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A “Fudd” is a gun owner who supports “common sense” assaults on Americans’ gun rights. Gun control advocates are a bit Fudd cwazy lately. Blame Bernie. Senator Sanders’ support of the Firearms Owners Protection Act offered the inevitable Hillary Clinton a way to attack the grumpy Vermont socialist. So the former First Lady went full you-know-what for gun control. But she did it praising Fudds, leaving herself space to walk back her anti-gun animus. I love you. It’s the NRA extremists I hate! The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex is solidly behind the divide and conquer strategy and on message. Here’s a email that proves the point . . .

Dear MoveOn member,

I’m a gun-owning evangelical Christian Republican. I campaigned against President Obama two times. But after the Oregon shooting, I agree with him: we need responsible gun legislation in America.
That’s why I’ve decided to team up with MoveOn. And boy, I didn’t see that coming. But I believe MoveOn has the guts and grit it’s going to take to reach and mobilize responsible gun owners across the political spectrum, including more than 30,000 MoveOn members, to rally support for executive actions by President Obama that could reduce gun-related tragedies.
I put my money down only on sure bets. And I’ve got my money on MoveOn. Will you join me by chipping in $5 a month?
MoveOn and I will call on responsible gun owners—some of whom are also NRA members, like my brother who’s paid NRA dues for forty years—to stand up to the NRA and stand up for responsible gun legislation.
To create the political pressure we need to win, I’m ready to go all-in for the long haul. To get started, I’ll head to Washington with other gun owners. We’ll ask to meet with members of Congress and White House staff. MoveOn members and I will deliver one million petition signatures, make thousands of calls, and make sure politicians of both parties hear us loud and clear.
Responsible gun ownership is just plain old common sense, but too many people get stuck in the politics and lies of it. There’s no time for that nonsense. I can’t bear the thought of another shooting on my watch and I know responsible gun owners are key to stopping this madness.
Will you join me with a $5 a month donation? Your ongoing support will help fund a campaign for responsible gun legislation—led by responsible gun owners—that cuts across political ideology.
Right after the Oregon shooting, I watched the president’s press conference. That man wasn’t talking politics. He was talking as a father, terrified for his daughters.
And when the president called out responsible gun owners as the people he needed to hear from most, I realized he was speaking to folks like me—gun owners who hadn’t yet spoken up for responsible gun legislation. And he was giving me a chance to make it right.
Lord knows, we may not be able to get our politicians in Congress to work together. But we can. We’ve just got to set our politics aside and do what’s right for the safety of our children and the future of our country.
How I see it, we’re all just trying to cross the same bridge, even if we’re approaching it from different directions.
I’m making ending gun-related violence my life’s mission, and I’m not stopping till we win. I know MoveOn won’t either.
Please. Chip in $5 a month now.

Click here if you’re ready to join the fight.

Thanks for all you do.
–Mark Carman

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        • The real conservatives/tea partiers are making gains…Cucks are traitors that we must be rid of.

      • People are falling for what is largely just Antis -posing- as Fudds, to speciously add an air of Skin and ‘Reasonableness’ to their institutional hatred of the RKBA and its skyrocketing popularity under President Messiah.

        The only proper thing to call that manner of ‘opinion’ (, propaganda..) is AstroFudd, because it is Plastic, and Industrially Manufactured.

        Let me illustrate with an opposite example:
        *I’m a gun-hating Gay Atheist Abortion Doctor. I campaigned for President Messiah both times. But after the Planned Parenthood videos came out, I agree with the Right: we need to end all for-profit abortion in America, Now. Plus also, Christ Saves, and Guns are Cool. — I never thought I’d say those things, but folksy story and moderately compelling platitude. If you concur that we need noncausal but panhumanly agreeable aphorism, join me in donating $5 to my affiliated companies X,Y,Z,Etc,Etc today.*

        – The exception to the example being that those on the Right don’t actually (whether knowingly or unknowingly) LIE every time they open their mouths. The Antis don’t want “reasonable” or “common sense”-anything. The Antis want guns Confiscated and Destroyed. (Well, .. Ours, not Theirs.) Mark Carman isn’t an ‘epiphany’, he’s a Pledge Drive. Losing the war of ideas, they’re trying to change the tune.

