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“I would love to think I could have saved the day . . . But there’s no way I can say ‘yes, I would have saved people.’ There’s no way anyone could answer that question.” Colin Goddard, Shooting victim best ammo for gun control,

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  1. “But there’s no way I can say ‘yes, I would have saved people.’ There’s no way anyone could answer that question.”

    I don’t know that I could have, but I’d damn sure try.

      • So CCW has to be perfectly effective to be worth it, but Gun Control can be demonstrably ineffective and you still support it?

        • Besides, Matt, my observation about the Loughner shooting foiling all the AZ Constitutional Carry guys in the crowd is more than a snide remark.

        • Ok mike, then what did you mean by
          “Sure Matt, just like those several concealed carry guys in the crowd stopped Loughner.”

          There weren’t any guys carrying concealed in the crowd. There was one in a Safeway some distance away, but he was far enough away that Loughner had been stopped before he was on scene.

        • Dan are you really that naive, or are you faking it to support the implausible story that the safeway guy was the only one carrying.

          That was Arizona, at a political rally, where the people enjoy Constitutional Carry. Do you really think NO ONE else had a gun?

          I know, you want proof, you want evidence, right? Well, I suggest you use your head and for one moment get honest enough to overcome your bias.

          Here’s my question, do you think no one had a gun in the vicinity of the Loughner shooting that day, yes or no?

        • I don’t think anyone had a gun in the crowd or near enough to help.

          It was a Democratic rally in a very liberal city. I find it entirely unsurprising that nobody who went carried.

          If someone had a gun, there might have been an opportunity for a clear shot, or there might not be. If there wasn’t a clear shot, then not shooting would have been the right decision.

          Moreover, why does it matter? Not every situation can be resolved with the use of a firearm. Carrying extends your range of options when you have to decide how to respond to a situation.

      • I’m not actually particularly religious, but that one always stuck with me. Another good one (not technically biblical) is:

        “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?””

  2. Colin “I was a victim so lets make more” Goddard can go pound sand for all I care. That guy is a major a**hole.

    He makes a movie about how easy it is to break the law, yet claims we need more laws that would be just as easy to break as the ones he was shown breaking….

    At no point does he ever realize he’s suffering from serious doublethink.

    • Did he break any laws making his movie?

      “Goddard wore a hidden camera to gun shows in cities across America to illustrate how easy it is to legally purchase weapons…”

      • I’ve seen the movie. He goes to other states and buys guns through private sales (which are legal but not for him because he’s an out of state resident).

        The whole movie is just infuriating especially when they mention how Cho got his guns legally and didn’t do private sales at gun shows.

        • It was completely legal for him to buy at those gun shows. Alot of commenters on here make the mistake of thinking that other states have the same laws about gun shows that their state does. Some states have almost nothing governing their shows.
          Even though there are laws about not selling to criminals or folks from out of state, well.. in many states private sellers (including ones at shows) don’t really have to check. No verification required. Its the same as setting the drinking age at 21 and then not requiring bartenders to ID folks who look young… most won’t do it unless they know they are liable if they don’t.

        • “reoiv” is absolutely correct. It is a violation of FEDERAL law (check the BATFE website regs) for a resident of one state to buy or sell a handgun to a resident of another state without going through an FFL dealer. This doesn’t apply on long guns, but it does apply on handguns. I know, because I looked it up when I wanted to transfer a handgun to an out-of-state relative. The Federal law is quite clear – if Mr. Goddard actually purchased a handgun from a private party when he was out of state, he committed a Federal crime. And the odds of the Holder Justice Dept. prosecuting him are somewhere between zero and none.

  3. It seems the me the victims were already “gun-controlled” so he wants us all to be in similar straits?

  4. Goddard is right.

    Owning and carrying a gun does not grant its owner the magical ability to fight back.
    ‘The will to survive is a mental decision separate from the tools at hand.Plenty of bad people with guns fell to people armed with bare hands, knives, wood planks, crowbars, and whatever weapon just happened to be available.

