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 “There’s got to be a war against these guns on our streets. People say the country is too steeped in guns, but the country was steeped in slavery, too. You’ve got to have the same commitment to getting these guns off the streets.” – Steve Crozier, family friend of Hadiya Pendleton interviewed in Michelle Obama mourns slain teenager at Chicago funeral [via]

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  1. Well, I guess if you can have a war against inanimate substances – otherwise known as drugs – then I guess a war against objects w/ moving parts is not much of a leap.

    I never new that rifles had thoughts, feelings, & souls like slaves do.

    • And the ultimate irony is that, removing the guns from the citizenry will indeed create slaves.
      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. *sigh*

    It is impossible to overstate the central dumbness that motivates some people, or a resemblance thereof….


  3. Have to wonder if Manchelle gave these two a good talking to about their obvious overweight problem while she was in town “mourning”….

    • Kinda cheap to make fun of a mourner’s weight, isn’t it? It might give an outsider the impression we don’t have a legitimate argument to make.

      • If you don’t think black obesity is a serious problem try passing a lady in Aldi’s with a ass thats 4 ax handles wide in a 10 foot wide isle. Can’t be done, ax me how I know, Randy

  4. Slavery was a horrible thing that took away the rights of the enslaved, causing them to be treated like animals. It seems like people who reference that period as a talking point ought to realize that any activity that depends on taking away people’s rights is a bad idea. I’m sure that emotion clouds that issue for him, though, making the connection difficult to see.

    There’s also the practical matter that it is a lot easier to get rid of a cruel business practice (slavery) than a something that the Bill of Rights says “shall not be infringed.”

  5. Blacks were denied the use if guns while they were slaves; the first gun control laws were enacted to keep freed blacks from owning guns; the Dred Scottt decision by the USSC said that one reason that blacks should remain as slaves was because they would then be free to carry weapons where ever a free person could go.

    The definition through all of history of a free person versus peasant, peon and slave has been those free to carry side arms suitable for war and those who can’t.

    Now, leave it to a liberal/progressive to equate slavery with gun ownership.

    I can understand those in power promoting this idea because it gives the more power, but for the common people to be clamoring to be disarmed because they equate gun ownership to SLAVERY goes from the absurd to the INSANE!

    • It all part of conditioning. People will hear this enough and start believing it. I never thought propaganda would work. I mean, who would believe it? Obviously a lot of people do and it works.

    • Reading the Dredd Scott decision, it seems to imply that any free man had the right to keep and bear arms wherever he goes. How is this not precedent for shall-issue carry?

      • Exactly, shall not be infringed meant what it said; the early American culture accepted the open carrying of firearms without the need of a permit as the norm; the early USSC understood this.

        That’s why I can OC here in NM without a permit for the last three years.

      • But the Dredd Scott decision is soooo old, it’s like, before the time of Ugg boots so it obviously is flawed. The Second Amemento is like waayy older than that, so it isn’t current at all. We need, like, current laws for current problems. It should all be revoked so we can establish laws that make sure Sandy Hook never happens again and we can go to theaters and malls without being afraid. No one needs assault guns either because they didn’t have them during the time of the Second Amemento so they’re not protected.

        That’s generally what the average American thinks at this point, and some of the points we keep seeing pop up in the media, that and blatantly false assertions.

        According to the Second Amendment every able-bodied male is required to not only own a rifle but actively and regularly train with a disciplined (practiced) militia. We lost that back in history when the slaves were freed because former slave-owners did not want former slaves to be knowledgeable in the ways of the gun because that could even the scales. Despite slavery “ending” with the end of the civil war overt oppression continued for decades, even administered by the state.

        Gun control facilitates oppression, plain and simple. Every gun owner in America should be outraged by the implications of the “sensible” gun control crowd, they are equating every single one of us with criminals, slaves, and psychopaths and some people call that common sense.

  6. The assault on the Second Amendment is being led mainly by Democratic Party politicians. These politicians are also the same politicians who have run, for the last 100 years or so, the urban cities with the highest violent crime.
    Therefore, one of their main goals with their assault on the 2A is OBFUSCATION. In other words, instead of addressing the problems of their failed policies in urban cities, they are framing the problem around the boogeyman (i.e. guns) to distract the focus away from the mess that they have created in the many large cities in the US. These politicians are calling plays from the same playbook the despotic dictators around the world use. If you’ve created a mess that you can’t fix without endangering your grip on power, then find an issue to distract the people away from the real cause of their misery. These dictators typically blame the West and the US to distract their citizens. They’re all using the “Wizard of Oz Defense” or “Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain”.
    Therefore, in addition to showing that their proposed gun control agenda will have no real affect on the problem, the Pro 2A movement also needs to expose the anti-2A’s true motivation.

    • Don’t forget it was Democrats who were largely behind Jim Crow as well. Urban black folks don’t care, the Democrats have learned to manipulate these people in lieu of enslaving them. It is really quite sad. There are black folks who can see right through Obama, but unfortunately they are not the type to vote in my experience.