        In a nutshell, here is their standard song: *Guns make us less safe, that’s why political figures and the Rich surround themselves with guns. Inanimate objects come to life and kill you, be afraid. The only way to not be a victim of crime is to be an unarmed sacrifice when attacked by crime. If it saves just one life (while destroying Millions of lives) isn’t it all really worth it? .. Racist.*

        It’s a weak argument at best. Speciously spun .. it ‘sounds’ better, or at least isn’t it pretty to think so, but ultimately convincing only to idiots. And so their best tactic has always been not to debate, per se, but to nibble, and nibble, and nibble away at what is, in essence and in fact, a human right.

        A clever political enemy will always try to gain as many concessions as possible to erode and attrit their opponent. If they try 100 things and we rebuff 99 of them (a fantastic performance) nonetheless they have gained Something they wanted .. and we have Lost it. And then they just try it all again. And again. And again.

        If one little thing was their only goal, people in a civil society might grant that thing to resettle ‘the peace’. But the one little thing is never their goal. They have no sense of any civil balance. They will continue to wear down and corrode the rights of all free persons, because the demagogues who inculcate, fund, and pull their strings loathe and detest that — the rights of all free persons. The 2nd amendment is just inconveniently in the way of them destroying the remainders of the 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, and 1st etc as well, for it gives the lowly peasants Fanged Teeth.

        The misguided anti-gun zealots do not seek ‘one small thing’. They cannot be satiated because the basis of their hunger is counterfeit. Like the eating of an elephant, what they desire isn’t a calm belly but, pathologically, always a -next- forkful .. until, at last, the entire elephant has been consumed.

        Someone once made this political analogy: If a person comes into your yard and starts pulling up all of your flowers .. you don’t go out and debate with them the relative merits of chrysanthemums versus marigolds. — You tell them to get the eff out of Your Yard. – Liberty is not a ‘debate’. There can be no ‘concessions’ to an insatiable unreasonable antagonist. Defense will always lose to offense, whether sweepingly or a bite at a time. Even Masada fell, as the Romans built a road 1,300 feet high (!) in order to storm the ‘unassailable’ keep .. where they found those playing Defense (how metaphorically apropos to the point) had all .. committed suicide.

        Sauce for the goose: If you feel that the Left are a diseased den of false-faced Liars, tirelessly attacking the very rights which protect the innocent from crime, and the citizens from their government, then join with the Millions of the rest of us in donating $5, or $10, or $20, to the NRA or/and the GOA .. today.

        : )

    • I’m sorry but “Fudd” is not the word. TRAITOR is the word. Correctly used a Fudd is a guy with “nice looking” and usually expensive shotguns and bolt action rifles who sneers at a guy with a slug gun, lever action, pump action or semi-auto shotgun or rifle. Usually they are exurban and now intouch with either rural or city folk. Like the toffs in England. They are not anti-gun in the BloomTURD sense but will GLADLY sell anyone who is of the great unwashed up the river on the promise this his “nice approved guns” will be “safe”. That is safe until they get around to him probably after some turd steals a classic Parker or Lefever shotgun, saws it off and blows a kid away in a bodega.

      THEN he’ll whine to US to help him. Yuck Foo!!! The term was coined by David Petzal after Jim Zumbo shoved both feet up to the knees into his mouth over black rifles. They are in their minds our “Betters” and we the “bumpkins”. Remember that right after the JFK and MLK assassinations Congressmen from all the big urban centers tried to reclass ALL scope-sighted bolt action deer rifles as “sniper rifles”. THAT woke the Fudds for a short time.

    • I’m guessing this guy isn’t for real. As in, a total fiction. If he is real, he’s a sad sack if he doesn’t know who and what MoveOn are. Every country in which George Soros has become actively involved has suffered for it. If you are an American, Soros (MoveOn, Tides Foundation, etc.) is not on your side.

  1. Sounds more like what a lefty pretending to be a conservative would say, likely fake.

    I doubt they will get many takers.

    • Bingo. I call shenanigans. This is like every other progressive fund raising pitch I’ve seen. Too similar to other exposed fake jobs. Remember the supposed hick on the back of his truck with a shotgun (and finger on the trigger) who supported Bloomberg’s UBC pitch after Newtown. Actor there, here we have a common first name with made up common sounding last name.

      • Definitely a “shill bidder”……. I call BS on this one; but it certainly WON”T stop these socialist/statist organizations from touting their “conversions” to their “enlightened” cause……. (eye roll…..)

