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“It is not ok with me. We understand the child was removed from the class for 1 hour. We feel it is not enough of a punishment for something of this magnitude. This was not a hunting picture, or a boy drawing a picture of himself, a hunting scene, this is a picture of a little boy shooting another human being (not pictured above). And if it wasn’t a teacher, then it had to be a student, but it was another human being.” – Danny Dean in Dad concerned after boy draws picture of gun in classroom [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: No Contradiction Between 2A Support and Background Checks">Previous Post
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      • The included “reference” drawing was obviously done by an adult. The stick figures are attempts at child-like humans while the guns are detailed. Let’s see, we got a pair of suppressed MP5s (full auto as indicated by the amount of bullet lines), a pair of 1911s (you can tell they are not Glocks by their grip angle) and a sawed-off-stock double-barrel (ideal use and position of the support hand I might add). And then there is the word “Water” spelled perfectly with excellent fine motor skill exhibited on the letters “a” and “e” as well as the centering of the word both horizontally and vertically on the barrels.

        Good trigger discipline, I might add.

        • I think you need a tax stamp to even draw nfa devices right? I mean that’s where we are now aren’t we?

          Clearly we need to restrict guns more so liberal parents can lower the parenting skill bar even lower.

    • If it were squirt guns, then its obvious that these are fully auto as it shoots MANY drops of water at once in a continuous stream. We just can’t have that kind of [water] firepower walking around in untrained young hands.
      [sarcasm off]

  1. Look carefully and you will see “WATER” written on the guns. Somewhat diminishes the whole point of the article in my opinion.

  2. Awsome. Now first amendment depictions of the second amendment must be relegated to “sporting purposes”. That rifle you drew there better have a capacity less than ten and no pistol grip or its an assault drawing.

    Suspend the kid so he can stay home and play Call of Duty and watch an Expendables marathon.

    • It’s a lie anyway – the old “lets pretend there were another way you could have done this without me being so outraged” trick … oldest trick in the book, that one is. If it *had* been a hunting scene, they would have reacted precisely the same way, horrified at depictions of gun violence against animals. They may, in that alternate universe, have trotted out “if it had been a depiction of war, that would be a bit more understandable what with all thew news in the media. Perhaps if they were water pistols. But this is just wanton gun violence against animals for no reason other than ‘sport'”.

    • She’ll probably grow up, become a lesbian, tell her father she hates him, then marry a Muslim.

      A lib girl I went to college with did that. Seriously confused doesn’t begin to cover her issues.

  3. As a kid, I was all into the military and all I ever drew were battle scene with tanks and bazooka and stuff. Glad I’m not in school anymore.

  4. Yep, this is what is happening in many places the absolute pussification of men. If you don’t have those waiting to be offended at a moment’s notice, you have others with false righteous indignation or worse still men like this who are supposed to be adults but substitute emotions for logic.

    I am not a big Trump supporter but will vote for him just so I can see people like this man heads explode

  5. From the “artistic age” of the child, the kid was anywhere from 5 – 7 years of age.

    Good thing they pissed the kid off by the 1hr timeout. His rebellion could grow to what they’re claiming they’re trying to prevent. Tell a kid he’s broken and unsalvagable, and there may be no end to the child’s abandonment of Societal Agreement.

  6. “It is not ok with ME. WE understand the child was removed from the class for 1 hour. WE feel it is not enough of a punishment for something of this magnitude…(magnitude…magnitude…)”.
    Translation: WE are the keepers of the moral code. WE will decide what is acceptable and WE will strike down all thoughts to the contrary because WE are enlightened and know better for everyone. Now bring us the boy so he may receive punishment of a proper magnitude…(magnitude…magnitude…)
    I’m so sick of shit like this, though it is nice to see a male (I won’t say “man”) adding some diversity to the SJW ranks. Should this be my kid in this persons sights, it would be time for the unkind words.

    • “time for the unkind words”…
      I do love a well turned phrase, and TStew, you’ve offered a good one. It shall immediately go into my vocabulary, to be used (generally without attribution, I need to mention) at the first opportunity.

  7. So happy my kids are all grown up. I’d get in trouble slapping the shite out of some dweeb teacher. Yeah I see WATER too…home school if you can. My son(and brother) do and all those kids are doing great..

