Quote of the Day: Abraham, Martin and John Edition

“(Guns) steal from our society the innocent, promising, creative minds that would contribute the most to our culture. Most of us love the works of John Lennon. My favorite song of his is “Imagine”. Now I try to imagine what other songs he could have written, or Marvin Gaye, or what the world would be like if JFK, Bobby Kennedy, MLK, Abraham Lincoln, or other tens of thousands of innocent lives had not been cut short by a bullet. That we all live in fear of who will be next. That’s why I hate guns. They give ultimate power to the weak-minded and steal from the genius of our great nation.” – Larry DePuy in On Eisenhower and guns [via times-standard.com]


  1. avatar ST says:

    And what of those millions of crime victims laid to rest because they didn’t have a gun?

    Every episode of the First 48 contains an example of a life snuffed out because they didn’t have a gun when evil paid a visit.

    1. avatar Pat says:

      And what about all of those lovely gang bangers (most of the murder victims) who were taken away from us? Boo hoo hoo.

  2. avatar Mark says:

    No one ever dies in vehicular crashes or from other causes…

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      Wasn’t it awful when Stevie Ray Vaughn, Princess Diana, the Big Bopper, Jimi Hendrix, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Mother Teresa all got shot?

      Guns are truly a terrible and pernicious evil.

  3. avatar Rabbi says:

    hmmmm….I try to imagine….. I try to imagine a world where only the good guys have guns…..

  4. avatar Tim McNabb says:

    Imagine what we have lost from the creative minds of those who have been aborted over the last 30 years…

    1. avatar S.CROCK says:

      +1,000. I heard a child is aborted every 90 seconds.

    2. avatar DaveL says:

      Think of all the beautiful people that I’ve never conceived with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! [Sob] Oh, the wasted potential![Sob]

  5. avatar Patrick says:

    They give power to the weak-bodied.

    Also, second sentence: “Most of us love the works of John Lennon.” “most”
    That’s a big statement.

    1. avatar NEIOWA says:

      ditto. Buncha self-indulgent commie pinkos. That the bleetals could motivate teenage girls to swoon says nothing about any accomplishment. The loss of one, or ten, “musicians” means what to the productive improvement of society?

      And they were NOT “of our great nation”. Brit/Euro ghetto trash carpetbaggers.

      1. avatar William says:

        I take it you’re a HUGE Tommy James and the Shondells fan? Paul Revere and the Raiders, RIGHT?

      2. avatar Pat says:

        Zeppelin and the Stones were better. Floyd, the Who, and AC/DC I like more.

    2. avatar C says:

      I’m not the only one who hates the beatles?! Finally!

  6. avatar thatoneguy says:

    in a world without guns we would still be slaughtering each other with inanimate objects, just as we have done since the beginning. Its what our species does.

    1. avatar Derek says:


      I feel like no one wants to own up to the fact that we are violent animals. Our ancestors basically murdered their way to the top of the food chain by being the most intelligent, cunning, and prolific serial killers around. Since arriving there, we’ve occupied our selves with murdering each other. Violence is, quite literally, in our DNA. There is no law, policy, regulation, EO, fiat, edict, or fairy dust that will magically reverse a few hundred thousand years of natural selection.

  7. avatar Frank Williams says:

    You could make the same arguments about the many more than “tens of thousands of innocent lives… cut short by” car wrecks, plane crashes, alcohol, smoking, and abortion. And lets not forget the lives taken by rogue sandwiches (e.g. Mama Cass Elliot and my uncle Buddy). I wonder why he isn’t obsessing over these as well, if he’s so concerned about useless loss of life?

  8. avatar pk in AZ says:

    The first line of this blog:

    “(Guns) steal from our…..”

    Nope, just checked my firearms….

    Still right where I put them…

    Haven’t moved….

    Are mine defective?

    1. avatar Chris McLain says:

      I asked my gun manufacturers the same question and the customer service called me a moron. 🙁

  9. avatar Paul says:

    This is lunacy. I cannot imagine what drives someone to write such drivel.

    1. avatar SkyMan77 says:

      I do, they use to call it “Marry-J” back in those days… IMHO, this is a utopian way of thinking that that lacks objective reality. This kind of delusional head-screw is very dangerous and may lead us to a dystopian future.

