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Shannon Watts, founder, Moms Demand Action (courtesy

“This is part of an ongoing attempt by gun advocates to normalize a behavior that is not normal. What they’re actually doing is frightening people. God forbid there be a horrible accident or shooting because of this.” – Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts, quoted in Meet your friendly, neighborhood gun owners (and bring the kids) [via]

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      • maybe it is me. maybe I am a pig. maybe I just think back to my love for banging pyscho feminist broads before I married my very normal and non-feminist wife (who has a carry permit), but when I see this chick, I really want to tap that ass. I know I would regret it, but is that what drives me? sorry.

    • Indeed. Humans wouldn’t have survived the 200K years, and all ancestral species before that if we were all tree hugging, I wouldn’t harm anyone even in self defense pansies. They also ignore the various non violent uses firearms have. There are a number of mechanisms for survival, escaping, playing dead, and/or fighting back. Even a cornered bunny may take a nip at you in hopes to escape.

      The sad truth is sometimes violence is the answer. If someone is on the down stroke raping someone or doing a mass shooting, I neither have the time nor the inclination to hold his hand and talk to him about his mommy and daddy issues, or the times when his Aunt Maxine molested him, or how he was permanently scarred when he learned Santa Claus is a myth based on a dead Turkish Bishop. The reasoning why the person is doing it, at that very moment, is unimportant, only thing that matters is can they be stopped ASAP. Talking is for before there is violence in hopes to prevent it.

    • I guess you haven’t heard: women are the very PERSONIFICATION of Nature itself! Bow down before them… they shall rule the Earth.

      For about half an hour, before they beg whatever men they’ve allowed to live for help. Fat chance of any of THOSE men “helping”…

  1. Have any of these people stopped to think that they’re frightening people BECAUSE it’s not normal? That if people were exposed to firearms and *gasp* encouraged to go shooting with someone knowledgeable in the subject that they wouldn’t be frightened?

    • Sounds a lot like when “horseless carriages” (a.k.a., automobiles) were not yet in common use. The technology scared the sheeple and they passed crazy laws to make it difficult to use these cars. A great example was the Locomotive Acts in the U.K. in the late 19th century. Much like mag cap limits and Form 4s, they restricted automobiles to 4 MPH in the country and 2 MPH in the city, required a person with a red flag to walk 60 yards ahead of the vehicle, etc.
      “It was feared that engines and their trailers might cause fatal accidents, scare horses, block narrow lanes, and disturb the locals by operating at night. Although all of these fears were justified and were soon realized, there was a gradual acceptance of the machines as they became more common in commerce…”

      • The difference is, of course, that guns (or even “ass-halt” weapons) are not even CLOSE to new technology. Their great-grandfathers used them. Now their descendants cower in their “safe rooms”.

  2. Mrs. Watts is commenting about the upcoming demonstration on October 19th. An organization calling themselves, “Gun Rights Across America” is urging everyone who owns firearms to possess them openly (if legal in their location) on that day. They are asking firearms owners to sit in a lawn chair on their front yard or I suppose to even carry openly in public.

    While I agree that this “demonstration” is probably aimed (no pun intended) at normalizing firearms ownership, I do not agree that owning firearms or possessing them openly is “abnormal”.

    As for her comment, “What they’re actually doing is frightening people.” So we should only do things based on other people’s feelings? If some minority group of drivers suddenly frightened people, would we demand that minority group give up driving?

    Mrs. Watts will not be getting any apology from me. Just as it is none of my business what color Mrs. Watts chooses to paint her home, my personal property and how I possess it is none of her business.

  3. So… It’s “normal” to focibly impose your will on others by demonizing a segment of the population to push your personal agenda? Sounds so very typical liberal.

    Try this sometime to see just how scary groups like this are:
    Replace every mention of “gun” in any Mom’s Demand Action media with the word “black person” It would be a perfect skinhead / KKK rally speech.

    Groups like MDA should be considered hate groups..

    • “…Groups like MDA should be considered hate groups..”

      Funny, they keep saying the NRA should be considered a terrorist group. The sword truly does cut both ways.

      No, Groups like MDA need to be minimized and ignored. Even mocking them gives them the attention they want because they are in that strange space where negative attention is still attention. So really our best bet is to ignore them like the children they are until they go away.