        NRA needs to turn it around and parade out “liberal converts” to the 2A cause….. Fight dis-information with dis-information

    • Nothing but pure false-flag agit-prop (old-school soviet style, no less). It’s their stock and trade. I believe this FUDD is as real as I do the easter bunny (actually, the easter bunny is more real than this dude…I have pics of the easter baskets to prove it!)

      • Ya, I was getting that feeling too…. Its like the nazis pleading for the people to fight “for the fatherland”. Absolutely transparent and cynical propaganda….. And to be expected from these sorts.

    • Oh yeah, totally fraudulent.

      Don’t you know the first place a reformed Evangelical Christian Republican gunowner turns to is

      Lefty propaganda is full of Concerned Christian Republicans who’ve only just now seen the light.

  2. Does he own 30 round banana clips? Does he have a stash of assault bullets? If not, he is not a gun owner.

    • Um, I have safes full of guns and not a 30 round clipazine thingy to be found in my house. Does this mean I’m not a gun owner?

      • You are not a gun owner unless you have a ghost machine gun with a 30 caliber clip that can be emptied in half a second and a shoulder thingy that goes up.

      • Now that Ohio has removed its ban on >30-round mags, and with the introduction of good larger-cap mags suck as the PMag40 and D-60, I’m starting to think about replacing all my 20s and 30s with truly “high-capacity” mags…

        • Don’t replace the shorter mags; ADD to the feed-device collection.
          20s and 30s still have a place (easier to carry, for one thing).
          20s work better for bench/sandbag/rested shooting.
          I’ve become rather fond of the Magpul 10-shot mags for bench use, too.

        • @Nine,

          I agree, there’s utility to having smaller mags at times. But I hate like hell being required to use only those sizes (and I am sure you agree).

        • Steve, that goes without saying, but as you said it, now I’ll have to publicly agree, else folks will think I’m disagreeable. 🙂

  3. Too many political buzz words and phrases to have any substance built on facts or based in reality.
    This guy just whips out bs line after bs line.
    You just need a patriotic band sound track to sell it big with cheerleading pom pom waiving and sparklers and babies and matching sweater wearing soccer moms.
    And father obama kissing and hugging and saving babies.
    I’m tearing up thinking about it now….oh wait…that’s just the onions cooking on the grill .
    Thanks for the chuckle.

  4. I’m betting “Mark Carman” is a “composite character”. And, as far as I can tell, is yesteryear’s news. Seems like all the down and out lefty groups have convinced themselves that “gun control” is the best bandwagon to jump on right now to try to regain some relevance (not to mention money). I don’t really see them as a threat.

    • He seems to be real… He is on YouTube. He has a number of other non-gun related videos. Doesn’t appear that the account was created to fake a person.

  5. Well in the last days men will be traitors,heady and high-minded.Latte drinking sissies and Obama voters. Lots of so-called Christians have gone full-rebigulated(thought I was gonna’ ad hom’ huh?). The Fudds have ALWAYS been the problem-why doesn’t the NRA have 20million members? Or 30? Wait’ll they classify your bolt rifle or semi-auto shotgun you use to kill ducks as assault weapons…and being as how I’ve only been around this 5 years I guess I can more easily call a spade a spade. AND you’d think 20 children killed in Newtown would have “woke” him up. Duh…

    • Wait until somebody kills a nationally known politician with a scoped non surplus 30-06 and watch for the bans on ‘high power sniper rifles’, then see if the Fudds say “all the excuse I need to buy a slug barrel” of if they say “you can’t do that to ME”.

      • They tried that with the “DC sniper”; before the smoke dissipated from his second or third shot some Congressmen (I’ll give you one guess which party) were calling for bans on “sniper rifles”.

      • 10-4 on the sniper rifle crap. I also tell shotgunner-only Fudds it’s only a matter of time before some anti-gunner realizes your shotgun can launch more projectiles than a machinegun, or bigger “bullets” than a .50 caliber. And shotguns are FAR more deadly in any kind of close-distance confrontation.

        Sometimes that gets them on-board with the rest of us, but usually they still think they are “safe”. The anti-gunners have ALWAYS been good at divide-and-conquer, but it’s the short-sighted Fudd-types that make it possible.

