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“(A)ll I can say is that if the “speech nuts” do as well as the “gun nuts” have done over the past couple of decades, we’ll be in pretty good shape. And the lesson from the “gun nuts” is: Don’t compromise, don’t admit that there’s such a thing as a “reasonable restriction,” don’t back down, and keep pointing out that your opponents are liars and hypocrites. And punish the hell out of politicians who vote with the other side.” – Glenn Reynolds at

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  1. Don’t compromise, don’t admit that there’s such a thing as a “reasonable restriction,” don’t back down, and keep pointing out that your opponents are liars and hypocrites.

    Reads like another day at the office for the average anti-constitutionalist, but when we use the same tactics it’s suddenly evil. Got it.

    • I dunno if its evil so much as honest.
      Admitting there is a reasonable restriction opens the door to an endless series of restrictions, each more “reasonable” than the last (especially if your opponent is willing to swindle his way to victory with corrupted stats and bad logic).

      Its the danger of a modest proposal that starts out sounding nice but then tumbles down a rabbit hole to infanticide and cannibalism. Since the other party won’t be satisfied with anything less, there’s no sense in allowing yourself to get a step closer to their goals.

      • Yep. Infanticide=abortion and cannibalism=selling baby parts.

        This time we live in will be looked at as one of the most savage and brutal times of all of history, especially in the “civilized” countries with their acceptance of the mass murder of the unborn and the selling of the baby body parts for money.

        It called the law of survival of the fittest. Those that worship death and the societal suicide of the liberal/progressive cult will die out and those that worship life and creating a safe place to nurture the family with the purpose of raising mature and responsible children will be the ones to prosper.

        So when those that rebuild from the ashes of the cult of death that was created by the liberal/progressive “intellectual elite”, they will be the ones to write the history books for this dark and savage time.

    • Allowing reasonable restrictions opens “The Overton Window” for the antis & closes it for the pros. (That is anti or pro anything be it speech, firearms, or any other right.) If you haven’t heard of it Glenn Beck wrote a book of the same name & it explains it really well. It may be a work of fiction, but we can use it to restore our rights that are supposed to be protected by The Bill of Rights.

      I do not consider the murder of babies to be a right, AKA abortion. The pro-choice people need to be called pro murder of babies.

    • IMO there are no reasonable restrictions to a right. If a restriction exists it is not reasonable and probably unconstitutional.
      The one exception would be a criminal or someone inciting violent crime.

    • Action open, finger outside guard, ejection port completely through the “receiver?” An actual clip from an unknown hand holding cartridges which will NEVER fit that mag well. No sights. Is that a super heavy duty suppressor? Is that even a real rifle?
      Looking closer those rounds look linked. Belt fed?

        • I haven’t heard of that, but that’s sure what it looks like. I’m assuming that the bolt retracts into the tube the damper spring, etc, are usually in, since I can’t see a bolt. Interesting rig, grin says it must be pretty fun!

      • Pretty sure it’s a .50 BMG. Something does look wonkey with the magwell, but the rounds are .50 BMG. That’s not a suppressor on the barrel; it’s a brake.

        • The reason it looks wonky is because that is a single shot 50BMG upper pinned to a standard AR lower.

  2. As a child in the 1970s I learned the only speech the left supports is cross burning against the will of the private property owner, nazi and KKK rallies and their marches through black and Jewish neighborhoods. Latter they did grow a little and supported homoerotic art as well.

  3. Glenn Reynolds has it completely right. You do NOT compromise on the Bill of Rights. You do NOT bend. You do NOT give just a little. You do NOT surrender a single inch of ground, for once that inch is lost, it is lost forever. And you absolutely, and at every opportunity, punish those who attempt to abridge those rights. Works for me.

  4. Or, as James Madison put it in his Memorial and Remonstrance:

    3. Because it is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties. We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of Citizens, and one of the noblest characteristics of the late Revolution. The free men of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entangled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle. 

    Madison was talking about government getting into the religion business, but the principle is the same. A wise man, was James Madison.

  5. I love Glenn R., but does he really feel that the pro-gun side isn’t already in a compromised position? His analogy between 1st and 2nd Amendment position is severely broken. Can you imagine what this country would be like if Speech had anywhere near the restrictions that gun-ownership currently has? The reason the pro-gun position is so adamant now is because of how far its been pushed into the corner. Let hope that the defense of the 1st Amendment is much less willing to compromise than the defense of the 2nd has been, historically speaking.

    • A 72 hour waiting period to get the facts right before reporting breaking news stories…government approval of facts before reporting news…restrictions on the use of rapid delivery news media (radio, telephone, teletype, TV, internet)…taxing the transfer or making of news…ban on any news that offends…

    • He seems to support the more open push for more rights and the repeal of restrictions. He hasn’t come out for open carry but reports on it often.

      He’s not the most die-hard 2A supporter but he’s on our side and he is a die-hard 1A supporter so when he talks about tactics that work it’s because he’s been watching the 2A fight closely.

      While there have been some compromises, many came after a hard push from the pro-gun side. Open carry in Texas may not be Constitutional Carry but do you think we’d even have that if the pro-gun side hadn’t started from a hard line position? We need to be the side that gives in last, not first. That’s how we got into this mess. I am not a “no compromise” kind of guy but I do think that it’s something that only gets discussed if it is the ONLY way to get us closer to restoring our rights. Open Carry is a step in the right direction and I’ll take the incremental over nothing at all.

      The problem in the past is we’d give up something and get nothing in return. I kind of like this whole we get something and the other side can kiss our ass approach.

  6. “Don’t compromise, don’t admit that there’s such a thing as a “reasonable restriction,” don’t back down, and keep pointing out that your opponents are liars and hypocrites. And punish the hell out of politicians who vote with the other side.”

    Clap clap clap.

  7. “punish the hell out of” must mean something else to (D) bag liberals.

    Anyone checked out the French Revolution?

    [to aged a reference?, Ok, let’s play]

    Where in the World is Mohammed Morsi?

    Where in the World is Mohammed Nasheed?

    Where in the World is Yulia Tymoshenko?:

  8. So as soon as you allow the government to infringe one Constitutional right, they take that permission to mean that they can do the same to others. So when you are standing in line at your Neighborhood Security Center to get your tracking implant, remember that.

  9. But they are “liars and hypocrites”. We’ve been pushed so far they attempt to use our telling the truth against us.

  10. If the Second had been as strongly as protected as the First all along, we would never have had to have this fight.

  11. Instapundit is my first or second stop on the innertubz. He’s been consistently ahead of the zeitgeist.
    Con law prof in Tennessee, lots more of his writing on 2A and the law is online.

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