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Chris Matthews has as much familiarity with “fairness” as Ronnia Fornstedt has with deep fried mozzarella sticks. And yet the former sportscaster has the temerity to criticize NRA jefe Wayne LaPierre for losing his sense of fairness and logic (2:40). Listening to Matthews and his minions, it’s all I can do to not shout obscenities at the TV set. Or change channels. Or not watch MSNBC. Ever. I know The People of the Gun are supposed to remain cucumber cool during this fight to extend and defend Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms—lest we be portrayed as “trigger happy” gun nuts. But there are times when I can feel my blood boil. You?

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  1. My fiancée ripped an article out of a magazine so she didn’t have to listen to me rant.

    I have a feeling it was about gun control. So yes, it does get irritating and frustrating.

  2. what thell was this suppposed to be a debate? all i hear is the bashing of firearms owners and the nra. Stupid Chris mathews… hes the american version of Pierce “retard” Morgan

  3. I just picked up some pew pew for my bang stick to the tune of $0.65/round, (for 62gr green tips) so my day (today) is a little brighter

    • Not bad. But what a sad state of affairs when you pay just about double for something in a 2 month period and consider it a score. I’ve seen 5.56 going for north of .85 pr. And I was less than pleased by the review of the M8555 green tip that called it a barrel eater.

  4. When the people on twitter were celebrating Chris Kyle’s death. If i was near them I would have been arrested and charged with beating some bitches with a chair.

  5. anything comming out of MSLSD is not worth mentioning besides i’ve heard he has substance abuse issues so maybe thats why he’s pissed off….he can’t own a gun legaly…LOL

  6. Blood has been vaporized, ulcer is back and hemorrhoids flaring up.. That is the state I am in…
    Why the NRA, GOA, CalGuns isn’t making sure they are front and center on the news each and every night I have no idea.
    Personally I am trying my best. I am coordinating with the GRAA, talking with people, writing for this blog and on the radio now. Not sure what else I can do!

  7. It’s easy to prove your point when you don’t let the other person talk! It’s called “yellow journalism” and was perfected by William Randolph Hearst(sp?). Anybody who hasn’t read George Orwells “Animal Farm” needs to do so pronto. God Bless those buried in Lexington and Concord who are turning in their graves.

  8. I’m not only angry…I disagree strenuously with this idea that we should be “cucumber cool.” We should be marching in the streets. If nothing else, it’s more honest: gun grabbers should know they’re making a huge mistake if they push us too far. Otherwise, you better believe they’ll push.

  9. I used to listen to Chris Matthews because he worked for Tip O’Neil and actually knows something about the inside workings of the government. I have always liked the way he handles politicians in his interviews. But since Newtown, he has gone off the rails, so I no longer watch.

    This gun “debate” has really shown how little effort TV “journalists”, and their staff, put into doing their homework. Fox News has also done a terrible job. Thank God for the internet.

  10. “Is Your Blood Boiling Yet?” I have yelled, cursed, screamed, cursed again, and screamed some more at my television, going all the way back to the days of Howard Cosell. But to my credit, I have never shot my television, or thrown a brick at it. I have also to my credit, never shot at or thrown bricks at the actual people I see on television. I keep telling myself that they are not worth the trouble I’d get myself into. So to directly answer your question, Yes! It has been boiling at the stupidity I see in the mass media for decades.

  11. I couldn’t make all the way to the 6 minute mark without shutting it off. He’s talking with two people he agrees with and he still interupts their every thought. Oh, and the “logic” behind the gotcha? LaPierre has security sometimes too? So what? He’s not proposing disarming citizens. He’s not the one caught in a hypocracy moment.

  12. There’s a difference between being a foolish, trigger-happy hothead and possessing a sense of righteous fury. Reason is on our side, but the aforementioned fury is what I believe will ultimately carry the day.

  13. I do get angry at all the ignorance, lies and deception surrounding this issue. I’m lobbying to get a special circle of hell dedicated to liberal media propagandists.

    • John, how does your judgment work with La Pierre admitting that he has armed security in the same breath that he criticized Bloomberg for it? Is that part of the deception you were referring to?

      • It’s OK to have bodyguards. It’s not OK to have bodyguards and deny Americans their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. No disconnect there, just a failure to launch.

        • You’re prevaricating, Robert. The argument was that the elite have bodyguards while denying gun rights to the regular folks. The man pointing this out was saying that it’s wrong. Then he himself admits he’s one of them.

          And you don’t find any problem with that?

        • Are you deaf, blind, or just stupid?

          The argument was that the elite have bodyguards while denying gun rights to the regular folks. The man pointing this out was saying that it’s wrong. Then he himself admits he’s one of them.

