20’s. This needs to be the new war.

    • Tom Joyner’s reaction to learning that most firearms deaths are suicides was enjoyable but disturbing. How can you think to opine on this subject when it appears you do not know a fairly basic fact that is not even in dispute? Well, I know how, but still . . . .

  12. Pardon me Mr. Lemon, but our President isn’t a law “maker”, it’s a shame you think he has the power to make laws. But then again, he makes that same misconception as well it would seem.

  13. After Heller, the antis have been going through the 5 stages of grief. The first stage is denial. You can easily spot antis still stuck in this stage when they say that the 2nd amendment supports the right of the militia to keep and bear arms (i.e. they didn’t or won’t read Heller). The second stage is anger (see Piers Morgan). The third stage is bargaining (see NY Safe Act, CA’s latest idiocy, and the failed Federal legislation), although they certainly haven’t been bargaining in good faith (CA is actually going to outlaw semi-automatic handguns. Yeah, that’s going to stand for a long time…). The fourth stage is depression (see Moms Who Need Action Substitute That Need By Channeling Their Energy Into Counterproductive Outlets). Finally, you get acceptance. More and more of them are getting there.

    Just wait until CA’s latest set of laws or the NYSafe act get smacked down. It’s about time that politicians remember that the 2A is the third rail you get to die on if you touch it. I’m looking forward to 2014 after CO’s recall

  14. Rough maybe but we should not make fun of him for it. He is heading in the right direction and each man or woman will rationalize things differently.
    I think Don is beginning to see what the AI see a self evident, written on the wall, DUH!
    But hey that’s ok. We just need to get him out to the range and educate him on guns.

    I bet he will be a gun guy in no time.. When you learned to walk you probably stumbled a bit, heck maybe you even fell flat on your face a few times, but others encouraged you to keep going and keep trying no? Before you knew it you were running and jumping. Same goes with Don, he deserves our support and guidance.

  15. While a good landing might be one from which you can walk away, an excellent landing is one following which one may reuse the aircraft.

    This was a complete hull loss.

    BTW, a sane person bent on killing…?

  16. I’ve had this talk with many anti gun people over the years. Even if you hate guns, despise them to your very core, own one. Because at 2 am when the tweaker willing to kill to feed his needs comes thru you window armed with a sharp screwdriver you will needthat gun to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

    Anybody here ever fight a raging meth monster bareknuckle? 1 0n 1 woke out of a sound sleep? Martial arts training and golf clubs are near useless then.

  17. So…he’s just now understanding the concept that by being unarmed, he’s defenseless against a shooter.

    Wow, the leftist mind at work.

  18. “And armed with just our cellphones, our fists and our wits” -if it has taken you this long to come to this realization then I am going to assume you are down to 2 out of the 3 things on your list.


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