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The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has posted the new reciprocity list for the State, in order to meet the requirements of the gun law reform passed in 2015. As expected of an appointee of an openly anti-gun governor, the list approved by the Commissioner of Public Safety is very restrictive, removing four states for minor differences in the law, and adding eight states or state permits that have limited numbers of carriers . . .

The additional eight states permits now being recognized by Minnesota are: Delaware, Idaho (enhanced permit), Illinois, New Jersey, North Dakota (enhanced permit), Rhode Island, South Carolina, and South Dakota (enhanced permit).

States previously recognized, and still recognized, are: Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

No longer valid in Minnesota: Missouri, Texas, Wyoming, and Utah.

While more total state permits are now recognized by Minnesota, anti-gunners may be smiling; they have managed to disqualify more permit holders than they added.

The permit holders with Missouri, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming permits total 1,645,000. The permits added total around 377,000. About a million and a quarter permit holders just lost the right to carry in the Gopher State. I suspect that’s not what the legislature intended.

But the glee on the anti-RKBA side may be short-lived.  The gun culture in Minnesota demonstrated its clout when it was able to get the gun reform bill attached to the state budget, thereby avoiding Governor Dayton’s veto. If Minnesota follows the same track as other states that have reformed their carry laws, the next step will be to recognize permits from all other states and territories, without giving the Department of Public Safety any discretion in the matter.

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  1. Looks like I won’t be taking any excursions to the north any time soon.


  2. Wow. So, disqualify an entire state because a very tiny number of permits don’t comply with Minnesota state permit requirements? How about THOSE permits are invalid in Minnesota, and leave the others alone? Other states do that and get along just fine. Alabama issues permits to 18 year old and above. In reciprocal states where the minimum age is 21, those permit holders under 21 aren’t allowed to carry because they don’t comply with the reciprocal state law. Minnesota just seems pretty stuck-up, but I guess that’s to be expected.

    • Don’t confuse the citizenry with the politicians. MN has 2 counties out of 87 that control the whole state. I love the land and the people but the politicians want us to resemble NY

      • exactly. It’s mostly the stupid hipsters in Hennepin county that ruin the rest of the state for us. If you removed them the state would be Red.

        • Well, while true that hipsters dwell in Uptown (which is south of downtown), and that is in Hennepin County, lots of liberal schmucks live in St. Paul, which is Ramsey County.

          We would need two nukes to nuke both sites from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure…

  3. There is no bar in Minnesota STATUTES to the DPS recognizing only Texas permits issued to persons over age 21. The DPS is too rigid to do so, probably at the Democrat Governor’s insistence. He isn’t running again.

    • There are very few states whose permits Texas doesn’t recognize, but Minnesota is one of those. Go figure.

      • No need to figure.

        Texas negotiates its reciprocity to avoid these shenanigans. Minnesota refuses to negotiate.

  4. Well if that didn’t work with their anti-gun executive branch, perhaps it is time to push the “Recognize all concealed permits” law that Utah and several other states have.

  5. Why did Utah get disqualified? Are training, photos, background check and fingerprints not enough for them?

  6. Thoughts:
    1. I moved to Minnesota about 4 months ago. It is without a doubt the best place to live that I have ever visited, and is filled with absolutely fabulous people. Please understand that this move is not indicative of how the average Minnesotan feels about gun rights. BTW Texas did not recognize MN permits before this legislation was enacted. Nor did a number of other gun friendly states like WV, FL, GA, SC, PA, or ND. Many Minnesotans get a non-resident Utah or Florida permit to get around this issue.

    2. Governor Dayton is a total lunatic. When his current term expires he will not be missed.

    3. Both the qualification and the overall class experience required to obtain a permit to carry in MN are ridiculous. And I mean that literally: the requirements should be subject to ridicule. There are no actual requirements for the qualification other than the shooter needs to show “proficiency”. I could have shot it blindfolded and my instructor would have passed me. No written test is required. The instructor who taught my course basically covered the four rules and a bunch of pro-cop propaganda. I would wager that 90% of the class walked away with nothing of value other than the piece of paper saying they had passed.

