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“Sissies who worry that the new (constitutional carry) law will result in more shootings are advised to man up, ignore that study correlating wider availability with more homicides and suicides, and if they don’t like it, go move to f**king CANADA, you goddamned socialist. A separate bill changing Missouri’s motto to ‘Load up on guns and bring your friends’ will be introduced in the next legislative session.” – Doctor Zoom in Missouri Rescues Second Amendment From Tyranny Of So-Called Concealed Carry ‘Permits’ [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Drop The Hammer on Kids Drawing Guns">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Lies, Damned Lies, and Gun Ownership Statistics">Next Post


      • Fuck is too mainstream, In our state saying goddamned in a bible state is far more controversial. Jk hahah ,but I do admire our Midwestern bluntness .

    • It’s a debatable point, however, if you are quoting (or in fiction, having a character state) a question, then the question mark or any other punctuation belonging to the quote itself belongs inside the quotation marks. If you are using the quotation marks to set-apart or emphasize a word or phrase, not as an actual quote, the punctuation goes outside the quote marks. “YMMV”!

      • I read it. Lost all credibility at Joyce foundation and John’s Hopkins. In other words…. Nothing to see here. More made up liberal crap.

      • Standard Social Sciences number cooking. You see, the problem is that Missouri homicide rates are basically unchanged since the repeal in 2007. So they need to “control” for other variables to try to tease out the effect of the law’s repeal from other variables.

        Now, on the face of it that’s a valid technique. The problem comes from the sheer number of variables that can be controlled for. It’s impossible to control for all of them, so researchers get to pick and choose which to include and which not to include. They also get to choose how those variables are measured, and myriad other “degrees of freedom” in study design.

        Long story short: by carefully choosing your control variables, you can usually find a way to make the effect you want to see appear out of nowhere. What did the study above control for?

        changes in policing, incarceration, burglaries, unemployment, poverty, and other state laws adopted during the study period that could affect violent crime.

        Now, it’s not as if “policing” exists as a single published value that can plotted year-to-year. They also get to decide which state laws “could affect violent crime” and which could not. Why burglaries and not other crimes is not clear.

        • The only thing lacking “control” is a certain population element in Saint Louis City and Kansas City.

      • Here’s John Lott debunking it:

        It discusses many issues, but to me the real kicker is that the Johns Hopkins study claims a 17% murder rate increase in Missouri, relative to the rest of the US after repealing the handgun permit law – but prior to the repeal of it, they had been experiencing a 32% murder rate increase relative to the rest of the US. Ignoring all of the cherry picking and incorrect data manipulation, if Johns Hopkins had simply looked at what happened to the murder rate when the permit law was in place, they would have shown that the murder rate decreased after abolishing handgun permit requirements.

      • I’m sure we could look at the massive increase in the murder rate in states like AZ, WY, ID, MS, ME, and WV that have gone to constitutional carry recently. Or at how high the murder rates are in AK or VT which have had it forever. And if there’s not (and there isn’t), then we just need to pick the correct day before the carry law and the correct day after the carry law to show a 90000% increase in murders.
        Blood in the streets! AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    • The scary part is that I know which IP that picture is supposed to be from, (the P90 and its size are dead giveaways) and if so… Yeah… Let’s just say that I’d be as far away from that abomination as possible.

      But hey, I suppose liberals have no problem with using terminally ill or traumatized orphans as disposable child soldiers.

      Yes ladies and gentlemen… The Wonkete just used a picture from a story about how a male government agent kidnaps a brutally assaulted pre-teen, has the vast majority of her body replaced with cybernetics to the point where she can’t survive without regular tuneups (or at all in the long term), then proceeds to use her as a disposable child assassin while pulling a hikaru genji plan on the sidelines. Your “hero” ladies and gentlemen.

        • Yeah… In some cases there’s no “borderline” about it. The way the story is presented, you’re supposed to despise almost everyone involved.

      • I gave that show a second try some time ago. Still didn’t make it pass episode 2.