    The tragedy that day wasn’t that Cho had a gun -he legally bought and passed his Brady Check. The real tragedy that day is that no one out of the thirty odd victims thought to fight back.

    • Longtime lurker on TTAG, enjoy the site but thought I’d point out that at least one person, if not more, attempted to disarm Cho. Plenty of evidence for Professor Lebrescu barring the door to his class with his body, allowing his students to escape. Some evidence points to Air Force ROTC Cadet Matt LaPorte as having attempted to rush Cho. See linky.

      As far as my classmate Colin Goddard’s opinions on gun control? Not being able to correlate the fact that VT was a “gun free zone” that doubled as a “target rich zone” is, in a word, stupid. Expecting lawbreakers to finally see the error of their ways by adding just one more “reasonable” law reeks of naivete.

      Someone remind me what the road to hell is paved with, again?

      • Okay, so giving Collin Goddard a gun would have been useless, but it sounds like giving Cadet LaPorte a gun would have saved lives. It seems to me that’s not so much a measure of the usefulness of the item, but a measure of the usefulness of the person.

    • They might of thrown a chair at him rather than huddle in the corner and wait for him to reload. Just a thought. Maybe Colin should make a movie about how to throw chairs

      • I guess that would have been something, but that didn’t help all that much in Seattle.

        Throwing 147, 180, or 230 grain packets of lead would have been much better.

  5. “Goddard wore a hidden camera to gun shows in cities across America to illustrate how easy it is to legally purchase weapons with “no tax, no paperwork, no nothing” as one seller in San Antonio put it”.

    If he traveled to gun shows across America then I call upon the Justice Department to launch an investigation into the possible violation of the legal rights of all those he recorded without getting their permission. This is a civil rights issue.

    • +1 – not to mention that he violated plenty of laws by purchasing guns in another state without going through the appropriate FFL channels. His ass could be spending the rest of his life in a federal “pound me in the ass” prison.

      • Here in SC, you have to produce an ID that verifies that you are an in state resident before any dealer or collector will take your money or trade. I was under the impression that this was common practice.

    • This illustrates the liberal/elite mindset. It’s okay for Goddard to break laws (firearms purchase laws, eavesdropping and wiretapping laws) in an effort to save the public. But it’s wrong for citizens to be armed in “gun free zones” in an effort to save themselves.

  6. So, he’s not comfortable assuming that if he or someone else had been armed then they could’ve done something to save some lives. But he is comfortable assuming that if even more people are unarmed then…. not as many would’ve been killed? Or something?

  7. “I would love to think I could have saved the day,” Goddard said. But “there’s no way I can say ‘yes, I would have saved people.’ There’s no way anyone could answer that question.”

    First, I’m glad he never made it into whatever branch he was ‘drilling as an ROTC cadet’ for, because clearly he is not a Sheepdog. (though I’m NOT happy that he was shot! do not take it that way…but things happen for a reason).

    Second, there are plenty of people who can answer that question…simply browse over to DGUTD section of this site. Third, I just don’t GET the liberal mindset that somehow making it harder (or impossible) for law abiding citizens to go through a background check and obtain a handgun, somehow will make the world safer. It just doesn’t…it just doesn’t.

  8. Colin Goddard has been “Living off Thirty-Two” for far too long. Time to get a job, Collie baby. One that uses all your skills. Which would be . . . hey, what exactly are your skills, anyway? Oh, wait. You’re a consummate liar. Well, then, run for office. It worked for that bitch Carolyn McCarthy. It’ll work for you.

  9. I read an interview he did not too long ago where he said he didn’t even know what was going on until he had been shot three times, then he lay on the floor crying and playing dead. He ain’t no Audie Murphy, that’s for sure. Either he was the first one shot or he’s a clueless twit. Or both. Now he;s projecting his man-failure onto the rest of society.


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