    4. This is further proof (not that it is needed) that no permit should be required to practice a constitutionally protected act.

    5. We have a great pro 2A PAC here, MNGOPAC, which is working aggressively to reinstate our 2A freedoms. This week the Executive Director of the PAC, Bryan Strawser, sent a blast email stating that Constitutional Carry is the PAC’s number one priority for 2016.

    6. If you would like to help us continue to turn the tide in MN, please feel free to donate to MNGOPAC at . Donations of any size would be welcome.

    • There are a couple statist points of the permit/permit process. One is to assert carry is a state granted privilege and not a right. Another is to assuage anti gun peoples’ irrational fears that if you have a permit, you’re not going to use a gun unlawfully. It matters not that the presence or absence of a permit has no bearing on an individual’s behavior; it’s an irrational fear of freedom and weapons so the position is not very well thought out.

      • Agreed. An additional insidious point is that those with lower incomes, who may have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, may have neither the time nor means to acquire a permit. What results is the modern equivalent of a poll tax which serves to disproportionately bar persons of color from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

        • Gun control has been a weapon against the poor and the politically disenfranchised since before guns existed. Heck, English nobles wouldn’t allow peasants to own or train with swords. Why allow arms amongst the peasants you intend to oppress and rule?

        • @ accur81. Oddly enough, said peasants were required to train at archery, which generally comprised the most potent part of English field forces in the 13th to mid 16th centuries. By that time perhaps restricting swords to “gentlemen” were more a way of underlining class distinction than a way of maintaining an effective monopoly on physical coercion.

      • ‘One is to assert carry is a state granted privilege and not a right.’

        Yes, this is the main purpose of permitting the carry of weapons. Fortunately we’ve won a major victory in forcing most of our jelly spined politicians to take that privilege out of the realm of the whim of local constables. Still, they fancy themselves to be our overlords and they just can’t seem to acknowledge our rights without our grovelling for them.

        • Again and Still – hearing alot of that “T” word. ‘They’ is a four letter word, that you could put a name to if you just read the names on some of the mailboxes in your neighborhood, since gov’t is just made up of your stupid neighbors needing jobs. They might live in gated communities, and only have street numbers on their mailboxes for privacy, but you can still make an effort to voice your displeasure at their assholedness.
          MN is indeed a fine state, good solid dna stock with a hearty accent ; ) and a few there are sh_tting on the rest and the rest have to fix that for me, cause this is America, so it’s my state too, and we clean up our own fu<k-stains around here.

        • Yes. The letter I received with my PA LTCF from my county Sheriff explicitly said that carry was a privilege not a right. Directly contradicts the PA constitution.

    • Good post Special K. I’ll just add that MN is a Democrat stronghold but 2A is the one area that we have a lot of strength in. This is because it’s a big outdoorsman state with a lot of Democrat voters who are gun owners and hunters. We also have a large motivated population of gun owners who put pressure on the politicians.

      MN is actually one of the big movers over the past few years in rolling back the restrictions on our rights. We have gained a lot of ground. See Special K’s point #5, word is we are going to be cleaning up this CCW reciprocity mess. I think we will get it fixed.

      Minnesota is actually a gun friendly state!

    • Welcome to Minnesota!

      GOCRA and MNGOPAC are taking the legislature by storm! They play everything smart and they consistently win.

      Im so proud to be a member.

    • As an instructor certified to teach PTC in Minnesota, I can attest that the state offers little to no guidance or criteria. There’s s ton of awful instructors.

      However, I take pride in my work and I will bet that students learn more in my class than in almost any competition. I know it – my “renewing” students that got their instruction elsewhere last time tell me “I wasn’t taught that before” all the time. The shooting course is more rigid, and the class covers so much more than the 4 rules. We go into the “why” that so many instructors tell you to shut up post-shooting when they won’t say why.