        A classic, modified for Fudds…

        “First they came for the Handgun owners, and I did not speak out—
        Because I did not own one.
        Then they came for the Assault Weapon owners, and I did not speak out—
        Because I did not own one.
        Then they came for the Hi-Cap mag owners, and I did not speak out—
        Because I did not own any.
        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  6. I’m still trying to figure out why the hatting of the NRA. As member comprise the NRA then I’m hated and in their eyes better off dead. Once someone is a FUDD they are really not pro-firearm, they are anti-firearm no matter what words spill out of their pie holes to the contrary.

  7. Ok, I gotta tell ya most of this FUDD stuff strikes me as anti gunners just making it up, who is truth checking these guys? No one. One anti gun jerk trying to top the next with his story of his “conversion” to believing in the so called universal registration oops, make that background checks.

    • While I don’t believe the one they posted is “real”, I gotta tell you, I’ve met some people like this. They are convinced that their bird shotgun or deer rifle is truly sacred, and in their world, there is no reason for handguns, assault weapons, or large-capacity mags of any type (because they aren’t needed for hunting).

      There is one guy who is a friend-of-a-friend who firmly believes this stuff and doesn’t mind offering up his defective opinion every chance he gets, and I finally told my buddy that I won’t be around his friend anymore because of his crap.

      Personally, I consider this kind of detachment from reality a form of mental illness, and I simply won’t put up with it. In this guy’s case, I think he caught the virus from his Demoncrat girlfriend/wife, so I am led to believe females can be carriers of this disease, and it may be sexually transmitted (parrot the party line, or no sex for you!).

      • “There is one guy who is a friend-of-a-friend who firmly believes this stuff and doesn’t mind offering up his defective opinion every chance he gets, and I finally told my buddy that I won’t be around his friend anymore because of his crap.”
        I have a neighbor like this…Retired Union pipefitter, never married, travels six months a year, hunting and fishing in his pick-up camper, and is an otherwise good guy…except for his non-stop Obama/Democrat/Union loving crap. He told me that he was thrown out of his hunting club in Alabama, because they didn’t want to hear it either….

        • Yep, some folks couldn’t get a clue if you stapled it to a Louisville Slugger and applied it to the back of their head at 90 MPH.

    • Do we know it’s the same guy? Doesn’t mention being a cop–but then, maybe he wouldn’t want to with the moveon crowd. And the whole damn “letter” still sounds fake.

        • Well, Fudds do exist. The whole thing still sounds fake to me; what kind of Evangelical makes gun control his “life’s mission” ? An Evangelical is supposed to be dedicated to bringing lost souls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Has he given up on that “mission”?

    • Christian music is for the most part, terrible. So, now I know who to blame! I really disliked it when my church turned away from hymnals and classical types of music for the super cool, get the young kids into church, pablum music. I think I was around 20 when this shift happened. I’m almost 40 now.

    • Nope, not a Fudd, a Leftist/Statist waste of flesh.

      A duck hunter who says ‘take those military pattern semi autos, but leave my Browning Auto-5 alone’ is a Fudd.

      A retired cop who wants a police state is not a Fudd.

      • I see the distinction. Funny when you think about that “duck hunter”; the Auto-5 was a favorite with British troops during the Malayan Emergency; often, they were not even modified for military use, being carried in their ordinary civilian-market “sporting” configuration.

  8. Gallup announced the ultimate slap in the face this week: the NRA is more popular, by a significant margin, than Obama or Hillary. We ought to keep an eye on idiots like the above, but I doubt they are going to matter. They are losing, and they know it.

  9. Right after the Oregon shooting, I watched the president’s press conference. That man wasn’t talking politics


    • That must be when POTUS said, “If I had an old, fat, white useful idiot, he’d look like Mark Carman.”

    • Right after the Oregon shooting, I watched the president’s press conference. That man wasn’t talking politics…

      You mean the president’s press conference where he said….

      “And, of course, what’s also routine is that somebody, somewhere will comment and say, Obama politicized this issue. Well, this is something we should politicize. “

      The Left does not value truth.

  10. Sounds like mark carman, if he exists, needed a job and found him one. Wonder what the going rate is for a puppet?

  11. I call fake.
    And it also angers me because I’m a hard core hunter.
    But I am also very pro second amendment. And anti communist, gun grabbing, big government.
    It feels like Mark just violated me. And it’s all about “feelings”.

      • According to his Facebook page, he lives in Surigao City, Philippines. It appears that he is running a gun control “group” from the one province in the Philippines that has the biggest problems. Problems like the Abu Sayyaf obtaining guns even though there are “common sense”(see the link) gun laws in place in the country while civilian ownership is difficult and prohibitively expensive at best.

