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“In the weeks since that blood-soaked first day of March, police nationwide have stepped up gun training. More armed patrols visit train stations and public squares. Experts call for quicker use of guns in emergencies.” – No Guns, Just Knives: Chilling Details of ‘China’s 9/11’ [at]

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  1. Quickest way to put a gun in use in an emergency is to put it in the hands of the private citizen.

        • Actually, no it would not. China has been a Communist nation for quite some time now. The road to a free people would be very long and bloody.

        • Let me clarify that, it’s easy enough for the government to fix. They’re feigning concern for their subjects who got slashed to death, why not show some real concern and set them free?

      • Sadly, the same situation is becoming a reality here at home. We’re all on the path to becoming “wards” of the State.

        Stone walls do not a prison make,
        Nor iron bars a cage;
        Minds innocent and quiet take
        That for a hermitage.

  2. Expect an announcement from the Obama regime supporting Chinas efforts, after all, “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    • Honestly, it’s just another example of China stealing our intellectual property without acknowledging the source.

  3. I’ve read the English translation of the Koran, twice; this is perfectly in line with the actions of Mohammad and his writings.

    These “terrorists” are just following his example.

    The cops in Mumbai did the same thing when the Muslims shot up the place; the cops hid out ; even when they had a gun instead of engaging the mass murderers.

  4. So the police are at train stations and public squares which mean the next attacks will be at shopping malls and bus depots. You can’t terror proof society but you can terror proof people though that can’t be done with police.

  5. Think of it like this? Who is more likely to harm you or interfere with your life in the US — a three letter agency or a terrorist group?

    • Terrorist: a person who uses violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political gain.

      How is that different than an alphabet agency?

  6. I think it is a little ridiculous to claim it is anything like 9/11 when 30 people are killed in a single attack. We literally lost over 100 times more people. At best it’s absurd. At worst its disgraceful to even attempt to equate them.

    • True. They have no shame if shooting’s in the article. Anyway, they just wanted to show that Chinese guys can look operator.

    • The equation is in the source and intent of the terrorists, not the quantity of victims.

      In New York the terrorists succeeded in bringing down the towers, and reveled in the death of 3,000 infidels. You can be certain, given the target, they were expecting and hoping for 30,000 or more, but the intent was simply to strike a blow and create fear that disrupted our normal, complacent lives.

      In China they had less access to effective weapons, but their intent to terrorize was the same and they would certainly have continued to kill until dropped by fatigue if they had not been stopped otherwise. The psychological result of their attack was still realized and severe.

      The point of the article, however, was to emphasize the situation of unarmed people going about their lives in the false belief that their government can protect them from these sorts of fanatics. If you were in a crowded venue and ANY sort of attack began, would you be concerned if the death toll might be 30,00, 3,000, 30, or just you? In the long run it is the FEAR of death the attackers promote, not the reality.

  7. Ah, China…

    Proof that America does like Oppressive Communist Systems, given that we can exploit the lower class people for cheap, nearly slave like, labor in order to lower the cost of manufacturing our products.

    While simultaneously shipping current American jobs overseas to decrease the cost of production, yet not decreasing the overall cost of products to the American consumer. But, increases the profit margins of uber wealth corporations and the bonuses of their, also uber wealthy, directors and officers. Whom pay literally nothing into our America tax system due to tax loopholes for large companies and the wealth class.

    Yay, China!

  8. China’s rulers will NEVER allow its subjects to be armed, lest they discover the same thing Mao did – power really does grow out of the barrel of a gun. And the ruling Communists simply cannot allow that to happen.

    So what you can expect is a furious turning of the screws. While that might SOMEWHAT reduce the terrorist scourge, it’ll hurt Chinese citizens at least as much or more than any further attacks might. Either way, the good guys get screwed over.

    I found the article’s observations where citizens pleaded for guns to defend themselves and such rather interesting. But I seriously doubt the so-called journalist that penned the article ever saw the paradox to begin with. Also, the headline was incongruent and and an insult to American citizens who suffered through that terrible day 13 years ago. But what else can one expect from Gannett and its good little boys, eh?


  9. Hey Anon, I’m on my mobile so I can’t respond directly to your comment; I’d say the thuggery of the ATF would top that list but then the rest of those three letter dens of iniquity would be close behind in their “Eye of Sauron” malevolence and the danger to our freedoms far out way any chance of injury or death from a terrorist attack.

  10. Tech alert: Is anyone else unable to reply to individual posts and replies on the mobilesite? Or us it just my crummy phone?


  11. For all of China’s efforts, they still can’t fix the problem of not being able to be everywhere at once. The only way to do that is to allow people to defend themselves with the best tool possible, a pistol in .40.

    • yes, because total government oppression gets so much easier when the peasants start shooting back.

      You forgot your sarc tag.

  12. It’s NOT your phone. See “issues” from the other week. It is what it is. Yeah China sucks. Do you really think the west hears the truth?

  13. Repressive regimes love terrorist so that the AK’s on the street corners are there to “protect” the citizens.
    And it also justifies heavily armed men to raid houses looking for terrorists.
    That’s China, but here in America we have the 4th Ammendment.
    That reminds me, the Boston Marathon is comming up isn’t it?

  14. These stories never get any attention in the U.S. Press.

    They show that bad people using knives are just as dangerous as bad people using guns, and that the only way to reliably stop them is to have someone equipped and able there when the attack begins. That doesn’t fit the gun control narrative, so they ignore it. I’m glad TTAG at least brings them up occasionally.

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