CT Law Makers to Gun Rights Advocates: FOAD

Gun rights protestors gather in CT last night (courtesy courant.com)

We’ve been saying it since the Sandy Hook slaughter unleashed a tsunami of civilian disarmament: gun grabbing pols are paying lip service to the democratic process. More specifically, all the post-Newtown “hearings” on gun control are little more than cover for politicians hell bent on wiping their feet on Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Occasionally, the gun grabbers’ mask of fairness slips, as it did last night. “As the [gun control legislation] hearing reached its ninth hour,” Connecticut’s courant.com reports, “lawmakers started to grow weary. During a testimony from Matt Powell of Manchester, Rep. Minnie Gonzalez, D-Hartford, [below] said she felt he was threatening her and other lawmakers . . .

Democratic Connecticut State Representative Minnie Gonzalez (courtesy housedems.ct.gov)

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with this bill, but right now I’m saying that I don’t think that it’s fair if we give you guys the opportunity to come here and express yourself because at the end of the day we’re going to make this decision and maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t,” she said. “If you guys don’t like us, then you vote against us.”

Democracy isn’t fair? I don’t think that means what she thinks it means. I wonder if she knows that Connecticut is The Constitution State? [h/t Pascal]


  1. avatar Avid Reader says:

    Uh, isn’t that what elections are all about?

    1. avatar Anon in CT says:

      And how many of these Dems ran on a gun-grabbing platform? Not very many, yet they’ve painted their skin with the blood of dead little kids and are sickeningly eager to grasp this opportunity.

      1. avatar DDay says:

        How many times did obama say he supported the 2a? Over and over he said it. BS. All those gun grabbers are lying SOB’s.

    2. avatar Larry2 says:

      I can’t wait until election time. I’m a Registered Democrat and this nonsense has caused me to swear off EVER voting for another Democrat in my life. No kidding. F-them all. Would suggest other Democrats join me.

  2. avatar Greg Camp says:

    So that whole petition the government for redress of grievance needs to go as well?

  3. avatar Sammy says:

    Say it with me, R E C A L L! Stop Democrats from treating Democrats badly.

    1. avatar Michael B. says:

      She prolly represents a district where the majority agree with her.

      1. avatar j says:

        And you get the Bozo Button! Precisely; all this prattle which will leave American citizens a little lighter in the Constitutional belt line in some parts of the country can thank their anti-second amendment neighbors. These aren’t Martians doing this, they are duly elected representatives of the people. It’s a hard pill to swallow, knowing an ever growing majority neither know what a right is nor do they desire to preserve them.

    2. avatar Chris Mallory says:

      Does the state allow recall elections?

      1. avatar j says:

        I don’t know though it seems likely. I guess the question then is can they muster the votes necessary on enough of those clowns to make a difference.

  4. avatar APBTFan says:

    Gotta give her credit for not being a bulls!tter.

  5. avatar mlopilato says:

    This is absolutely the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  6. avatar US says:

    Maybe they are just paying lip service, but if so the committee is doing a pretty good job of faking it.

    I watched a few hours of the live streaming footage from the public hearing yesterday. Aside from Rep. Gonzalez’s little rant, I really didn’t see much that would suggest the committee was being dismissive of the testimony, which seemed about 10-1 or better on the pro-2A side. There were a few committee members who seemed quite clearly receptive of the pro-2A testimony.

    1. avatar roscoe says:

      If it doesn’t matter what is being said, politicians are going to just smile and be polite rather than engage and discuss the concerns of the speakers.

      1. avatar US says:

        I understand what you are saying, but that wasn’t the vibe I was getting. At least not from the committee as a whole. There was definitely some engagement between the committee and the people testifying, who again were overwhelmingly pro-2A.

    2. avatar Alex Peterson says:

      Rep. Gonzalez is a CT pistol permit holder. She’s not an anti and has been personally attacked by CAGV (CT Against Gun Violence) for her past voting record. Her comments came out because she felt that the committee was being unfairly attacked. The bill in question wasn’t raised by the committee, but rather the CT Conference of Municipalities. The committee’s duty was to hold the hearing.

      That being said, I still think she could’ve chosen her words more carefully.

      1. avatar US says:

        Thanks for pointing that out. I actually saw Rep. Gonzalez saying what she said live, and I do remember the committee somewhat later committee members stating words to the effect that the bills were not written nor necessarily endorsed by the committee.

      2. avatar Pascal says:

        I will believe it once I see her vote.

        She wants us to wait until she decides and AFTER they vote to express our concerns? What good would our concerns be then? What was the threat? Is that not how our system works, we do not like your job, we vote you out?

        The committee held the hearing, and people expressed how they felt. With Malloy and Looney working the strings in the background, CAGV up in Hartford the day before with closed door meetings and special trips to Washington I believe those who spoke had the right to express how they would vote. It was not an individual attack. When the speaker began, he expressed that he understood and stated his feelings.

        She was incorrect in her argument back to the crowd. I believe she was out of line. I believe the 2a supporters who spoke did the right thing to let committee know how we already feel about this bill. Do you believe any revision will be more acceptable?

        I cannot see us in CT not fighting this through the courts.
        Yesterday was a good day. Baring a few on the extreme right, most of the 2a testimony was good and most of the anti-gun testimony was disconnected with very little line of thought.

        IMHO, the vote is already cooked, but I am willing to be surprised.

        Thanks to the committee and all its members for allowing us to speak and the long hours they put in. As well as having multiple hearings but I remain skeptical. The fight is not over and I have not stopped fighting, but more and more it seems like these proceedings are for show.

