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““I tell you, right after Sandy Hook, Newtown, when 20 6-year-olds were gunned down and Congress literally does nothing – yeah, that’s the closest I came to feeling disgusted.” – Barack Obama in Obama talks gun control, racism and the N-word [at]

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    • Congress did something too. They stopped Obama’s mass confiscation schemes. Blocking bad law based on politicizing tragedy is “doing something”.

  1. So this president is disgusted when the government fails to capitalize on a horrific tragedy in order to infringe on Americans’ constitutionally protected rights.

    Got it.

    • Yes and somehow this makes perfect sense to the moronic left. Critical thinking is not strong in this one or his supporters. The sheep would rather infringe on the rights of millions in retribution for a very few. And then when no law abiding citizens can protect themselves the left will use their deaths as some proof that “I told you guns were bad…”.

    • I’m disgusted, and throw up in my mouth a bit, every time I hear Obama and President in the same sentence.

    • But not disgusted by the ChiComs stealing 18 million personnel files from OPM. That’s a “whatever”, with no resignations or firings.

      • The Chinese probably didn’t steal all that data, It might have just been a few guys in a basement somewhere. That’s just the line the Govt. runs with whenever something like that happens to try and hide the fact most government bureaucracy computer systems are woefully under-protected and technologically outdated. IIRC, the Social Security Administration only started using database encryption in 2013.

  2. “I tell you, right after 2014, Chicago, when over 300 people were murdered and the media barely notes the crime issues – yeah, that’s the closest I came to feeling disgusted.”

    Or should I insert the illegal immigrants / undocumented persons with violent known pasts that the President is knowingly letting in. Like those that gang raped the middle school girl in New York.

  3. “I tell you, right after Sandy Hook, Newtown, when 20 6-year-olds were gunned down and Congress and the President tried to use that horrible event for pure political gain literally does nothing – yeah, that’s the closest I came to feeling when I felt pretty damn disgusted.”


  4. Then Marc Maron cut up another line and he had a toot, saying “yep… (sniffle)… that NRA… (snort)… they’re MESSED UP, man…” Seriously, recovering addict Marc Maron hosts a podcast from his garage, and our president spent an hour there bitching about congress. A congress that was rewarded for doing “literally nothing” by the voters, who let’s face it are the ones he really can’t stand.

  5. Since Barry never really studied our form of government from anything other than a leftist hated-filled point of view, all he has is CONTEMPT for it and the Constitution.

  6. This must be an AP photo. It’s got their usual Obama Halo.

    But they wouldn’t line up a photo to send a political message, would they? Must be an accident.

    • I notice they captured him in that oh so stern expression pose of his, too.

      It’s not exactly pursed lips or duck face. It’s more like pseudo-serious, sourpuss platypus face that screams “I know I’m a fraud and have no business being here, but I’m riding this wave for all it’s worth before anyone finds out and can do anything about it. Praise be to Allah.”

  7. Nice to know that the prez with throw your tantrums when he isn’t even disgusted, then.

    • no bodies, no blood, ambulances blocked off from entering, no life flight choppers, a “kid” no one saw for 3 years with no electronic footprint whatsoever, no motive, no manifesto, 100 lbs wet carrying 40 pounds of gear through a hole in glass only a fox could fit through, gene rosen (enough said), no Adam’s doctor anywhere, no video of his attempted gun buys, no iconic photo of him blowing out the front door even though “new security cameras” just put in placed, no blood soaked kids streaming out by the hundreds a la Columbine, folks just milling around and no one wearing work clothes, robbie park presser and “emily” photoshop fun, bulldoze the school, hand out 150M to all, but…..its just another tin hat conspiracy!…..:)

      • My main complaint was that the coroner first said that the children exhibited cleaner wounds like that of a pistol caliber, but then the next day said on air that they were wounded by an AR15…

        I’ll believe it was the AR when I see those spent 5.56 shells at the crime scene…

        • Initial reports were that the suspect used 6 pistols and the AR was found in his car. I wonder how close to the truth that was.

      • It had to be a well planned event. No physical evidence exists to confirm it ever happened. Why was everything destroyed? Nothing to see here shut-up and comply. We will take care of you because it’s for the children.

  8. So, Mr President, you got close to feeling disgusted, but the death of those people didn’t actually make you feel disgusted.

    The mask slips for the briefest of moments and reveals the monster underneath.

  9. Where is his disgust when people abuse othere constitutional rights? Where is he calling for background checks before voting? High capacity (lifetime) voting limits? Voting waiting periods? CLEO sign offs before voting? Assault voting bans? Or other ways of restricting voting when tens of thousands of illegals and felons vote and rob the treasury for freebies and welfare?

    • So, if you vote for someone who wants to assault civil liberties, does that count as an Assault Vote?

  10. I did something , I found a cop and had a beer with him . Problem solved . Barry and the pope sittin in a tree
    k I s s I n g . I think down in our guts we all know what is coming . It’s a collective gut reaction to stockpile . Practice your aim folks .

  11. He’s disgusted? Breaking News, Bozo, 2nd. exists because guns are so much more effective than torches & pitch folks!

  12. Every time this so-called leader opens his mouth, I have to choke back the urge to vomit. The fact that he duped the American voter in 2008 astounded me. That he repeated the trick in 2012 disgusts me. He claims to be an expert in Constitutional Law, which, by his statements, has been proven time and again to be another false narrative. An expert would understand that, among other things, the USC is NOT responsive to ‘majority rules’ or emotionally-driven policy.
    Disgusted? He should just look in the mirror…

  13. The continuing failure as a leader. Ignores to address possible realistic causes of behaviors, attacks inanimate objects and Constitution he is sworn to protect.

  14. Words coming from the worlds largest gun runner! I am King you have too listen too me, do as I say not as I do, hasn’t quite got the God complex yet, Guess the pope would get mad! Must have a super guilt complex when using the N – Word, hearing nothing but shuck and Jive from this pathetic excuse of a Political Leader, problem is the Nut Jobs that Listen, cant think for themselves and push his Anti-American Anti Constitutional agenda!

  15. Nothing engenders action like coming really, really close to feeling disgust.

    His hyperbole re: anger is like a hyperbola.

  16. Yeah, I was pretty disgusted as well that congress didn’t immediately revoke the gun-free zone laws regarding schools and push for staff with CCWs to be allowed to carry.

  17. Yeah, when you got elected that 2nd time, I was actually disgusted.

    Thanks for tarnishing the the first black presidency with laziness, ineffectuality, and an unwillingness to address the root causes of problems.

  18. Wait… he wasn’t (almost) disgusted because of 26 slain people, he was (almost) disgusted because of Congress?

    What the holy F?

  19. I’m disgusted every time I see president and Barry Soetoro mentioned in the same sentence-or when I realize allah boy was erected twice. I’m disgusted when it wants to turn my country into Australia,Britain or freakin’ Sweden…

  20. No surprise that Obama is yet another who doesn’t care how many people actually die, as long as it doesn’t happen in ways that make sensational headlines that make him sad.

    I bet this puts me closer to feeling disgusted than congressional response to Sandy Hook put him.

  21. When Barry Soetoro actually became THE President of my country I started to throw up. The fact that I served this country and am a disabled Veteran and I see what barry has done to the VA I continue to throw up. The worst President in the History of this great country. What a sad joke.

  22. Knowing what is predecessor and idol did with his cigar, I really don’t want to hear about what blObama would do if he got one…

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