          Your sentence structure indicates that your final “them” refers to “the elite have bodyguards while denying gun rights to the regular folks.” LaPierre is not trying to deny gun rights to the regular folks, so he is not part of “them.” Who’s evading and misdirecting now?

          • La Pierre admitted he has body guards immediately after justifying his complaint that only the elite can have them.

            You find nothing wrong with that, Matt in FL? Don’t you find that a little embarrassing? Wasn’t he trying to pawn himself off as one of the regular folks, unlike Obama?

            • Again, there’s nothing wrong with having bodyguards—IF you support Americans’ right to armed self-defense. If you don’t, you’re an elitist.

              What part of that are you having trouble with?

              • Sorry but I am having trouble the way you’re dividing elitists into two categories depending on their gun-rights stance. But that’s you isn’t it. Everything gets down to that.

        • Mikey# says: The argument was that the elite have bodyguards while denying gun rights to the regular folks. The man pointing this out was saying that it’s wrong. Then he himself admits he’s one of them.

          Reading comprehension fail. Wayne is not denying anyone their gun rights, in fact he’s advocating for our rights. The fact that he has security himself is not relevant, since he’s not the one making laws saying regular people shouldn’t own guns, all the while being protected by people with guns, who I might add are paid with TAX dollars.

        • No, I don’t find anything wrong with that. I’ve never heard him say he’s just regular folk. Are you seriously this friggin’ dense? I don’t care that Obama has security. I don’t care that Bloomberg has security. I care that they have security while trying to tell me that I cannot. Whether you pay for the security (like Obama, Bloomberg, and LaPierre) or carry it yourself (like me) makes no difference. Do not tell me that you can have something I can’t have, and we’ll get along just fine.

      • Mike, LaPierre does not want to deny me the right to own the same protection that he has. His message is consistent across social, economic, and political strata.

  14. Couldn’t watch it. I know I should but I cannot let myself be antagonized by these morons any longer. I act responsibly, donate, write, have not attended a demonstration but that’s coming. Those are the things under my control. I have to keep my head from exploding, so I can no longer venture into the Bizzaro World of the Collectivist/Progressive stream of consciousness deceptively being sold as “Gun Control”. I am not yet over the most recent statements made by Barry, Belefonte, Colin Powell, Joe Biden, DiFi, Jesse Jackson, The b!tch from Mother Jones, Jim Carrey just to name a few. Mother F’n Jones, now there’s an impartial viewpoint. I will respond to this with yet another check to GOA even if I have to eat light for a day or two. Yes my blood boils, but that just poaches my brain. Present company excluded, the people who voted for this regime are the leaches of society, both personal and corporate, and those who still enjoy a good bedtime story.

  15. OK I tried to watch this and didn’t even make it 2 minutes before I had to turn it off.

  16. I don’t watch the vast majority of the news video clips posted on TTAG, and I don’t watch TV news of any sort 99% of the time. I’m pretty sure the only time I’ve watched TV news on purpose in the last ~12 months was when I was interviewed by various local stations and I wanted to see how they told my story.

    This does WONDERS to keep my stress and anxiety levels from going through the roof. That and working myself to exhaustion at Crossfit at least 3x/week.

    And yet, I am still very angry, especially because I feel helpless to do anything about the unjust bills percolating through the CA legislature.

  17. So Wayne LaPierre stuttered. Does that mean that his point is invalid? Yes, he also has security, but he’s not the one trying to usurp American citizens’ gun rights.

    And Chris Matthews can SUCK IT.

    • Exactly. This is just another example of LaPierre disappointing me. He stuttered, he hemmed and hawed, and he looked foolish. All he had to say was, “Yes, I have security. The difference is I’m not being hypocritical by denying security to others while demanding it for myself.” That statement would have ended that line of questions right there.

  18. When MSM is so deeply in bed with government, they are the voice, period. See Matthews have anyone on to counter his points? Didn’t think so. Learned from Piers that we can actually be articulate and logical in defense of our God given rights. A weak person like Matthews would simply be overwhelmed.

    Am I pissed off by the MSM bias? Of course, but this only serves to boost my resolve. I will not succumb to these mindless voices of hate . Tolerence is verboten. Remember Toyko Rose and similar attempts to break our fighting spirit? Be strong, do not cave in to them and their endless spew of lies and deceit.

    Wayne’s time has come and gone, now is the time for NRA to roll out some fresh face to expound our views. A telegenic, energetic young man to lead the fight to the masses.

    • Mr. Colion Noir. Now.

      Draft him. We need people like him and Mas Ayoob out there on the airwaves.

  19. Ronnia Fornstedt is well proportioned. It would be a waste of flesh if she is one of those Swedish femi-nazzis.

    I only watched the first few seconds of the news video. Ending gun violence by banning and limiting guns does not end violence and those acts usually make violence worse than before.