        Noise is we will see some votes next week….I will be paying attention and we will see what happens.

      3. avatar Matt in FL says:

        Assuming that’s true, it’s not the first time this site has taken out of context comments that sound really bad and run with them. I hope that the clarification will be swift in coming.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    Minnie is one doofy-looking beyotch. She might be Frank Purdue’s love child.

    1. avatar RKflorida says:

      Why would the chicken guy mate with this plain looking woman? Besides, I think he’s dead, ain’t he?

  8. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    That has to be felony, not voting for a hypothetical POS gun grabber, Randy

  9. avatar roscoe says:

    Take a clue from the Democrat playbook and turn it around on them.

    Determine the anti gun pols most vulnerable to recall in their voting district and initiate a recall on each of them.

  10. avatar IH8CT says:

    Courageous bureaucrat, safely ensconced in her loathsome inner-city liberal district. She won’t get voted out and she knows it.

    1981 immigrant from Puerto Rico and now she is telling us how it’s gonna be.

  11. avatar gloomhound says:

    This is what happens when you vote Democrat.

    1. avatar roscoe says:

      That is what happens when you have a Democrat voting base as is the case in most East Coast cities.

  12. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    Well at least she’s a polite Sheepl… I wonder if she has any clue about American History… I’m thinking “not”…

  13. avatar Matthew says:

    To all of the professional policians, legislators, and other city, county, state and government workers: Hey, guess what? The Tories started to get a little anxious before very long too.

  14. avatar US says:

    This is it on YouTube:

    1. avatar Shaun says:

      I can’t believe the nerve of this lady!!!! She works for us, she is our employee. What would happen if an employee started ranting to their employer that they don’t have the right to threaten firing them if they don’t do the job they are hired for? And then she had the nerve to say a few times that they the politicians were giving the lowly subjects the RIGHT to come and voice their opposition to this bill!!!!! But if my memory serves me well, my right to voice my opinion does not come from some mouthy overpaid senorita, but from GOD himself. She needs to go if this is going to be her attitude to her constituents.

  15. avatar In Memphis says:

    They should rename it the constipation state. I sure dont miss the atitude up there, like everyone has something stuck up their… wrll you get the picture.

  16. avatar Joseph says:

    She likely doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, what the Constitution is. She’s a liberal with an agenda, period. The truth be damned.

  17. avatar Pascal says:

    BTW, in the picture above from the gallery, those signs are being held by Colt Employees who were given a day off and a bus ride to Hartford to testify and the signs said, “Save Our Jobs: its not just firearms manufacturing jobs. This bill would also affect hundreds of small businesses and families”

  18. avatar GS650G says:

    So we don’t have a constitution, just a bunch of temporary overlords that do whatever they want until we can vote them out???
    We have serious problems here.

  19. avatar Chele says:

    How is informing your elected representative that you will work against their reelection if they vote in ways antithetical to your interests and rights a threat? Wow, low standard for what constitutes a threat there, Madam Representative..

  20. avatar Anmut says:

    A curse on her and her children and children’s children. May they all go blind and deaf as Ms. Gonzales clearly has.

  21. avatar Buckeyecopperhead says:

    Don’t wait for the next round of elections, citizens of Connecticut. Take care of business NOW!

  22. avatar Silver says:

    The founding fathers would be shooting by now.

    1. avatar Mark says:

      …only if tar and feathers didn’t get the job done…

    2. avatar j says:

      Actually, the Founding Fathers didn’t respond with musket ball until Crown troops fired first at Lexington Green and even the source of that first shot is in question.

  23. avatar Nazgul says:

    This is a recurring pattern of elitist politicians being condescending to both citizens and firearms manufacturers. The political events going on in Connecticut are similar to – if not worse than – what is happening in Colorado. To my fellow citizens in Connecticut, hang in there and keep defending your rights.

  24. avatar Lucubration says:

    I have never despised a$$hat politicians as much as I do these days. This must be the third one I’ve basically heard say, “I don’t care what the people want; I’m voting for all the gun control I can get away with and you all can try to argue it in court if you don’t like it.”

  25. avatar joe says:

    This is insane.The 1st amendment makes peaceful expression of discontent with governmental actions a right with few if any restrictions.This Gonzalez creep should not be in office if she can’t live with that.I don’t think these gun grabbers get it-they are playing with fire when they try to shut down free expression-many otherwise peaceful citizens may be pushed over the edge if this goes much farther.

    1. But since you weren’t there (or were you? )you don’t know that his expression of discontent was in fact peaceful. For all I know, he may well have come across all “from my dead hands, molon labe, I shoot whomever comes to grab them etc etc”.

  26. avatar Thomas Paine says:

    What some might not realize is that Connecticut’s own Constitution provides a state -level right to bear arms. Adopted in 1818, it states:

    “Every citizens has a right to bear arms for defense of self and state.”

    Unambiguous and unencumbered with the matter of militias, etc.

  27. avatar John East Lyme says:

    From 2008
    The son of state Rep. Minnie Gonzalez was sentenced to 15 months in prison Tuesday for possessing the drug PCP with the intent to distribute.

    “The defendant’s criminal history – which includes multiple drug-related convictions and a prior conviction for possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle – “The defendant’s criminal history is extensive, What is of particular concern to the government is the fact that the defendant was arrested on criminal possession of a gun in a motor vehicle just one week after his arrest for sale of narcotics.

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