      1. avatar William says:

        DYSTOPIAN FUTURE? You mean we’re not there yet? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  10. avatar ketos says:

    So bodyguards with their guns don’t save for our society the same group of people? Ridiculous

  11. avatar JeffW says:

    Everyone knows living under a tyranny oppression is the key to creativity.

    1. avatar Patrick says:

      Our scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs would sit around picking their noses all day if it wasn’t for the Ministry of Innovation telling them how to create something useful.

      A balance of power limits the influence of the state. Therefore, owning weapons makes us all more primitive and impoverished, apparently.

      1. avatar Chris McLain says:

        Dam troglodytes with our guns, we should go back to rocks and be creative!

  12. avatar Brad says:

    My only problem with this article is why did those guns chose to kill these people in the first place? What motivated all those firearms to rise up and murder their targets? Where were their owners? Why didn’t they get those firearms counseling or at least a hug once in a while. This bears further research than the author implies. I suspect maybe a deranged, insane or maybe just a plain old human with a bad grudge may of had something to do with these senseless killings.

    Seriously though, assassinations have been around since time began. Guns haven’t.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Yep. Ask Julius Ceaser how that whole no gun thing worked out for him. And the empire he served slaughtered their enemies and their victims without firing shot one.

    2. avatar William says:

      And here I thought guns only got up and killed people; now I hear they’re committing cat burglaries as well!

      I’ve HAD IT UP TO HERE with these duplicitous guns.

  13. avatar Wiregrass says:

    I wonder if Larry has given any thought to how these people would be thought of today had they lived longer lives? This is merely an exercise in mental masturbation.

    1. avatar andarm16 says:

      Lincoln probably wouldn’t have been as popular. All of that malice towards none and binding national wounds wouldn’t have went over too well with the radical republicans.

  14. avatar RockThisTown says:

    My favorite song of his is “Imagine”.

    Imagine there’s no heaven . . .
    Whoa! Lennon seems to say we should believe our earthly existence is all there is. Talk about depressing.

    Imagine there’s no countries . . .
    Yeah, that’s a good thought – then there would be no difference between America & North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Mexico, et al. Not being able to drink the water would be the least of our worries.

    1. avatar scottlac says:

      Exactly. I really don’t care for that song. Why? Because I listen to the lyrics and find stuff like this. It’s pie in the sky communism and I want no part of it.

    2. avatar CarlosT says:

      Nothing but this earthly existence isn’t depressing unless you thought there was some other deal. The fact that you have this one life and you should make the most of it is actually quite inspiring, if you think about it.

      1. avatar scottlac says:

        But….nothing about the communism, emptiness, and apathy in that song is really all that inspiring.

        If there really is “nothing to kill or die for” what kind of existence is that? That is an apathetic stoner mentality that I will not stand for. I have a wife and children that I will kill and die for, not because I hate, but because I love.

  15. avatar JeremyR says:

    I think of all the Travon Martins whose life was cut short by guns. All the Bonnies, all the Clydes.
    Chicago had over 500 gun killings last year. The irony is that many of them had long criminal records that would be growing longer still had a rival thug not ended their spree.

  16. avatar Bart says:

    I imagine this guy is in Colorado smoking dope and listening to the beatles. Dreams become nightmares without the Second Amendment !

  17. avatar scottlac says:

    Imagine all the rapists and home invaders whose careers were cut short by a DGU. What if they were free to continue their crime sprees unfettered by fears of confrontation?

  18. avatar Merits says:

    Paging Mr Depuy: Evil and bad things exist. Your vision isn’t on this planet.

  19. avatar the last Marine out says:

    I see news that Kerry (the communist) backs U.N. gun controls….. We fought 2 wars to stop communism Korea and Viet Nam …. IS Amerika just a little lost??? and He just gave many millions to support anti-every thing western REBELS in Syria … How has this country got so upside down in only 50 years…. WAKE UP!!!!!

    1. avatar Anmut says:

      Welcome to the fall of Rome II.

      Eventually our states will be their own established countries and the United part will be gone. And down the road from that, the lazy, self-loathing people from countries such as New California and The People’s Republic of York will start wars with self-sustaining countries such as Carovirgina and Great Texas.