        Oh btw Makoto Shinkai got a new film out

        • The problem is that the show is a hack job of the source material. It takes multiple watchings to get exactly what’s going. Unfortunately, they tried to turn it into a Moe-blob show for the body pillow crowd and thus completely glossed over the psychological horror underlying the entire plot.

          One of the reasons I like Gen Urobuchi, (aka the “Uro-butcher”), he takes the source material and gut-punches the viewer with it. Unfortunately, as with any medium, 90%+ of what’s published is utter crap.

          To be honest, I always considered Shinkai to be a bit of a one-shot wonder.

      • I thought I recognized that, must be from the manga, the animated series is a tad different in style. A lot of disturbed/disturbing media comes from these socialist paradises, IMO a sign that repression of basic freedoms will lead to other forms of expression as disturbing as this.

        Gunslinger if anyone was curious and no, I do not recommend it. A study on the socialist warping of society if anything.

        • That’s the thing, there are three distinct art styles used in this work. One for the original comic and two for the animated version. None of them quite look like that, but, again, the P90 and its size are dead giveaways. (The only thing missing is the violin case.) On the whole, the work is distinctly on the ‘meh side. Unfortunately, no studio picked it up long enough to run the complete plot so the story comes out fragmented.

          The image currently heading the source article is actually from the same body of work, but it took me quite a bit longer to place the character.

          The underlying conflict of the work (between the “rich” north of Italy and the “poor” south) is also a rather interesting concept. The idea of a child cyborg special operations unit masquerading as a government child welfare agency is more than a bit disturbing. Overall, the story has to be taken with a certain mindset. If you ignore the subtext it comes across as campy garbage. I think there’s enough of that subtext there to justify a passable review (of the comic, if not the series).

  1. “ignore that study correlating wider availability with more homicides and suicides…”

    Show me your “science.” I dare ya.

  2. Why do the liberals always want to go to Canada… What’s wrong with Mexico, they are just as socialist. What, not enough white people…


    • It’s like America Lite or America on Easy Mode. It’s got all the good stuff (Netflix, free Wi-Fi at coffee shops, English speaking… mostly), less of what they see as bad (guns, religion), and some assorted other stuff (government health care, Tim Horton’s).

      Mexico is a foreign country. That’s scary, man.

    • If we define the “gun control industry” a Jefe Bloomberg, who gave his alma mater Johns Hopkins a $1 billion endowment to name the School of Public Health after himself (and to fund gun control “research”), which he recently augmented by another $300 million.

  3. These thumb sucking liberal douches should take the time to step back and reflect on the image they’re projecting of themselves. First he claims to have the ‘science’ on his side by referencing a (singular) study finding correlation (not causation), then he immediately stomps off and throws a tantrum like a 5 year old that’s told he doesn’t get ice cream. If this is an attempt at getting others to see your point of view it’s a damned pathetic one.

  4. I really like the suggestion for Socialists to move to Canada or some other socialist country. (Apologies to our friends in Canada and elsewhere.)

    The funny thing is, Socialists in Missouri (are there any?) don’t even have to leave the United States: they can simply move to Hawaii, coastal California, New Jersey, Maryland, or the greater New York City metropolitan area. All five of those locations offer a fairly diverse choice of climate, geography, recreation, culture, business, and employment opportunities.

    Of course this begs the question: if Socialists already have a choice of five fantastic Socialist Utopias in the United States that offer a wide range of climate, geography, recreation, culture, business, and employment opportunities, why are they so Hell-bent on turning the rest of the United States into a Socialist utopia? Why are they not satisfied to go and live among like-minded people and leave the rest of us alone?

    • You can’t.

      You are one of them now.

      It’s like Hypno-Frog, only in real life.

      Wait. On second thought, there IS a treatment if you act fast enough. Go to the range, burn some ammo.

      Efficacy of this treatment increases 100x if you take a current anti-gunner with you and you witness a smile on their face as they blast away.


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