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Just before Boston bomb explodes (courtesy

“There will always be plenty of soft targets in a free society, and it is incredibly easy to kill people, even for untrained operatives. In this case, the brothers conducted an attack that was within their capabilities rather than attempting something more grandiose that would require outside assistance — and which could therefore have put them in jeopardy of running into a government informant as they sought help. It is thus important for citizens to practice good situational awareness and to serve as grassroots defenders against the grassroots threat.” Boston Bombing Suspects: Grassroots Militants from Chechnya [via Stratfor]

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  1. “Practice good situational awareness, and ever be ready to put your car keys to use. Because only trained professionals should have guns. Oh, and please carry a cell phone, that way if something does happen, you can call 911, and just leave it on, that way when the police show up later we can figure out what happened from the 911 audio.”

    Didn’t read the article, did I sum it up ok?

  2. As noted elsewhere, dont assume by carrying a gun you will be able to use it. I suspect if someone had been found even having a holstered weapon in the crowd pictured after the attack you would have risked being shot by first responders.

      • Please review the pictures of the aftermath. Anyone who has been around explosions will tell you that folks get their clothes blown right off their bodies. Even if uninjured, you might find yourself with tattered clothing exposing your firearm. Again I will say that wouldn’t be a good thing.

  3. As police searched for the second bomber, talk radio personality Neil Boortz asked, “How many people in Boston are now saying ‘I’m sure glad I don’t have a gun!’ “? Yeah, let someone track firearm purchases/permits before and after the bombings in Boston.

  4. Thwarting these actions requires the citizenry’s help. I see the total lockdown of Boston, and the quasi-military law enforcement units roaming the city, and it seems they were fairly ineffective. It is hard to sort out, as the press is an ass, but most of the contact with these guys was between local, run of the mill police units and citizens.

    Law enforcement and terrorism prevention is the responsibility of the citizenry. LE are citizens, not soldiers. They need to back off from their urban assault carriers and paramilitary uniforms and gear. The non LE needs to step up and help. That’s part of what an armed populace does. We are just living up to our responsibilities to society. It looks like a partnership of regular LE and citizens took these guys down, not the swat teams.

    I see black helmeted swat teams riding on APCs in Boston, and think occupying military. This isn’t law enforcement. We need to take a big step back in the way we do things. I am often highly critical of law enforcement , but ultimately it is my fault that they behave this way. This is a grass-roots political level issue, and that is where this will change. It is time to get involved in the lowest level of politics, in towns, cities and counties, and reverse this trend of militarized police.

    • Yes, the power needs to be with the people, Power to the People, o should remember that./// If the cops & HS need the armored carriers etc then we need weapons that will defeat that, otherwise you have this master/serf thing going on, Randy

  5. This is off topic, but has anyone read Lindsey Graham’s call for the surviving brother to be treated as an enemy combatant? While this person is reprehensible, a murderer and, perhaps, a terrorist (depending on what his goals were, I guess), I believe he is a naturalized citizen. I’d hate to see constitutional protections taken away from any citizen, even despicable POS. It sucks when the president thinks he can kill citizens without judicial involvement, and it sucks when a JAG officer and sitting senator thinks that the constitution is just a piece of paper.

    Sorry for going off topic.

    • No, he is a US citizen and will be treated as such. See Timothy McVie (sp?) as an example of what we do to our own.

      • From the news, as of yet he has not been read his Miranda rights.

        The police/FBI or whoever deciding who has rights and who doesn’t isn’t comforting to me. Wait until they decide you are a terrorist because you disagree with the decisions they make. It’s not far off at the rate we are going.

        • He still has those rights whether they are read to him or not. Miranda Warnings are just a reminder to those who don’t know their rights.

        • Peter, you are correct, but they are talking about classifying him as an enemy combatant. Eric Holder, or anyone for that matter, holding the power to indefinitely imprison an American citizen is not something we should be ok with.

        • Ah, well that I’m not okay with. Does the Federal Government even have jurisdiction? Imagine that…a government that wants to strip citizens of their trial rights (Tsarnaev), yet confer trial rights to non-citizens (Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, son-in-law of Osama bin Laden).

        • You do not have to read someone their rights when they are arrested. Only prior to any questioning.

  6. I don’t think we know yet whether or not they had outside assistance. It appears that bomber #1 at least had training in either Chechnya or in one of the Stan’s of Russia. At least that is what the news would seem to indicate.

  7. When will Obama start flying the Boston victims around on Air Farce 1 as props for speeches that the 2nd Amendment caused the marathon attacks?

  8. “There will always be plenty of soft targets in a free society.”

    Then how do you explain this happening in Mass.?

    Besides, asking a leftist to be anything but condition white and to defend anything but their own selfish interests is like asking a bear to balance on a ping pong ball.

  9. Gun sales, even among Bostonians (sarcasm) are most likely going to spike up again. I’m curious if people will learn from the lesson that in a future such crisis or event government might order cell phone service turned off (maybe Internet too?) leaving people without communications since many no longer use land line phones.

    • It was reported that the Boston G did order cell phone service to be cut off right after the bombs blew up, just in case the bombs were being triggered by cell phones.

  10. Any government powerful enough to give you anything you want is also powerful enough to take anything you have.

    — T.J.

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