        • So this Mark Carmen guy is an American Citizen and he lives in the Philippines? Says he loves guns but if he lives there he likely does not have any in his home or on his person when he travels. Gun laws are very restricted in the Philippines, right ? So why is this dupe trying to tell me what I should do or how I should feel about my Second Amendment rights ? Not buying his line of B.S..

      • You’re right Ralph-a real porcine individual(maybe 2). I stand by my earlier comment about so-called “Christian” traitors…

  12. Responsible gun legislation! What does that mean? Does that mean that someone has proposed irresponsible gun legislation? What makes responsible gun legislation responsible? Who makes that decision? Is responsible gun legislation the same as common sense gun laws only with a different name so gun nuts like me don’t throw up on our shoes?
    I’m already responsible with my guns why should I be bound by more laws? Will they make me more responsible? Will responsible gun legislation actually work? If it won’t, it’s not responsible.

    I don’t believe them. They lie.

  13. If he’s a gun-owning Republican conservative evangelical Christian, he’s a farking moron. More likely he’s a persona that was invented by MoveOn expressly for this email appeal.

    What it really comes down to isn’t guns, it’s a belief that anything you don’t understand or appreciate or care to own is okay to take away from other people, because they shouldn’t want those things anyway. And you don’t need one, so they don’t either.

    Your average Fudd has a lot more in common with the average Bernie Sanders supporter than he’d like to think.

  14. I have the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough $hit.
    The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  15. It bugs the heck out of me when fudds play the religion card. There is nothing Christian about disarming law-abiding citizens, and thus enabling criminals to rob, rape, brutalize, and murder them.

    There was a girl in Colorado who was raped because she left her legal gun at home in compliance with campus weapons policy. The policy makers are just as bad as that rapist, because they enabled him. There is NOTHING Christian about that.

    As a Christian, I believe in self defense and that gun control means using both hands. That doesn’t make me a bad person! If you are a Christian and you disagree with me, please read Luke 22:36 and Exodus 22:2.

    And don’t give me anything about turning the other cheek. There is a big darn difference between slapping someone in the face (a gesture of insult/contempt during biblical times) and beating, raping, or murdering someone.

    If an active shooter ever enters my church, I will blow his brains out with my own handgun before I let him hurt my fellow brethren.

      • That reminds me- I need to get my Star Model B nickel-plated…

        Also, for anyone who didn’t know, that’s the King Tarantino Version of the Bible that Samuel L. Jackson is reading from (only the last line is sorta similar to the real verse).

  16. As my Mother was wrought to say: “don’t trust anyone claiming to be a Doctor until you can verify their credentials.” I think that creed applies here, a little bit of critical thinking goes a long way. I guarantee that “Mark Carmin” aren’t who they claim to be.

  17. I really hate it when someone tries to get all folksy and good-ol’-boy sounding like that it. In fact, I take it as a signal that the writer probably thinks I’m an idiot and need to be talked to “at my level.”

    Not the best way to make me a convert.

  18. Is this even a real person, or just a fictitious Fudd created to spew agitprop? Either way, they hit each and every point and tug each heartstring in precise order (Only Imperial troops are so precise!)

    “Hi, I have gun owning credentials.”
    “I’m from the same political party as you!”
    “Here’s an appeal to my (and hopefully your) religion…”
    “All the above means this organization has merit…”
    “There’s a bunch of us, or at least I’ll say that there are…you should join us, too!”
    “By golly, If you’re a gambling man, you should put your money on this group!”
    “The NRA is bad, and I’ll say I’m a long-standing member whether that”s true or not…”
    Appeal to patriotism – “The President is a good guy, just looking out for you and for me. He says we ought to do this.”


    • It would be fun if the NRA outed these people. A wall of shame website where people who claim to be NRA members can have that claim verified and their history. Some of these guys might have given to the NRA for one year back in 1985 and then continue to claim to be members.

  19. Dave — how true. Those babbling about ‘turning the other cheek’ too often use their talmudic wishful thinking to subject the catholics into slaves. Catholics (the true ones, not false mouthing declarators ‘me too’ like Pelosi and her ugly ilk) live the religion of warriors, of knightly chivalry. To be christian means to be a fighter, means to fight evil every time evil rears its head. Now, how to fight evil successfully?