      • I don’t think that analogy holds water. The NRA could never be compared to a terrorist group, unless you are completely insane. They are citizen advocates for constitutional rights. The right to own a gun is not the right to commit a crime with it.

        Now if you take MDA and play madlibs with their words, you could easily just drag and drop in a host of minorities and you could replace guns with land and you see how similar it is? They shamelessly oppose what they know to be the god given rights of their countrymen.

        • “..I don’t think that analogy holds water. ”

          I didn’t claim it to be a good analogy.

          I was attempting to (poorly) point out that ‘they’ regularly try to claim the NRA is a terrorist group so it was funny that our side would try to make a similar claim against them.

          Its bad when they do it but OK when we do it is what I was trying to point out. We can’t let ourselves get tripped up in their methods, we can’t let them bring us down to their level. Never try and argue with fools, they will bring you down to their level and they have had more practice.

    • Hobbez,

      Groups like MDA are hate groups. They have demonized a minority population and actively petition government to deny that minority population their civil rights even though the minority population has never attacked anyone. If that isn’t a hate group, I don’t know what is.

      I cannot believe I am saying this, but even the Illinois State Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday states that self defense and the right to keep and bear arms has existed from time immemorial. But groups like MDA do not care about that. They want their way and will do anything to get it.

  4. The very name of this group says a lot. It’s not “Moms with Gun Sense” or “Moms for Gun Sense,” or even “Moms Act for Gun Sense.” Just like Obama and John Kerry, they have to insert several degrees of separation between the subject and the object of a sentence: Moms do A (demand), so that others will do B (act), in hopes of accomplishing C (gun sense). How do people earn a living with minds like that? Do they perform their Mothering in such a manner: “Johnny, clean your room or I will demand of your father that he take certain unspecified actions so as to bring about your acceptance of, and eventual adherence to, a set of common sense standards regarding room cleanliness!”?

    • “Do they perform their mothering in such a manner …”

      I have $100 that says her mother did exactly that … which explains why Mrs. Watts is the way that she is.

        • That is why I am teaching my children (and other people’s children as practical) to know actual right and wrong and to respect fundamental civil rights even when you don’t like the way that the other person exercises their rights. And it is why YOU AND I have to push back HARD on these anti-civil rights groups NOW.

          If our grandparents had pushed back hard in the 1930s and 1940s and if our parents had pushed back hard in the 1960s and 1970s, we might not be in the pickle that we are in now. So it is up to us. Let’s keep up the momentum.

        • A bit off topic but my solution is simple:

          Youth Wrestling. Three minutes on the mat, one on one against another kid, with nobody to blame for failure and nobody to claim a share of victory, erases all the diversibable they learned in school the week prior.

    • I have an even better example of how she mothers …

      mom: Timmy you’re grounded for 6 months.
      Timmy: Why?
      mom: Because you have a video game.
      Timmy: I don’t understand. What’s wrong with that?
      mom: Your brother Johnny used that video game to harm someone.
      Timmy: But I have never harmed anyone.
      Timmy: And I do all my chores and my homework and get good grades.
      mom: None of that matters. You could do the same thing.
      mom: Now give up the video game immediately or I will put you down.

  5. But this is the real gem:

    “As a mother I am outraged that they would try to teach my children that not only should they not be leery of strangers, but they shouldn’t be leery of armed strangers… I’ve spent a decade trying to teach my children that it isn’t safe to approach strangers,” Shannon Watts told MSNBC

    Bet she teaches Timmy to run to the stranger with a gun and a badge if he ever needs help. Amazing the righteousness that little metal stamp imbues while shooting your dog and dragging grandma out into the street at 2AM because they cant read a map.

    • Here’s another gem within your gem:

      “As a mother….”

      Why do they always make a spectacle of the fact that they produced a child? A lot of people do that. Any adult with a healthy reproductive system is capable of making a child.

      Also, what experience does this give them? What knowledge about the Second Amendment and crime have they gained that we childless people haven’t?

      And how come there are so many mothers who enjoy guns safely and lawfully? Seems like every time I’m at the range there are several mothers with children shooting guns. Did they miss the memo that when you become a mother, you have to become a statist anti-gun harpy?

