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“We can, we must and we will (take on the gun lobby). Too many members of Congress remain in the pocket of the gun lobby, and that has got to change. They’re unwilling to take on special interests that have insisted on keeping weak gun laws in place for too long. If (Rep. Goodlatte) won’t support background checks, we’ll find someone else who will. There’s no excuse in doing nothing. I hope he enjoys his last year in Congress.” – Andy Parker in Grieving father meets with key congressman on guns [at]

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  1. ” Too many members of Congress remain in the pocket of the gun lobby,”

    I hope that they’re in holsters. Safety first, doncha know. 8>)

  2. In the days after his child was murdered, I was willing to give Mr. Parker a pass and some time to get a grip on his grief. That time has passed.

    • Same here. Still waiting to hear which law would have made the difference. Maybe they’ll ditch the mask Clark Kent glasses for good and fully support their final solution to gun owner question.

  3. Had his daughter been beaten to death with a shovel, what would his cause be then? Poor man is so grief stricken that he can’t be logical. Unfortunately, there are plenty of folks with an agenda who are willing to take up the cause and dance in the blood.

    • This man thinks he has found his new meal ticket (and perhaps he has). He is an attention-seeking dolt, who is looking to be something far bigger than he is. His daughter’s death is a springboard, he’s angling to dive into a Scrooge McDuck pile of Bloomberg ducats – nothing more.

      I feel sorry for the daughter having this piece of work for a parent.

      • BAM!!! The truth hurts!

        As harsh as what you say sounds, I’m afraid it is pretty on the mark. I’m sure this father is a mix of grief, rage and financial/fame whore opportunist.

        Prolly leaning more on the opportunist part at this point.

        • We all grieve differently, but I’ve seen this more than once. Parent is attention/fame seeker, kid dies unfortunate death. I’ve yet to figure if they fully understand/admit to themselves the exploitative nature of the causes they suddenly adopt. But they’ve all seen that tragedy has done ok by John Walsh, and they want some of that.

          Turn off the cameras, twitter feeds, and whatever other media he’s gotten into. (And the money ‘natch.) He’ll go back to selling used cars, or whatever his occupation is and forget the whole thing.

        • “But they’ve all seen that tragedy has done ok by John Walsh, and they want some of that. ”

          Walsh used his grief to get a pedophile sex offender registry.

          A bit different use of grief, don’t you think?

    • You say that in jest and I’m sure a lot of people read it and snicker, but in “The Great Patriotic War” (World War II to us) the Russian/Soviet infantrymen prized their entrenching tool/shovel for close-quarters combat with the fascists because it was much more deadly hand to hand than the unwieldy Mosin Nagants. Such a weapon in the hands of a Berserker in an unarmed crowd could be/would be extremely deadly.

      • Erich Maria Remarque mentiones in „Im Westen nichts Neues“ that it was not unusual for German soldiers to go into attack armed only with hand grenades and short trench showel during WWI.
        I have german one from army surplus store and if it had sharpened edges it would make very efficient battle axe.


  4. First let me offer my condolences for your daughter’s death. No parent should have to suffer what you have.

    That being said, I did not kill your daughter. Neither did the millions of other law abiding guns owners in this country, nor the NRA and the five million plus Americans that make it up. A disturbed man took your child, someone who was angry with the circumstances in his life. Unfortunately, none of his family or friends recognized the extent of his anger before he acted out.

    Also unfortunately, none of the restrictions you would place on the rest of the country would have prevented her death. The “gun lobby” you talk of represents isn’t gun evil manufacturers, it’s Americans like myself who believe in preserving our Constitutional rights against those who would deny them. So, while I do have sympathy for your loss, you’ll have to undertand, that the path you have taken, places you on the side of extemists, one that like terrorists, has no interest in compromise or reason, only taken and destroying the freedoms and rights of others. I’m sorry.

    • Hear, hear. I’m sorry for his loss. If he really wanted to do some good in this area he should direct his attention where it might help. Work for strict enforcement of current gun laws and for greater access and treatment of those with serious mental health issues.

      If memory serves I believe each and every one of the well known mass murderers, Aurora, gabby giffords, Va Tech, Connecticut etc were all on someone’s radar as being particularly nutty and dangerous.

    • There is no Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, it is a Constitutionally PROTECTED right. Sorry, that little misquote always bothers me a bit.

  5. Politicians are not in the pocket of the gun lobby. The gun lobby remind politicians well informed voters keep politicians employed.

  6. The Anti-Gun politicians are in the pocket of the organized crime and corrupt politician lobby. After all, those are the only two groups that benefit from disarming the law abiding.
    Only an idiot actually believes that banning guns makes anyone but criminals and the corrupt safer.

    • Nope: The Obama-voting, disgruntled former coworker who killed her had passed a NICS background check when he purchased the means to committing her murder.

  7. Personal loss and tragedy doesn’t award anyone the right to start dictating to others what they should be doing with their lives.

