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Brtish PM Daviod Cameron (courtesy

“We need to ensure that terrorists do not have the weapons with which they can wreak such tragedy.’ – British Prime Minister David Cameron, quoted in Cameron calls on Brussells to ban semi-automatic weapons in wake of Paris attacks [via]

[h/t NJ]

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  1. Yes, that will fix it. Then we can pass a law against murder, robbery, bad breath and maybe climate change.

  2. No you’re doing it backwards.

    Terrorists used illegal weapons. Making MORE weapons illegal will just add to their arsenal!

    If you make all weapons legal, then they won’t have any illegal weapons with which they can murder dozens of disarmed innocents.

    • Further proof that gun control advocates will never stop advocating for more gun control. It’s common sense.

    • They just did ban climate change, thanks to our lord and savior BHO, we do not ever need to concern ourselves with it again! Yippee! Now, maybe we can get back to reality.

  3. Let’s make the illegal illegaler, this way criminals will have greater fear of consequences. We accept “er” is tougher, better and more enforceable. Because fearful criminals are lining up to abide by new laws. ESTUPIDOS.

    • And if it doesn’t work, then we will declare the illegaler as the most illegalest. That must work.

      I visited UK in last years of the previous century, and I liked it at that time. Well I was in my mid 20’s. Now being 40 I guess their politicians went just simply crazy, with the exception of UKIP perhaps. I’m so glad I can have an assault screwdriver on myself and the police will still consider it just a mere tool.

      I must say that ever since I went through the legal hoops to own a firearm in this country (CZ! :-)) there’s one more aspect of my country to like.

  4. Uh, “semi-automatic weapons” means everything beyond revolvers, pump shotguns, bolt-action rifles and Winchester ’73s… and the terrorists simply bought real full-auto AK-47s (already illegal) smuggled in on the Black Market.

    • Do we know that? I have assumed it, but if it has been officially acknowledged that has pretty much been kept secret. Of course, now that I consider the question, the media does not know the difference, apparently, where would I hear it?

  5. “Holy underwear! Sheriff murdered! Innocent women and children blown to bits! We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!”

    Amazing how apt this spoof is. Reality is stranger than fiction.

  6. Because a terrorist has never used a bomb or fire or poison or a motor vehicle or knives or a combination of these to kill anyone.

  7. I gave away my empire, my sovereignty, and my daughters…and all I got was this bloodstained t-shirt.

  8. The genuine stupidity is utterly astounding. They can’t honestly believe that by making something, anything, illegal it will stop terrorists from doing what they want to do. I believe ISIS has a definite advantage over such outrageous stupidity.

  9. Well…if the ultimate goal is an Islamified Europe then that’s the right call. Pretty sure the people of Europe aren’t going to go for it through.

    • Well, I am pretty sure the plan includes murdering the people of Europe, so what difference does it make if they stand for it? Or do you figure I am going to take my guns over there to help them out, so that they can again brag about their moral superiority?

  10. “We need to ensure that terrorists do not have the weapons with which they can wreak such tragedy”

    And you’re going to do this with… legislation? Or magical unicorn farts? I think you’ll have more luck with the second honestly.

    • Careful,

      Squatty potty has a assault unicorn of delicious proportions….. if the terrorists get that then who knows what will happen.

      So glad I left that country… trying to explain what a inanimate object is and how it is not dangerous is really bloody hard to get through their heads.

      • Suspect you are correct, actually, the families who raised courageous and astute men, who loved freedom, were wiped out, leaving the bloodlines of the apologists, cowards, socialists and other leftards to carry on. Fortunately, this time there will be no difference, the morons will be on the front lines, too! A revolution they can really lose their heads over! In a hundred years, the results might be interesting.

  11. Well, the greedy wolf in me kind of thinks this is a good idea. I mean, after everyone in Europe is disarmed, my ultimate plan for the United Earth of America will be that much easier.
    Good European, roll over and play dead.

    • Only one flaw in your plan…(“Only one?”)

      Something approaching six billion of Earth’s inhabitants have no interest in true freedom, and wouldn’t know what to do with it if they got it, other than to give it back.

      I wish I was wrong, but I don’t think I am.

      • Well, we just need to delay that United Earth until 4-5 billion of them have been beheaded! That will eliminate any worries about global weather for a few millennia.

      • “If enough people don’t agree with us it just means we haven’t done a good enough job of showing the logic of our position.” – Ronald Reagan (paraphrased)

        Radical Islam requires terrorism because there is no logical way to convince ALL of he world’s inhabitants to convert or to submit to Muslim domination.

        Gun control/confiscation requires terrorism because there is no logical way to convince even the majority of your own subjects that it is a good idea and therefore you need to instill in them a terror of their own government and its armed representatives that is greater than their fear of criminals, crazies and Islamic radicals. I’m sorry, was that redundant?