  8. So much for the 1st Anendment. What a slap in the face to anyone who has ever served, and to the families of anyone has sacrificed their lives for this formerly free country.

  9. If you actually READ the article (a high bar on most forums, to be sure), the picture above is not what the kid drew.

    What the kid drew was a house (it was an architecture drawing task…), surrounded by security forces. No-one was ‘shooting’. When the teacher asked the kid to remove the firearms, he drew a sword, bow and arrow, and throwing stars.

    Its funny, reading the comments, most ppl are of the ilk that its a no tolerance policy in school. The kid wasn’t saying he was going to kill, shoot or maim someone – which would invoke the ‘no tolerance’ rules. Maybe he was drawing the White House. Or some other government building. So elementary schools have become a no thinking zone. Or a no creative thought zone. Wunderbar.

    Also, reading the comments, some suggested that it’s ok to draw a gun on someone like a police officer, ie, someone who, by their job, REQUIRES a firearm (holstered, of course). So security personnel (which is what the kid drew), which most would agree REQUIRE a firearm for their job, cannot be depicted by a 4th grader in his potentially future house? Oh the horror.

    Yes, ultimately, his 1st Amendement rights were VIOLATED IMHO.

    • The First Amendment actually prohibits the government from violating your right to free speech. Only if the school is regarded as an arm of the government (a strong argument could be made at this point), would it be enjoined from restricting speech.

      • Cliff, you may have missed that we have a US Department of Education (clearly government).

        A *PUBLIC* school (salaries, etc) is paid for exclusively from TAX DOLLARS, Government bonds, etc. They also must adhere to directives from the US Department of Education (remember ‘No child left behind’ – where the GOVERNMENT steps in and ‘fixes’ bad schools). Pretty clearly a GOVERNMENT-funded institution, and therefore, IMO, clearly falls under 1st Amendment protections.

        If this were a PRIVATE school… no contest.

        • Just a minor point, but one people should know:

          The Supreme Court has ruled that kids in school are afforded a more limited right to free speech than we adults get in a non-school setting.

          Basically, kids can be stopped from uttering anything that school officials view as being disruptive to the educational process.

          (And, yeah, public schools ARE an arm of the government.)

      • Perhaps if order to clarify the world for you we need to formally rename the public school system as “GOVERNMENT SCHOOL (INDOCTRINATION CENTER)”?

  10. So, big men with guns, the *authorized*, can protect, just as an example, the Obama children going to school… as their mother described.

    A child who imagines himself with that same agency is bad, scary, and must be reeducated.

    One wonders if the problem with this is who the child is, the notion of his acting on his own behalf, or simply recognizing that there are guns in the world, sometimes used in this way.

  11. How ridiculous. These liberal panzy pacifists are trying to breed our children into little mindless neutered carbon-copy drones. The thing is, the more you stifle that stuff in a child the LESS healthy they grow up to be. These kids see guns on TV and the Movies every single day, but ‘ohhh, taboo taboo, you must not speak of such things or draw such evil things’. What a joke. It’s not even ‘acceptable’ for kids to play with ‘army men’ like we all did when we were kids, let alone cap guns, or bb guns, or anything else. THIS is the prime recipe for creating PSYCHOPATHS; stifle their creative thought, teach them that guns are ‘taboooo’ and ‘eeeevil’ – and you’re setting the stage for a potential disaster. But I guess these commies never really were much for reality. They want to live in fantasy land with unicorns and rainbows and have little Tommy playing with freaking Barbie Dolls. Gees, who the hell is going to staff our Military in 20 years…

  12. “…secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a pussy generation.”

    ~ Clint Eastwood

  13. What punishment would suite the pearl clutcher…

    Tar and feather? Boil in hot oil? Stretching on the rack? Flogging? Or just a good old fashion hanging?

    Clearly, the young, gun heretic must be severely punished for having an imagination.

  14. OK, so the kid lives in the age of full-blown tacticool in video games (unlike old times, when we were harmlessly!!!111 filling Shambler full of nails). Among abundance of action movies, created under consensus that shooting someone dead on-screen is far less harmful than depicting *gasp* naked body.