      • Something happens to a lot of people once they have children. It’s like the full retard switch gets flipped and every irrational fear and paranoid fantasy suddenly becomes not only real but a common everyday occurrence. Every van is driven by a child snatching rapist, every school is on the brink of closing, every face they see friend or family or stranger is just waiting to toss their kid into a deep fryer or take them to the big city to be pimped out.

        Using the “as a mother” intro pretty much disqualifies every word to follow as the irrational ramblings of a schizophrenic. These mothers are two steps above the mothers who drown their children in lakes and many tiers below a normal, well adjusted parent.

      • Their poor kids won’t be able to walk down the street due to the terror of seeeing all those “strangers” when they get older.

        Or they’ll become mass murderers.

  6. Children learn much of their fears from the reactions of their parents. The majority, for example, of how you child will react when they fall and hurt themselves is built on *your* reaction to the fall. If you freak, they freak. If you don’t, they more often that not will learn to get up, dust themselves off, and get back to what they were doing. They check your reactions first, then go from there.

    Every now and then you come across the parent who either doesn’t understand this, and freaks out over every little fall, every little bug, every little thing, or is addicted to the child’s need of the parent in such a “crisis” (that’s a whole ‘nother problem). They walk bent in 1/2 over their children for the first 10 years of their lives. They’re the ones that think your child ought to be in a booster seat until 12 yrs. These are the most annoying parents on the planet, the most condescending, and despite all their self-proclaimed expertise, the most ignorant and naive….and they flock to the kind of drivel MDA is putting out by the droves for the adrenaline high of a self-righteous group freak out.

    • Absolutely, but you know what that takes? Self control and a non-emotional response to every little situation you encounter. These women don’t have that ability. Thank God my amazing wife does.

  7. “God forbid there be a horrible accident or shooting because of this.” Liars, They are secretly hoping for just that. Anything to make themselves look somehow superior.

  8. All fear has its roots in fear of the unknown. So the cure for fear isn’t repression, it’s investigation. The way to “cure” fear of the unknown is to simply make the unknown known. Poof! Not scary any more!

    • Yeah, Rich, but sometimes when you uncover the hidden or unknown, you discover it’s even scarier than you imagined. So, not always true.

  9. What’s frightening is that there is an organization that gets air time that grunts out irrational, whiney, and catty utterances and they aren’t the laughing stock of the United States.
    Seriously between this and the Recall results response it sounds like the group is run by 12 year old girls.

    • If you present yourself as the “voice of reason”, there is a certain part of the populace who will assume you actually ARE the Voice of Reason. Hey! It’s on TV! It MUST be true! (or real, or…)

  10. Well, she’s right. She and her little organization SHOULD be afraid of us. Our brains are mostly functional, we’re organized, active, and more passionate about our rights than her supporters could ever hope to be about their little cause. And we jammed the tide.
    Like I said earlier, I don’t need them to understand me, or come around to my way of thinking. I need them to re-learn not to f**k with me, and find another menial cause to make their crusade.

  11. TO: Stupid Shannon
    RE: Wrong

    This isn’t an attempt by gun owners to ‘normalize’ that which is not normal.

    You’re ‘projecting’. You’re trying to make something normal which is abhorant: the disarming and subsequent mass murder of innocent people by totalitarian governments.

    In other words, you’re a stupid, useful fool.

    Doubt this? Study history of Russia, China, Germany etc. Each dictator there first disarmed their populace….like you’re trying to do….and then committed mass murder of millions of their own citizens.


    [The study of history is the best medicine for a sick mind. — Livy]

    P.S. The Second Amendment is NOT about ‘duck hunting’…..

    • Chuck: MIZ Watts is betting she’ll end up on the winning side, and get to pull the death lever. History tells us that she’s almost certainly wrong.

  12. A friend of mine was passing through Casper, WY on Starbucks Appreciation Day. She took a picture of a bunch of moms with babies on one hip, and guns on the other.

    I’d pay serious money to see Watts’ reaction if she’d been there. That’s entertainment.

  13. Shannon Watts is so far removed from reality that she must be on another planet. Moms Demand Attention needs to go away and Shannon Watts is completely uneducated about firearm ownership in the United States.