      1. avatar Leo338 says:

        They will try to start a war with their 7 round mags, that would be hilarious! Becoming victims of their own policies would be the ultimate irony.

  20. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Imagine what Adolf Hitler could have achieved if he hadn’t taken his own life with a gun.

    Imagine if Mark David Chapman had been prevented from reading The Catcher in the Rye.

    Imagine John Lennon living long enough to reach his Elvis phase where he eats a pound of bacon every morning and dies on the toilet.

    There’s two sides to that coin. Typical liberal drivel – emotionalize the side you can see and pretend the other side doesn’t exist. We once had a world without guns. It was ruled by thugs with swords.

    1. avatar Shenandoah says:

      JFK would’ve pimped out a few more interns. Guy was a sick SOB.

  21. avatar Pulatso says:

    And if we didn’t have planes we’d still have Buddy Holly, Senator Ted Stevens, and the majority of Lynard Skynard. Imagine what Amelia Erheart could have done with the rest of her life. Or JFK junior. Or the thousands who died on 09/11/01? Planes are stealing lives.

  22. avatar the last Marine out says:

    And they found Caleb at age 72 and asked him what he was doing and he said i have been killing the GIANTS …. (Is there not a cause ?) from the Bible what does this say about gun control ………. It’s saying is there not a cause to fight against EVIL … YES ! Awake Amerika …. God please give us men like CALEB!!!!!!!!!

  23. avatar WoodyTX says:

    Sorry, but heroin killed off Lennon’s creativity long before the bullet did.

  24. avatar JP in Buffalo says:

    Just imagine what the world would have been like if the ancient Romans hadn’t had knives and Julius Ceasar had lived. Damned pointy metal.

  25. avatar Anmut says:

    The song “Imagine” is a bunch of communist bullsh*t put together with a catch melody.

  26. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    Larry, your one funny SOB. One reader correctly mentioned travon(I was just walkin down the sidewalk) martin & thats what this is all about, saving the kids, the gangbanging ghetto kids. When you can’t control black crime & you don’t want them shot what ever would a person do,lol. The Lennon tangent is amusing, Randy

    1. avatar Anmut says:

      No you’re wrong. Travon would have grown up to be a wonderful, responsible human being who would have worked at a job to make his life better, raised his children and on the side created beautiful works of art and dedicated time to helping those less fortunate than him a thug.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        The evidence is that he reached his peak thug potential when his life was snuffed out. Being a successful thug is Darwinian and he failed the Darwin test when he went back to confront Zimmerman instead of continuing on for another 90 seconds and reaching the safety of his father’s girlfriend’s dwelling.

  27. avatar Culpeper Kid says:

    It is sad when anyone dies, for whatever reason. Hard to believe that gang bangers killed by guns are the ones that would have been the most valuable to our society.

  28. avatar scooter says:

    I’m sure some punk getting ventilated doing a home invasion was going to cure cancer or write the great American novel.

  29. avatar Mister Fleas says:

    Wasn’t there an article here a couple of months where it was revealed that 74.6% ofthe victims of criminal homicides were criminals themselves?

  30. avatar IdahoPete says:

    “(Guns) steal from our society the innocent, promising, creative minds that would contribute the most to our culture. … I try to imagine … what the world would be like if … tens of thousands of innocent lives had not been cut short by a bullet.”

    And I try to imagine what the world would be like if 100 MILLION+ innocent UNARMED people had not been killed by their governments, in Red China, the USSR, Nazi Germany, Cambodia … Wow, think of the potential that we have all lost by allowing governments to disarm the people!

  31. avatar In Memphis says:

    “Liberal Arts degrees steal from our society the innocent, promising, creative minds that would contribute the most to our culture.”

    Fixed it

    1. avatar John says:

      I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks.

  32. avatar Gruney says:

    And then we can ban ball bats, rocks, high places…….No, wait, we can perfect the brain surgery that removes the part that makes people want to kill each other.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket. Let’s test it on progressives since they so desperately want their communist utopia.

  33. Mark, you really don’t see a distinction between vehicular accidents and homicides with firearms? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think [email protected] make a lot of valid points (and the article doesn’t) but you can’t deny that firearms can be misused; and if you are going to, you will have to do better than bringing car accidents in this context.

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