      • Thanks for putting in the effort to be a quality instructor. I think everyone should seek out training, both in the fundamentals of shooting and in applicable laws and regulations. My issue is that I don’t think training should be required, and it is evident to me that the current lack of guidance on curriculum creates the potential for some real charlatans to step in to provide “instruction”.

    • Pretty sure the lack of reciprocity with PA has to do with its fairly liberal (in the classic sense) restrictions on carry permits. There is no training requirement as in a number of other states so PA doesn’t get recognized by those states and in turn PA doesn’t recognize theirs. Then there is our corrupt AG that stopped recognizing non resident permits held by PA residents as valid in PA even if those states had tougher requirements in order to close the “Florida Loophole”. Maybe after the trial when they lock her ass up it will all get straightened out.

    • Great, another moronic libtard Gov is retiring. The urban pinheads will replace it. Long parade at the Minneapolis clown college. Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, Gus Hall, Hubert H. Humphrey, Amy Klobuchar, Eugene J. McCarthy, Walter F. Mondale, Paul Wellstone. Hell of a list of alumni.

      Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, Berkley all the same song. At least in Wi the real people have wrestled control away from the hive dwellers. Good bet that Obumer will send them 100000 Syrian moslems (to bookend the Somili placed in Minneapolis.

    • I moved to Wisconsin May. The primary reason for doing so was gun rights. (That and Gundetson and Mayo) I can drive the 30 minutes to visit my son in Minnesota without giving up my gun right. I was hoping that they would recognize Wisconsin permits bug I guess I will have to pay someone $100 to get my Minnesota non resident permit.

    • If MN doesn’t have a written portion to their carry test, then why did I take one?
      An observation here… As with many laws concerning permitting, I think each state makes a “suggested” minimum, to which every jurisdiction must adhere. However, each jurisdiction can implement greater restrictions in whatever form it desires.
      Or I just had an anal instructor who also made us qualify well enough that no blind shooter could ever pass the shooting test.

      • I took the class about a month ago. No written test. I only fired 10 rounds to qualify. My wife only fired 5. The student who shot before me missed the paper entirely on 5 of 10 shots. He couldn’t have put a round in the ocean if he had been standing on the beach.

        • My most recent class was January. We not only took a written test, the class was ten hours and we shot no fewer than 50 rounds per person. Was there lots that could have been ignored? Yes, but I’ve been carrying and shooting for near 70 years and “know it all” (hope you didn’t ruin your keyboard :-D) where a lot were new to carrying and even a couple new shooters in our class.
          The instructor charges $75 for the class which he donates to the NRA. The test is from the NRA manual; the shooting portion is 15 and thirty feet on 1/2 scale feebie paper targets and there are no wild shots by the end of the class. Obviously, this area has a better class of instructors, people more interested in helping people rather than fleecing them. But then, it’s a free country. Kind of. Maybe not much longer, but…

  7. Ban Texas because military aged 19 and 20 are allowed permits? So a 20 year old can go to (whomever we’re fighting today. I don’t keep track anymore) fire pistols, rifles, cannons, tanks, anti tank missiles, whatever I missed, but can’t carry in Wisconsin. Now there’s smarts for you! When Texas takes over the USA, we’ll keep all the liberals in Wisconsin.

    • 1) this okie loves ya Tex, but the OK is winning this monopoly game.
      2) after we save you from mexico (still sorry about last time Lone Star) and take over God Bless America, whatever liberal we find left will fit comfortably on Plum Island.

    • To set the record straight, Wisconsin does recognize Texas permits. Minnesota does not.
      Please do not keep all the Liberals in our state when Texas (or possibly OK) takes over unless you fence off Madison and put them all there. (nobody would notice)

  8. Notice how they don’t honor South Dakota or Iowa permits? God forbid you step over the imaginary invisible line while out hunting or fishing. You might end up doing some time just so a few control freak politicians can feel better about themselves.