  14. To be fair, that’s not a badly written article. They give the “gun sense” wacko some space to enunciate her contriarian view, but they don’t include any leading language to drive the reader to the conclusion that she is right and the other guy is wrong. The quote from Reid is good too.

  15. Breaking down her message: Firearm ownership and carrying a firearm has been a normal behavior and actually expected of the citizenry since the start of this nation. We have racism and class discrimination to blame for that notion changing in the minds of the less educated. What’s frightening to those moms is that they are not comfortable with guns and more people might become comfortable with guns once they learn about them and see them in a safe environment. They’re frightened their base will disappear if educated, especially if they find out gun owners aren’t crazy racists conspiracy theorists. Then for good measure she puts in an unhealthy dose of fear, the clear message being that at random someone might just shoot you so you should stay far, far away at all costs. That sounds an awful lot like some of the fairy tales they tell children so they will do what they want them to do, using fear to control behavior, something as moms they know all about. Don’t forget that, as moms they always treat people like children. To MDA you can’t make your own decisions, everything you do is naive and ignorant, and most of all they always know better no matter what you show or say.

    I wonder if those moms know they’re actually fighting for racism, class discrimination, bigoted hatred, and a lack of education? Considering they don’t know a bayonet lug from a buttstock I don’t think they can make the connection.

  16. Shannon Watts is just another underemployed PR flack trying to make a dishonest dollar by exploiting the fears of Americans. Whether they’re selling “miracle” vitamin concoctions, cosmetics that restore that youthful look, colon cleansing products or citizen disarmament, it’s all the same thing. She’s just another wh0re, selling fear and making a living at it.

  17. Hmmm… She’s right, in a sense. In her place of origin, gun ownership is indeed not normal as it was stamped out long ago during a previous wave of tyrany.

    She’s a product of her environment, just as the ugly, screwed up, half sterile things which pass for wildlife very near Chernobyl are products of theirs.

  18. As an aside, there are women on the other side of the fence, and some have far-reaching voices.

    Miss Kansas, competing for Miss USA as I type, is a tattooed, deer hunting 22 year old Army sergeant who is a crack shot, an expert archer, can field dress a deer faster than you can say “Wow!” and speaks Chinese.

    Let the new crop of female kids look to her as a role model, eh?

  19. Any organization proud to be affiliated with “Code Pink” has to be half a bubble off to start with. It goes neither plumb, square, nor level from there.

    • I had some run-ins with the Code Pink females in NM; what you say is true. They’re horrible, closed-minded people.

      They’re “for peace”; they have it all wrong. If you want peace, you have to fight and rail against WAR; speaking of “peace” only makes one sound like a blubbering idiot.

      There’s no “up with Peace!” until you’re prepared to take a stand against Endless War. Shouting, “PEACE!” is like shouting at a cliff.

  20. OMG! It’s friendly, fellow citizens arming themselves! Openly and publicly in their front yards! OMG!

    It’s fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes… The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

    Well, maybe just Shannon Watts et al. becoming hysterical. Really, these over-reacting and, when cameras are on, over-acting, moms persist in their overwrought histrionics. It makes it incredibly difficult to take them seriously when they readily forfeit all pretense of reasonableness.

    “I’ve spent a decade trying to teach my children that it isn’t safe to approach strangers,” she says. First off, while it’s true that some monsters do roam the countryside and can be a danger to one’s children, the overwhelming personal risk to one’s children originates in your own home; either from someone related or someone invited. In the case of females, in particular, that risk endures into adulthood. So her outrage at “approaching strangers” is largely misplaced; but beyond that, it speaks nothing to preparing one’s children to defend themselves in the future should a villainous soul stranger approach them.

    These women need to grow up, stop demonizing inanimate objects, and reject mere emotion-laden, empty actions. Then they can re-name themselves “Moms Demand Solutions” and join the rest of us in measures to prevent criminal violence and preserve individual freedoms.

    Until then, I’m content to mock and ogle Ms. Watts and call her group MILFs Demand Action. Now that’s a movement I could definitely get behind, or under, or on top of.

      • Oddly enough, I am a Fine Arts major who could care less for (take or leave) Country music. Like the finer things of both town and country life but hate their shortcomings.

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