Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s Council of the America’s speech: “The sales of assault weapons to criminals must be stopped. The increase in drug related violence coincides with the year in which the assault weapons ban expired here in the United States in 2004. In less than five years my government has seized more than 110,000 weapons from the criminals. Eight-five percent of them were sold here in the United States. And there are more than 80,000 gun shops in the American territory, only in the border with Mexico.” See above. Or click here for STRATFOR’s annihilation of the “Iron River” myth. Well, attempted annihilation. Truth be told, the overwhelming majority of the U.S. guns flowing to the cartels “seeped” from American military and police sales. If Mexico released the full gun data (as they used to), we’d could tell him the exact percentage.


  1. If he’s counting weapons the US government sold the Mexican government that later “fell off a truck”, that 85% might be nearly accurate.

    The orange portion of the chart is the recovered weapons marked “Mexican Government Property”, right?

    • You give Calderon too much credit by calling him a fascist. He’s just a thief, trying to steal as much as he can before he leaves office.


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