    • Yes, as an Iowan I noticed. Iowa recognizes any permit from any state, which, as long as you’re behaving yourself, should be the way every state is.

      A long time ago I lived in MN for a couple of years. Still have a few friends there. I’m a Minnesota Twins fan (Vikings are pussies though, Packers are real men that play in the snow). Won’t say I’ll never go there, but I very rarely go there because of their failure to recognize IA permits. Their loss, not mine. MLB games are way over priced and you can get a better brat off the roller grill at the local convenience store for $1 anyway.

  9. I assume California did not make the list because California grants no reciprocity to any state. From what was stated here, it couldn’t be the qualification requirements: California requires “up to” 16 hours of training (which really means 16 hours, 8 class room, 8 range), most counties have a specific shooting proficiency requirements, and an applicant has to pass both a state and federal background check that is more thorough than the BGC for purchasing a weapon, plus an in person interview, and maybe a psych eval. (allowed by law but required in only some counties). [And even with all of this, the most liberal counties are no issue or essentially no issue for failure to establish “good cause.” Go figure.]

  10. Oh, how the founding fathers knew the dark, despotic impulses that lay within the minds on men. Isn’t it a gas listening to these pompous so-and-so’s talk about the need for psychiatric evaluations and such, to legally posses a firearm, or to keep and bear it? Anyone who believes the constitution can, or should be amended through presidential fiat, or legislation, is more in need of psychiatric evaluation than anyone wanting to keep and bear arms.

  11. so wait, they honor permits from Kansas, yet Kansas doesn’t require permits anymore. Shouldnt they either take Kansas off the list or by default honor all permits from all states

  12. I won’t go places where my Georgia Carry License doesn’t work. For now this includes Minnesota, if only for the short term. I expect that in my lifetime the enemy territories of MD, CT, NJ, NY will remain in the hands of the enemies of freedom.

  13. There just needs to be a national reciprocity law. If you have a driver’s license from Maine it means you can drive in all 50 states. So why is concealed carrying any different?

  14. It’s pretty chicken[crap] to deny all Texas CHLs because there’s a tiny, tiny subset of licensed carriers under 21. Seriously tiny: roughly 350 people out of 850,000 active Texas licensees.

    And how many of those 350 would actually travel to Minnesota? Very few. They’re mostly military anyway, so they probably wouldn’t have time or funds to visit, anyway.

    Nevertheless, the law is the law. Minnesota’s DPS doesn’t have the legal authority to pick and choose and parse others states’ licensees. It’s all or nothing and their law does not allow licensees under 21 as Texas does, albeit in extremely narrow circumstances.

    Blame the politicians for the law, or blame the people of Minnesota for their politicians.

  15. That is probably a decision.for revenue enhancement. It is an incentive for us to pay Minnesota for the priviledge.

  16. Texas was removed because it allows 19 YO veterans and service members to obtain a CHL. That might total 30 people, of whom 1 or 2 might ever show up in the state of Minnesota. Yep, that’s well thought out reasoning.

  17. This is a perfect example where the government giveth it can taketh away…..from the ‘law abiding’.
    The criminals can carry on as usual.

  18. As a North Dakota resident, I had to get a Utah non-resident permit in order to carry in MN. Now, less than a year later, my Utah permit is useless. I have to upgrade my ND permit, or get a MN permit. Thanks for nothing to my home state!!

  19. This is absolutely infuriating. I was born and raised in northern Minnesota–lived there for about 22 years before moving to Nebraska, where I currently reside. Pretty much my whole family still lives in MN and I visit at least 4 times a year, if not more. I spent the time and money to get my Utah nonresident permit EXCLUSIVELY for the purpose of carrying when I traveled to MN, and now it is useless? I will be there for a Boundary Waters trip in 3 weeks. What a joke!!!!! What can we do to fight this?

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