    Here comes the answer: know your limitations and live through them boldly. Know well what your weak points are, i.e. not only let them hamper your life by chance, but also very deliberately encounter your weak points.

    We shall “turn the other cheek” because it is the only way to thoroughly win the NEXT, and every after next, fight.

    In the military/force this is called “training”. Know where you are not yet good enough and face the evil in full conscience of your shortcomings.

    The only way to win the next fight, and every one thereafter, is to stand up to the danger even if put down once. Both first “hit in the face” and the subsequent “turning the other cheek” are metaphors, crafted for the mediaeval listener. We will say “training for the job” or some other technical sounding phrase today. The Bible teaches us here how to fight.

  20. This doesn’t pass the sniff test. I think it’s a fictitious person written by a liberal. They’re trying to use fake testimonials to lure the moderate, undecided and un passionate people on the fence.

    • No one (as usual). In fact, when it CAN be nailed down with any degree of certainty, the vast majority of the mass killers turn out to be loony lefties of one stripe or another. That’s why the media gets positively giddy when they finally find a killer that is faintly right of center — it’s fairly unusual (outside of their little lefty talking-bubble worlds).

  21. We should be working to swell the numbers of NRA Members as much as possible, especially in light of the Poll showing the NRA is more popular than the Democrats in Office, running for Office et al. Right now the NRA is running TV Ads that are very effective.

    This FUDD, Mark Carman, is just part of a newer tactic of the gun control crowd to convince Christians to disarm themselves, as is the film “Armor of Light”. Given the persecution and vilification Christians in the USA and elsewhere in the World are enduring, any Christian who buys into this is a complete fool (to be nice). The anti’s have spent tens of millions of dollars advocating more gun control laws and gotten nowhere, and lost ground in some States. Their fear and desperation is becoming more palpable.

    If you are not an NRA Member, please join, and encourage anyone else you know to do so. If you are not a gun owner, but believe in your rights and liberty, join the NRA as an expression of support for your natural, Civil and Constitutionally Protected right to keep and bear Arms. If we join together to make the NRA stronger, we can send a powerful message of support that cannot be ignored.

    BTW- Carman wants you to commit to $60.00 per year to MoveOn. For that $ you can join the NRA and have $25.00 leftover.

  22. It may indeed be a real person, but that person is living a fake life. No truly evangelical Christian considers gun control his “life’s mission”. The “life mission” of an evangelical Christian is evangelism, which is sharing the gospel of Christ to lost souls.

  23. Folks, you do realize all the leftist-democrat vs right-republican shit needs to be dropped, and dropped quickly? There are plenty of dems and left-leaning folks who own guns, who you should embrace rather than kick aside. Funny thing is many of the posters here do it so automatically they don’t realize they are losing some allies in the fight for our 2nd amendment freedoms. Please remember that just discussing potential solutions to avert mass shootings, doesn’t make one a “gun grabber”. Shouldn’t we wonder if there is a way to reduce these mass murders, without gun grabbing? Take all the ideas and throw them out into a discussion arena and work them out to discover which ones actually make sense, versus which are fear-mongering propaganda.
    Just my thoughts,
    One of the many pro-gun, leftist, democrats.

    • One of the many pro-gun, leftist democrats who will dutifully vote into to office the Feinsteins, Clintons, Warrens, Sanderses, and any other hopeless gungrabber with a “D” by his/her name on the ballot? Not to mention the Webbs and the Manchins who will dutifully vote for any gun-grabbing legislation the leadership tells them they have to vote for?

      • Preach it!

        Jeff, you may be considered “pro-gun” when measured on the yardstick of your lefty peers, but on the overall pro-gun/anti-gun scale, anyone who votes for Dems, Socialists, or lefties of any stripe is far closer to a full-bore anti-gunner then they’d like to believe.

        When you stop voting for those who would (individually, or as a group) reduce or eliminate any aspect of private gun ownership, THEN you’ll be considered pro-gun by folks like me. And not before.

      • Wow, it’s a sad time when folks base their votes upon 1 (one) reason alone- guns. When I vote I base my vote upon which candidate seems to have the best ideas in regards to national security, employment, human rights, guns, and a few more. If you wish to vote based on only 1 agenda, it’s your right, but I look for the best overall candidate I can, period. FDR, was a Democrat- I feel we need more politicians like him.