    That’s what you call using a death or tragedy as a soapbox to express an opinion. Stating an opinion wrapped in loss is a manipulative way to try to get people to do something by getting people to empathize with your loss and they feel like they owe you something. No one owes you anything. If we’re nice, we may offer you a hug or condolences. But we aren’t going to be taking action unless that action makes sense in the real world.

    Everyone knows making decisions when one’s emotional state is compromised is a bad idea. That’s a lesson parents teach their children. Some learn, some do not. Adults should know better.

  8. This proposed bill that would make it easier for employers to talk with each other about issues employees may have had is kind of scary. Sounds like law suits ready to happen if an old boss tells a prospective boss somebody has issues. I would just do the “I can only confirm he worked here” route.

  9. Ban guns, knives, clubs, etc. Ban the right of self-defense while you’re at it. Become the post-modern New York crying man. Then see what sort of society it gets you – likely one more reminiscent of the caveman. All you’ll have left to worry about are any people larger and stronger than you, or predators operating in groups. In a way, it’ll be a lot like Detroit, only with less efficient (but no less deadly) means of controlling and dispatching you. Your fears will not subside; they will only be amplified once you realize you now have no means of effective defense. Sounds a bit like parts of London today.

    • I thought I remembered reading that sometime in the past. Thanks for the reminder.
      My empathy for this guy has run its course. Now I dislike him for what he is.
      Just another freedom hating wanna-be dictator.

      • That’s something that generally gets ignored: we won’t see mass shooters who “snapped”; the shootings by people who “snap” number zero statistically. What we see are people who imagined, daydreamed, and planned over serious periods of time.

  10. This is yet another example of why our system of government is set up the way it is. So that those who are emotionally compromised by a tragic situation don’t get to just thrash around in their grief and anger and fear doing untold damage to the rights of other Americans.

    Of course the system didn’t help too much post 9/11 when the number of emotionally compromised overwhelmed the system and here we are fourteen years later still trying to undo that damage.

    • CNN hasn’t allowed comments on their articles in almost 2 years. When they had the old Disqus system, there were far too many dissenters and critics of their (CNN’s) articles narrative to allow the continuation of the proletariat to openly post opinions.

    • Yup. And you can’t leave a comment on that article either.
      I’ll bet there are more folks who bear smiles on their faces being a member of the “survivors club”. Those of us who have defended ourselves or others with arms.

  11. What Andy Parker said: “Too many members of Congress remain in the pocket of the gun lobby, and that has got to change.”

    What Andy Parker meant: “Too many members of Congress are not in the pocket of George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, and that has got to change.”

  12. Is Mrs. Parker anywhere to be seen, BTW? In the immediate aftermath of the crime, they were photo’ed together, but she seems to have disappeared. Sorry, guys, but if so, I think it’s another sign that this is just a massive, twisted ego trip for Mr. Parker.

  13. “The NRA is controlling the politicians with their money” he says as Bloomberg funnels millions into campaigns for gun control and favorable politicians.

  14. “There’s no excuse in doing nothing.”

    … unless doing something would violate the fundamental rights and dignity of human beings.

  15. But first, before lobbying for disarmament, he said he was going to buy a gun:

    The man’s an ACTOR!! Look him up on YouTube. Commercials, soap operas. All there for you to see. He was at a “memorial service” couple days after this supposed “shooting” (in which no cartridge cases can be seen being ejected from his Glock, even from 3 feet away), he was laughing and dancing.

    I’m sick of this. Why are so many bereaved relatives named “Parker”?

  16. “There’s no excuse in doing nothing.”

    Ah, because doing ‘anything,’ to say you’ve done ‘something,’ can’t possibly have drastic, detrimental, irreversible consequences right?

  17. I would not be too surprised if he was an anti before his kid got shot. He is just coming out of the closet for the liberal media.

  18. Failed left-wing dumbocrat candidate. My sympathy left after he danced in his daughters blood. And didn’t blame the creep/crazy who did it for “fame”…yes just an actor-and not a good one…drifting into active evil.

  19. At this point I don’t even feel obligated to say “sorry for your loss” because its a blatant attempt of deprivation of ones natural and constitutional rights. Do we excuse murderers because they killed a guy who looked at ones girlfriend the wrong way? No.

  20. “Too many members of Congress remain in the pocket of the gun lobby,”…

    Says the guy from the movement in the pocket of an autocratic billionaire

  21. Answer me this, how can you take guns without guns?
    I have the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough $hit.
    The only gun control law there should be is that criminals can’t have any firearms. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  22. The “gun lobby” isn’t a significant donor in the overall scheme of things. Last I looked, the two teachers unions were in the top 10 in money given to politicians. How many lives have been destroyed, how much suffering and human misery perpetuated, by trapping kinds in failing inner city schools? But that’s OK, because that money goes to Democrats.


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