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“Setbacks for pro-gunners? They’ve been few and far between. The Obama administration issued a new regulation in 2011 requiring gun dealers in four Southwest border states to report (not stop, mind you, just report to ATF) multiple sales of high-caliber long guns. The requirement already existed for handgun sales. And an NRA bill that would force states to recognize other states’ concealed handgun permits has stalled in the Senate. Overall, you’d think that the gun lobby would be pretty happy with this record. And, in truth, they’re probably ecstatic. But public displays of gratitude and balanced policy assessments? Well, those don’t sit well with the millionaires calling the shots at the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. Because there’s always another buck to be made — and if there’s one thing the NRA trafficks in even more than guns, it’s fear.” – Josh Horwitz, Executive Director, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

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  1. “Because there’s always another buck to be made — and if there’s one thing the NRA trafficks in even more than guns, it’s fear.”

    The NRA trafficks guns? Hmmm. Funny how we’re never seen or heard any evidence of this. EVER. Oh yeah, its because they don’t.

    • +1

      Every argument used by the anti-gun crowd simply does not survive a logical or factual smell-test. Fear is the only thing the anti-gun crowd has, because fear is the only argument which does not require any logical or factual validity.

  2. I know I’m a bit pedantic and all but, I can’t be the only one who’s annoyed by the incorrect lingo.

    “High caliber”
    “Clips/assault clips”
    “Bullets” vs rounds/ammo

    I can’t tell if they do it on purpose, just to annoy people like me, or if they’re just out and out ignorant of what they’re attempting to talk about and they just use whatever term sounds cool/scary at the time.

      • I had an instruction in handgun care and shooting drils with members of my extended family this weekend. Out of 14, 10 are anti-gun. When 2a and other rights were discussed all were very unaware of their own rights and that they were written as protection of their rights. 13 of them acted as if an unloaded 1911 and Sig 226 would shoot them if they touched/held it(a few even if holding a slide). I was amazed to the extent of unawareness.

        • Decades of demonization are to blame for their firearms ignorance. Your educational efforts are very praisworthy and might turn the tide in some small way. Kudos.

        • This is the path to a future of secure (and, I hope, expanded) gun rights. It is the metaphorical ditch digging that each of us can do to dispel the darkness of gun ignorance.

    • It is both.

      1. They are ignorant of the topic they are talking about. Many of them are hoplophobes, so they are afraid to be close enough to a gun to ever learn anything about them.

      2. They are intentionally using the most scary word possible, because they are trying to scare people. See my post above. Fear is the only effective argument they have left.

  3. “But public displays of gratitude and balanced policy assessments?”

    OK, I am willing to provide a “balanced policy assessment” for the hyperventilating anti- self defense crowd:

    I will be satisfied when my fundamental human rights that are protected by the 2nd Amendment receive the same level of political, media, and judicial deference as the right to free speech protected by the 1st Amendment.

    And for mikeb, I hereby agree that I will NOT fire off a gun in the proverbial “crowded movie theater”. (Since the limits accepted on the 1st Amendment only seem to include not being able to yell “fire” in said crowded theater.)

  4. “Millionaires … at the NRA”! Any evidence?

    Horwitz, BTW, is also a “visiting scholar” at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where it’s not millionaires calling the shots, it’s a particular billionaire.
    But Horwitz has mastered the language of the cultural revolution well: if we invoke millionaires, that proves it’s wrong. Aux barricades, mes amis

    It would be interesting to see a financial statement from this rabble-rouser, particularly his income from various sources.

  5. I think the pro-gun community should throw BBQ party fundraisers nationwide lauding the support and growth they’ve had under the Obama Administration. Free beer and pretzels to all who attend. It would be a hoot to read how the mass media and his campaign respond to that one.

  6. I’ve been an NRA member for close to 40 years. And in all that time, they have told me EVERY election is the pivotal moment to save our 2nd Amendment rights and that we are just the tiniest whisker away from loosing them. So I’ll agree that satisfies my definition of fear mongering. But I remain a member because I like the American Rifleman magazine, I like the discount it gets me at some vendors of shooting stuff, and I like to be kept semi-up to date on pending legislation, and who is voting for what. Used to be the NRA was the only game in town, now we have the Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Foundation and others that have joined the fight to keep and protect our rights. So I’ll agree that the NRA has its flaws, but it also has its pluses.

    • they have told me EVERY election is the pivotal moment to save our 2nd Amendment rights and that we are just the tiniest whisker away from loosing them.

      Funny thing — I think they were right every time. When it comes to gun rights and self-defense, the enemy is always at the gates.

  7. Josh Horwitz is a setback for human evolution. The guy’s going to reproduce and create a new generation of little morons. And you wonder why I favor abortion.

  8. Josh Horwitz… he must be good friends with Chuck Schumer, Mike Bloomberg, Frank Lautenburg, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer……


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