      • Again, in response to my post, all the replies again blame dems. There are many repubs who want your guns as well, so if you wish to alienate your pro-gun friends just keep shooting off, until you hit your own feet. When your repub friends take your guns away, I’ll say “told you so”.

        • To be considered pro-gun by objective observers, a politician must not have a record of voting to support anti-gun/anti-gun-rights laws.

          The standard for pro-gun non-politicians is the same; if you vote for the politicians who have a known anti-gun voting record, you’re not pro-gun by any reasonable standard.

          Current Democrat national platform (new one will be released in the summer of 2016) includes these words:

          “We can focus on effective enforcement of existing laws, especially strengthening our background check system, and we can work together to enact commonsense improvements—like reinstating the assault weapons ban and closing the gun show loophole—so that guns do not fall into the hands of those irresponsible, law-breaking few.”

          In a single sentence, the Dems reveal their underground anti-gun agenda. They talk about “effective enforcement of existing laws”, but to do that they must “strengthen” and “improve” these same laws (which is not the same as enforcement of existing laws; it’s changing the laws, adding to them, broadening them), along with “reinstating” the AWB (which was already tried, and judged a failure in preventing violence, even by Dems and the Justice Department) and closing the mythical “gun show loophole” (code for eliminating private sales [what they call “non-licensed-dealers”] and implementing registration, if they can push it through).

          And when those nearly-mythical pro-gun Democrat politicians that I hear so much about get their marching orders from the top on pending gun legislation, they vote anti-gun as a block, no matter what they campaigned on doing. They HAVE to, or they don’t get party support next time around (and may even find themselves with a Dem primary opponent in the next election).

          So spare me the “Dems aren’t the problem, and Repubs do it too” speech; it’s apples and oranges, and I’ve heard it all before. Voting for anti-gun candidates, or candidates from an anti-gun party, is NOT something that a person who is truly pro-gun can do. If you do it, you’re not pro-gun, you’re pro-gun-control, and the fact that you see the value in owning/using guns yet still vote to empower politicians that try to ban them just means you’re a hypocrite, not a righteous defender of gun rights.

          • Nine Shooter- You are entitled to your opinion, though it certainly is not the truth. You would choose only one single issue to lay your vote down, not a full gamut of issues that should be considered? That’s a shame, because there are plenty of improtant issues out there, along with gun rights.
            We’re going to have to agree to disagree, that is, unless you again wish to alienate supporters.
            Peace out.

        • Jeff, for me it STARTS with the 2nd Amendment, and from there, all candidates that have cleared that hurdle will be screened for their stands on other issues I deem important. But support for gun rights is the first step; everything else is secondary, as it is one of the few things that separates this great country from the also-rans, and separates citizens from being mere subjects (or worse).

          Ask your friends (and maybe yourself, if you can do so honestly) if they or you would apply the same standard of support to other things that you deem important. Would you or your friends seriously consider yourself pro-choice if you voted for abortion-banning/restricting candidates? Pro-national-defense if you voted for someone who’s party was actively trying to gut the Pentagon budget? Pro-employment if the candidate was going to shut down all job training centers and programs? Pro-human-rights if they advocated for unlimited secret renditions/detentions and (if warranted) executions?

          No, I don’t think you would, nor would your friends.

          Go ahead and keep repeating to yourself whatever it takes to get yourself to sleep at night. But know this: you are no friend to gun rights or supporter of the 2nd Amendment if you don’t vote that way. Every. Single. Election.

    • Sorry, not gonna wait for the “edit” function to decide to start working. Just want to add that ways to “reduce these mass murders without gun-grabbing” are constantly discussed here and in other pro-gun venues, and generally revolve around enforcing existing laws and improving the mental-health system. Not to mention the fact that “these mass murders” are already a miniscule percentage of an already shrinking homicide rate, and can never be completely eliminated in anything approaching a free society.

      • “Sorry, not gonna wait for the “edit” function to decide to start working. Just want to add that ways to “reduce these mass murders without gun-grabbing” are constantly discussed here and in other pro-gun venues, and generally revolve around enforcing existing laws and improving the mental-health system. Not to mention the fact that “these mass murders” are already a miniscule percentage of an already shrinking homicide rate, and can never be completely eliminated in anything approaching a free society.”


  24. This is what we call a “concern troll”. It’s a left-wing activist sent (often paid) to go to conservative blogs and comment as a “concerned Christian conservative”.

    See also: Moby.

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