    Obviously him drawing an action scene with weapons involved is a sign of great, socially dangerous problem with attitude, mental health and upbringing. Possibly with atheistic tendencies thrown into the mix. /sarcasm

  15. Ok, let’s go all extreme and say yeah, new kid in school, problems adjusting per the news article. He’s just the kind of child that this great school safety white paper talked about, after Sandy Hook. The paper discussed regular team meetings of school staff to keep an eye on kids who might need some extra help, a little early intervention, heading off potential issues before they turn violent. And plenty of other safety measures including where appropriate arming staff.

    Didn’t matter that they had law enforcement and educators writing the paper. It was sponsored by the evil NRA. So it was DOA to mainstream education groups.

  16. The original article says very little. The statement from the school admin about not excluding the child is heroic and is the proper response. We don’t know if he’s been bullied by the other students or even the teacher.

    This is why it’s hard to get our students help. The “agrieved” or frightened father wants the kid gone. Why is he so afraid? ISIS or his own internal issues?
    “Reaches for his backpack”, she’s to go to the Restroom? New bomb scare evac?
    Take your child out, sir. Perhaps the other students would do better without being with your daughter that you’ve filled with fear. Just kidding. Actually all the kids can learn from this.

    Let’s say this kid has a problem. We now know that Lanza, Cho etc. were separated ( Lanza’s mother’s choice) marginalized, and excluded. When will we learn?

    Growing up we drew a $h__ ton of war pictures and it did not cause us to be war mongering violent people. In fact no one said a thing. Suppression causes inappropriate expression. People aren’t nice because they don’t have weapons. The art expression encourages conversation. “What’s happening here? What feelings do you think they are having? Is this real or pretend? Do people get hurt if it’s real? Pretend? Are they protecting someone? …………” The teacher adult or parent can do this with an aha. No judgement.

    Kid can hear that his feelings are valid and that he is okay. That’s who I want my kids around.

  17. I wonder how light sabers and blasters/phasers fit in at Nanny Elementary? Everything my kids pickup up is a light saber. Conceive of by a nth degee libtard so perhaps light sabers at good.

  18. God, can we please resolve our conflicts in a humane way? I demand justice! I demand… Thunder Dome!

    I would love to get into the ring with guys like this. They’ve had too much of a coddled life. Time to beat sense into them.

  19. I spent my childhood playing cops-and-robbers and army, and if I had to live under the leftist’s level of scrutiny, I would have been interned at some camp to die from too much cyanide in my diet. If this “dad” was talking about my son, I would gladly sue him into the poor house for that remark. Geez, do these panty-waist “men” even think about what they say before they speak?

  20. Danny Dean got no balls but he wants someone punished. Ought to be glad he got through life so cloistered and mind his own business

  21. “The family has told their daughter if she sees anything unusual, to get up and go to the restroom.

    “If he reaches for his backpack, get up and ask to be excused and go to the bathroom,” Dean said.”

    Reaching for a backpack is now unusual in school? WTAF is wrong with this guy? I hate to say it, but the best chance that girl has to grow up remotely normal is to see someone kick her dad’s ass. Badly.

  22. ” if it wasn’t a teacher, then it had to be a student, but it was another human being.”

    Really? So teachers and students are all that exist now? What about cops and firemen and farmers, and idiot politicos and ‘journalists’, and ,and, …?????
    Jokes aside, this is the typical idiotude that I have observed in many of my kids’ teachers throughout the years. Twice I’ve had to file homeschooling papers to get them to even listen to ME, the PARENT! But then they listen REAL well, and get really friendly to boot.
    Nothing like a little kick in the wallet to get an administrator with an IQ lower than their shoe size to sane up a little…

  23. I wonder if the kid would get the same punishment if he drew an obvious American soldier or policeman shooting an obvious Isis terrorist.

  24. Clearly says water in the pic. We all played army and war when we were kids. I don’t ever remember drawing a water gun fight. I’m guessing water balloons would be considered explosive devices.

  25. I drew guns all the time in school. Who gives a damn, it’s called artistic expression which is covered by the 1st amendment.
    I mean, they defend a crucifix in a bottle of piss.


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