  7. The only “War” this country has successfuly waged since WWII has been a war on poor people (i.e. ethnic minorities). The main weapons of which are not guns, drugs or AIDS; but the perpetuation of failed social programs. It looks like the person quoted has fallen for some war time propaganda.

  8. Maybe they should read this article. A long read, but worth it.

    “Commit to addressing all violence – not just “gun related” crime, and force the “gun control” advocates to both recognize the true cause of crime and commit to facing it. Will an honest individual argue against stopping all murder as opposed to only “gun-related homicide?” Will an honest individual argue against improving education and socioeconomic prospects for poverty-stricken, violent segments of the population? Will an honest person look at the inner-cities of America and honestly say simply banning guns will cause rainbows to shine and progress to finally be made toward lifting people out of socioeconomic stagnation? Do honest individuals or media personalities only cry to “ban guns” on the rare occasion suburban children are killed, when people in the inner-city face death on a daily basis? An honest person would not.”

    • Slavery wouldn’t have happened at all. Just ask the Romans, Sparticus gave them a hell of a run for their money with just swords.

    • If blacks in the 19th century had the mentality of today’s entitled blacks (as represented by Sharpton, the Obamas, et al), slavery would have lasted until mechanization eliminated the need for humans to pick cotton and tobacco, which came in during the 1930’s.

      LBJ’s cynical observations in the 1960’s about entitlements and blacks’ voting patterns have long since come true.

  9. Oh good, another poorly defined endless war to whittle away our rights with, just like the:
    War on Drugs
    War on Terror
    War on Obesity
    War on Communism
    War on Crime
    War on Poverty

      • IMO, America’s most dangerous enemies are not bearded guys living in caves, holding onto their AK47s and praying to allah in southern Asia, and nor are they hard-talking men who like to go deer hunting and belong to civilian militias in America. I think America’s most dangerous foes live in the Washington DC area, wear business suits, and drink expensive wine paid for by the US taxpayers.

  10. It’s sad to see how the black community has been duped in giving up their freedoms. The one group of Americans whom you would think would value it more than any other. They’ve been lied to and re enslaved into government dependancy.

    • Good point. Ironically, being a pro Jewish gun owner myself I think it’s sad and pathetic to see many American Jews being in support of extreme gun control. You’d think that most Jews (religious or secular) would value owning black rifle and organize local militias rather than trust they can ingrain themselves in the political process to keep themselves from being victimized.

  11. Once the Second Amendment has been obliterated, fools like these will be dancing in the streets with no comprehension that they’re dancing on their own graves — and that they dug them.

    F^ck ’em. If god didn’t want them sheared he wouldn’t have made them sheep.

  12. I read the article about this teen and it’s really tragic. I equate the comment, “get guns off the street”, to doing something to combat gang violence. Chicago is on one of the worst. But that takes cultural change in the community. It starts with strong family values, continues with running the gangs out of business and allowing citizens to protect themselves. It’s about locking up the bad guys and not having a revolving door not penalizing law abiding people.It’s not the guns, it’s the gangs. If they didn’t have guns it would be knives, clubs or fists. Just my $.02.

  13. I distinctly remember a news report in which Hadiya’s family said the funeral would NOT be about political agendas….

    And about “guns on the streets”: what exactly does that phrase mean?

  14. Problem as I see it is the media for the most part is very one sided and they are using Weapons of Mass Distraction to keep the Pro 2A forces spread thin making it hard to be able to focus on one issue/state/bill/law/etc at at a time. If they can’t find facts to back their position they make shit up and then force the Pro 2A people to prove it wrong and then don’t give them press when they do.

  15. Pathetic how we never read or hear about having a War against single women and teen girls being mothers (which produces many violent criminals) and all the people who are irresponsible and unqualified parents unless of course it is focused on male-bashing. The ethnic, social, cultural, and religious groups that I am associated with do not have issues with gun violence unless it is to protect ourselves in our homes or while out lawfully and peacefully in our communities minding our own business.

  16. how ironic is it that gun control and slavery are like two peas in a pod? slaves obviously don’t have guns, because they cease to be slaves the instant they have the power to free themselves.

  17. #1 – Get the criminals off the streets.
    #2 – The gun violence will naturally go away.

    Are people advocating ridding the world of guns and leaving criminals free to roam?

  18. No thats why real red blooded americans are at a war (of words and grass action and progun Reps/Sens in power) against socialist scum like this man you dont blame law abiding americans for a act of a gang banger or psychopath you fight evil. Americans will never surrender to you a Nazi like Obama and his love boy Feinstine or any one. As Winston Churchill said WE will NEVER surrender. Our four fathers gave us this right and we ill always commit to it and never give in to scum like you. You can your Chicago and kaliforina politicians and demigods can take a mile swim in Lake Michigan in February now.

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