  20. Why are we supposed to sit down, shut up and take this kind of abuse without any display of emotion. That’s exactly what the so called leadership of the Republican party does. We don’t have to be meek as a lamb and servile as a slave, that’s exactly what our enemies prefer. It’s time to make plenty of noise and get in our enemies faces, up close and personal. Our cause is righteous so why not express our convictions with passion.

    Personally, my blood has been at a rolling boil for several decades now with no end in sight. Only a thoughtless drone or moral degenerate could watch what is happening to this country and not be outraged.

  21. Okay people, you need to fix something because it’s irritating the heck out of me. MSNBC changed it’s name to NBC News almost a year ago.

  22. Well, I think we need to keep pluggin away & be carefull we don’t shoot our mouths off or we will get a bad report, I can still post can’t I ?… I didn’t think so./// Yes, Ronnia almost makes me forget the sensuous curvaceous lines of dianne “i wanna get your guns” feinswine, Randy

  23. I’d rather shave my eyeballs with a rusty straight razor than subject them to a second of Chris “My Leg Tingles When I Think About Obama Naked” Matthews. I’d rather stick a single well-shapened Eagle #2 pencil through both eardrums at the same time than listen to a word out of that jackh0le’s, uh, jackh0le. I’d rather suffer a terminal case of Garand Thumb and have to hitchhike with my big toe than use selfsame thumb to dial up PMSNBC on my remote control.

    So no, my BP is fine. Thanks for asking.

  24. Don’t fret Casey,

    We’re not disparaging your precious NBC News network, primarily the AZZhat Cris Matthews but now that you brought it up the network sucks mightily!

  25. @ Daniel S

    Thats why I never watch Main Stream media because they are all lying bags of ^%$# who need there tungs pulled out of there mouths for the lies and BIGGER lies they spew every day.
    I get my news from Brightbart news and this blog right here.

  26. Chris Matthews was one of the best of the moderate Dem news commentators. This ended exactly at the time of the 2nd GW Bush election, at which point he obviously came to believe news people had to become partisan axe-grinders. I actually was saddened by the change. It happened to news guys on the right and the left. Chris’ Republican brother was on of my county commissioners, a local, until he, uh, ran into some legal trouble. I’ve never seen Chris happier than at our stop on Obama’s PA ‘whistle stop’ train tour in ’08. I stood a few feet away from Chris, who was on the media bleachers. He was ecstatic throughout the entire speech, just beaming. The day was beautiful, the forested estate behind the train-station gathering was in late-spring leaf, and Obama’s Pullman car, the Georgia, was gorgeous. I was there because my blind mother wanted to be there. “Hope and Change.” Yep. “Health Care You Can Afford.” Yep. Chris absolutely hasn’t gotten over that day. Worse, Chris’ professional career was/is tied to Chicago. He and the rest of the Chicago guys can’t fix their crime problem and they really believe it’s the rest of the nation’s fault. Typical “blame it on the other guy.” Sad. Oh, and La Pierre simply isn’t the right man for the job. He isn’t able to articulate the issues. An example from the clip above: La Pierre should never have let the Secret Service protection be the issue, but rather the regular fabulous security at Sidwell Friends School, regardless of whether there is a President’s daughter attending that year. La Pierre’s stance just seems obtuse.

    • We may not agree on everything, RD, but I sure do enjoy reading the stuff you post. That was some seriously fascinating insight into Chris Matthews’ character.

  27. What? Do you expect ME to say something like, say……Pelvic Ashtray?
    Nah. I will say LIBTARDS, however.

    • Anyone representing the NRA would be portrayed as too extreme. They’re the proxy for the organization, after all.

      I want someone who can shrug off the “too extreme” label and go on to cause serious trepidation among those who would attempt to make them look foolish in debate. Sorry, but WLP doesn’t fit that job description. Ask him instead to carry on as the enforcer who visits legislators and, as a fellow old white guy, speaks their language and knows how to get through to them.

  28. What makes my blood boil is when a gun grabber (GG) is being interviewed by someone in the complacent media and the GG puts forth a statement that clearly should be challenged or at least asked a follow up question and it doesn’t happen.

    I know, change the channel.

  29. I don’t know about blood boiling, but my stomach is churning at the sight of that Joan Walsh screencap at the top of the page.

  30. Makes me wonder what the antis would do if the crazies started sticking knives in them and how good CCW carrier Diane Feinstein would be at counseling PTSD victims at the range. ;^P

  31. Editors of Pravda and Izvesia, sorry, I mean Mother Jones and Salon? Yeah, that’s not a one sided echo chamber at all.

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