  12. Funny how nobody would take seriously a proclamation for tougher bomb control after something like Boston or Madrid.

  13. I am astonished by how many people, all apparently of adult age, have the ridiculous belief that banning something is the same as making that thing not exist.

  14. Ahh Britain, once home to the quintessential man’s man. The place where you could have no trouble finding examples of men who carried themselves with class and dignity, fought brutally, loved deeply and were in every way not to be trifled with. Now the locus of weak-kneed, spiritless, cowering fatties with smiles like a jack-o-lanterns and wrists incapable of absorbing the recoil of a rubber band being fired from their finger.

    What happened to you Britain. When were your testicles donated to a museum?

  15. I’m really hoping this goes the same way as proposed Federal gun bans in the United States – Fails to pass. Thereafter, individual states did as they liked. I’m hoping that central Europe and other fairly-free nations do not lose their freedoms.

  16. 1. He is preparing for the next election, knows it’s stupid.

    2. Add him to the list: Obama, Hillary, Bernie, Bush now Cameron. Greatest sales people in the world. The general population in the US will think it’s going to hit here too, so more of us will tool up!

  17. You bloody idiot. Your citizens deserve the freedom to protect themselves. I bet you have a large team that protects you, and your family. Get off your high horse and truly protect your people in the right way. Allow the people who desire the ability to own, and carry, a gun. Your police, and our too, can not be everywhere, and protect the people all the time.

    • As I recall, Sherlock Holmes and possibly Watson were know to carry concealed pistols at any time they thought it prudent. Don’t these people even read their own literature?

  18. Maggie Thatcher had more balls than the entire crop of Euro beta males put together. And don’t even get me started on Churchill.

  19. I’m just hoping Switzerland stays far far away from any of those EU bullcrap, so that i still have a place to go when US becomes too much for me to handle…

  20. Ah yes-only criminals,Moose-lim terrorists,po-leece(bobbies and gendarmes) and the military will have gunz…and the whole world wondered after the Beast(willingly).

  21. His comments read like:

    “I demand we make illegal things illegaler! I demand we bar bad guys from being bad! I demand we ban evil!

    I’m an important man! I deserve respect! I have plenty more faux fixes where these came from! I have serious opinions about things I don’t understand! I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!!!”

    Maybe Will Ferrell can play him in the movie.

  22. What happens when the next attack is done with a pressure cooker bomb?

    Maybe kitchenware is next on the banned list.

  23. In 2014 we had a murder here in Vienna, where the victim was killed with a hand grenade. Such weapons are illegal in Austria, yet the criminals had it anyway.

    An AR15 costs €2,000+ Euro legally. An AK47 goes for €300 on the black market. The Paris attackers did not jump through legal hoops to get their AKs. They got them off the black market, like all criminals.

    The EUSSR’s idea will do nothing to curb crime. It’s a panic button reaction as expected from these fools and Cameron proves to be nothing but a willing minion of Brussel’s neo-fascist agenda.

  24. every day they come up with more pointless nonsense that WONT work. why was i born in this time of manginas

  25. OK, wordsmithing, bere’s a reply…

    “Well, that would be good, if we could: how ya gonna do that when you already can’t … keep full-autos, explosives, and assault trucks away from them?”

    Persuasion-wise, don’t *explain* why it’s dumb, assume it’s dumb. Don’t provide the answer, but let the question hang there. You’re hijacking the audiences brains, to fill in the counter arguments for you. Better. Once they think up the fact or argument, they’ll have to defend it – they’ll do the work.

    “That would be good…” (Geese, why haven’t they done this yet? Isn’t this guy in charge? … plus this guy now.owns every other thing not fixed yet that bugs the hearer.)

    “How you gonna do that?” (Wow, those door to door searches seem a bit invasive… plus every other unpleasant, ineffective thing the hearer can think of. Ever had an uncomfortable traffic stop? Audit? That’ll pop right to top of their mind.)

    “… if we could…” (Can we actually do that? Hey, I didn’t hear how you’re gonna do this.)

    “…when you already can’t…” (Wow, this guy ain’t getting it done. Not real competent. Pause n the hearer will fill in their own stuff.)

    “…full-autos, explosives…” (*Those?* That’s really dangerous stuff, but those incidents are still open. They don’t have all the shooters, let alone their networks n sponsors.)

    “…assault-trucks…” (And what about knives n machetes used on priests n commuters? And what about… that one thing that scares me, that nobody talks about. Assault bees. What about them?!)

    “…away from them.” (Yeah, all those bad people still gets tuff, like the thug that mugged my mom w/ a knife last year. But I can’t carry my chef’s knife to work.)

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